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Your Enterprise Data Archiving Strategy

Data Archiving Is A Flexible Technology That Delivers Many Use Cases

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    With growing data volume, increasing data security breaches, and complex application-performance issues, most enterprises today face significant data management challenges. Keeping inactive data online not only creates security risk but also increases infrastructure and database cost. Some enterprises are literally throwing away data to minimize complexity and lower these costs. Although there are several better options available to control data growth, data archiving is the best long-term solution to significantly improve application performance and reduce the cost of servers and storage. Data archiving supports many other requirements, including retiring applications, managing test data, improving database manageability, performing data sharing, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Application development professionals and information architects should consider building an enterprisewide data archiving strategy for large databases and applications.
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    • Unstoppable Data Explosion Is Putting Pressure On Enterprises
    • Data Archiving Remains The Best Option To Tame Production Data Growth
    • Building A Successful Data Archiving Strategy Requires Careful Planning
    • Third-Party Archiving Solutions Are Essential For An Enterprisewide Strategy
    • Best Practices In Database Archiving
    • Data Archiving Is Poised For Strong Growth And More Innovation

      An Enterprisewide Data Archiving Strategy Has Become Critical For All
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