Jeffery Williams

Senior Analyst

Jeffery is a senior analyst serving financial services digital strategy professionals, helping them evaluate the implications of digital innovation on their businesses. His research focuses on the intersection of secular trends and technological advancements, such as the internet of things (IoT) and sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and natural language processing, as these advancements are changing the way financial services firms do business and interact with their customers.

August 13th, 202117 min read

This report highlights the factors driving consumer adoption of CI; discusses the financial implications of CI for customer experience and the insurance value chain; identifies the headwinds for CI; and provides recommendations for building a CI strategy.

June 28th, 20217 min read

Insurers face increasing competition from within the sector and beyond as companies leverage technology to meet consumers' preferences for digital experiences. To maintain an edge, insurance leaders must reinvent their companies to become fundamentally di

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