Caleb Ewald


Caleb is a researcher serving digital business professionals. His research focuses on digital maturity and adoption of emerging “smart” technologies, along with disruptive business models like marketplaces and mapping services that help organizations lower costs and boost customer loyalty. He also collaborates with analysts who cover digital service providers, digital experience platforms, software-as-a-service business apps, content management systems and digital asset management, product information management, and commerce suites.

April 12th, 20216 min read

Product managers demand a robust set of technologies to coordinate products and gather insights from customers. Thankfully, emerging tools and technologies aim to solve many of the biggest product management challenges, helping research, design, develop,

, Nigel Fenwick
January 4th, 20216 min read

Traditional, centralized application development and delivery (AD&D) teams often measure only two things: time and budget. Without the right metrics, AD&D doesn't have clarity about digital experience (DX) priorities, and marketing and the business won't

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