Craig Le Clair

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Enterprise Architecture PROFESSIONALS

Craig serves Enterprise Architecture and business process professionals. He is an internationally recognized expert in helping companies transform from manual and analogue-based processes to the mobile and digital world. Technology areas include enterprise social platforms, dynamic case management, enterprise content management, electronic signature, multichannel capture, and customer communications management. Process expertise includes customer onboarding, invoice management, insurance system modernization, and smart process applications. Craig developed Forrester's research series on business agility, outlining market, organizational, and process agility dimensions.

Previous Work Experience

Craig brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Forrester through his 20 years' experience in IT and business process transformation. Prior to joining Forrester, he was a vice president at ADP, focusing on next-generation strategies for investor communications. Craig was also a cofounder of docHarbor and has held senior positions with several document management providers during the past 15 years. He has both a strong business and technology background, including time at Mitre and BBN. He is deeply experienced in the software industry, having authored How To Succeed In The Enterprise Software Market (2005).


Craig earned a B.S. in economics from Georgetown University and an MBA from George Washington University.

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    Report:Predictions 2015: The Data Economy Goes Mainstream

    CIOs Will Race To Unlock Marketable Data Insights

    The data economy — the market system of buyers and sellers exchanging data to create insights and value — will dramatically expand in 2015. New data sources and new data analytics tools...

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    Report:The New Privacy: It's All About Context

    Adopt Contextual Privacy To Gain A Market Advantage

    "Privacy is dead": It's a trope so often repeated you might actually think it's true. But in the age of smartphones and sensors, privacy is not only possible, it's essential for building trust, the...

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    Charts & Figures:Forrester Wave™: Customer Engagement Agencies, Q4 2012

    How 13 Vendors Stack Up In An Emerging Market

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    Blog:What Does Acxiom's $310M LiveRamp Bid Mean For Marketers?

    On May 14, Acxiom announced its intention to acquire LiveRamp, a "data onboarding service," to the tune of $310 million in cash. Several Forrester analysts (Tina Moffett, Susan Bidel,...

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      Blog:Google's Nest Acquisition Will Force the Internet of Things Privacy Discussion

      This morning, as I was writing this blog post, I got an email from one of my colleagues, saying "Is it weird that since Google bought Nest, I no longer want one?" Her sentiment isn't that unusual...

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        Blog:Rumors Of Privacy’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

        As 2013 comes to a close, it's clear to me that much of the rhetoric about privacy's death was not only premature but downright wrong. Just in this past week, there have been several events...

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          Blog:Acxiom's Untied Kimono

          Yesterday, Acxiom, one of the world's largest data brokers and a key player in the marketing services ecosystem, launched an important new consumer service (still in Beta) called "About The...

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            Charts & Figures:The Federal Trade Commission Personal Data Ecosystem Model

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            Blog:Is The Data Broker Industry Really Ready For A Sea Change?

            Yesterday, FTC Commissioner Julie Brill published an essay on that calls on data brokers to join -- or, rather, establish -- an initiative called "Reclaim Your Name." The goal of the...

            • Blog:Big Data's Big Meaning For Marketing

              Big data this, big data that. Hardly a day goes by when we're not bombarded with messages about the big data platforms and technologies that will solve all our marketing problems. Let's be...

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                Charts & Figures:The Four Types Of Personal Data

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                Report:How Dirty Is Your Data?

                Strategic Plan: The Personal Identity And Data Management Playbook

                As personal identity management (PIDM) begins to take shape, companies must think about their customer insights (CI) practices differently. Today's data governance policies — the rules that...

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                Blog:Future-Proof Your Customer Insights Practice with Adaptive Intelligence

                We've been talking about Adaptive Intelligence (AI) for a while now. As a refresher, AI is is the real-time, multidirectional sharing of data to derive contextually appropriate, authoritative...

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                  Charts & Figures:Disney's MagicBand Policy Is Entirely Choice Based

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                  Charts & Figures:Nervous Nellies

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                  Blog:Can people change markets?

                  As many of you know, the customer insights practice at Forrester traditionally focuses on the collection, management, analysis, and use of customer data to business practices. Over the past few...

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                    Report:Brief: When Customers Take Control

                    Leverage Contextual Privacy To Keep Your Competitive Edge

                    In the age of the customer, individuals have the power to drive market shifts that fundamentally change how businesses make their products and services and how they bring those products and services...

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                    Blog:Privacy: Lessons Learned and Prognostications

                    Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel of leading privacy professionals for the Churchill Club. During the session, we recapped the highlights—and lowlights—of...

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                      Report:The Forrester Wave™: Customer Engagement Agencies, Q4 2012

                      How 13 Vendors Stack Up In An Emerging Market

                      In Forrester's 19-criteria evaluation of emerging customer engagement agencies (CEAs), we found that only OgilvyOne Worldwide has made a significant-enough shift in this segment of its business to be...

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                      Charts & Figures:The Personal Identity And Data Management Landscape At A Glance

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                      Report:Quick Take: Verizon Buys AOL To Recast Ad Tech's Foundations

                      Forget About The Media Assets, This Deal Is All About Audience Targeting Capabilities

                      On May 12, 2015, Verizon announced its acquisition of AOL for a reported $4.4 billion dollars. This move is in keeping with the company's ongoing commitment to investing in technology and talent to...

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                      Charts & Figures:Personal Identity And Data Management Operational Model