Andrew Hogan

Principal Analyst

Andrew is the lead analyst for Forrester’s research on design. In addition to this overview responsibility, his areas of expertise include 1) design for employee tools; 2) intersection of data, AI, and design; 3) design consultancies and providers; and 4) the growth of the design industry. His analysis has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Business Insider, Ad Age,, TechRepublic, and The Customer.

August 5th, 202113 min read

This report lays out practical ways for design leaders to help overcome the impediments to creativity that afflict most companies, distilled from some of the most creative successful businesses and from top sources of thought leadership about creativity.

July 16th, 202111 min read

In this report, learn how to design based on four principles: 1) qualitative and quantitative evidence, 2) iteration, 3) relying on skilled experience design professionals, and 4) including people with varying traits and perspectives.

March 18th, 202116 min read

This report estimates the size of the global design industry in 2021. The industry is in the middle of a surge in interest and activity from both buyers and providers of design technology and services as well as from investors in those two categories. Exp

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