Christopher Andrews

VP, Research Director serving Application Development & Delivery PROFESSIONALS

In his role as research director, Chris focuses on the evolution of business applications. His team helps companies set their application portfolio strategy, negotiate with leading providers, implement solutions with third party services providers, and manage key supplier relationships.  In particular, Chris’s team focuses on the transition of packaged applications to cloud-based models. 

Previously, Chris has managed Forrester’s Sourcing and Vendor Management coverage, which examines how companies define their relationships with suppliers, select and negotiate with key technology vendors, and maximize the value of their strategic partnerships.

Chris is a recognized expert in the technology services landscape, with a focus on how customers can create innovation and growth with their third-party services providers. His research examines how suppliers and buyers can create new, technology-supported business models. He covers topics such as digital business transformation, co-creation, new technology purchasing patterns, and shifting services marketplace dynamics.

Prior to working on the Sourcing & Vendor Management team, Chris served on Forrester's technology industry vendor strategy team. In this role, Chris wrote about topics relevant to technology strategists — such as long-term market trends, the importance of business customers in technology purchasing decisions, innovation, and emerging technology trends and disruptions.


Previous Work Experience

Prior to his work as an analyst, Chris was in Forrester's Consulting group, where he led strategy consulting engagements for leading technology vendors. He has helped technology clients with market sizing, competitive assessments, customer segmentation, product marketing, and M&A strategy. Prior to joining Forrester, Chris had several years of experience in strategy consulting, including advisory and market research work for Fortune 500 technology companies and private equity investors.


Chris received his MBA from Georgetown University and his B.A., with honors, from Middlebury College.

Christopher Andrews's Research

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    Report: The Forrester Wave™: Global BYOD Management Services, Q2 2014

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    Report: Setting A Technology Sourcing Strategy For Digital Disruption

    Technology-sourcing strategists face increasing pressure to support organizational goals of innovation and disruption in a digital world. Most organizations are still in the early stages of thei...

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    Report: A New Path For IT SVM: Bridge The Marketing-Technology Sourcing Gap

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    Report: Hot Companies To Watch In 2008

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    Report: SWOT: The Evolution Of IT Service Providers To Business Technology Competitors

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    Report: Hot Companies To Watch In 2008: Q2 Update

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    Report: IT Services And Outsourcing Providers Positioning Benchmark, Q3 2008

    Forrester used its vendor positioning review methodology to evaluate 10 leading IT services and outsourcing providers across 14 criteria and three service domains and determine where they are cu...

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    Report: SWOT: The Evolution Of Indian IT Service Providers Into Business Technology Competitors

    Debates over the outlook for the leading Indian IT services providers have taken place for years, and the last year has been no exception. As these companies look to 2010 and beyond, they can be...

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