Christopher Voce

Vice President & Research Director serving Infrastructure & Operations PROFESSIONALS

Chris is a research director serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals and leads a research team focused on workforce and mobile technology. This research focuses on how I&O leaders can take a more agile approach to help enable and empower the workforce with technology to drive higher employee engagement and productivity. He has written extensively on this and other topics, such as how cloud services affect how IT pros deliver email and collaboration services to their employees. Chris also researches and supports the purchasing and architectural decisions that affect Microsoft-based client and server platforms and Microsoft-based collaboration infrastructures. He has helped Forrester's IT clients make technology implementation decisions and negotiate Microsoft software licensing agreements.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to rejoining Forrester in 2006, Chris was a technology and systems consultant, guiding small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) in running their IT departments and managing and monitoring the stability, performance, and security of their server and network infrastructure. He planned and implemented client projects encompassing Microsoft licensing and other infrastructure purchases, large-scale Microsoft Active Directory domain migrations, messaging environments, regulatory compliance, multisite disaster recovery and replication, backups, and security. In his previous role at Forrester, he conducted both primary and secondary research to support competitive analyses on infrastructure technologies.

Chris also worked at Intel as a hardware engineer focusing on the design and testing of low-power processors.


Christopher holds a B.S. in computer engineering from Lehigh University.

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