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Young Gen Yers: Fun-Loving, Social, And Wired – A Social Computing Report

Design Considerations For Reaching Younger Gen Yers

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    Forrester analyzed consumer survey responses to understand the differences between Younger Generation Y (18- to 22-year-olds) and Older Generation Y (23- to 27-year-olds) consumers. The analysis showed that Younger Gen Yers are more motivated by fun and style and are more connected to technology than older consumers. They also prefer portable devices, use their PCs as media centers, and are Social Computing aficionados. To address these differences, firms should infuse sites with immersive elements taken from video games design, provide content that is fun and stylish, and make interactions easily shareable with peers. Many industries can benefit from distinct efforts to target Young Gen Yers.
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    • Younger Gen Y Consumers Have Different Attitudes And Behaviors

      Firms Need A Separate Approach To Reach Young Gen Yers
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