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Workload And Process Automation Must Converge

The Next Stage In I&O Industrialization Requires Building An Integrated Automation Management Layer

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    Until now, workload automation and run book automation — followed by solutions aimed at automating specific I&O processes — appeared as separate avenues. Today, workload automation uses run book automation to manage virtual resources. The next stage brings up a new concept in IT automation that is similar to flexible manufacturing production lines. In this approach, logical sequences of management processes are built under a single service orchestration umbrella. This supposes a common control mechanism as well as the ability to intelligently trigger the steps of the sequence. To I&O teams, this signals that a new generation of automation tools is on the rise, where workload and IT process automation converge. The benefit for I&O is to add flexibility on top of the productivity and quality gains obtained from individual automation solutions. This document will highlight the need for such an approach as well as provide some recommendations on how to get started.
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    • I&O Must Implement An Integrated Services Orchestration Layer

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