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With Vast Government Cloud Opportunities In Asia Pacific, Vendors Need To Know Where To Look – A BT Futures Report

The Shift To Government Cloud Is Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary

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    Economic, technological, and behavioral changes are driving a fundamental transformation in how governments deliver services. Asia Pacific governments will leverage cloud computing to create more robust, cost-effective delivery platforms to save costs, improve collaboration and efficiency, and bring transparency to the entire government system. Also, cloud holds a strong potential for providing a shared and secured infrastructure for consolidation of data, services, and applications for governments to better manage citizen- and business-centric requirements. Forrester predicts that governments across Asia Pacific will gradually move from a department-centric model to a more mature, integrated, and collaborative virtual private cloud approach, which Forrester defines as government cloud (g-cloud). This report describes how the g-cloud market will evolve over the next decade and outlines the steps that will help vendor strategists take advantage of this transformation. In particular, we describe key opportunities that will emerge for cloud vendors as governments accelerate their investments in g-cloud initiatives.
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    • Asia Pacific Governments Are Beginning To Embrace The Cloud
    • G-Cloud Opportunities For Vendors Are Enormous — If You Know Where To Look
    • Vendor Strategists Need To Evolve Their G-Cloud Strategies

      Mission G-Cloud: An Ongoing Phenomenon And Not A One-Time Opportunity
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