Jennifer Ross

VP, Sr Research Director

Jennifer is a seasoned marketing executive with 20 years of experience in creating and executing marketing strategies for B2B companies in a variety of industries. She is a results-oriented strategist who employs integrated, multichannel inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to generate demand, increase brand identity and awareness, and drive business growth. Jennifer’s expertise includes team building and leadership for global teams, demand creation, marketing strategy and planning, corporate communications, messaging, digital marketing, customer relationship management, event marketing, and website strategy and design.

December 17th, 202114 min read

This report introduces a structured approach to this process that ensures decisions are made in the context of organizational growth objectives, along with key activities and deliverables that drive effective organizational design.

July 19th, 20213 min read

In this report, we introduce the Forrester Marketing Capabilities Framework, which defines the full scope of capabilities that enable high-performance marketing and can be adapted to reflect the size, maturity, complexity, and strategy of any B2B marketing

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