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You're Not Ready For Internal Cloud

But You Can Be: Here's How

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    Cloud computing — a standardized, self-service, pay-per-use deployment model — provides companies with rapid access to powerful and more flexible IT capabilities and at price points unreachable with traditional IT. Although many companies are benefitting from public cloud computing services today, the vast majority of enterprise infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals view outside-the-firewall cloud infrastructure, software, and services as too immature and insecure for adoption. Their response: "I'll bring these technologies in-house and deliver a private solution — an internal cloud." However, cloud solutions aren't a thing, they're a how, and most enterprise I&O shops lack the experience and maturity to manage such an environment. To be ready, they must first scale operational standardization, automation, and virtualization mountains. You can fast-track cloud learning with turnkey solutions for greenfield environments, but delivering an internal cloud will take years for most enterprise shops.
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    • I&O Shops Love The Appeal Of Cloud But Still Lack The Basics Of How It Works
    • Just Give Me Some Private Cloud! It Can't Be That Hard!
    • Three Ways To Become Cloud-Ready

      The Sooner You Embrace Cloud, The Faster You Can Reap Its Benefits

      Cloud Will Bring IT Ops To The Business Innovation Table
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