Jeff Lash

VP, Sr Research Director

Jeff is a recognized thought leader in product management, with over a decade of experience in the development of web-based products and SaaS. His product management career includes both new product introductions and major turnarounds of existing product lines, as well as introduction of the product management role into organizations. He has significant expertise in customer understanding, new product innovation, agile product management, user experience design, and product development processes.

November 9th, 20207 min read

In this report, we introduce the Forrester Ongoing Upskilling Loop, a framework for addressing competency gaps through a four-stage approach to upskilling that can result in lasting change and improved performance.

August 6th, 202015 min read

In this report, we introduce the Product Management Panorama, which defines the wide spectrum of potential roles and subfunctions within the product management discipline.

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