Lori Wizdo

VP, Principal Analyst

Lori serves B2B marketing leaders in all industries who aim to transform marketing from a legacy of brand stewards, lead generation machines, and sales supporters to fulfill a broader purpose. She helps leaders identify opportunities, architect strategies, orchestrate execution, and ensure profitable revenue growth through a relentless focus on delivering value to existing and future customers and stakeholders.  Over the course of a decade with Forrester, Lori has been instrumental in the development of many of the company’s methods and frameworks used by marketers to actualize their go-to-customer strategies.  Her research focuses on marketing purpose, strategy and value, strategic message management and the blueprint for customer-obsessed marketing. A popular speaker and pundit, Lori’s thought leadership is frequently showcased in media outlets such as Forbes, Businessweek, and Ad Age.

August 16th, 20219 min read

This report outlines the importance of the strategy for marketing and presents a comprehensive method — The B2B Marketing Strategy Compass — to help B2B marketing leaders align marketing plans, resources, and execution to the corporate strategy.

May 24th, 202116 min read

This report introduces B2B marketing’s new purpose, defines new responsibilities, and highlights pivotal mindset shifts for the 21st century B2B marketer.

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