Craig Le Clair

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Enterprise Architecture PROFESSIONALS

Craig serves Enterprise Architecture Professionals. He is an internationally recognized expert in business process management and initiated Forrester's series on untamed business processes, including customer on-boarding, invoice management, medical health records, financial compliance, and customer communications management. He specializes in helping companies transform from manual and paper-based processes to the mobile and digital world, as well as in information management, dynamic case management, enterprise content management, electronic signature; document imaging and capture; and document output for customer communications management. Craig is the leading analyst on the outsourcing of document processing services, including managed print services.

Previous Work Experience

Craig brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Forrester through his 20 years' experience in IT and business process transformation. Prior to joining Forrester, Craig was a vice president at ADP, focusing on next-generation solutions for its document management business. Craig was also a cofounder of docHarbor and has held senior positions with several document management providers during the past 15 years. Craig has both a strong business and technology background, including time at MITRE and BBN. He is deeply experienced in the software industry, having authored How To Succeed In The Enterprise Software Market (2005).


Craig earned a B.S. in economics from Georgetown University and an M.B.A from George Washington University.

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      Marketers and strategists at tech vendors who sell tablets won’t want to miss a webinar co-hosted by Simon Yates and me this Friday, September 28th. Aimed at a CIO audience, our webinar...

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      Today saw the release of Leap Motion, the 3D gestural navigation controller for PCs and Macs. Like its cousin the Xbox Kinect, Leap Motion uses sensors to track physical gestures. Where Kinect tracks...

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        Report:Quick Take: New Surface Advances Microsoft's Case For Device Consolidation

        A BYOD Candidate That Targets Lightening The Employee Technology Load

        On May 20, 2014, Microsoft unveiled the latest member of the Surface line, the Surface Pro 3, a Windows 8.1 touchscreen laptop that, among other improvements, carries a larger screen than the Surface...

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        Report:Quick Take: Microsoft's Health Service Uses A Fitness Device To Build An Ecosystem

        Specific Marketers Should Develop Content, Apps, Or Experiences For The Microsoft Band

        Microsoft just announced Microsoft Band, a new wearable device backed by a health and wellness service platform that chief marketing officers (CMOs) should keep on their radar. Initially targeting...

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        Blog:Our Keyboard-Free Computing Future: Expect Labs' MindMeld Tablet App

        I recently spoke with Tim Tuttle, the CEO of Expect Labs, a company that operates at the vanguard of two computing categories: Voice recognition (a field populated by established vendors like Nuance...

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          Blog:HP's 3D Printing and Computing Products Bridge Digital And Physical Worlds

          My colleagues Sophia Vargas, Michael Yamnitsky, and I have just published a new Quick Take report, "HP Announces Innovative Tools That Will Bridge Physical And Digital Worlds." Sophia and...

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            Blog:Wearables Will Change The Way Enterprises Work

            Infrastruture & operations professionals should start following trends in the wearable computing market in earnest. While it's easy to deride wearables as riding a wave of hype -- and most...

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              Charts & Figures:Tablets Empower Highly Mobile Computing

              Tablets Streak Beyond Mass Market Status To Become Must-Have Devices In Developed Nations

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              Report:Navigating Diversity In Operating Systems And Browsers

              Heterogeneity Is Here — And Mobility Is Driving It Further

              Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals face a splintered landscape of operating systems (OSes) and browsers, which complicates investment decisions tied to what they deploy and support for...

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              Blog:How Voice Controlled Intelligent Agents Can Reshape Computing

              Apple's Siri for iPhone and iPad, Google Now for Android, Samsung S-Voice for its Android phones and tablets, and Microsoft's Xbox/Bing voice command have all played a role in popularizing...

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                Blog:Microsoft's New Surface Makes A Strong Case For Device Consolidation

                Yesterday, Microsoft released the Surface Pro 3, a 12" touchscreen device billed as "the tablet that can replace your laptop." Sporting some hard-core computing bona fides (including Intel processors...

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                  Report:Orchestrating An Enterprise Tablet Strategy That Drives Business Value

                  In A Fragmenting Device Market, I&O Professionals Must Guide The Tablet Journey

                  Accustomed to a world where they controlled technology options, infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders now face a dizzying array of tablets and related devices making their way into the...

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                  Report:Quick Take: HP Announces Innovative Tools That Will Bridge Physical And Digital Worlds

                  HP Announces Big Changes For 3D Printing

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                  Report:Brief: Windows 8.1 Update Improves Its Case For Enterprise Usage

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                  Report:Quick Take: Google Makes Glass Visible To The Enterprise

                  Google's Embrace Of The Enterprise Market Will Unleash The Creative Forces Of Enterprise Applications

                  Google has long showed off Google Glass for consumer use, but, on April 7, 2014, it explicitly shared the value that Google Glass holds for enterprise usage as well — and launched the Glass at...

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                  Blog:Marissa Mayer’s Move To End Working From Home At Yahoo! Isn't Completely Unusual

                  Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer made a splash in the news by changing the company’s policy on working from home. In a memo leaked to All Things D, Yahoo! told its employees: “To become the...

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                    Charts & Figures:Businesses Account For 18% Of Installed Tablets In 2017

                    Tablets Streak Beyond Mass Market Status To Become Must-Have Devices In Developed Nations

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                    Blog:PC and Mobile: There Can Only Be One Industry, As Lenovo’s Rumored Purchase of HTC Reiterates

                    Rumors have been swirling for a couple of months that Beijing-based Lenovo might purchase New Tapei, Taiwan-based HTC Corporation. Following Google’s acquisition of Motorola and...

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                      Report:Brief: California's Employee Reimbursement Ruling Won't Stem BYOD

                      On August 12, 2014, a California appellate court ruled that a company whose employees were required to use personally owned mobile phones to make voice calls for company business must reimburse them...

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                      Blog:Microsoft’s European Fine Comes In An Era Of Browser Diversity

                      Today the European Commission fined Microsoft €561 million ($732 million) for failing to live up to a previous legal agreement. As the New York Times reported it, “the penalty Wednesday...

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                        Blog:Bring Back The Start Button, Microsoft!

                        ZDNet’s legendary Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley reported on an intriguing possibility for the rumored forthcoming Windows Blue update to Windows 8: That Microsoft could bring back the Start...

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                          Blog:With Windows RT Struggling, Microsoft Should Bring Office To iPad

                          One noteworthy detail emerged from Microsoft’s quarterly earnings call yesterday: A $900 million write-down for “inventory adjustments” related to the underperformance of Windows...

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                            Charts & Figures:Global Tablet Forecast, 2012 To 2017

                            Tablets Streak Beyond Mass Market Status To Become Must-Have Devices In Developed Nations

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                            Report:Brief: How I&O Leaders Should Prepare For Apple's Leap Into The Wearables Market

                            Apple's iWatch Will Become A Critical Tool For Workforce Enablement And Customer Interactions

                            Wearables offer enterprises powerful tools for empowering workers and engaging customers. As company-owned devices, devices like Google Glass are already helping employees such as surgeons perform...

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