David Truog

VP, Principal Analyst

David researches innovation, ideas, tools, and best practices at the intersection of technology and design. He focuses especially on designing for emerging technologies, including conversational AI (voice and text assistants) and extended reality (augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality) because creating great experiences in an emerging medium is more of a challenge than in one with well-established best practices.

November 9th, 20218 min read

People will perceive a personality in your chatbot whether you meant it to have one or not — so design the personality; don’t let it be an accident.

November 9th, 202113 min read

Most chatbots disappoint, but yours can delight — if you master conversation design, a new discipline for experiences based on conversational AI.

November 9th, 202112 min read

For chatbot success, you need to decide what your chatbot must do for users — and that requires designing a set of intents based on real research.

August 2nd, 20217 min read

This report distills the basics of CX into a 5-minute read with explanations in plain language that CX pros can use when communicating with colleagues to help them tap the power of great CX to drive success.

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