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Projected DateRoleTitleAnalystSuccess ImperativeIndustryDescriptionFeatures
Jul 2017Enterprise ArchitectureInquiry Spotlight: Enterprise Architecture, Q3 2016 To Q2 2017Alex CullenForrester’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) analysts field hundreds of inquiries from clients every month. These inquiries help us both understand the challenges that EAs face and select the right topics to research. For this brief, we analyzed 12 months of our inquiries and identified the eight most common categories of questions, which range from program strategy to tools.
Jul 2017Customer ExperienceStorytime: The Role Of Narrative In Omnichannel DesignAllegra Burnette, Kelly PriceAs companies strive to develop more persistent experiences across touchpoints, new methods are required to help them achieve this goal. This report examines the role narratives play in omnichannel design efforts.
Jul 2017Customer ExperienceUX Of Indian Banks' Mobile AppsAmit BhatiaThe report is an in-depth assessment of the mobile banking usability of some of the top Indian banks. The aim is to help CX and digital leaders understand best practices emerging in the mobile banking space and help them benefit from some of these use cases.
Jul 2017Security & RiskVendor Landscape: Application Security Testing, 2017Amy DeMartineApplication release speeds are getting faster, especially as developers make use of DevOps methodologies to automate releases. To remain relevant, security pros can support and even drive these changes using continuous prerelease application security testing tools. SAST, DAST, and MAST all have their unique testing sweet spots, and all are essential to a comprehensive testing strategy. Over time, however, IAST is emerging to eventually replace DAST. Security pros should use this report to evaluate application security testing tools to address their firms’ new release-speed criteria.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyFive Pitfalls To Avoid When Executing A Retail eCommerce StrategyAnanda ChakravartyRetail eCommerce has nearly two decades of experience under its belt, so companies in the early stages of web retail can now follow a fairly established set of best practices. This report is a critical chapter in the retail eCommerce playbook and provides guidance on improving the likelihood of success when building a web business. Forrester's research on this topic is extensive and long-standing; we initially introduced the frameworks and concepts in this report in earlier reports on topics like organizational structure, site performance, and usability. The takeaways from these reports remain relevant, so we have aggregated and updated them for retail eBusiness and channel strategy professionals.
Jul 2017Security & RiskDevelop Identity And Access Management Metrics That Matter To The BusinessAndras Cser, Merritt MaximMost security and risk (S&R) professionals struggle to ensure identity and access management (IAM) remains a top business technology priority. S&R pros who are successful at nurturing their internal and external facing IAM programs track and communicate IAM metrics that demonstrate not only quantifiable savings but business benefits. In this report, we use the Balanced Scorecard approach to detail the most relevant IAM metrics for security, compliance, administration efficiency, and business agility. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester updates it regularly for data accuracy and relevance.
Jul 2017CIOVendor Landscape: Supplier/Business NetworksAndrew BartelsDescription coming soon.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyMake Your B2B Business A Digital BusinessAndy HoarNew forms of digital customer engagement are transforming B2B businesses. In many cases, they're being forced to fundamentally rethink how they go to market -- from the customers they target to the channels they sell through. In the B2B eCommerce playbook, we examine today's broader B2B eCommerce landscape and outline how organizations can use digital to optimize their B2B eCommerce teams and processes for success. This report is an update to a report published on June 25, 2015.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyRe-Design UPI To Win The Mobile Payment WarArnav GuptaAs the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) owned entity, NPCI (National Payment Council of India), roles out UPI (Unified Payment Interface) it is important to understand the disruption it may cause. Currently digital payment providers and mobile wallets have been a challenge to traditional banks, but with 20+ public and private banks equipped with UPI interface the scenario might drastically change. It will be interesting to understand how the platform works and how convenient will it be for end users in their day-to-day transactions. The ultimate long-term goal is to promote a cashless economy, but will this be achieved is under question.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryHow To Create A Knockout Enterprise Collaboration Strategic PlanArt SchoellerEnterprise collaboration programs can provide the connective tissue of the customer experience (CX) ecosystem. However, programs fall flat when application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals approach them without clear business objectives and stakeholder support. Having a strategic plan that all stakeholders agree on can make the difference. This report provides a guide for the collaboration leadership team for creating that strategic plan using Forrester's POST methodology. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryDesign Your Contact Center From The Outside InArt Schoeller, Randy HeffnerAs enterprises strive to offer better customer experiences, they need to drive organizational and operational change into contact center architectural design. Today's challenge is not only multichannel but also cross-channel interactions. The context of customer requests must be carried from channel to channel. Companies must establish a customer journey map that prioritizes key customer cross-channel paths that application development and delivery professionals can use to drive the right design. This ensures that companies design contact centers from the outside-in instead of creating a technology strategy for technology's sake. This report shows application development and delivery (AD&D) pros how to develop contact center architectures in line with customer experience (CX) governance. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy; we revised this edition to factor in new data and customer examples.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel Strategy2017 Canadian Online Banking Functionality BenchmarkAugust Du PontTens of millions of Canadian bank customers use their providers' secure websites to conduct both routine and rare banking tasks. As such, digital banking teams must keep a close eye on which goals a customer can complete via online banking, as well as how conveniently they can complete those goals. To help digital banking teams improve their online banking services, Forrester used its Digital Banking Functionality Benchmark methodology to assess and score the secure websites of the five largest retail banks in Canada across 50 criteria. This report outlines our findings as well as the insights and online banking best practices uncovered in this research.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel Strategy2017 US Online Banking Functionality BenchmarkAugust Du PontTens of millions of US bank customers use their providers' secure websites to complete tasks and achieve their banking objectives. As such, digital banking teams must keep a close eye on which goals a customer can complete via online banking, and how conveniently they can complete those goals. To help digital banking teams improve their online banking services, Forrester used its Digital Banking Functionality Benchmark methodology to assess and score the secure websites of six banks in the US across 50 criteria. This report outlines our findings as well as the insights and best practices uncovered in this research.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyCompare Your Money Management Functionality Against Your PeersAurelie L'HostisThis is the benchmark chapter of the digital money management playbook.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyHow Italian Banking Customers Use Different Channels, 2017Aurelie L'HostisThe use of digital banking channels has grown rapidly in Italy, while the growth of branch use has come to a halt. Digital business strategy executives at Italian banks are faced with a growing segment of younger, higher-potential customers who bank primarily via digital channels, while the branch is becoming a service center for older customers. With digital banking touchpoints gradually displacing traditional channels, how can digital business strategy executives develop online and mobile banking as a platform to engage customers? How can digital banking teams weave human and digital touchpoints to implement a truly customer-centric approach? How can branches and contact centers be turned into effective and customer-engaging sales and advice centers? This report explores Italian banking customers' channel use habits, and provides practical advice on how to design successful multichannel strategies in the context of evolving customer behavior.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDisrupting Finance: Credit Comparison EnginesBenjamin Ensor, Aurelie L'HostisThis research will assess the impact of comparison engines, also known as price comparison sites or aggregator sites, and recommend how digital teams at incumbents should respond. This report in our Digital Disruption In Retail Financial Services series will answer some of the most common questions eBusiness and channel strategy professionals ask about comparison engines.
Jul 2017Security & RiskRansomware Protection: Five Best PracticesChris Sherman, Salvatore SchianoRansomware, once just a consumer scourge, is now holding enterprises hostage. Recent outbreaks caused by variants such as “WannaCry” and “Petya” have many security and risk (S&R) pros wondering if they can prevent this growing threat. By focusing on the basics and implementing proper controls, however, S&R pros can slow the ransomware snowball. This report explains the rise of ransomware and examines strategies for preventing it -- or recovering from it if you become a victim. Learn best practices to avoid facing an unnerving decision of whether you’ll need to negotiate with cyberterrorists.
Jul 2017Customer InsightsMore Firms Are Using The Insights Center Of Excellence To Drive ValueCinny LittleCustomer insights (CI) pros struggle with how to keep maturing their capabilities and drive more actions from insights. How you organize can affect your success. This report lays out the upsides and downsides of three organization models for CI. Use the information to adjust your current approach or to drive change. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We revised this edition to factor in new data and examples.
Jul 2017Security & RiskAssess Your Exposure To Geopolitical Cyber-RiskClaire O'MalleyGeopolitical tensions around the world are spawning nearly constant cyberattacks on unprepared private sector firms. These cyberattacks result in millions of dollars in lost customer trust, as well as physical, virtual, and reputational damages. In this report, we introduce a way for CISOs to identify characteristics of their firm that might expose it to cybersecurity risks stemming from geopolitical dynamics.
Jul 2017Infrastructure & OperationsTo Put Your Data To Work, You Need To Treat It Like An Information Supply ChainDavid K. JohnsonAs insights-driven businesses continue to grow and lead their markets, other companies will need to improve their ability to collect and use data to support their decision-making processes if they want to compete. As they set about executing new strategies, they will need to treat information as a key resource their people will need to make better decisions. But such data takes time to collect and prepare for use, so companies will need to treat their information flow more like a supply chain of information than an on-demand reporting capability. Hence the term information supply-chain.
Jul 2017Infrastructure & OperationsVendor Landscape: Cloud WorkspacesDavid K. JohnsonWith major new cloud offerings, a spate of recent acquisitions, and rumors of new service offerings on the way, firms will have viable new options for getting the benefits of server-hosted virtual desktops without the investments in major new skills and infrastructure. This research will inform I&O pros about how cloud workspace benefits can help them deliver richer tools to users so they can better serve your company's customers.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Continuous Testing Services Providers, Q3 2017Diego Lo GiudiceAs Agile and DevOps become the de facto development approach for digital businesses, mobile, and IoT testing, service providers need to adjust their quality agenda and services offering. This Forrester Wave™ will compare those that have and are leading the game.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryDigital Value: Making The Business Case For Business Application TransformationDuncan JonesTraditional ROI models are inappropriate for today's technology investment decisions, because they cannot cope with agile projects, flexible XaaS commercial models, and digital assets. This report will explain how leading companies sell internally their business application transformation projects.
Jul 2017Infrastructure & OperationsCase Study: Atlassian Used ChatOps To Improve Its Crisis ResponseElinor Klavens, Dave BartolettiTech outages are unavoidable. While most firms plan for failure, they typically focus solely on fast technology recovery. But at customer-obsessed companies, infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros also focus on people and process changes to keep customers and employees informed and engaged. The recent outage of Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service had a significant impact on collaboration software vendor Atlassian. Atlassian used its own ChatOps tools to organize the teams, tasks, and communications required to recover quickly while minimizing customer impact.
Jul 2017Security & RiskData Privacy Metrics That Matter To The BusinessEnza IannopolloA commitment to security and privacy enables firms to build trusted customer relationships that increase revenue. Security and privacy teams must establish data security and privacy programs that deliver on this commitment. This report gives security and risk professionals, including CISOs, privacy officers, and their teams, a set of metrics that help track the achievements of their data security and privacy programs beyond operational effectiveness and compliance. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester updates it regularly for data accuracy and relevance.
Jul 2017Infrastructure & OperationsAutomation Technologies For Customer EngagementJ. P. GownderAutomation technologies have snuck into many organizations for cost-cutting reasons. But the new opportunity in the age of the customer is engagement: deploying technologies that will help customers receive better service automatically -- or better serve themselves. This report will offer best practices in this growing sector of interaction technology.
Jul 2017Security & RiskRemove The Mystery From Security MetricsJeff PollardDifficulty creating meaningful metrics persists for chief information security officers (CISOs) despite a decade of discussion, and without good metrics, the security organization can’t hope to participate in business conversations alongside finance and operations. This report is your complete guide to metrics you can use to guide your security team’s efforts, allocate resources strategically, and communicate your results with stakeholders throughout the organization. Here, we brush off platitudes like “talk to the business” with detailed discussion points and practical, real-world examples. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Jul 2017Customer ExperienceQ&A: The Interaction Design ImperativeJennifer WiseAs customers' interactions with products, services, and brands become increasingly digital, CX professionals who know and practice interaction design (IxD) are playing a more important role than ever. But few organizations understand IxD's growing significance and complexity. In lay terms, this report will lay out and answer the most common questions CX pros need to answer to help business people across their organizations effectively win, serve, and retain customers.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryManage The Sales Content Feast Or FamineJohn BrunoSales organizations live and die by the information they have at their disposal. For some, their organizations may provide them with very little and others may be swimming in collateral. This report will detail how to effectively manage your organization's sales content and engagement tools to serve up the right content for the right customer at the right time.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyChoose The Right Metrics For Commerce AppsJulie A. AskNot all metrics are created equal: the key performance indicators of every business are unique because they depend on individual customers' needs in their unique mobile moments. While longer time spent in an app may be a valuable metric of engagement in online banking, it may not reflect real customer engagement in a health or fitness app that delivers important information via push notifications. This report will advise eBusiness professionals how to discern the key metrics for their businesses.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyMake Smart Mobile Technology ChoicesJulie A. Ask"What are my competitors doing?" is one of the most frequent questions that Forrester's clients ask. This report helps eBusiness professionals benchmark both their use of mobile technology and spending versus other companies.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyMobile Platforms, Partners, And PowerJulie A. Ask, Laura NaparstekYou face the following challenge: Most of your customers will not download your mobile app, but you know that mobile is the most important digital touchpoint for winning, serving, and retaining your customers. You will need to borrow, earn, rent, or buy mobile moments from those who own your customers' mobile moments. A handful of (Silicon Valley) tech giants not only own a disproportionate share of the property or mobile moments, but also continue to acquire more mobile moments while enhancing and building upon existing services. The market dynamics of mobile moments will shape both future customer interactions and ecosystem partnership strategies. This report will update digital business professionals on how to navigate the mobile moment landscape and build their own blueprint to extend your mobile strategy beyond owned mobile moments.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyYour Customers Will Not Download Your AppJulie A. Ask, Laura NaparstekFew digital business professionals will see the majority of their customers download their app, nor will they own enough mobile moments to win, serve, and retain their customers effectively. Most apps simply aren't compelling or convenient enough to outweigh the inhibitors of discovering, downloading, installing, and customizing them. Consumers are, however, spending an increasing number of minutes each month on mobile phones in apps that offer compelling utility or entertainment. That doesn't mean you don't need an app. It means you must develop a mobile strategy that goes beyond owning mobile moments to borrow, rent, and use them from a broader ecosystem of partners. This updated report will show digital business professionals in which mobile app categories their customers are spending the most time 2017. Knowing the types of mobile apps their customers use most will help digital business professionals develop a strategy to borrow, barter for, or buy mobile moments.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryEngagement Costs Continue To Rise Even With Digital: Here’s How To Fight ItKate LeggettCustomers demand that you value their time. They increasingly use self-service and digital channels for customer service, and when these channels fail, they turn to the phone. This report describes how and why AD&D pros supporting customer service operations must radically transform their customer service operations to accommodate the modern customer, where digital engagement -- not people -- is at the heart of how companies service their customers. It also describes how to use agents strategically to complement and extend the power of digital operations.
Jul 2017CIOThe Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Health Clouds, Q3 2017Kate McCarthy, Michael Facemire, Alex KramerFollowing up on the vendor landscape, this Forrester Wave™ will drill down into health cloud vendors that enable secure data storage and sharing, interoperability, mobility, and application development in a HIPAA-compliant format.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyeCommerce Trends And Outlook For Latin AmericaLily VaronThis forecast provides eBusiness professionals a look into the growth rates of online retail in Latin America and identifies some of the key eCommerce factors in the region.
Jul 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe Forrester Wave™: Recurring Customer And Billing Management, Q3 2017Lily VaronIn Forrester's evaluation of subscription billing platform solutions, we will identify the most significant vendors in the category and research, analyze, and score them. This report will detail our findings about how well each vendor fulfills our criteria and where they stand in relation to each other to help eBusiness professionals select the right partner as they seek to develop and support alternative business models for both existing and new products and services.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryVendor Landscape: Services Providers For US Government Salesforce IntegrationLiz Herbert, Rick ParrishThis report will be a companion to the Salesforce Services Partners research and will hone in on the Salesforce Services Market for government.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryBrief: Where API Management Platforms And DX Platforms IntersectMark GrannanAPI management platforms promise to abstract from legacy applications and provide a scalable platform upon which to build, manage, and deliver core services. Digital experience platforms, on the other hand, manage content and experiences and provide practitioners the tools to engage customers across channels. The two are better together. In this brief, we'll explore a scenario where both platforms play to their respective strengths to maximize your investments and customer experience impact.
Jul 2017B2C MarketingSocial Marketing Is A Vital Part Of Your Post-Digital TransformationMelissa ParrishSocial marketing is at a crossroads. B2C marketers intuitively know that it's working, but they can't articulate how. That's because too many of them launched social programs without a strategy. This playbook will show marketers how to develop social programs that create measurable business results, how to use insights from those programs to address other marketing and business challenges, and how to choose the right social technology vendors to efficiently and effectively run their social practices.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryBuild Mobile Experiences That Drive EngagementMichael FacemireThe mobile mind shift is driving businesses' customers and stakeholders to expect (and demand) support for a wide variety of smartphones and tablets. But for application development and delivery pros, building mobile experiences is different from building websites or traditional client/server applications. It's not just the technologies that are different -- development processes need to be faster and produce higher-quality experiences to meet higher expectations. This report serves as the executive overview for the mobile app development playbook. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryBuilding A Mobile Business Case: It’s A Steep ClimbMichael FacemireMobile used to be cheap. It isn't anymore. The days of driving impressive returns from a mobile-optimized website or app that replicates the functionality of your website are long gone. Moreover, the cost of app development is a drop in the bucket compared with the cost of powering apps through infrastructure that taps into real-time information and services. Understand the business case for mobile before you embark on the journey. This report lays out the process and coaches AD&D pros through estimating the benefits, total costs, and risks of mobile.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe State Of Mobile Development ToolsMichael FacemireDevelopment teams have many options for building app experiences on mobile devices -- should they use native tools, cross-platform tools, or the web? This report, updated regularly and driven by our Forrester Technographics Developer Survey, takes a look at the current options that mobile development teams have, the shortlist of options they should consider, and how they should go about making that decision.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe State Of Web Development LibrariesMichael FacemireAngular 2, React, Ember, and Vue -- the set of JavaScript libraries and frameworks are constantly changing. This report, updated regularly and driven by our Forrester Technographics Developer Survey, takes a look at the current options that web development teams have, the shortlist of options they should consider, and how to go about making that decision.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryVendor Landscape: Enterprise Video PlatformsNick BarberJust as video can increase customer engagement, it can do the same thing for employees. Employees consume video across a range of devices and websites. Enterprises need to provide strong employee experiences using enterprise video platforms (EVPs) and webcasting for live and on demand videos. This report for application development and delivery professionals outlines trends in the EVP and webcasting market and vendors that support the space.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryDesigning Microservice Apps For Containers And Cloud PlatformsRandy HeffnerFor application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders seeking to support rapid business change, containers provide better application packaging, while microservices provide better application structure. Using them together presents implementation challenges. This report draws on interviews with nine early adopters to outline 30 key emerging practices to guide developers as they craft their solution architectures for business agility.
Jul 2017Security & RiskBuild A Governance, Risk, And Compliance Strategy Worthy Of Business ConsiderationRenee MurphyGovernance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) are far too often functions of emergency response. To get your team and key stakeholders on board, and to show that all your efforts are helping your business perform better, you need a well-defined, documented, and widely visible GRC strategy. This document outlines the challenges you face without a strategy, best practice examples of companies that have successfully built one, and a checklist of elements necessary for your strategy to stand up to scrutiny at all levels of the business. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Jul 2017Security & RiskMeasure GRC Performance To Show Processes And Data ReliabilityRenee MurphyThe more complex a program is, the more difficult it is to maintain it, and the faster and more devastating its breakdown can be. Strong performance management is a way for risk management professionals to monitor their GRC program for continual improvement, alignment to business goals, and strategic value to the organization. This report explains how to continuously manage the performance of your GRC program to help you protect your critical risk and compliance functions from decay. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryWhich Conversational Computing Platform Is Right For You?Rob KoplowitzDuring a busy spring conference season, Google, Amazon AI Summit, IBM, and Microsoft clarified their AI strategies. The investments outlined by each are extensive. As we move from a phase of AI experimentation to one where true business value will emerge, there are plenty of reasons to believe that vendors will co-exist and complement one another based on unique investments and strengths. This brief guides AD&D pros who need to assess which platform(s) are best aligned with their organization's needs and requirements.
Jul 2017B2C MarketingMaster Content Marketing To Drive Engagement, Credibility, And PreferenceRyan SkinnerThe content marketing playbook helps marketing leadership professionals design and deploy successful content marketing to drive engagement, credibility, and -- ultimately -- preference by: 1) developing content that delivers visible value to reinforce a brand's competitive advantage; 2) aligning the creation, distribution, and refinement of valuable content with business outcomes; 3) mobilizing the organization and its partners; and 4) actively monitoring and managing their brand health. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Jul 2017Application Development & DeliveryVendor Landscape: Digital Experience Service Providers, 2017Ted SchadlerDigital experiences requires a continuous blend of customer engagement strategy, journey analysis, experience design, front-end development, experience integration, data and content support, and back-end process integration. Firms look to a portfolio of service providers for help. But which kind is best? This report provides an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of different categories of digital experience service providers: management consultancies, digital agencies, systems integrators, and specialty implementers.
Jul 2017Customer ExperienceExperiences That Have The Power To TransformTom MouhsianCX pros should divert a more important part of their attention to fundamental customer motivations and design experiences that are able to earn not just momentary satisfaction, but long-lasting loyalty.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureEducating Your Business Stakeholders On Their Architecture DecisionsAlex CullenDescription coming soon.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureMeasure EA’s Engagement, Influence, And Business ImpactAlex CullenFew EA leaders have given much thought to metrics for their EA program – and miss an excellent tool to increase their impact.  Metrics connect EA activities to business goals, drive engagement, and build influence. Effective metrics connect to the key performance indicators (KPIs) that stakeholders care about. This report describes how to select the right metrics and package them in a report card for EA, and provides sample metrics that may be useful starting points.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureUnderstand EA Stakeholders And Their NeedsAlex CullenToday's enterprise architecture (EA) organizations are engaging more with the front end of the business: sales, marketing, and product management. Understanding their needs and goals is challenging, but it's critical to EA's impact as EA programs seek to be more business aligned. Successful EA leaders apply a framework for capturing "useful" goals through structured and relevant conversations. Success will lead to business improvement road maps that clearly align to the strategic needs of the firm -- whether the firm truly thinks strategically or not. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We are now updating it to reflect our current thinking on effective methods for engaging with business stakeholders.
Aug 2017B2B MarketingMetrics That Matter When Executing ABMAllison SnowThis report informs strategic marketing performance management for account-based marketing programs by helping B2B marketers answer the question: How is ABM impacting outcomes such as deal velocity, win rates, average contract values, retention, and advocacy? Its focus is on how to evaluate the effectiveness of ABM strategies by comparing the outcomes associated with firms that have and have not been exposed to ABM tactics (targeted ads, personalized emails, custom content, etc.). Further, the report provides recommended metrics for ABM programs across the customer life cycle.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyTrends 2017: Australia And New Zealand Digital BankingAlyson ClarkeIn this research, we explore what the markets, regulations, digital disruption, and empowered customers mean for the priorities of digital strategy executives at Australian and New Zealand banks in 2017. This report focuses on the drivers that are shaping the retail banking landscape and the actions that digital strategy teams at Australian and New Zealand banks should take as a result.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryDealing With Development DysfunctionAmanda LeClairSenior managers and individual contributors on software development teams see the world very differently. Our survey data reveals disconnects in process, tool adoption, and visibility into priorities. This report will illuminate those differences, and offer guidance to AD&D leaders on how to correct them.
Aug 2017Security & RiskVendor Landscape: Runtime Application Self-Protection, 2017Amy DeMartineRASP technology is emerging as a way to protect applications from the OWASP top 10 defects without any learning time because it is installed with the application. S&R pros need to understand how to evaluate this evolving technology and in what instances RASP is effective.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyKey Digital Store ExperiencesAnanda ChakravartyTo achieve business success, nurture the primary digital store experiences that customers need. Review the best practices for digital store customer experiences and digital store operational technologies that impact customer experience indirectly. This report covers these practices and guides retailers on building a road map to effectively expand in-store digital technologies and grow their business.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe Eight Things Every eCommerce Business Needs To ProveAnanda Chakravarty/Marketing & Strategy/eBusiness & Channel Strategy/Operate profitable, global digital channels/Understand the Business OpportunityThis report will provide a business case for retail eCommerce in the age of the customer.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsCustomer Engagement Networks For Sports And EntertainmentAndre KindnessSports and entertainment venues face rapidly expanding guest and fan expectations. This report explains how sports and entertainment firms can develop and run their network infrastructure to enhance the fan experience.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyTrends: Sizing The Many Channels Of B2B eCommerceAndrew Bartels, Andy HoarB2B eCommerce flows through many channels, including over EDI-based networks, PO and invoice networks, industry-based networks, and direct connections from SaaS eProcurement systems to suppliers, as well as from individual employees to the eCommerce sites of suppliers.  While B2B eCommerce is absorbing a growing volume of transactions that used to occur through direct sales and physical store channels, B2B eCommerce transaction flows themselves are shifting from some channels to others.  To help CIOs understand which B2B eCommerce channels are gaining share and which are losing, this report will size and forecast the volume of spending in these various B2B eCommerce channels globally and for the US through 2020.
Aug 2017CIOThe Coming Consolidation Of CloudAndrew Bartels, Dave BartolettiDescription coming soon.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsVendor Landscape: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) SuitesAndrew HewittThis report will uncover key EMM benefits, use cases, decision makers, and implementation challenges. We will also identify the key functions and features of EMM solutions that help address specific challenges facing firms that use EMM solutions to manage mobility. This report will also help infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals identify the types of vendors and service providers that offer EMM solutions and help them successfully capitalize on a mobile and workforce enablement strategy.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyUse Forrester’s New Maturity Model To Evaluate Your B2B eCommerce/Digital ProgressAndy HoarWith the B2B C-suite increasingly demanding that companies make more informed digital investment decisions, B2B digital professionals are now closely measuring their progress and benchmarking their maturity. Forrester offers a new framework, the Digital Maturity Model 5.0, that enables B2B digital pros to compare their investments in human capital, business processes, and technology infrastructure to their peers. This is an update of a previously published report; we substantially revised this edition to factor in our new Digital Maturity Model 5.0.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryCollaboration Success Hinges On Effective Change ManagementArt SchoellerFor two decades, we've introduced new and potentially better tools to collaborate, only to see tepid adoption. Over the past few years, knowledge workers have started to self-provision their own tools like Dropbox and Skype. The cost of poor adoption is twofold: the underutilized investment as well as unmet business objectives. This report details the skills and resources application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals need to drive adoption and change management in collaboration initiatives. This report was last published on November 26, 2014; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryEnterprise Team Messaging AppsArt SchoellerEmail, SMS texting, instant messaging, blogs, and now the surge in team messaging applications threaten to overwhelm the knowledge workers in the customer experience ecosystem. While the newer team messaging entrants claim they are the "email killers," the real result is adding more messaging streams both within and outside the enterprise.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDisrupting Finance: Digital Money ManagersAurelie L'HostisDigital money managers offer budgeting and cash management tools to the many people worldwide who need to manage their money but don't have the time, know-how, or inclination to actually do it. Leading digital money managers like Check,, Money Dashboard, and Pocketbook offer an aggregated view of users' financial position, guidance on what to do about it, and the encouragement to act. As some digital money managers move into transactions, they threaten to disrupt a traditional banking model some customers don't trust. Read this report to understand who the main direct-to-consumer digital money managers are, assess their disruptive potential, and understand how to react.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyEvaluate Your Digital Banking CapabilitiesAurelie L'Hostis, Peter WannemacherWhat are the key capabilities that digital banking executives need? This report will be the Assessment chapter in our Digital Banking Strategy playbook.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDisrupting Finance: US Insurance AggregatorsBenjamin EnsorComparison sites and insurance aggregators offer what many online insurance researchers are looking for: independent product and price comparisons. This research will assess the impact of comparison engines, also known as price comparison sites or aggregator sites, and recommend how digital teams at incumbents should respond. This report in our Digital Disruption In Retail Financial Services series will answer some of the most common questions eBusiness and channel strategy professionals ask about comparison engines.Digital business strategy executives at insurance companies need to understand the role that comparison shopping plays in insurance distribution -- and they must develop strategies to address this change in distribution now.
Aug 2017CIOInnovation FundingBobby CameronInterest in how to make innovation real is accelerating -- and around half of companies have prioritized improvement of their ability to innovate. Based in inquiries and advisory work, one of the key hurdles to getting an innovation practice is how to get the funds to make it happen. The primary issue: people want to fund innovation projects tied to business results they care about. They don't seek to fund an innovation practice not tied to clear results.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryAI In Business IntelligenceBoris EvelsonThis report will explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and business intelligence (BI).
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryGrow Your Business And Compete By Creating A Winning Business Intelligence StrategyBoris EvelsonEnterprise business intelligence (BI) is chock-full of challenges. Only partially a science, it remains mostly an art based on best practices and lessons learned. Rather than reinventing the wheel, application development and delivery (AD&D) pros working on BI initiatives should leverage Forrester's business intelligence playbook -- a series of reports with practical and actionable advice on how to jumpstart any BI initiative or turn around a failed one. This report will be an update of the executive overview.
Aug 2017Customer InsightsThe State Of Customer Analytics 2017Brandon PurcellThis report will highlight key benchmarks that will help CI pros assess the current state of analytics adoption, including goals, challenges, and analytics sophistication.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyMobile Checkout BenchmarkBrendan MillerDigital retail executives are under pressure to simplify and streamline mobile checkout experiences to better meet the increasingly high needs and expectations of mobile consumers. With the Mobile Checkout Benchmark, we evaluate the checkout experience of 15 retailers around the world. This report helps eBusiness pros benchmark their mobile checkout capabilities, identify good practices, and improve their checkout experience.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyTop Cybersecurity Threats For Retailers In 2017Brendan Miller, Josh ZelonisRetail security and risk (S&R) pros have the challenging task of using finite budgets to protect their business from every possible attack type in the threat landscape. One strategy for approaching this challenge is to use historical attack trends to prioritize protections against attacks that are the most highly probable. This report analyzes common attack patterns responsible for breaches in 2016 to facilitate this approach.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyBuilding The Business Case For Omnichannel In RetailBrendan WitcherOmnichannel fulfillment capabilities are being launched at a rapid pace. eBusiness and channel strategy professionals who lead these expensive, high-visibility initiatives must build business cases correctly or risk launching initiatives that are 1) unable to gain critical support throughout the organization, 2) fail to align expectations of the program with customer behavior, and 3) measure incorrectly against the wrong business results. In addition to helping eBusiness professionals avoid these issues, this report describes how to apply Forrester's Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology to ensure that your omnichannel fulfillment plan addresses four critical questions: What are the business benefits? What is the impact on technology management or project costs? Is future flexibility increased? How will risks be mitigated?
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategySurprise! Retail Is Growing, And What It Means For Digital BusinessesBrendan Witcher, Fiona SwerdlowUS eCommerce will continue to grow rapidly over the next five years. This report analyzes findings from the Forrester Online Retail Forecast, 2017 To 2022 (US).
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureThe Forrester Wave™: Insight Platform-As-A-Service, Q3 2017Brian HopkinsThis Forrester Wave™ evaluates the leading (big) data and insights platform-as-a-service vendors and their capabilities in the market to help companies turn data into insights and action.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsESM: Elevate Service Value Beyond ITCharles BetzEnterprise service management (ESM) has become a leading trend in the crowded IT service management (ITSM) market. By expanding service thinking and the service app store as well as speeding up platform-as-a-service (PaaS) workflow development, vendors and infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals are unlocking new value. ESM represents a new integrated platform to support organizations’ journey from information technology (IT) to business technology (BT). This report will describe the evolution from ITSM to ESM.
Aug 2017Security & RiskVendor Landscape: Network Security Solutions For Zero TrustChase CunninghamZero Trust is a conceptual and architectural model for how security teams should redesign networks into secure microperimeters, increase data security through obfuscation techniques, limit the risks associated with excessive user privileges, and dramatically improve security detection and response through analytics and automation. In this vendor landscape, we identify and analyze network security solutions critical to the realization of Zero Trust microperimeters.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureA Long-Term Perspective On Preserving Media AssetsCheryl McKinnonIconic brands have a deep sense of corporate history. As key customer-facing assets such as video are digitally generated, it adds complexity to long-term preservation interests.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureContent Application PlatformsCheryl McKinnonThis report will review vendors that provide content management platforms designed for horizontal or vertical applications. It will review offerings for delivering smart content apps from current ECM vendors, SaaS providers, and open source options.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureVendor Landscape: File AnalyticsCheryl McKinnonContent is shifting to the cloud. Privacy regulations are causing global businesses to put compliance back on the front burner. Legacy file shares and content-heavy applications are stalling adoption of nimble, flexible content platforms. Enterprise architects faced with one or more of these realities can benefit from using technology to get a handle on the volume of existing corporate content and put dormant data back to work.
Aug 2017Security & RiskAn S&R Pro's Guide To Windows 10 Security And PrivacyChris Sherman, Heidi SheyWindows 10 offers many new native security and privacy capabilities that could potentially reduce an organization's reliance on third-party endpoint security solutions. When taken together, these capabilities will change the risk posture of the endpoint environment, potentially leading to cost savings in the event third-party security tools are supplemented or replaced. This report will uncover a) the endpoint security and privacy requirements most critical to S&R professionals looking to secure their employee devices; b) the features in Windows 10 that address these requirements; and c) what are the additional security and privacy tools required to secure a typical Windows 10 enterprise environment.
Aug 2017Security & RiskBuild A High-Performance, Customer-Obsessed Security OrganizationChristopher McCleanCISOs must accelerate their evolution to become business managers focused on protecting their brand, strengthening their reputation, and building customer trust. To make this big transition, CISOs need far more than just the latest technology; they need a team staffed with the right mix of business and technical skills, a solid information security management system, a well-defined policy framework, metrics that demonstrate business value, and a business-aligned strategy that ties all this together. This report provides CISOs with an end-to-end look at what it takes to build a high-performance security practice. Forrester reviews and updates this report regularly for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryDrive Continuous Improvement With Strong Change Management And Employee TrainingClaire SchooleyOrganizations need processes that allow them to make changes quickly and keep employee skills razor sharp and aligned with company goals. This updated report describes the latest thinking in managing change and an explanation of the learning delivery approaches that allow organizations to adopt change successfully
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe Top Four Retail Tech Trends In 2017Claudia Tajima, Brendan WitcherLeading retailers invest in and efficiently execute on top retail technologies to win and retain customers. This report analyzes personalization, omnichannel, analytics, and digital store initiatives, and how specific retailers are successfully implementing each of these technologies.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingSearch Marketers Heed The Call Of Voice AssistantsCollin ColburnVoice search has been on the horizon for years. What effect will it have on organic search and paid search? How does a search marketer create visibility for their content in this new mode of consumer discovery? This document will study this trend and these issues.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingVendor Landscape: Call Analytics PlatformsCollin ColburnThis report will help B2C marketers identify the key considerations to differentiate call analytics vendors and select the right partner.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureCase Studies: Analytics In Enterprise And Group CollaborationCraig Le ClairThis report looks in depth at collaboration analytics being injected into a group and enterprise collaboration solutions. Personal assistance expertise location and recommendation apps hold great promise for improving internal work lives and supporting the new way of working. The report will describe production use cases that take advantage of this exciting technology.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureJust Because The Platform Can Do It Doesn't Mean It's A Good IdeaCraig Le Clair  Enterprise architects struggle to compare the expanding options to modernize enterprise processes. These include improving public cloud process support, domain-specific cloud platforms, "fit to purpose" solution specialists, systems integrator solutions, and BPM and dynamic case management (DCM) platforms. To provide deployment guidance for enterprise architects, we isolate and compare performance and agility criteria.  
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureRPA Operating Models Should Be Light And FederatedCraig Le ClairThe search for "quick solutions" to fragmented business applications has propelled RPA investment. But early enthusiasm has led to tapping the brakes due to business, infrastructure and operations concerns. As a result, EAs seek guidance on the best operating model for RPA to deliver long-term value to stakeholders.  This report synthesizes leading approaches.  It includes a ten-point control framework that ensures business-led automations meet TM control and infrastructure criteria. We also provide a guide to RPA service providers.
Aug 2017CIOAssess Your Innovation Capability MaturityDan BielerIn this report we will introduce our innovation capability maturity assessment, aimed to help CIOs and digital business leaders understand their relative maturity for innovating their digital business.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe Employee Experience ImperativeDavid K. Johnson, Samuel SternDescription coming soon.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsEnterprise Bots Are Coming: You Must Be ReadyElinor KlavensChatbots are all the rage, yet for many enterprises, realizing the promise of bots seems like a distant future. Teaching bots how to mimic human interactions and intelligence is indeed a long-term plan, but I&O pros don’t need to wait. Enterprise bots don’t pretend to be humans, they are there to help organizations automate individual workloads, processes and provide a new system of engagement.  For infrastructure and operations teams, the time to begin introducing bots is now.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsDelivering On Business Transformation With DevOps At DynatraceElinor Klavens, Robert StroudEvery business today is transforming to not only remain competitive -- they are transforming to deliver competitive advantage and deliver differentiation and grow revenue.  Velocity with quality, requires focusing on the complete automation of the continuous delivery pipeline. This entails the creation of consistent, reusable automation pipelines, removal of human handoffs, and integration of automated testing to drive velocity and enhance quality of code in production. Dynatrace, are a great example of a DevOps evolution, transitioning from a traditional software company to a SaaS organization delivering with velocity, enhancing quality while delivering a product that delivers rapid customer value and reduces the time to place innovation in their client’s hands!
Aug 2017B2C MarketingAdvance Your Approach To Customer LoyaltyEmily CollinsIf you're serious about earning and maintaining customer loyalty, you can't treat it as a tactic or a discrete program anymore. Customer loyalty requires strategic alignment, deliberate planning, and financial and cultural commitment. This report, part of the customer loyalty playbook, outlines Forrester's self-assessment and maturity model for B2C marketing pros who wish to create a successful loyalty strategy. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingHarness Loyalty Insights To Build Business AdvantageEmily CollinsMany companies that invest in customer loyalty deploy loyalty programs that both incentivize behavior and collect valuable data from engaged and loyal customers. It's easy to treat loyalty as a separate silo within marketing, but the benefits of embracing the loyalty insights that firms can derive from that data have broad-reaching implications for the stability and strength of customer relationships. This report will help B2C marketers push loyalty beyond the program and apply loyalty insights across the organization.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingThe Forrester Wave™: Customer Loyalty Solutions, Q3 2017Emily CollinsIn this Forrester Wave™ evaluation of customer loyalty solutions for large organizations, we will identify the most significant players and research, analyze, and score them. This report will detail our findings on how well these technology and services vendors fulfill our criteria and where they stand in relation to each other to help B2C marketers select the right partner for their customer loyalty initiatives.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingThe State Of Loyalty Strategies 2017Emily CollinsForrester will survey marketers in early 2017 about their loyalty strategies in an effort to understand how they manage and measure customer loyalty and what challenges get in the way of success. This report contains benchmarks for B2C marketing professionals working on increasing customer loyalty, and it provides an overview of how companies across industries execute on loyalty strategy. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy; we substantially revised this edition to factor in updated tools, ideas, and data.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingVendor Landscape: Customer Loyalty SolutionsEmily CollinsThis vendor landscape will assess the current market of customer loyalty solutions and help B2C marketers understand the different segments of vendors and their offerings and capabilities.
Aug 2017Security & RiskPrivacy As A Corporate Social ResponsibilityEnza IannopolloThis report examines the characteristics and policies of global enterprises that have called out privacy as one of their top corporate social responsibilities.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingThis Is Your Consumers' Brains On Social MediaErna Alfred Liousas, Anjali LaiMarketers that know consumers rely on social networks for daily interactions. But do marketers understand what drives consumers to continue creating content and participating within social networks? This report explores this theme further.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsKPIs To Succeed In Business Technology Operational ExcellenceEveline Oehrlich, Bill MartorelliYou must support the universal law of "what gets measured gets attention" with KPIs and metrics that enable the business toward its goals of customer experience improvements and customer obsession. Most I&O organizations are struggling with what to measure and report for value in the journey toward becoming customer-obsessed organizations. This report will present key KPIs and metrics useful in that ongoing journey.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceTo Win In CX, Healthcare Must Embrace DigitalFaith AdamsAs an industry, healthcare organizations, specifically payer and provider, typically lag behind others in adopting digital technologies. As these organizations struggle to engage with their customers and patients to improve their health while also reducing costs, embracing digital technologies provides an opportunity to change this. But the what, how, when, and why to implement these solutions remains unclear due to competing priorities. CX professionals will want to read this report to understand the landscape and determine how to influence the prioritization of investments in their organization's shift to digital and create a win-win for them and their customers.
Aug 2017Customer InsightsHow Dirty Is Your Data?Fatemeh KhatiblooAs privacy increasingly becomes a marketing concern, firms must think about their customer insights (CI) practices differently. Today, marketers' data governance practices -- the rules that guide what consumer data a company collects; how it stores, transfers, and manages that data; and how it uses and disposes of that data -- are nebulous at best and dangerously misguided at worst. As the data landscape evolves, from technological advances that enable de-anonymization of digital data to the proliferation of data that is personally identifiable in one context but not another, this question inevitably arises: How should organizations treat customers' personal data, and what constitutes personal data, anyway? This report helps CI pros categorize the different types of data their firms collect and provides guidelines on how to govern the data. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy; we revised this edition to factor in changes in consumer data types and other regulatory changes.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingThe Privacy Maturity Assessment For MarketersFatemeh KhatiblooThis assessment will provide B2C marketers with a tool for evaluating their privacy maturity.
Aug 2017Customer InsightsVendor Landscape: Customer Data EcosystemFatemeh KhatiblooThis report will provide an overview of vendors that own, sell, and/or optimize customer data.
Aug 2017CIOThe Three Fundamental IoT Business ScenariosFrank E. GillettThis report will outline the underlying use cases and  deployment models for the three most common IoT business scenarios.
Aug 2017CIOThree IoT Business Scenarios Drive Productivity And ExperienceFrank E. GillettDescription coming soon.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryBest Practices For CPG Brands To Sell Through Third-Party eCommerce Channels Like AmazonGeorge LawrieIn this research, we will identify the best practices of AD&D professionals managing an applications portfolio to partner with Amazon or Alibaba. CPG brands need to synchronize master data and content but also to make decisions about how to expose available to commerce inventory to their partners.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryDriving Revenue With Direct-To-Consumer CommerceGeorge LawrieTraditional sources of competitive advantage for CPG brands are scale, retail relationships, brand loyalty and a national brand operating model. Collapsing barriers to entry, the increased influence of digital media on consumer purchase, and fragmentation of taste and preference jeopardize each source of competitive advantage. This research shows AD&D professionals how to enhance CPG application portfolios to capitalize on the new opportunities of direct to consumer commerce.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryRemote Order Entry And Direct Store Delivery Best PracticesGeorge LawrieThis research will look at techniques for lightweight order capture in the field. How much inventory visibility or credit check in enough? It will look at the way in which AD&D professionals can combine their own ability to mobilize and distribute order capture functionality with vendors' store execution platforms.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Retail Planning, Q3 2017George LawrieRetailers don't own stores or trucks or warehouses. The only item on their balance sheet in general is inventory. This Forrester Wave™ compares vendor solutions that drive inventory turn with superior demand management assortment and allocation.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureInsurance Technology Market OverviewGordon BarnettThis report will be two dimensional; it will highlight and classify the vendors supporting insurance firms. In addition, it will highlight the take up of those vendor solutions by Forrester clients in the insurance sector.
Aug 2017Security & RiskMaintain Your Security EdgeHeidi SheyNew security objectives and approaches call for shifts in architecture and operations -- but more importantly, for firms to renew their investments in their most valuable asset: employees. Over time, outdated skills, stagnated thinking, and complacency on the part of individuals and groups become a threat to the business. It's time for security and risk (S&R) leaders to invest not only in themselves and their staff, but all employees -- because employees, not technologies, are responsible for designing and implementing the security strategy and driving behavioral change. This report was originally published on November 1, 2013; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017Security & RiskVendor Landscape: Data ClassificationHeidi SheyData classification is a core component of defining and understanding data that security and risk (S&R) pros must protect, as well as identifying the way employees should handle it and the types of security controls that are necessary. Data classification tools, which include manual (user-driven) and automated classification, help organizations apply metadata tags to sensitive data. In this report, we explore the vendor landscape and solutions for data classification.
Aug 2017Security & RiskTechRadar™: Data Security And Privacy, Q3 2017Heidi Shey, Chase Cunningham, Alexander Spiliotes, Enza IannopolloAs data volumes explode, it is becoming a Herculean task to protect sensitive data from cybercriminals and malicious actors while preventing privacy infringements and abuses -- intentional and unintentional. Every day, vendors introduce a new product or service that claims to be the silver bullet to data security challenges. To avoid the hype and take a holistic and long-lasting approach to data security that encompasses people, processes, and technology, we developed Forrester's Data Security And Control Framework. This TechRadar™ assesses 20 of the key traditional and emerging data security technologies that S&R leaders and their staff can use to underpin the best practices and recommendations of our framework.
Aug 2017Security & RiskThe Future Of Data Security And Privacy: Growth And Competitive DifferentiationHeidi Shey, Enza IannopolloData is the lifeblood of today's digital businesses; protecting it from theft, misuse, and abuse is the top responsibility of every S&R leader. Hacked customer data can erase millions in profits, stolen IP can destroy competitive advantage, and unnecessary privacy abuses can bring unwanted scrutiny and fines from regulators while damaging reputations. S&R pros must take a data-centric approach that ensures security travels with the data regardless of user population, location, or even hosting model; position data security and privacy capabilities as competitive differentiators; and build a new kind of customer relationship. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017Security & RiskCyber Insurance -- Is It Worth It?Heidi Shey, Nick HayesThis report will shine a spotlight on the solutions ecosystem for cyberinsurance, profiling the range of entities responsible for developing, issuing, or informing cyberinsurance products and services. We will offer insight for security and risk pros on what the landscape looks like, differences in products, and other related elements to inform their decision-making process when they purchase and negotiate their cyberinsurance policies.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureVendor Landscape: B2B IntegrationHenry PeyretNew but an important component in the integration landscape, IoT integration deals with streaming, multiple M2M protocols, real-time issues, large volumes, etc. There are two sorts of offerings for now with IoT for commercial and IoT for industrial with.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryContact Centers Move Into The Gig EconomyIan JacobsDue to the nature of the work -- and the consistently low pay and high stress -- contact centers attract primarily younger workers. These workers want a different way of working than older generations. They rank flexibility very highly in order to manage their lifestyle better. At heart, they want more freedom in their work life. At the same time, many companies have started to recognize the structural inefficiencies of the traditional contact center employee model -- either in-house agents or offshore service teams. Companies spend a lot of money recruiting, hiring, and training these agents, and still those agents have very high turnover rates. In reaction to these dual trends, customer service application pros have started to experiment with newer employment models that mirror the gig economy workforce models of Uber and TaskRabbit. From increased usage of a work-at-home model to contractor agents that bid for individual pieces of work, this research will evaluate how these new models can help drive down costs and drive better customer experiences.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryWho Does Customer Service Well Via Facebook Messenger?Ian JacobsCX professionals working on new digital experiences for customer service should have an answer when their executive teams ask, "Who does customer service well via Facebook Messenger?" To answer that question, Forrester has adapted its Digital User Experience Review methodology to evaluate the customer service offerings on Facebook Messenger from eleven notable brands. This report highlights what those brands are doing well, what they're doing poorly, and recommendations for how to successfully execute quality customer service on Facebook Messenger.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryUse Centralized Chatbots To Borrow Customer Service MomentsIan Jacobs, Laura NaparstekConsumers consolidate the time they spend using smartphones into just four or five apps. Partly, they're tired of jumping in and out of apps and just want some consistency in experience and functionality. As the number of customer service-focused chatbots in the marketplace explodes, that same dynamic will come into play. Driven by experiences with centralized platforms such as Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana, consumers will come to expect some consistency across chatbots from different brands. This research will detail ways in which brands can capitalize on the customer service moments these centralized platforms command.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsHow To Budget For Workforce And Customer-Facing Technologies In 2017 And BeyondJ. P. GownderInfrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders planning their budgets for 2016 and beyond must invest in the business technology (BT) agenda -- that is, spending on technology that helps win, serve, and retain customers. They must create a strategy and budget to outfit workers with devices, software, and services to improve their productivity while also helping with both the strategy and budgetary support of customer-facing interaction technologies. This report helps you benchmark your organization against those of your peers as you work with business partners to plan investments that will drive business results for your company. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. This update includes recent Forrester survey data on budgeting for the BT agenda.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe Everyday Technology Choices For A Better Employee ExperienceJ. P. GownderEmployee experience (EX) improvements lead to strong increases in customer experience, and technology plays a key role in shaping EX. Yet it's easy to overlook the foundation of technology EX -- the devices workers spend most of their time using, along with applications to help them make the most of those devices. This report will help I&O leaders tasked with EX understand the current and future landscape for key devices, and where to make investments.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyBest Practices For Platform Businesses In Financial ServicesJacob MorganCollaboration, through digital ecosystems, marketplace, or platform business models, is increasingly important for financial services firms. Banks, insurance companies and other financial services firms need to evaluate how they participate in ecosystems -- what roles they choose to play and under what circumstances. However, most financial services companies are naturally competitive, not cooperative. How, then, do digital business strategy leaders develop a collaborative marketplace or platform-based business model? This report will help digital business strategy executives in financial services companies understand the concept of the marketplace and platform business model approaches within financial services and give practical and actionable advice on how to evaluate whether this tactic is appropriate for an existing organization, what it takes to shift an organization toward this model, and how to influence strategic decision makers.
Aug 2017Customer InsightsVendor Landscape: Digital Intelligence Service ProvidersJames McCormickThis report helps CI professionals navigate the market of different service providers and their offerings for digital intelligence solutions.
Aug 2017Security & RiskBest Practices For A Better Security StrategyJeff PollardCreating and maintaining a security strategy is fundamental for CISO success. Unfortunately, many of today's strategies fail to connect with the business or create a compelling case for action, which undermines the CISO's support and credibility. In this report, we provide you with the six steps to create an effective security strategy linked with key business interests and success factors.
Aug 2017Customer InsightsAn Outside-In Approach To Data Commercialization: Success In Data Economy Requires Customer CentricityJennifer Belissent, Ph.D.Description coming soon.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryForrester's Data Valuation FrameworkJennifer Belissent, Ph.D.This report introduces a framework for data valuation that helps with M&A activities and data asset commercialization strategies.
Aug 2017Customer InsightsIoT Powers Insights Services: How To Commercialize Data From Smart ThingsJennifer Belissent, Ph.D.This report will highlight the stories of three insights services providers that have built services offerings around the data generated by IoT-enabled devices/things. The report will highlight best practices and pitfalls in the productization of these offerings. Cases to be examined include: Siemens Mobility, Suunto, and Mclarens Applied Analytics.
Aug 2017CIOAccelerate Your Business Transformation With Insights ServicesJennifer Belissent, Ph.D., Elizabeth CullenBusiness and technology decision makers increasingly look for external help to become insights driven. Many can't or don't want to build an insights platform or staff a data science team -- they want to subscribe directly to the insights, a set of prescribed actions, and the predicted outcomes. This new engagement model brings its own set of challenges: How to select the best fit? Which internal teams should be involved? How to measure success? This report offers CIOs and their teams best practices in how to engage an external insights service provider.
Aug 2017Customer InsightsCase Study: Smart Cities Need Insights ServicesJennifer Belissent, Ph.D., Elizabeth CullenDescription coming soon.
Aug 2017CIOThe Data For Good Movement Deliver Social ImpactJennifer Belissent, Ph.D., Elizabeth CullenGovernments are particularly challenged with limited data maturity, and have the lowest rate of CDO appointments. Historically, policy research has been outsourced. However, traditional models characterized by large budgets and long time frames are no longer acceptable, nor necessary. This report highlights three providers of data science, analytics and insights services focused on government and non-profit organizations.
Aug 2017CIOThe Insights Services Directory, Q3 2017Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D., Elizabeth CullenThe insights services landscape is nascent and expanding, with players emerging from diverse origins. The prospect of working with a strategic data and analytics partner to uncover and pursue new business opportunities and finally join the insights revolution is appealing, yet firms don’t know their options. This resource provides CIOs and their teams with an overview of the available options for subscribing directly to relevant and strategic insights, a set of prescribed actions, and the predicted outcomes.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceDesign Winning Voice-Activated ExperiencesJennifer WiseVoice-activated interfaces present new considerations that companies must master to deliver successful experiences. The current landscape falls short of meeting customer expectations. CX pros have an opportunity to create a roadmap to successfully delivering good CX through voice-activated interfaces.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingThe Forrester Wave™: Social Advertising Technology, Q3 2017Jessica LiuIn this report, Forrester identifies and evaluates the most significant social advertising technology products in the marketplace.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryQuantify The Business Value Of CRMJohn BrunoCustomer relationship management (CRM) initiatives must not only be technically sound but must also answer this question: What will we get for our money? This report describes how application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals can apply Forrester's Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology to address four critical questions in their CRM plans: What are the business benefits? What will it cost? Will it increase future flexibility? How will we mitigate risks? Compare your project with Forrester's benefit and cost benchmarks as a starting point. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryWinners And Losers In Software's AI EraJohn R. RymerWe will define the coming effects on application development and delivery pros of cloud usage and migrations, low-code/no-code development, and artificial intelligence. These trends will produce some dislocation in AD&D labor markets, as well as generate needs for new talents and roles. Our intent is to prove/disprove that contention, and understand the direction of AD&D jobs and work processes.
Aug 2017Security & RiskAutomating A World-class Security Operations CenterJoseph BlankenshipThis report describes the changes in technology adoption, process automation and orchestration, and hiring, recruiting, and training of staff necessary to maintain a world class security operations center -- one that can detect, stop, and respond to cyberattacks, malicious insiders, and accidental leakage before it damages the business.
Aug 2017Security & RiskVendor Landscape: DDoS Solutions, 2017Joseph Blankenship, John KindervagUntil recently, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks had been part of infosec lore: something you heard about but rarely experienced. With the rise of hacktivist groups and other cybercriminal organizations and their ability to marshal compromised IoT devices into massive botnet armies capable of taking down the internet, DDoS has once again raised its ugly head. Today, these attacks are one of the most prevalent cyberassaults in our constantly changing threat landscape. This report will provide an overview of the DDoS threat and provide insights into how to protect your organization from these attacks with the top vendor solutions and services.
Aug 2017Security & RiskHiring The Director Of Threat IntelligenceJosh ZelonisMature security organizations often have dedicated threat intelligence teams - teams that can preempt attempts to defraud customers, track exploit kits to prioritize patching, and detect breaches by monitoring darknet marketplaces for stolen data. In this report, we provide security and risk (S&R) leaders with a job description, including required skills, salary, and lines of reporting within the security organization for the role that will lead this critical team - the director of threat intel.
Aug 2017Security & RiskThe Forrester Wave™: Digital Forensics And Incident Response Service Providers, Q3 2017Josh ZelonisIn this Forrester Wave, we analyze and rank the top service providers for security incident response and forensics. These services help security and risk professionals identify breaches and respond effectively to minimize loss of data, legal costs, and reputational damage while also maintaining customer trust.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Future Of Mobile And Omnichannel BankingJost HoppermannThis brief will offer select examples of Mobile and Omnichannel Banking technologies that can help AD&D team to improve customer experience and drive true digital banking.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyAI Will Revolutionize Digital ExperiencesJulie A. AskA host of technologies that broadly fall under the umbrella of artificial intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing how digital business professionals can design and deliver digital experiences. As AI evolves, conversations will give firms better opportunities to meet customer needs directly on a breadth of connected products that go well beyond smartphones. This research offers a high-level overview of how AI will evolve conversations for digital professionals.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyEngage Customers Through MobileJulie A. AskeBusiness and channel strategy professionals face both the opportunity and the challenge of an ever more connected consumer. Consumers expect to be able to engage with brands on their mobile devices to get anything they want in their immediate context and moments of need. Forrester calls this the mobile mind shift. As of mid-2014, almost one-fifth of US online adults had shifted, and another one-third were on the verge of shifting. The sense of urgency to serve customers in their mobile moments has never been more palpable. The mobile mind shift playbook examines the issues and opportunities that eBusiness professionals must consider, weigh, and measure in order to implement a cohesive mobile strategy that transforms their customer experiences. This report is an update to the report originally published on August 12, 2014, and serves as the executive summary of the mobile mind shift playbook. Forrester will continue to update the mobile mind shift playbook in 2015 with fresh guidance for eBusiness professionals across verticals to work with their BT counterparts to build a successful end-to-end mobile strategy.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyMobile Mind Shift Maturity FrameworkJulie A. AskFew companies have adapted to the mobile mind shift. Many don't have the resources, budget, and organization to make the shift. This document will help eBusiness and channel strategy professionals understand the path to mobile maturity along with the resources, organization, processes, and budget that must be in place to do it. Not every company can make the shift today, but each company should have a plan to do so. This report also outlines what tools will help you succeed in each stage of maturity. This is an update to the report originally published on January 28, 2015. We have updated the report with new data from Forrester's H2 2016 Global Mobile Executive Online Survey.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyBorn MobileJulie A. Ask, Jeffrey S. HammondForrester interviewed a number of mobile-first companies to understand their operational best practices. This report will highlight and discuss the learnings.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryAssess CRM Capabilities To Pinpoint OpportunitiesKate LeggettThis report will describe the best practices assessment that underpins Forrester's solution for application development and delivery (AD&D) executives looking to implement customer relationship management (CRM) strategies and solutions. The transformative effects of social computing and ubiquitous mobility are challenging how organizations can most effectively manage their interactions with customers. How can you make sure your company gets the best return from its investment in CRM? Use Forrester's best practices framework for CRM to understand how your organization stacks up against more than 150 best practices and identify where you can achieve quick wins.
Aug 2017CIOFour Technology Priorities For US Healthcare ProvidersKate McCarthyRegulatory upheaval is happening, but will not change the imperative for providers to deliver on their promise to improve the cost/quality paradigm on the shift to value-based care. As they evolve their business technologies, these organizations must work with their payer partners to close critical insight gaps their EHRs leave exposed today and deliver better, lower cost, and insight-driven care.
Aug 2017CIOHealthcare's Customer Model Is Upended As Insurers Struggle To Earn LoyaltyKate McCarthyAs health insurance moves from B2B to B2C, what drives healthcare consumers' loyalty remains elusive. Forrester's Consumer Technographics surveys begin to answer some questions about consumer preferences, and this report will leverage best practices from industries like retail, banking, and aviation to create a framework on which to build customer loyalty in healthcare.
Aug 2017CMOThe Chatbot Will See You NowKate McCarthy, Michael Facemire, Alex KramerHealthcare organizations have been using bots for nearly a decade with Boston Medical Center's Louise, the robot discharge planner, and now virtual therapists with companies like Therachat. As healthcare organizations embrace mHealth with apps and virtual care, this report will help healthcare leaders think about how chatbots and conversational interfaces can advance their digital experience strategy to better engage patients/customers.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceFinding Success With Personas: Seven Blunders And How To Avoid ThemKelly PricePersonas are a valuable customer experience (CX) design tool, helping firms build empathy for their customers, and create customer-centric experiences. But many firms, whether practiced in using personas or looking to create them for the first time, have questions about what personas are and how they should be used. This report answers common questions Forrester receives about personas.
Aug 2017B2B MarketingUse Peer Stories And Credible Data To Lure Tentative B2B BuyersLaura RamosForrester fielded a study with 210 B2B tech buyers about their content consumption habits and preferences during research and purchase decision making. This report reveals the themes, formats and information that matters most to buyers and helps B2B buyers make their content more customer-centric and compelling.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsPrivate Cloud 2020: Defining The Future Of The Enterprise Data CenterLauren E. NelsonPrivate cloud is hard with a history of causalities. Conceptually, enterprises need private and public cloud services but in practice, public cloud success has far outweighed that of private. Between the long knowledge ramp, hefty transformation requirements, and high costs, private clouds deployments have met significant strife. Looking forward, private cloud solutions must mitigate challenges plaguing both day one and day two success. This means cheap and fast developer productivity that can scale once higher maturity or scale is require. Market solutions must adjust to meet these requirements.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsPrivate Cloud Evolves To A Key Part Of HybridLauren E. NelsonThe private cloud has morphed since it first appeared on the technology landscape several years ago. This report addresses some of the major changes to the philosophy behind it, as well as technology developments and market options. It emphasizes how I&O leaders should now alter their strategy and tactics to take advantage of this business technology option.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsVendor Landscape: Private Cloud PaaSLauren E. NelsonPlatform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud services have historically been available only as public cloud offerings. As private cloud has matured, more platform capabilities are now possible. This vendor landscape covers the options and how you can use them.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyVendor Landscape: Translation ManagementLily VaronThis report provides eBusiness professionals an overview of key vendors in the translation management market.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryA New Approach To SaaS Governance and Vendor ManagementLiz HerbertThis report will provide best practices for SaaS solution governance helping readers adopt new organizational structures, process and the RACI method.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliverySaaS's Next Phase: Marketplaces And EcosystemsLiz HerbertWe repeatedly hear that software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors are too numerous (and too small) for formal sourcing processes to apply in all cases. At the same time, the business-led, ungoverned model of "shadow" SaaS deployment has proven problematic -- for cost, technology architecture, and security. SaaS app stores promise a way to alleviate this burden and help AD&D pros be more successful with sourcing and governing the proliferating landscape of SaaS vendors. This report discusses the landscape of SaaS app stores and the pros and cons of the different models. This report will discuss implications of the marketplace trend and best practices for both SaaS buyers and SaaS vendors.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliverySelecting SaaS Partners For Your Digital BusinessLiz HerbertThe key criteria for selecting a SaaS provider.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryVendor Landscape: Salesforce Services PartnersLiz HerbertThis will provide a broad overview of the implementation partners working with Salesforce solutions.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryPowering New Business Models With SaaSLiz Herbert, John R. RymerAs B2B firms evolve to cloud ecosystems, they face tough questions about what to build and how to support it to ensure innovation, scale, and security. This report will talk about key platform decisions and will overview strategies for building or modernizing you cloud-based ecosystem.
Aug 2017B2B MarketingB2B Sales And Marketing Alignment Starts With The CustomerLori WizdoDespite the best intentions, the conventional thinking of marketing and sales leaders on how to align these two teams is flawed, as it addresses the symptoms rather than the cause of the chasm. Without a common design point -- the customer's problem-solving cycle -- all other efforts to align these two groups are like trying to mix oil and water.
Aug 2017B2B MarketingEvolving To The Customer-Obsessed OrganizationLori WizdoDecades of legacy marketing practice have left B2B marketing leaders with a blend of product-centric and channel-optimized marketing teams and an organizational structure that doesn't effectively support the customer-obsessed approach needed to win, serve, and retain empowered customers. B2B marketing leaders must implement a new customer-centric model while not disrupting product marketing and sales support and while still achieving channel efficiencies. The scope of the change is high. Your marketing team will be stressed to define new processes, learn new technology, and rethink their role in the company. This document presents an organizational framework that will help B2B marketing leaders develop customer-obsessed marketing teams.
Aug 2017B2B MarketingModel The ROI Of Enterprise Lead-To-Revenue Technology InvestmentsLori WizdoLead-to-revenue technologies promise to enable a wide range of benefits, beyond increased marketing performance to increased revenues, higher sales efficiencies, and better customer experience. This report helps B2B marketing professionals make a convincing business case for technology investments within the broader business technology (BT) context. It provides a return-on-investment (ROI) model for marketing technology investments using Forrester's Total Economic Impact (TEI) framework.
Aug 2017B2B MarketingThe Lead-To-Revenue Management Technology LandscapeLori WizdoThe lead-to-revenue technology landscape has changed dramatically since Forrester first charted it in 2010. What's new? Marketers' sophistication, ever-changing customer expectations, and continued vendor consolidation are driving the need to assemble contextual marketing engines based on systems of insight and engagement. This report helps customer insights B2B marketers understand the various B2B marketing technologies required to drive the L2RM transformation.
Aug 2017CIOSteps To Transform The CIO's OrganizationMarc CecereCreating a great model for the CIO's organization is half the battle. CIOs need to understand the steps, roles, and deliverables required to reach that end state. This report will identify best practices and common mistakes in getting to a BT organization.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureBenefits Realization Needs Strategic Portfolio ManagementMargo VisitacionIn the battle to win new customers, companies are increasingly turning to Agile practices to deliver apps that provide great customer experiences. This report helps enterprise architecture (EA) professionals understand the best practices to evolve to use of Agile budgeting. This is an update of a previously published report. Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We are substantially revising this edition to reflect changes in the market.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureEmbrace Decentralized Decision-MakingMargo VisitacionThe report will examine the technologies required to create an ecosystem that enables organizations to gain insight into planning and performance to make both strategic and just time decisions needed to deliver on customer-focused strategies.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyContent And Commerce Technology: Traditional Marriage Dynamics Don't Apply AnymoreMark GrannanIn our past research, Forrester identified three models where content and commerce systems effectively orchestrated branded, digital customer experiences. In this report, we'll investigate how the market drivers and the technology options have evolved. In addition, we'll take a look at why digital experience (DX) professionals must understand how their organization, strategy, and culture will steer them to a specific technology solution.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryDing Dong, The Salesman Is Dead; Long Live B2B PortalsMark GrannanIf direct sales models are under threat, what replaces them? Self-service, of course. B2B partner and customer portals are a staple of self-service engagement, and they're only becoming more important. In this report, we'll investigate the key elements that comprise a good self-service experience and the technology options that exist today.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryMaster Global DX OperationsMark GrannanOperating a single brand site in a single language or country is difficult. Expanding to multiple brands across national, language, geographical, and compliance boundaries will exponentially increase the need for DX planning and governance. In this report we'll explore the patterns and best practices to factor into your global operating model for digital experience.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyOptimize Performance For Global And Mobile eCommerceMark GrannaneBusiness leaders can't assume that existing investments in data centers, bandwidth, and content delivery networks (CDNs) will be sufficient to ensure blazing-fast speeds in faraway markets or on shaky cellular connections. Optimizing an eCommerce site for performance on a global scale -- while accommodating nuances in mobile -- requires additional oversight, budget, dedicated technical resources, local expertise, and specialized vendor solutions. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017CIOHow To Organize And Govern For Blockchain InnovationMartha BennettDescription coming soon.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyEstablish A Digital Acceleration TeamMartin GillAs firms expand their digital footprint around the globe, eBusiness executives in central teams face a challenge. Different local market teams have wildly varying levels of digital maturity, requiring different levels of support. Some are hungry for help. Others resist intervention, insisting that they know best. In order to navigate a potentially volatile political landscape, some eBusiness leaders with global scope are building "Digital Acceleration Teams." These shared service teams have a mission to guide, inspire and educate local market teams to increase their digital maturity by encouraging collaboration, implementing common platforms and providing specialist resources from a central pool. They don’t own the digital P&L -- they help local teams maximize their use of digital to drive local revenue. This document examines the best practices and tips from leading global practitioners who’ve established digital acceleration teams.
Aug 2017B2B MarketingFrom Enterprise To XaaS: How To Migrate And Align Your Routes To Market With The New ModelMary Shea, Liz HerbertAs B2B firms shift their portfolio from on-premise to cloud-based solutions, marketing, and sales leaders face various challenges and considerations as they migrate direct and indirect selling resources to the new model. Building off of the best practices of native cloud companies, this report looks at ways to align, enable and motivate B2B sellers across all routes to succeed in an as-a-service-based world.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceVoC Tech Provider Landscape, 2017Maxie Schmidt-SubramanianThe VoC tech provider landscape is a complex ecosystem of CFM platforms and VoC specialists. Forrester will give CX pros an overview of this market and acquaint CX pros with some of the relevant tech providers in the field.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryMobile Needs A Four-Tier Engagement PlatformMichael FacemireMobile is pushing aging web architectures to the brink. The three-tier architecture built for a browser-led PC world can't flex, scale, or respond to the needs of a good mobile experience or the emerging requirements for connected products. Mobile's volatility and velocity of change require a distributed four-tier architecture that we call an "engagement platform." The engagement platform separates technical capabilities into four parts: client, delivery, aggregation, and services. App developers need to start planning immediately for the migration from three tiers to four. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureAvoid CX Death By 1,000 Data CutsMichele GoetzTraditional approaches of pulling all data together into a single database or lake to get insights is old thinking. Establishing a connected information network that dynamically listens, interprets, and influences overcomes disparate insights of traditional architecture and lets organizations capitalize on infinitely scalable systems and highly federated ecosystems for deeper insight and results. This report focuses on the strategies and architecture principles to harvest, integrate, and orchestrate data across internal and external ecosystems to deliver personalized customer experiences.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureMastering The AI Operating ModelMichele GoetzAI will stretch a company's roles, skills, and processes when it comes to designing, deploying, and taking advantage of AI systems. This report provides insight into these changes and how to evolve from a mindset of big data analytics to machine learning and the emerging world of AI.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureWho Will Win The AI RaceMichele GoetzThis report takes a look at the outcomes of the 2016 AI survey to understand the intentions and objectives behind AI investment of regional companies and global enterprises. In addition, analysis of investor funding and AI start-ups will be examined to provide. The result of the analysis will help uncover the potential of AI over the next three to five years for companies to remain viable in the AI age or go beyond by disrupting their markets.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsVendor Landscape: Pro Services And Solutions Transform IoT Deployment For I&O ExecsMichele PelinoDeploying IoT solutions requires I&O organizations to use new types of services, solutions, and technologies. Not all I&O organization have this expertise in house, so they look to professional services organizations for assistance. This report highlights the role of professional services and integration services in assisting I&O executives who are deploying IoT solutions.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDigital Disruption In Luxury Retail: Switch From Brand Obsessed To Customer ObsessedMichelle BeesonThis report will evaluate how changing digital consumer behavior, new technology, and digital disruptors are challenging the traditional luxury retail sales paradigm, sharing best practices for how luxury retailers are responding.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyHow Do Luxury Retailers Chase Highly Digital And Global Luxury ShoppersMichelle BeesonThis report explores luxury consumer behavior and how luxury brands must respond.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureVendor Landscape: Competitive IntelligenceNasry AngelThis research will segment the market for technologies that have a competitive intelligence capability. As well as discuss the different offerings within each segment.
Aug 2017CIOVendor Landscape: Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM) SolutionsNate FlemingThis vendor landscape will provide an overview on the different types of players providing PLM solutions.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryBest Practices: Leveraging Live Streaming And On-Demand Video In The EnterpriseNick BarberCompanies can't just rely on conference calls to make a distributed workforce feel connected. Both live streaming and on-demand video offer enterprises an opportunity to increase employee engagement and training effectiveness, while cutting down travel expenses. This report will detail best practices for application development and delivery professionals to follow when implementing video for enterprise collaboration.
Aug 2017Security & RiskBolster Brand Resilience From WithinNick HayesUnprotected value is leaving companies overly exposed and in a state of constant crisis. This report explains how marketing and risk professionals can work together to protect their enterprise and save billions in fines.
Aug 2017Security & RiskDesign Your Digital Risk And Governance ProgramNick HayesThis report will outline the major elements of digital risk and governance programs and the key strategic objectives to monitor online channels and better manage risk related to your corporate physical and digital assets. This report will also serve to introduce Forrester's Digital Risk And Governance Assessment Framework and how you can use it as a self-assessment tool to evaluate the current maturity of your program across four main domains: people, process, technology, and oversight. The assessment toolkit will help business and technology management leaders evaluate the current maturity of their digital risk and governance programs and their ability to effectively manage the numerous risk and compliance challenges organizations face in managing their digital footprint, including their online brand presence, intellectual property, products, people, facilities, threats, third parties, and more. This assessment framework will help assess how well equipped digital risk and governance programs are across four core domains of people, process, technology, and oversight.
Aug 2017Security & RiskVendor Landscape: Third-Party Risk IntelligenceNick Hayes, Claire O'MalleyThere's a nearly infinite amount of data in the world that can help you understand your organization's risk exposure; however, much of it requires technical capabilities and domain expertise to gather and put into context. Because most enterprises don't have the in-house capabilities to aggregate and monitor this vast data themselves, this report explains the variety of service providers that offer risk monitoring feeds by geography, industry, and domain of risk.
Aug 2017CIOGE's Ten Year Digital Transformation JourneyNigel Fenwick, Frank E. GillettIoT software platforms have emerged to enable firms to use IoT to transform physical business processes and to build connected products. After the initial surge by startup product offerings, established tech giants have developed IoT software platforms over the last two years. But CIOs and CTOs at industrial firms dealing with large, complex products and assets are concerned that web, cloud, and mobile technology driven by consumer scenarios won't meet their needs.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureMarket Overview: Big Data Distributed Data StoresNoel YuhannaToday, distributed data stores such as Accumulo, Cassandra, and HBASE have become important for organizations to succeed, especially to support global data platforms. This research focuses on the evolution of distributed data stores, trends, and approaches that organizations should take for big data distributed data stores.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureMarket Overview: Data Warehouse As-A-ServiceNoel YuhannaThis is a market overview on data warehouses.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureMarket Overview: Graph DatabasesNoel YuhannaThis is an update of last year's market overview on graph databases, a prequel to the Graph Databases Wave.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureMarket Overview: Translytical DatabasesNoel YuhannaForrester defined a new category of databases called "Translytical" that deliver analytics at the speed of transactions. These new types of database deliver faster analytics, transnational and operational reporting, all contained within a single database platform. This report focuses on the market overview and trends around Translytical. It also includes use cases and recommendations.
Aug 2017Enterprise ArchitectureRoad Map: Hybrid Data PlatformsNoel YuhannaAlthough most enterprises use on-premises for their mission-critical databases, warehouse, big data, and data platforms, we're seeing a trend toward using public cloud platforms for these. Organizations want to leverage common policies, tooling, skills, rules, and solutions across on-premises and cloud to enable dynamic and scalable resource management. This road map report focuses on hybrid data platforms that require end-to-end administration, management, integration, security, and automation. It focuses on approaches to take, identifying vendors that can help, and best practices to follow.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryAlign Your Business Applications To Cloud And BT ImperativesPaul D. HamermanRapid business change, fueled by technology advances such as mobility and analytics, is transforming how application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals buy, deploy, and manage business applications. Forrester's business applications playbook explains how to address this transformation through four phases: discover, plan, act, and optimize. This executive overview will help AD&D professionals understand how to ready their applications portfolios for the next decade. It will also guide them through the complete set of reports that form this playbook. This report was originally published on June 14, 2012, revised on December 15, 2014, and revised again on December 14, 2015. Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: SaaS Human Resource Management Systems, Q3 2017Paul D. HamermanComprehensive human resources management systems (HRMS) are critical systems for enterprises to manage their people and talent. This Forrester Wave™ report is a comparative analysis of the leading SaaS HRMS solutions in the market, scoring the current offerings, strategies, and market presence of each vendor.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Future Of Business ApplicationsPaul D. HamermanThis report outlines Forrester's vision for the future of business applications based on trends we see playing out in business and technology. Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals should consider these trends and directions as they plan future investments and projects related to their business applications portfolio. This is an update of a previously published report.
Aug 2017CIOMachine Learning Will Power The Industrial Internet Of ThingsPaul MillerConnecting devices to log conditions, behaviors, and faults is all very well, but the real IoT opportunity lies in putting that data -- and those insights -- to work. And that requires machine learning. How are successful innovators already reaping the benefits, and what might the future look like?
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyMillennials Want Financial Advice, With Or Without HumansPeter Wannemacher, Davis JanowskiDigital business leaders at all types of companies are stressing over Millennials -- people 35 years old or younger. This generation is now the largest share of the workforce across most developed markets, and while they are far from homogenous their brand preferences are solidifying as they get older and more settled. For digital leaders at banks and wealth management firms, there is both good and bad news to be found in Forrester's data on Millennials. On the plus side, Millennials have a healthy appetite for financial advice: They're more likely to rely on advice than older generations. But Millennials, who are about to be on the receiving end of a massive transfer of wealth, are quite different from their parents when it comes to their trust and interest in digital advice. The report outlines Forrester's research on the views and behaviors of Millennials when it comes to financial advice and argues that digital leaders at banks and wealth management firms should invest in collaborative advice tools now to better win, serve, and retain these Millennials going forward.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliveryTrends In API AdoptionRandy HeffnerHow pervasive is the API phenomenon? What kinds of APIs are developers focusing on? What tools are they using to build them? This report will draw upon our developer survey to find out.
Aug 2017Security & RiskExtend Compliance And Risk Management To What Really Matters For Your BusinessRenee MurphyRisk management professionals should concern themselves with two risks: those that threaten the company with losses and fines as well as those that threaten its long-term viability. To really improve business performance, expand the fundamentals of your GRC program to the aspects of your company that drive success with customer interactions, which will in turn drive growth and revenue for your company. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017Security & RiskMarket Overview: Third-Party Risk ManagementRenee Murphy, Claire O'MalleyS&R professionals across all industries struggle with third-party risk management. In this report, we address the governance and technology necessary to mature these relationships, as well as the size, gaps, and future of the market.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceCX Innovation From China, 2017Riccardo PastoBy applying Forrester CX maturity assessment framework, this report aims to shed light on the CX innovations emerging in China in the year 2017.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingThe Programmatic Creative Platform Landscape 2017Richard JoyceIn this short doc, we will explore the tools available for marketers to scale creative development and testing across the programmatic ecosystem. This report will also explore programmatic's impact on brand advertising.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingThe Tools You Need To Master Omnichannel Digital Media BuyingRichard JoyceThis report analyzes the choices marketers make when evaluating and selecting the technology to support their digital media buying, like data management platforms (DMPs) and demand-side platform (DSPs). While these choices vary for different businesses, a set of selection criteria will be relevant to all marketers. Read this report to understand how your peers are choosing the tools and technology they need to power their modern digital media buying. This is a new edition of a previously published report, with new examples and data from our 2016 Forrester Wave™ reports on DSPs and DMPs.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceThe Canada Customer Experience Index, 2017Rick ParrishThis report will look at the Customer Experience Index scores for a series of Canadian brands.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceThe Federal Government Customer Experience Index, 2017Rick ParrishThis report will evaluate the experience federal government agencies offer to their citizens in the new administration.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceThe State Of Federal US Customer Experience Management MaturityRick ParrishThis report will explore the state of Customer Experience Management Maturity within the federal government.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceThe US Customer Experience Index, 2017Rick ParrishHow well do leading brands build loyalty with the quality of their customer experience (CX)? This year, we reveal the complete rankings of all 314 brands across 21 industries in the US CX Index. We also unveil surprising trends in CX quality and the role that emotion plays in CX. Customer experience professionals can use this report to inform their ongoing improvement efforts.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceVendor Landscape: Government-Focused Digital Design AgenciesRick ParrishUS federal agencies spend tens of millions of dollars on digital touchpoints like websites and mobile apps every year. In response, some digital design agencies now focus primarily on the federal market. This report details the market landscape of companies that design and build digital touchpoints primarily for the federal government.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsAccelerate DevOps With These Best PracticesRobert StroudMany modern organizations are leveraging DevOps practices to improve the speed and quality of the applications and services they offer. This report will share the best practices these companies have leveraged to excel in the age of the customer.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsModern Service Delivery AssessmentRobert StroudTo achieve smaller, faster, high-quality release cycles, infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros must employ the CALMSS (culture, automation, Lean, measurement and management, sharing, and sourcing) competency model. Everyone involved in the product or service life cycle, from individual contributors to the executive team, must master these competencies for successful modern service delivery (MSD). I&O pros must also use benchmarks to assess their progress and maintain or adjust their current MSD competencies accordingly. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsModern Service Delivery Tools And TechnologyRobert StroudSpeeding up the pace from a traditional service delivery life cycle requires automation tools, which present opportunities and challenges to the infrastructure and operations (I&O) organization. I&O pros are expected to participate across the modern service delivery life cycle, and as such need to master life-cycle automation tools and understand when to use them. This report highlights the most commonly used tools, some new and some repurposed, and describes how to link them to most effectively create flow across the entire service delivery life cycle. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsSix Trends That Will Shape DevOps Adoption In 2017 And BeyondRobert StroudInfrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations are in various stages of adopting DevOps methodologies, making headway with parts of DevOps adoption while backtracking on others. This report highlights six major trends benchmarked from Forrester's Q1 2016 Global Modern Service Delivery Benchmark Online Survey and compared with data from Forrester's Q4 2014 Global Modern Service Delivery Benchmark Online Survey. I&O pros should use this data to determine what DevOps methods to adjust, attack, or continue to make significant headway in 2016 and beyond. Forrester reviews and revises this report periodically for continued relevance and accuracy; we are updating it now to reflect our latest survey data on DevOps adoption.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsVendor Landscape: Continous Automation, Q3 2017Robert StroudThe effects of digital disruption are rippling through businesses and industries across the world. Digital cravings are causing customers to change their loyalty in an instant as they continually look for better software product and service solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. To win, serve, and retain customers in this digital world, infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals must adopt a modern service delivery life cycle that can deliver features at the pace customers demand and that is adaptable enough to continuously meet market drivers. This report describes how to hone the modern service delivery life cycle to increase agility and delivery of software products and services. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We are now updating it to reflect our latest thinking on modern service delivery and to update the use cases.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsDrive DevOps Efforts With Customer Experience ProsRobert Stroud, Allegra BurnetteCompanies now expect infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros to optimize software delivery using methodologies like DevOps that lead to modern service delivery (MSD). Therefore, I&O pros need to understand who the target customers are and what they’re trying to achieve with the product. Your customer experience (CX) colleagues know what customers want and need. I&O pros should use this report to understand how to work with CX colleagues to maximize their software delivery.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe Forrester Wave™: Continuous Deployment And Release Automation, Q3 2017Robert Stroud, Chris GardnerThis research encompasses fifteen prescreened vendors that offer a continuous deployment or release automation solution. These fifteen vendors -- Atlassian, CA Technologies, Chef, Clarive, Cloudbees, Electric Cloud, Flexagon, HPE, IBM, Microsoft, Puppet, Red Hat, Microfocus, VMware, and Xebia Labs -- completed a custom survey and strategy briefings to inform the research in this report.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingAdvance Your Contextual Relevance With Enterprise Marketing TechnologyRusty WarnerThis report outlines key factors to consider when making EMT investments.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingMRM Needs To Evolve To Better Support MarketingRusty WarnerThe first in a series of reports on marketing resource management, this document will outline how MRM must change from its current -- some say outdated -- offerings to enable marketing departments to become more agile.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceEmpathy Mapping In Asia PacificRyan HartThis report covers some best practices in how CX pros use empathy mapping in Asia Pacific.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceEstablish Prioritization For CX TransformationRyan HartCX transformation requires that you focus on what's most important for your customers' experience and your business' success. To do this, you need to establish robust prioritization practices. But for most firms, that's a tall order. This report describes what exactly you need to establish and how to do it to become truly customer-centric. It also links to additional reports that provide more depth. (This report is part of The CX Transformation Playbook.)
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceInnovate Prioritization For CX TransformationRyan HartAfter your firm, on its path to CX transformation, has optimized its prioritization practices, to focus on what's most important for your customers' experience and your business' success, you're ready to innovate unique new facets of these practices to help you attain and sustain world-class customer centricity. This report highlights how certain firms are doing just that. It also links to additional reports that provide more depth. (This report is part of The CX Transformation Playbook.)
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceOptimize Prioritization For CX TransformationRyan HartOnce you've established solid prioritization practices on your journey to CX transformation, you need to optimize by adopting best practices in how you focus on what's most important for your customers' experience and your business' success. This report describes what those best practices are. It also links to additional reports that provide more depth. (This report is part of The CX Transformation Playbook.)
Aug 2017B2C MarketingAuditing Financial Services Companies' Digital ContentRyan SkinnerFinancial services companies are facing disintermediation and need to retain existing customers and win new ones, largely through digital experiences. Financial services companies want to know what good looks like, especially among similar companies (i.e., facing similar regulatory constraints).
Aug 2017B2C MarketingDeliver Valuable Media And Customer Experiences With Valuable ContentRyan SkinnerToday's customers have never had richer options when it comes to accessing media and information, from anywhere, on a variety of devices, and from multiple sources. They avoid ads in ever-greater numbers and may browse dozens -- if not hundreds -- of sites and apps for a single purchase. Marketers' best response to this era of plentiful content is to offer uniquely valuable, authentic, and personal experiences that make customers' lives easier and more joyful. This is the promise of effective content marketing. Unfortunately, marketers routinely substitute this promise with a crude mandate to produce and spew out ever more content. Read this report of the content marketing playbook to understand how marketers should build an appropriate foundation for content marketing, deliver experiences that customers truly value, and support brand-building in an age when customers rule.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingEvaluate Your Approach To Effective Successful Content MarketingRyan SkinnerTo attract attention and build a following, marketers must shift their content marketing from being product-focused to building relationships. This report helps marketers identify the capabilities required -- and the gaps that can exist -- across five dimensions. When taken together, these help marketers not only attract the right audience but also increase engagement with them across the entire customer life cycle. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We updated this report to reflect the most recent Forrester research and to include new assessment criteria.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingHow To Work With Digital InfluencersRyan SkinnerMarketers have long known the power of celebrity endorsements, but celebrity's undergone a transformation. Celebrities, channels and their impact have all multiplied and influencers' expectations to brand relationships have grown. This report tells marketers how to get this right.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingMobile Ad Spending: How Are Marketers Buying Mobile Advertising?Samantha MerlivatThis report will benchmark marketers' current practices in mobile advertising: What are they buying, how are they buying, and whom are they buying from? The report will investigate the key challenges and objectives marketers have with mobile advertising in 2017.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingVendor Landscape: European DMPsSamantha MerlivatThis report will investigate the European DMP landscape. It will identify what platforms are available across Europe and what they have to offer.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingWhat EU Marketers And Advertisers Need To Know About The EU's Privacy And Data Protection DirectiveSamantha MerlivatThe European Union's General Data Protection Regulation will come into force in 2018. The Regulation aims at strengthening consumer's privacy and control over personal data, affecting the operations of marketers working in Europe. This report will explore the consequences the GDPR will have on marketers and advertisers and provide marketers with recommendations on how to prepare to comply while being data-driven businesses.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingThe Next Chapter Of Email MarketingShar VanBoskirkWe're in a post-digital world, and B2C marketers must use email to identify and act upon customer context in order to improve email marketing performance and embed the resulting contextual insights into other customer interactions. Why? Although today's email marketing doesn't differentiate, is channel-centric and doesn't guarantee relevance; its low-cost, interactive DNA makes it a natural foundation for launching your contextual marketing efforts. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2017CIOATP Builds A Commercial Data PropositionSomak Roy, Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D.ATP had decades of chair umpire and hawk-eye data, which lay unutilized until the association devised a plan to commercialize the data with the aim of improving fan engagement, and providing a decision support system for coaches, players, journalists, and commentators.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsCommunication Services Adapt To New Business ModelsSophia I. VargasThe network is the central nervous system of your business. Once the domain of the telecommunications incumbents, much of this network is changing. Cloud connectivity services, colocation providers, and wireless demands from the internet of things all mandate a new view of the communications services landscape. This report explains this new landscape and how your business will benefit from more choices.
Aug 2017B2B MarketingReinvigorate Your Social Programs With A New Approach And Use CasesSteven CaseyOver the past 10-plus years, too many revenue-obsessed B2B marketers have come to regard social media -- both as a solution space and as a collection of use cases -- as a tactical engagement channel with limited value, based on a lack of reliable attribution and meaningful ROI. But evolving buyer behavior and new developments in technology are both enabling new use cases such as social selling and employee advocacy -- and breathing new life into old use cases such as brand health and influencer marketing -- all of which B2B marketers must now embrace to avoid becoming stuck in a routine of ever-diminishing returns.
Aug 2017B2B MarketingWhat The 2016 Business Technographics Buyer Journey And Preference Survey Data Means For B2B MarketersSteven CaseyThis report examines the top three data points from the 2016 edition of Forrester's Business Technographics survey of the B2B customer priorities and journey preferences for business and technology decision makers and users across the globe.
Aug 2017B2B MarketingBreakout Vendors: Virtual And Augmented Reality For B2B IndustriesSteven Casey, Shanta Samlal-FadelleVirtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are revolutionizing the way large, complex physical products are marketed and sold -- just as their 3D modeling precursors forever changed the way that these products are designed and manufactured. VR headsets and interactive AR applications will replace product samples, printed collateral, and expensive trips to the home office or trade shows to conduct a personalized demo.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyIgnoring eCommerce Hype And Addressing Low-Hanging FruitSucharita Mulpuru/Marketing & Strategy/eBusiness & Channel Strategy/Operate profitable, global digital channels/Understand the Business OpportunityeCommerce is a rapidly innovative space; new technologies arise seemingly every day. In this sink-or-swim environment, eBusiness professionals must learn to cut out the noise and focus on effective, efficient strategies to move their business forward.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDisruptive Innovation: Cannibalize Your Core Before Someone Does It For YouTed SchadlerThis report takes a fresh swing at digital business. Without a fresh look at digital business, we will miss the big changes going on in 2017 among advanced firms: customer-first execution; agile and disruptive innovation; insights-driven operations; business model reinvention; service-enabled products; and ecosystem-centric capabilities. That's the hypothesis to test and develop.
Aug 2017Application Development & DeliverySizing The Digital Transformation Services MarketTed Schadler, Liz HerbertDigital transformation is a bandwagon onto which many vendors have jumped. Forrester defines digital transformation as a combination of digital experience, digital operations, digital innovation, and digital ecosystems. Its business transformation, and its big business. This report aims to size the market.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingBenchmark Your Mobile MaturityThomas HussonThis report will help marketers benchmark their mobile maturity and compare with best practices in integrating mobile into a marketing strategy.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingThe Global Digital Marketing GapThomas HussonThis report will analyze the key maturity differences in how brands are embracing digital and mobile in Europe, Asia, and the US.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingBreakout Vendors: Marketing Measurement And Optimization SolutionsTina MoffettThis report discusses some vendors offering new and interesting technology to support marketing measurement.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceHow To Build A Viable B2B Customer Health AssessmentTJ KeittBusiness-to-business (B2B) companies are embracing customer success management to improve customer experience (CX). But how can they prove the efficacy of their efforts? Enter customer health assessments. These evaluations help CX and customer success leaders determine if the experience is helping clients achieve their business goals. This report helps CX pros build an initial health assessment and develop it over time.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceThe Vendor Ecosystems That Will Power Your Customer ExperiencesTJ KeittCX leaders, seeing the importance of digital products and services to their customers, are seeking technology platforms that can help them win, serve, and retain customers. This is why we see many prominent tech vendors building technology portfolios and partner ecosystems to deliver a range of solutions to help CX teams build outstanding customer experiences. This report describes these emerging ecosystems and discusses how you should consider them going forward.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceVendor Landscape: Customer Experience Consulting PracticeTJ KeittBusinesses want to improve their customer experience (CX) but often lack the skills internally to do so. Increasingly, they are turning to a range of services firms to get support for their CX initiatives. This report looks at the consulting practices emerging in services firms to help companies improve their CX improvement capabilities.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceDisruption Threatens Wealth Management In AustraliaTom Champion, Zhi Ying NgThis report explores the disruptive forces at play that threaten to upturn the wealth management industry in Australia, focusing on superannuation, life insurance, investments, and advice.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceJourney Mapping Best PracticesTony CostaCX pros have been quick to adopt journey mapping and are using them to address a range of CX problems and challenges. This report reveals the landscape of journey mapping uses -- from aligning and prioritizing CX efforts using end-to-end journey maps to finding and fixing customer pain points to improving specific task interactions.
Aug 2017Customer ExperienceThe State Of Customer Journey Mapping, 2017Tony Costa, Joana van den Brink-QuintanilhaJourney mapping continues to grow in popularity, but with all the hype, it can be difficult for CX pros to know where they stand in comparison to other CX pros and anticipate what’s next. In this report, we analyze the results of two surveys on customer journey mapping practices and our past year of journey mapping research to give CX pros an overview of the current state of journey mapping across four areas: adoption, ownership, execution, and methods and tools.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsAdoption Profile: Public Cloud In Asia Pacific, Q1 2017Travis WuPublic cloud is poised to become the ubiquitous platform beneath digital business In Asia Pacific. It has served as a platform for new or redesigned workloads, but currently, enterprise leaders have extended that scope to include existing core business workloads. This report includes the latest Asia Pacific enterprise adoption data on public cloud to help infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros identify the pervasiveness of key trends. This survey report is based on answers from 795 practicing infrastructure decision makers from Asia Pacific.
Aug 2017Infrastructure & OperationsCarefully Choose MSP Services To Accelerate Your Cloud EffortsBill MartorelliAs the focus of computing infrastructure shifts to cloud computing, the managed infrastructure services industry is also shifting. Managed cloud services have become the focus of a new class of suppliers spawned by AWS's extension of managed services into its public cloud with runaway success. Managed cloud is not the province of one set of suppliers or type of services but rather a broad phenomenon encompassing multiple vendors. All have potential to assist in furthering client cloud strategies, but buyers must choose carefully. This report guides your managed cloud choices.
Aug 2017B2C MarketingVendor Landscape: EMSS In APACXiaofeng WangThis report talks about the vendor landscape of APAC enterprise marketing technology.
Aug 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyAPAC Consumer Financial AttitudesZhi Ying NgThis report looks at how APAC consumers research and buy financial products and how they perceive financial services companies.
Sep 2017Enterprise ArchitectureAssessing Both The Maturity And Fit Of Your EA ProgramAlex CullenThis report outlines the assessment framework of Forrester's solution for enterprise architecture (EA) eEnterprise architecture (EA) leaders often ask how mature their EA programs are. When a program doesn't have the intended impact or falls short of sponsors' expectations, they feel pressure to change, so they reach for maturity models. But such models ignore how the EA program fits with the larger business and technology organization, and both fit and maturity are necessary for EA programs to succeed. This report gives EA leaders an approach to evaluate the fit and maturity of their EA programs, the first step in planning improvements. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.xecutives working on creating a high-performance EA practice.
Sep 2017B2B MarketingWhat B2B Marketers Need To Know About AttributionAllison SnowB2B marketers struggle to connect activity and programs to revenue. Because the B2B buying journey can take place over extended time and involve many buying team members, cause often gets disintermediated from effect. B2B marketers that want to establish more solid indicators of ROMI can no longer shy away from the difficult challenge of attribution. This report will explore both simple attribution approaches that reflect either the genesis or tipping point for closed deals, and more complex approaches that achieve a broader view into the programs and touchpoints that should get revenue credit for won deals.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceAdding Emotion To Your ChatbotAmit BhatiaDescription coming soon.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceOptimize Measurement For CX TransformationAmit BhatiaOnce you've established solid measurement practices on your journey to CX transformation, you need to quantify the quality of experiences and their link to the organization's overall metrics. That requires applying best practices across the board. This report describes what those best practices are. It also links to additional reports that provide more depth. (This report is part of The CX Transformation Playbook.)
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceState Of CX Management In India, 2017Amit BhatiaFirms in India are increasingly focusing more effort, more resources, and more investments on customer experience (CX). How can you ensure these efforts pay off? What are the best practices for managing CX within organizations? Forrester's CX management (CXM) maturity model lays out a robust framework to answer these questions. Using this framework as both a lens and a guide, this report looks at the state of CXM maturity in India and recommends how CX pros at Indian firms can make their CX efforts more effective.
Sep 2017Security & RiskThrow Away Your Current Application Security MetricsAmy DeMartine, Jeff PollardCurrent application security metrics are based on antiquated security processes and do not match new application release speeds and integration of security testing in the software development life cycle. Use this report to develop strategic, operational and tactical application security metrics that matter to today's fast paced application development world.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyAnalyze This: Web Style Analytics Enters The Retail StoreAnanda ChakravartyeBusiness leaders have a lot to offer retail store executives as they embark on injecting digital commerce technology into the physical store. Retail stores have been living in the analytical "dark ages" in comparison to digital channels, relegated to measurement techniques that rarely take into account customer behavior. However, advances in location-based analytics technologies are transforming how retailers win, serve, and retain customers within the physical store. This report will shed light on key metrics that retail store analytics will unleash and on how retailers should leverage these metrics to transform their physical stores.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyIndustry Sector Overview: GroceryAnanda ChakravartyThis report will examine innovation and consumers' changing expectations in the grocery sector.
Sep 2017Security & RiskTechRadar™: Identity And Access Management, Q3 2017Andras Cser, Merritt MaximTo help security and risk management professionals plan their next decade of investments in IAM, Forrester will investigate the current state of the most important technologies. We will examine past research, interview experts in the field, and conduct detailed research with multiple current or potential users of each of the technologies. We will use this collected data to assess four things: 1) the current state of the technology; 2) the technology's potential impact on customers' businesses; 3) the time experts think the technology will need to reach the next stage of maturity; and 4) the technology's overall trajectory, from minimal success to significant success.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceBest Of Travel Site Experiences, 2017Andrew Hogan This report will evaluate the landscape of travel sites, highlighting the top performers as well as the laggards.  
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceConversational Interface Best PracticesAndrew Hogan, Allegra BurnetteConversational interfaces have been hailed as a better way for businesses and customers to interact in the future. This report will provide an overview of different forms of conversational interfaces and outline design principles and potential pitfalls.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyB2B Marketplaces: Amazon Business And Alibaba . . . What It All MeansAndy HoarMarketplaces run by companies such as Amazon and eBay changed the world of B2C, and now marketplaces are beginning to change the world of B2B as well. This research explores how B2B companies are reaching new audiences in an emerging 3rd party customer acquisition channel -- B2B marketplaces.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyB2C Sets The Standard For B2BAndy HoarScience fiction writer William Gibson once said, "The future has already arrived; it's just not evenly distributed yet." Such is the case with B2B eCommerce. Whereas some B2B enterprises have been selling online for years, most B2B enterprises are either new to online selling or still deciding how to proceed. But regardless of where they fall on the maturity continuum, B2B enterprises all have something to learn from their more experienced B2C brethren, who have set a standard for customer experience and established a series of eCommerce best practices. This report provides a road map for eBusiness professionals in the process of developing and executing their B2B eCommerce strategies. It includes new data and graphics and is an update to a report published on March 2, 2015.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyBuild A B2B eCommerce Plan That Wins Over Customer, Partners, And ColleaguesAndy HoarBuilding a world-class B2B eCommerce business requires that digital business professionals define and prioritize key issues, allocate scarce resources, and avoid costly missteps. This report explores how B2B companies create industry-leading experiences by addressing five strategic issues: performing effective customer segmentation, adopting proper differentiation, defining clear goals, allocating sufficient resources, and cultivating a culture of excellence. This is an update to the report published on September 30, 2015, and it includes new data, insights, and customer examples.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyGet Your B2B eCommerce Metrics RightAndy HoarBusiness-to-business (B2B) companies face a daunting yet critical task: accurately measuring and reporting the impact that digital channels have on sales, service, loyalty, and operations. Factor in multichannel and nonlinear purchase paths as well as masses of unstructured data, and companies find themselves struggling to effectively identify and prioritize the most important metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). This report is the performance management section of the B2B eCommerce playbook and outlines how successful B2B eBusiness and channel strategy professionals are analyzing customer interactions across a broad range of digital channels to produce value-added insights and drive sustained growth.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyMeasuring Up: Benchmarking Your B2B eCommerce PerformanceAndy HoarIn the age of the customer, it is critical that B2B companies know where they're performing well with their customers and where they're falling short. As such, Forrester partnered with Internet Retailer magazine to survey business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce professionals and benchmark B2B seller performance. The survey focused on B2B budget/spending plans, customer experience comparisons with business-to-consumer (B2C) retailers, feature/function/site component priorities, site measurement/metrics, and mobile and tablet plans. This document is an update to a report published in December 2014 and includes new insights, data, examples, and charts.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel Strategy10 Pitfalls To Avoid During eCommerce ReplatformingAnjali YakkundiAs eCommerce evolves in size, global scope, and complexity, eBusiness professionals are replacing their current eCommerce technologies to keep up with business growth, competitive threats, and consumer demands. This report helps eBusiness professionals identify and limit the major challenges associated with the replatforming journey and provide a framework for improving the likelihood of success when replatforming an eCommerce platform and associated infrastructure.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyCommerce Technology Investment And Platform Trends, 2017Anjali YakkundiInvestment in commerce technology continues to rise, and eBusiness leaders must understand the trends in order to poise their organization for success. This report will look at the recent trends in commerce technology spending.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Unified Communications And Collaboration, Q3 2017Art SchoellerThis report identifies and evaluates the leading synchronous enterprise collaboration solutions in the market. Solutions' capabilities are vetted, researched, analyzed, and then scored. The report will further detail our findings on how well each vendor fulfills our criteria and where they stand in relation to other vendor solutions.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyHow Digital Is Transforming The Role Of Contact Centers In BankingAurelie L'HostisBanking channel use is changing as customers increasingly use online and mobile banking to manage their financial lives. Yet human contact remains a key element of the relationship that many customers have with their banks. As cross-channel engagement continues to increase, customers will also increasingly demand effortless customer service. In the age of the customer, where outstanding customer service is a cornerstone of any company's customer experience strategy, banks are keen to identify how they can provide first-rate customer service, understand the evolving role of contact centers as part of a multichannel banking strategy, and explore new models of customer service.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyOptimize Digital Money ManagementAurelie L'HostisThis is the continuous improvement chapter of the digital money management playbook. Successful digital banking and wealth management teams know that their job isn't done just because digital money management is live. Digital banking and wealth management teams must iterate and innovate to improve digital money management. This report, part of the digital money management playbook, will outline how digital business strategy executives and their teams can foster continuous improvement through effective innovation.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe Forrester Wave™: Next Generation Infrastructure Outsourcing, Q3 2017Bill MartorelliConventional infrastructure outsourcing is in decline, while growth in cloud-based models continues to accelerate. Although a BT strategies are more inherently self-directed than in the heyday of classical IT outsourcing, a new approach to infrastructure management is required. Next-generation infrastructure management is cloud-based, highly automated, and focused on improving the end user experience of infrastructure management services consumption -- a key failing of the traditional approach. Infrastructure management must provide for transition to a customer-obsessed digital operating model while enhancing the experience of internal BT customers.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsTransform Your Infrastructure Ecosystem For The BT EraBill MartorelliMore-flexible sourcing models are now disrupting traditional infrastructure vendor management strategies. The nature of vendors, and therefore, of vendor relationships themselves, is changing. Also, vendor ecosystems built on the shoulders of a few "strategic" suppliers are collapsing. To optimize your customers' experiences, adapt sourcing and vendor management structures to a different landscape, with self-service as the norm and continuous, not sporadic, sourcing. This report helps you manage this new ecosystem landscape, mixing traditional and cloud offerings. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsDevOps-As-A-Service Is An Alternative OptionBill Martorelli, Robert StroudDevOps is also becoming an option for the vast amount of service providers. This report will describe this alternative and its pros and cons.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsFrom AMS To DevOpsBill Martorelli, Robert StroudDescription coming soon.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Enterprise BI Platforms With Majority On-Premises Deployments, Q3 2017Boris EvelsonThis report evaluates and compares the leading BI platform solutions and vendors in the market.
Sep 2017Customer InsightsThe Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Service Provider, Q3 2017Brandon PurcellThis report will use Forrester's Wave methodology to evaluate customer analytics services providers.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyRethinking Stored ValueBrendan MillerStored value is more than selling gift cards in stores or on your website. Leading retailers are using gift and stored value as clever marketing and loyalty solutions to move consumers down the purchase path. This report will explore how retailers can better implement stored value strategies to drive overall sales and conversions.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyIt's Only The First Inning Of Omnichannel RetailBrendan WitcherOmnichannel retail is still in its early days. Most eBusiness leaders who are investing in omnichannel are typically looking to fulfillment tactics like endless aisle in stores and in-store pickup. The full spectrum of omnichannel retail is actually more robust, encompassing marketing, merchandising, and customer service as well. These opportunities, though, are years away.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyMastering The Art Of Omnichannel RetailingBrendan WitcherOffering customers seamless, consistent experiences through omnichannel retail offerings is now table stakes. Today, $1.5 trillion in retail sales is generated by customers who start their shopping journey online and conclude it in the physical store. Retailers recognize that they must move quickly to meet and then continually improve this customer expectation. Of course, no single omnichannel strategy is right for every retailer. The Omnichannel Commerce Playbook helps eBusiness leaders identify, plan, and launch those omnichannel services that are right for their customers, measure their impact on customer retention and the bottom line, and optimize offerings over time. The playbook is relevant for retailers who are just starting their omnichannel journey as well as those that already have programs in place.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyTransforming Engagement Using A Personalization 2.0 TechnologyBrendan Witcher  We're entering a new wave in digital personalization. With real-time, big data-driven capabilities, the opportunities to engage the customer in a personal, contextual way at every touchpoint is well within reach. This report focuses on what defines Personalization 2.0 and what eBusiness professionals need to be focusing on to deliver this next generation and level of engagement.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyVendor Landscape: PersonalizationBrendan WitcherAs personalization solutions take shape and the technologies behind them evolve, vendors are differentiated based on their current offering and expertise; however, their solutions tend to extend beyond past projects and may lend a hand to other channels and touchpoints. This report will provide an understanding of personalization vendors, the capabilities they deliver, and the customers they serve.
Sep 2017Enterprise ArchitectureThe Insight Opportunity In IoTBrian HopkinsThis report will identify why analytics is so important to IoT, what IoT analytics is, what industry trends are, and what the basic architectural components and patterns are.
Sep 2017CIOSystems Of Insight For HealthcareBrian Hopkins, Kate McCarthyHealthcare firms -- payers and providers -- are pouring resources into data analytics with the belief that strong data analysis will be key to helping them improve care outcomes, reduce their costs, and succeed in a market being turned upside down. But data analytics without a tight tie-in to actions will miss these goals, and when CIOs focus on tactical data requests, they will waste these resources. What is needed is a plan to institute systems of insight, not more analytic tools. This report will elucidate the business outcomes CIOs should target, and the people/process/technology for success.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyVendor Landscape: Product Information Management (PIM)Bruce EppingerThis report will inform merchandisers and digital business professionals of Forrester’s latest research on product information and the buying journey. It will present a marketplace landscape of PIM vendors, and the demonstrated business results of successful product information management projects.
Sep 2017Enterprise ArchitectureVendor Landscape: Information Governance For Microsoft SharePoint, Q3 2017Cheryl McKinnonThis report, a refresh of our previous research will help enterprise architecture (EA) professionals identify technology to ensure the SharePoint ecosystem is protected and information is accessible to the right people at the right time.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsInfrastructure As Code, The Missing Element In The I&O AgendaChris Gardner, Richard FicheraInfrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals have been dedicated to delivering services at lower costs and ever greater efficiency, but the business technology (BT) agenda requires innovation that delivers top-line growth. The evolution and success of digital business models is leading I&O organizations to disrupt their traditional infrastructure models to pursue cloud strategies. Taking advantage of a cloud-first approach, I&O must embrace a strategy that leverages what cloud and DevOps pioneers call "immutable infrastructure" -- or, as Forrester recommends -- "composable infrastructure."
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Continuous Integration Tools, Q3 2017Christopher CondoContinuous integration tools provide visibility into the state and health of a software development pipeline. This Forrester Wave™ evaluation will look at the evolution of continuous integration tools from both pure-play and cloud services vendors.
Sep 2017Enterprise ArchitectureCollaboration As Basis For Intranet RedesignCraig Le ClairDescription coming soon.
Sep 2017CIOCalculating ROI From Investments In Digital InitiativesDan BielerThis report, Calculating ROI From Investments In Digital Initiatives, is part of a series of reports that is looking at the return on investments that organizations are generating as part of their digital transformation initiatives. All reports in this series are linked to a report that is presenting an overarching perspective across the entire value chain: Build Your Digital Transformation Business Case Around The Customer And Revenue Growth. This report focuses on the supply chain, and on the aspect of track and trace for both, inbound and outbound logistics.
Sep 2017CIOImplementing And Nurturing Digital EcosystemsDan BielerDigital businesses need digital ecosystems that support the continuous exchange of information and data to create value. CIOs must understand the complexity of digital ecosystems and learn to create value within such ecosystems. Embracing digital ecosystems empowers the CIO to drive faster innovation, more efficient production, and more agile go-to-market activities. This report helps CIOs to develop an understanding of the digital business landscape and the ecosystems that support of both the B2C and the B2B businesses.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsWorkforce Enablement Defined: Elevate Productivity And EngagementDavid K. Johnson, Samuel SternPsychological and neurological research offers critical insights into where high performance and creativity come from, how they affect customer experience and profit, and how organizations are unknowingly destroying workforce performance. With this research, we'll show infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros how to forge a new path and supercharge knowledge workers' productivity and company performance. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. In this version, we have included the most recent data available and expanded our focus on enabling flow.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel Strategy2017 US Mobile Wealth Management Functionality BenchmarkDavis JanowskiTo be effective, mobile wealth management apps need to help investors understand what they own, how their portfolio is doing, and what they should do next, and then give them the ability to do it.  We will establish which of the leading US wealth management firms are most effective at serving customers through mobile apps.  Like other financial services apps, mobile wealth management apps also need to be secure and easy to use, help customers find what they are looking for, and help customers get answers to their questions.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryMake The Business Case For Agile And DevOps-Driven Digital TransformationDiego Lo GiudiceApplications make businesses digital by giving them the software assets they need to win, serve, and retain customers in the face of fierce competition and escalating customer expectations. Improving application delivery speed and quality has become an imperative for application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders. This report describes how they fund this transformation while keeping the lights on by reducing costs, boosting project-level ROI, increasing digital business revenues, and accelerating business benefits. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. This update factors in the customer experience and additional business justifications.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyEmbed Innovation To Drive Continuous Improvement In Digital InsuranceEllen CarneyDescription coming soon.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyOrganize For Digital InsuranceEllen CarneyThere is no perfect organization structure. Many factors, like an insurance company's geographic scope, go-to-market approach, product and brand strategy, and corporate governance, all influence the answer. Any organizational choice is a tradeoff of efficiency, control, localization, and speed. This research will help digital business strategy executives make those tradeoffs and review good practices in organizing cross-functional teams to represent diverse role and channel perspectives. This report will be the Organization chapter in Forrester's Digital Insurance Strategy playbook.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe Future Of The Insurance AgentEllen CarneyDigitally enabled distribution is changing, not eliminating, the job of the insurance agent. In the future, there will be fewer, but more successful agents, who will have very different expectations of what and how they’ll sell insurance and other services. Smart digital insurance companies must begin thinking now of new risk ecosystem partnerships to provide new coverage and services, and agency management teams will be on the hook for new digital services that will differentiate their firms and drive agent loyalty. Failure to face these challenges will relegate insurers to the margins and may potentially lead them to being ingredient brands — insuring and incurring the risk, but further disconnected from the ultimate customer.
Sep 2017B2C MarketingLoyalty Programs: A Global PerspectiveEmily CollinsThis report will highlight trends and best practices adopted by loyalty programs across the globe.
Sep 2017CMOContinuous Optimization For Customer Life CycleEric G. BrownDescription.
Sep 2017B2C MarketingEvaluate Your Social Marketing CapabilitiesErna Alfred LiousasThis report, the Assessment chapter of the Social Marketing Playbook, will explain the dimensions of social maturity and the key capabilities you need for social marketing success.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsModern Service Delivery Performance ManagementEveline OehrlichToday's digital businesses and their customers need I&O professionals to go beyond problem solving to deliver an excellent customer experience. Operations teams are seeking something more than application performance management (APM) as we know it -- and some vendors are starting to provide it. Managing today's customer experience requires tighter alignment with business requirements and ever-changing customer needs and expectations. This report tells I&O pros how to go beyond APM toward digital performance management.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe Agile I&O OrganizationEveline OehrlichThe cultural aspects of operation excellence and DevOps are foundation to the speed and quality of service delivery.  This report will describe the key organizational and cultural steps to take to create and continually develop a successful agile I&O organization.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsShift APM Left For DevOps PerformanceEveline Oehrlich, Diego Lo GiudiceMurmurs of “shift APM left” are growing, as APM vendors see in DevOps an opportunity to serve a new market: developers. It’s more than raging capitalism at work, there’s genuine value here. Most of the DevOps shift is happening from left to right -- developers sharing agile processes and tools with their slow-and-cautious operations counterparts. But shifting APM left makes sense too. Ops’ expertise at detecting problems, getting to root cause, and resolving problems quickly can help dev-and-test produce better code faster. What’s more, Ops is an equal opportunity fault-finder: whether it’s infrastructure, code, or content, operations identifies all possible causes. The DevOps “you build it you run it” philosophy makes APM a great fit for everyone in a DevOps team: developers, testers, and operations people alike.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceEstablish Measurement For CX TransformationFaith AdamsCX transformation requires that you quantify the quality of experiences and their link to the organization's overall metrics. To do this, you need to establish robust measurement practices. But for most firms, that's a tall order. This report describes what exactly you need to establish and how to do it to become truly customer-centric. It also links to additional reports that provide more depth. (This report is part of The CX Transformation Playbook.)
Sep 2017B2C MarketingBuilding Trust In A Data-Driven WorldFatemeh KhatiblooThis document will help marketers apply the mechanics of trust to their data practices.
Sep 2017Customer InsightsEvaluate Your Commitments With Forrester's Privacy Policy ScorecardFatemeh KhatiblooThis report will be the performance management chapter of the Customer Trust And Privacy Playbook and will outline a scorecard on how organizations can assess the quality of their privacy policies.
Sep 2017Customer InsightsMake Privacy A Competitive DifferentiatorFatemeh KhatiblooConsumers are increasingly aware of how valuable their personal data has become, to everyone from retail businesses to music streaming services to cybercriminals. As a result, companies can no longer afford to dismiss customer concerns about the collection, analysis, and use of their data. In fact, Forrester believes that failure to respect customers' preferences about their data will drive them to a more customer-obsessed competitor. The Customer Trust and Privacy playbook addresses the tools, technologies, responsibilities, and requirements that customer insights (CI) professionals will need to build trusted relationships and ensure success in an era of consumer-managed data and increased scrutiny of privacy  practices.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceHow IoT Can Boost Customer JourneysFrank E. GillettHow customer experience professionals should think about the challenges and opportunities of the internet of things.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsCloud Services Jumpstart Your Pursuit Of Customer ObsessionGlenn O'DonnellCloud computing can be a game-changer for your company and its customers — but it's also rife with misinformation. Confusing cloud definitions and erroneously identified "cloud" solutions impede cloud becoming a staple in your business technology (BT) portfolio. Forrester offers its cloud computing playbook to infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals who need to harness cloud to drive business growth. The playbook structure delivers a step-by-step roadmap for building differentiating customer experiences with cloud.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsDrive Infrastructure Transformation With Service DesignGlenn O'DonnellInfrastructure and operations (I&O) teams have a broader charter in the age of the customer. The infrastructure transformation playbook provides a blueprint for the service design approach that I&O teams need to power the customer-obsessed operating model. Service design treats infrastructure as a rich and dynamic ecosystem of interdependent parts, packaging it for an optimal customer experience. This executive overview introduces I&O leaders to a service design approach to discover, plan, act, and optimize for a successful infrastructure transformation. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We are updating it now to factor in our latest thinking on infrastructure transformation.
Sep 2017Enterprise ArchitectureState Of MarTech In InsuranceGordon BarnettThis report will highlight the MarTech vendors that are used by Forrester clients in the insurance sector.
Sep 2017Security & RiskThe Forrester Wave™: Customer Data Breach Notification And Response Services, Q3 2017Heidi SheyIn this evaluation of breach notification and response services, we will identify the most significant services providers in the category -- and research, analyze, and score them. This report will detail our findings about how well each vendor fulfills our criteria and where they stand in relation to each other to help security and risk professionals select the right partner for their prebreach planning and breach notification and response.
Sep 2017Security & RiskThe State Of Data Security And Privacy: 2017 To 2018Heidi SheyThroughout the year, Forrester analysts engage in hundreds of discussions about data security and privacy. This data-driven report outlines budgeting and spending, technology adoption plans, and other key breach, data protection, and privacy trends in North American and European firms for 2017 through 2018. Understanding these trends and their implications will help security and risk (S&R) executives examine, and adjust as necessary, their own plans for data security and privacy.
Sep 2017Enterprise ArchitectureData Governance In A Machine Learning WorldHenry PeyretMachine learning is the new buzzword for everything: detecting the behavior of customers, helping doctors with health diagnostics, predicting trends in industries, etc. Machine learning can help us deal with increasing semantic complexity, but machine learning cannot entirely replace data governance. Machine learning requires its own set of rules so that firms can trust its results.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsJobs Of The FutureJ. P. GownderAs human jobs are eliminated, the automation economy will also create new jobs, from white collar employment like software engineering to blue collar employment like robot repair-person. Creative jobs, too, will see an increase. As companies create plans for hiring, training, retaining workers, I&O leaders have their role to play, too: Optimizing the employee experience via technology choices and helping transition the organization from a human workforce to human/machine collaboration. This report will explore the key job roles that will emerge in the future, helping companies plan out the skills, staffing, and training they will need to compete.
Sep 2017B2B MarketingThe Expanding Channel Landscape -- Understand How New Influencers Are Replacing Traditional PartnersJay McBainIn the age of the customer, line of business (LOB) executives are increasingly making technology decisions, taking over from the IT department. They are looking to a new set of hyper-specialized influencers to help them choose vendors and implement the technology with back-end systems. This report will examine the shifting channel partner landscape and recommend programmatic changes for vendors.
Sep 2017Customer InsightsTechRadar™: Smart City Technologies, Q3 2017Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D., Elizabeth CullenThis report will catalog and evaluate the maturity of a broad range of technologies required to drive cities along the path to becoming smart. Technologies will span systems of record, systems of engagement, systems of automation and systems of insights.
Sep 2017B2C MarketingSocial Technographics® Reveals Your Social Audience And How To Approach ThemJessica LiuThe question is no longer whether your customers use social media but rather how you can best use social media to interact with those customers. But how well do you know your customers on social media? Forrester’s Social Technographics model, with updated data, helps you understand your customers and reveals whether your audiences use social media to interact with brands, in what part of the customer life cycle they use social media, which social behaviors they exhibit, and on which types of social sites they engage in those behaviors.
Sep 2017B2C MarketingPave The Path To Measurement SuccessJim Nail, Tina MoffettMarketing measurement and optimization is an indispensable discipline for B2C marketing leaders because it helps tame the flood of marketing and customer data, providing insights that fuel business decisions. B2C marketing pros must have a clear marketing analytics road map, aligning the right business objectives with the right analytical approach. This report, as part of the marketing measurement and insights playbook, provides the road map to help plan and successfully deploy a measurement initiative.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceThe Customer Journey-Centric OrganizationJoana van den Brink-QuintanilhaCompanies in sectors as varied as utilities, technology, and financial services are organizing around customer journeys. This report will delve into how and why they're doing this. We will examine what the customer journey-centric organization looks like in terms of roles, governance, data, delivery, and measurement. We will also highlight tactics CX practitioners can use to embed journey thinking throughout the organization and to keep journey teams on track and motivated.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceThe Forrester Wave™: Customer Journey Analytics Platforms, Q3 2017Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Alex CauseyTo give CX pros a guide to choosing a journey analytics tech provider, Forrester evaluates and ranks a number of key journey analytics tech providers.
Sep 2017B2C MarketingPost-Digital EngagementJoe Stanhope, Julie A. AskThis report will examine the evolution of engagement by assess channel-specific marketing tech stacks.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryBest Practices For Driving Sales Growth With CPQJohn BrunoEmpowered buyers have redefined the way B2B organizations engagement with their customers. Configure Price Quote solutions that traditionally lived in the back office have steadily moved their way to the front office. During this shift, ownership over these projects has also shifted. This report will detail best practices from enterprises who have successfully adopted modern CPQ solutions to better serve their customers.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyOrganize For Mobile SuccessJulie A. AskAs firms mature their mobile strategies in 2016 and beyond, the C-suite must take ownership of mobile initiatives to ensure they get the required dedication, processes, and resources. This report helps eBusiness professionals retool their company's mobile organization model by developing a cross-functional steering committee to obtain and prioritize resources; a center of excellence to ensure the best use of mobile; Agile IDEA teams for product development; and a mobile infrastructure services team to support those teams.
Sep 2017B2C MarketingThe Forrester Wave™: Mobile Engagement Automation, Q3 2017Julie A. AskMobile engagement automation (MEA) solutions are marketing technologies that use real-time and contextual insights to proactively engage with known users in the appropriate mobile moments across the customer life cycle via a mobile device. This report evaluates the capabilities of major vendors in the MEA vendor arena.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryAssess Customer Service Capabilities To Pinpoint Opportunities For Better ServiceKate LeggettIn the age of the customer, the transformative effects of social computing and ubiquitous mobility are challenging how organizations can most effectively manage their interactions with customers. How can you make sure your company knows how to engage with your customers in a way that keeps them loyal? How can you make sure that your company receives the best return from its investment in customer service solutions? Use Forrester's assessment tool for customer service to understand how your organization stacks up against more than 150 best practices that drive customer retention, customer loyalty, reduced cost, and increased revenue. This framework will help you define strategy, gain executive buy-in, build stakeholder consensus, manage customer service agents more effectively, and select the right technologies for loyalty-creating customer experiences.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryBenchmark Against Best Practices To Optimize CRM PerformanceKate LeggettTo succeed in the age of the customer, application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals who support front-office business processes cannot afford failed technology initiatives. But how do organizations know if they are on the right track? To find out, we asked 650 business and IT leaders about the critical business process, people management, strategy, and technology practices that underpin a successful project. This report provides benchmark data from that survey to help you define and manage the risks associated with a customer relationship management (CRM) project and discover how your organization compares with others.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryVendors Battle For The Heart Of The Contact CenterKate LeggettThe heart of the contact center is comprised of a set of complex, unintegrated technologies, which firms must leverage to deliver quality service. But application development and delivery (AD&D) pros supporting customer service operations need cloud-ready, deeply integrated technology suites. This report examines the market dynamics and buyer requirements for contact center technologies. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Sep 2017CIOThe Telehealth Road MapKate McCarthyWe expect virtual care settings to outpace outpatient in the next 10 years. As organizations bring telehealth capabilities into their organizations, what are the strategic decision points and necessary BT investments that payers and providers need to consider?
Sep 2017Analyst RelationsIndustry Analyst Relations And InfluenceKevin LucasMost industry analyst relations (AR) relies on analysts influencing buyers, partners, journalists, investors, etc. So AR must manage two forms of success: influence by vendors over analysts and influence by analysts over marketplace players. The first is hard since analysts want to remain uninfluenced, and AR frequently forgets to manage the second entirely. So this report shows how, instead of sparse programs of vendor/analyst interaction, AR must deploy a blend of influence techniques to ensure that both forms of influence generate valuable changes in the behavior of the wider market. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDetermine Your Global eCommerce ReadinessLily VaronThis report will help eBusiness professionals at firms planning on expanding their footprints into global markets to determine their readiness for globalization.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsCloud Powers The New Connected EconomyLiz Herbert, Dave BartolettiCloud adoption is evolving from its current usage, largely as internal-facing point solutions to a broader role enabling connected cloud economies. In this next phase of cloud adoption, leading CIOs will orchestrate cloud ecosystems -- connecting employees, customers, partners, and devices -- to serve rising customer expectations. These cloud ecosystems will have the potential to disrupt business models and revolutionize the customer experience. In this new cloud landscape, firms in every industry will shift from being simple cloud adopters to becoming cloud companies themselves. This report overviews the transformation that is taking place as we move to a world of connected cloud ecosystems and describes how this evolution should change your thinking about cloud.
Sep 2017B2B MarketingGauge Your L2RM Operational ReadinessLori WizdoB2B marketers implementing a lead-to-revenue (L2R) process for the first time or expanding an immature program often feel they are navigating uncharted waters -- but they are not alone. Rather than throw a hodgepodge of lead generation and lead management tactics into the marketplace and see what sticks, you should learn from the experiences of your peers. Top performers know what metrics to capture to prove to senior management and executives the full impact of implementing the L2R process.
Sep 2017B2B MarketingThe B2B Customer Obsessed Marketing BlueprintLori WizdoImplementing your go-to-customer strategy will first disrupt, and then transform, your marketing organization. It's easy to lose your way on this transformational journey, as the transformation often devolves into a strategic mashup attempting to re-mediate a number of problems that plague existing marketing and sales processes. A well planned design is imperative if you are to stay on the straight track to progress. This report is for B2B marketers who are leading this change.
Sep 2017CIOThe Forrester Wave™: Business Transformation Consultancies, Q3 2017Marc CecereDescription coming soon.
Sep 2017Enterprise ArchitectureThe Agile Organization: Take A Portfolio-Driven Approach To ThriveMargo VisitacionEstablishing a thriving customer oriented operating model (COOM), requires teams to plan and deliver outstanding experiences against market-driven deadlines. As organizations continue on their digital transformation journey, they often experience collisions when managing unique workflows that support systems of record and systems of engagement. To minimize this, organizations must embrace the diversity of their organizations but create a pragmatic organization that supports a loosely coupled, but strongly aligned approach to planning and delivery. Using the right level of automation, a different organizational approach and portfolio teams focused on governance rather than controls help companies make the transition to an Agile enterprise.
Sep 2017Enterprise ArchitectureThe Forrester Wave™: Strategic Portfolio Management, Q3 2017Margo Visitacion, Gordon BarnettThis is an update to The Forrester Wave: Portfolio Management For The Tech Management Agenda, Q1 2015.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Enterprise BI Platforms With Majority Cloud Deployments, Q3 2017Martha BennettIn Forrester's evaluation of cloud business intelligence (BI) platform vendors, we will identify the most significant vendors in the category and research, analyze, and score them. The report will detail our findings to help application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals select the right solution for their cloud BI strategy.
Sep 2017CIOThe Great Digital ReorganizationMartin GillAs digital continues its relentless advance and development, Forrester believes that most companies will make significant changes to their organizational structure. Those changes will take three forms over the next five years: 1) more partnering externally to shorten innovation cycles; 2) increased divestitures of noncore assets to simplify the organization; and 3) changing from the old functional silos to a cluster model where smaller, multidimensional teams of sales, marketing, service, product development, production, and technology staff are colocated and focused on serving a single customer segment.
Sep 2017B2B MarketingOptimizing Routes To Market In The Age Of The CustomerMary Shea, Jacob MilenderFor many vendors, there's a sizeable gap between how buyers want to engage and their ability to deliver on the promise across all routes to market. B2B buyers are demanding more transparency, greater efficiencies and better personalization. But for organizations historically reliant on indirect customer sales and fulfillment, meeting this expectation is challenging. This report looks at ways for B2B marketing and sales leaders to commercially optimize their sales and distribution strategy by delivering a consistent buyer-centric experience across all routes to market.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceEmbed CX Metrics In Decision-MakingMaxie Schmidt-Subramanian Forrester will share best practices for how to create CX dashboards that expose the state of CX and most important challenges as well as best practices for creating processes around CX dashboards that drive CX improvements.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceInnovate Measurement For CX TransformationMaxie Schmidt-SubramanianOn its path to CX transformation, after your firm has optimized its measurement practices to quantify the quality of experiences and their link to the organization's overall metrics, you're ready to innovate unique new facets of these practices to help you attain and sustain world-class customer centricity. This report highlights how certain firms are doing just that. It also links to additional reports that provide more depth. (This report is part of The CX Transformation Playbook.)
Sep 2017B2C MarketingBenchmark Your Social Marketing EffortsMelissa ParrishNearly every marketer uses social media today, but how they use it, how much they spend, and how successful they perceive their efforts to be varies wildly. This report will explore the extent to which social media has permeated marketing across industries, helping marketers benchmark their own social usage and success against that of their peers.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryBuilding Blended Ecosystem Experiences: The Rise Of The WebMichael FacemireIn the Forrester report "The Future Of B2B Mobile Enterprise Services -- Evolving From App Silos To Open Ecosystems," we defined the concept of "blended ecosystems" and the progression that mobile experiences will make down this smaller granular path. This report takes a look at how we begin to break current mobile experiences down into these experience parts and the strategy your team should use to make this transition.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsHealthcare In The IoT And Wearables EraMichele Pelino, J. P. Gownder, Kate McCarthyHealthcare is a powerful frontier for the connected world. What are the technologies and business models that will revolutionize medicine in the coming years? Wearables and IoT technologies capture location, status, and presence information to help healthcare professionals provide efficient, personalized, and real-time patient care. This report identifies the key technologies and use cases for IoT-related healthcare solutions and provides case studies of healthcare providers that are proactively implementing IoT and wearable solutions. In addition, the report will address the ecosystem of vendors and service providers helping implement these healthcare-focused IoT solutions.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel Strategy2017 Retail Omnichannel Functionality BenchmarkMichelle BeesonForrester used its Retail Omnichannel Functionality Benchmark methodology to assess 20 leading retailers across the UK and US to help retail digital business executives better understand how their omnichannel capabilities match up against peers and best practices. This is an update of a previously published report.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyWhat Brands And Manufacturers Need To Know About Selling Direct To ConsumersMichelle BeesonThis report will consider the reasons behind why brands and manufacturers choose to sell direct to consumers, the different approaches, and the impact on existing retail partner relationships.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Streaming Analytics, Q3 2017Mike GualtieriThis Forrester Wave evaluation will evaluate streaming analytics solutions.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryAI APIs In The CloudMike Gualtieri, Kjell CarlssonMachine learning services that are accessible in the cloud are a convenient and cost-effective way for AD&D professionals and data scientists to access a breadth of algorithms and deploy the outcomes that can be consumed by a wide range of applications. This report highlights some important trends in the market of machine learning APIs.
Sep 2017CIOBrief: Physical Product Development Services FirmsNate FlemingThis report will examine how firms are helping clients develop innovative and customer-engaging physical objects and how they're embedding software into these products.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsCalculate Cost Of Downtime For Effective PlanningNaveen ChhabraThe report will provide information on how firms can calculate a comprehensive cost of downtime.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsRecovery Readiness Index, 2017Naveen ChhabraRecovery Readiness Index will help firms with a representative value of their readiness to recover in disasters or outages. It will help them drill down into the areas that need action to improve the readiness.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Resiliency Software, Q3 2017Naveen ChhabraA report focusing on Enterprise Data Resiliency Software.
Sep 2017Security & RiskTechRadar™: For Risk Management Professionals GRC, Q3 2017Nick Hayes, Renee MurphyThe governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) technology market is one of fluctuation, confusion, and contention. Many technologies relevant for governance, risk management, and compliance professionals have been around for more than a decade, but the GRC concept itself did not start to take shape until vendors began offering tools to help public companies comply with Sarbanes-Oxley. Since then, compliance and risk management roles have gained more prominence, and demands on them from regulators, boards, executives, and business partners have skyrocketed. As you turn to technology to help respond to the avalanche of requests and requirements, you'll find a vast landscape of vendors ready to support you -- some proudly flying the GRC banner and some shunning it. Use this report to understand the commercial maturity and business value of these products as you assemble your GRC technology road map.
Sep 2017CIODigital Snakes And LaddersNigel FenwickBest practices for transforming the technology management team into a powerhouse of digital transformation.
Sep 2017CIOUse Business Capabilities To Optimize Your Transformation StrategyNigel FenwickSelecting the right strategies lies at the heart of the business technology (BT) strategic planning framework. By involving business-savvy technology professionals in the discussion of business strategy, it is possible to identify new strategies and quickly kill unfeasible strategies. This research report lays out the process for developing strategy options and illustrates how IT contributes to the evaluation of those options. By involving IT early and getting IT's perspective on strategy choices, it's possible for business leaders to optimize strategy choice toward achieving business goals. This also ensures that IT has a much better understanding of the underlying business needs and issues, making it much easier to deliver the right level of technology to provide the expected business outcomes.
Sep 2017Enterprise ArchitectureThe Forrester Wave™: Translytical Databases, Q3 2017Noel YuhannaTranslytical databases is a term that Forrester wrote about in 2015 that delivers analytics at the speed of transactions. With the market evolving and vendors innovating around Translytical, this Forrester Wave focuses on comparing vendors in this space.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDigital Business AssessmentPascal MatzkeDescription coming soon.
Sep 2017CIOFrom Grease To Code: Industrial Giants Bet Their Future On SoftwarePaul MillerGE wants to become a top 10 software company. Siemens, by some measures, is already beyond the top five in Europe. Why the shift, and how do bold ambitions translate into revenue-generating reality for these companies, their partners, and their customers?
Sep 2017CIOIndustrial IoT In Public Policy Around The WorldPaul MillerGermany has Industrie 4.0; the Netherlands has Smart Industry; China has Made in China 2025; Japan has Society 5.0; and the US talks about the Industrial Internet. What are these government-backed initiatives trying to achieve; who is involved; and what might they mean for enterprise efforts to digitize themselves, their processes, and their employees?
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceImprove Customer Engagement With Customer ServiceRiccardo Pasto Customer service is an essential business function and a cornerstone of any company's customer experience (CX) strategy. Successful companies understand that great service is good for business. This report discuss how by meeting customer expectations for quality service, companies could greatly improve their engagement experiences and hence drive business outcome.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsSystems Engineering Skills Will Transform Your ServicesRichard Fichera, Andre KindnessThe complex services required for today's business challenges cannot be assembled following the haphazard methods of the past. They must be designed as complete systems, optimizing the behavior of the whole, not the parts. A new host of design and engineering skills are necessary to accomplish this. This report covers some of the more important practices you need to employ for true service design.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe Software-Defined Data Center Is The Future Of Infrastructure ArchitectureRichard Fichera, Chris GardnerThe software defined data center (SDDC) held promise for several years, but reality has greatly lagged the hype. Reality is now beginning to catch up. This report conveys the current state of SDDC, including what is real today and what remains hype.
Sep 2017B2C MarketingBest Practices For Omnichannel Digital Media BuyingRichard JoyceThis report will provide marketers with a collection of omnichannel digital media buying best practices and help them move from plan to action.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Spectrum Of Low-Code Development OptionsRob KoplowitzHow low is low-code? How viable is no-code? This report continues our series on the emerging popularity of low-code development platforms.
Sep 2017B2C MarketingVendor Landscape: Marketing Resource ManagementRusty WarnerThis report will examine the current marketing resource management (MRM) space and the vendors that serve it.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceHow Customer-Centric Employees Deliver Emotionally Resonate ExperiencesSamuel SternAccording to Forrester's CX Index, emotional attachment to a brand is the biggest determinant of customers' experience perceptions. That's why companies need to understand the emotional state that they are creating with customers. They should then share that insight with employees and measure how well employees deliver the desired emotions in their interactions with customers.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryConsider The Full Stack DeveloperSomak RoyThe idea of the full stack developer has hit enterprise shores. The report explores the relevance of the idea in the enterprise context, and the limits of the generalist that is the full stack developer.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryVendor Landscape: IT Automation Capabilities Of Large Systems IntegratorsSomak Roy, Bill MartorelliEvery large systems integrator has, over the past 24 months, built an automation proposition for its application maintenance and support and infrastructure management service lines. Some of the technology is built in-house, but a lot comes from third-party services. Automation has the potential to reduce managed services costs by 30-40%. The report provides an overview of the major service providers' automation portfolios, covering both the intricacies of technology, and the broader automation strategy.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsMake The Right Cloud Decisions With Cloud GovernanceSophia I. Vargas, Chris Gardner, Robert StroudMany factors impact the wisdom of your cloud decisions. Economics, regulations, and customer experience are only a few of the many considerations you must assess to determine which, if any forms of cloud make sense for your needs. The answer isn't as simple as many promote. This report is a guide to making the right choices and maintaining those correct states of business.
Sep 2017B2B MarketingExtended Sales Force AutomationSteven WrightSales Enablement, along with other key applications such as Configure Price Quote and Contract Lifecycle Management, need to work in an integrated fashion to support sales effectiveness. What to look for when considering solutions from multiple providers.
Sep 2017B2B MarketingThe Need For Better Internal Content For SalesSteven WrightB2B marketers properly focus on content to engage buyers. What's often missing is the supporting internal content to help sellers understand how, when, and where to use that content.
Sep 2017B2B MarketingWho You Gonna Call? Content Collaboration To Better Enable B2B SalesSteven WrightWhile sales enablement makes many tools available to sellers, we still need the human touch. Understanding how and when sellers can and should collaborate with marketing, product management, or other subject matter experts can propel sales and point to improving existing tools.
Sep 2017B2C MarketingOvercoming The Digital Culture Gap In Marketer OrganizationsSusan BidelCMOs recognize the value of digital tools and strategies to identify and deliver relevant messaging to their customers and prospects. They've structured their marketing organizations to tap into channel expertise. But they haven't bridged their teams' cultural divide between senior marketers and digital natives, and chasm is costing them money. This report will examine the cultural challenges that marketing organizations must tackle to take best advantage of their digital assets.
Sep 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Platforms, Q3 2017Ted Schadler, Mark GrannanIn this Forrester Wave™, we will refresh the 2015 Wave and reinforce our notions of an architecture, including cloud hosting; microservices; shared assets, including content, customer data, and personalization; and integration between modules.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceEstablish Enablement For CX TransformationTJ Keitt, Samuel SternCX transformation requires that you provide all employees and partners with the resources they need to deliver the right experiences. To do this, you need to establish robust enablement practices. But for most firms, that’s a tall order. This report describes what exactly you need to establish and how to do it to become truly customer-centric. It also links to additional reports that provide more depth. (This report is part of The CX Transformation Playbook.)
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceOptimize Enablement For CX TransformationTJ Keitt, Samuel SternOnce you've established solid enablement practices on your journey to CX transformation, you need to optimize by adopting best practices in how you provide all employees and partners with the resources they need to deliver the right experiences. This report describes what those best practices are. It also links to additional reports that provide more depth. (This report is part of The CX Transformation Playbook.)
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceInnovate Enablement For CX TransformationTJ Keitt, Samuel Stern, Joana van den Brink-QuintanilhaAfter your firm, on its path to CX transformation, has optimized its enablement practices, to provide all employees and partners with the resources they need to deliver the right experiences, you’re ready to innovate unique new facets of these practices to help you attain and sustain world-class customer centricity. This report highlights how certain firms are doing just that. It also links to additional reports that provide more depth. (This report is part of The CX Transformation Playbook.)
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceStorytelling And Narrative: Your Secret Weapon For CX ViralityTom ChampionHow to tell a compelling story which wins the hearts and minds of executives and create a groundswell of CX support across your organization.
Sep 2017Customer ExperienceInnovations In Customer Journey Mapping, 2017Tony CostaCX pros are constantly coming up with new ways to use or map customer journeys. This report will highlight a several emerging or novel journey mapping practices that CX pros can adopt to take their own efforts to the next level. Specific examples may include designing measurement systems based on customer journeys; techniques for quantifying emotion in journeys; mapping journeys that involve multiple customer; or leveraging process mapping techniques to document how organizations support and enable customer journeys.
Sep 2017Infrastructure & OperationsVendor Landscape: IoT ServicesBill MartorelliAs companies are adopting IoT strategies, a vast number of IoT services organizations are shaping their offerings to range from ideation to prototyping to scale and manage these technologies.  This report will evaluate a key set of IoT services companies on their offerings.
Sep 2017B2C MarketingOvercome Top MarTech Challenges In Asia PacificXiaofeng WangThis is a report that analyzes marketers' needs and pain points in digital marketing in the region.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyAustralian Consumer Financial AttitudesZhi Ying NgThis report looks at how Australian consumers research and buy financial products and how they perceive financial services companies.
Sep 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyTrends 2017: Australian Wealth ManagementZhi Ying Ng, Tom ChampionThis report looks at how digital technologies are disrupting retirement wealth management and what digital business executives should do in response.
Oct 2017Enterprise ArchitecturePredictions: EA 2018Alex CullenAs firms address digital transformation and how to become customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected, enterprise architecture (EA) has tremendous value to offer. To see how the practice of EA will evolve over the next few years, one must look at leading practices today, including the winners of the 2016 Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Awards. A key theme: EA's value proposition shifts from "doing architecture" to empowering firms to make the best pragmatic decisions.
Oct 2017Enterprise ArchitectureState Of State Of EA 2018: EA On The Road To Digital BusinessAlex CullenDescription coming soon.
Oct 2017B2B MarketingGlowing Customer Reviews Mask Growing Pains In B2B Predictive Marketing Analytics MarketAllison SnowTo support Forrester’s first Wave on predictive marketing analytics for B2B marketers, Allison Snow and Laura Ramos fielded a survey to delve more deeply into customer experiences of existing vendors in the space. With 70+ respondents, the survey results reflect a market in which current adopters are very satisfied with existing solutions despite acknowledging some significant room for improvement. The findings were out of scope for the Forrester Wave report, but this report will serve as a companion piece to the Forrester Wave itself as B2B buyers can delve more deeply into the experiences of B2B marketers who are already using predictive analytics in their programs.
Oct 2017Security & RiskThe Future Of Identity And Access ManagementAndras Cser, Merritt MaximToday, identity and access management (IAM) technologies have become a critical component of the BT agenda because business leaders, CIOs, and CISO use them to both serve customers along every step of the customers' journey as well as to understand and engage customers. In this report, we help security and risk (S&R) professionals understand how they can leverage IAM technologies to enable new customer functionality and business models in the next three years.
Oct 2017Customer ExperienceVendor Landscape: Experience Design ServicesAndrew HoganCompanies offering experience design services come from one of many backgrounds -- digital, mobile, service design, physical design, and more. All aim to help CX pros achieve their experience design goals. This report will segment and analyze this diverse landscape of experience design services firms.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDifferent Paths To DigitalAndy HoarIn the age of the customer, B2B sellers must digitize or die. But there are several paths B2B companies can take to digital dominance. For example, Grainger does nearly 50% of its total sales online, while its direct competitor Fastenal's official online sales percentage is in the single digits. However, Fastenal drives a significant share of its overall sales via its 60,000 digitally-enabled vending machines. Similarly, other B2B companies opt to digitally enable their channel partners and drive digital sales that way. In the end, a digital sale is a digital sale whether it's direct or indirect, offline, or online.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe Top Five B2B Mobile MomentsAndy HoarB2B buyers are increasingly relying on mobile to research, make, and service purchases. This research explores how B2B buyers are using both smartphones and tablets to streamline the customer journey and how B2B sellers are using mobile to foster higher levels of customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyTrends In Clienteling 2017Anjali Yakkundi, Claudia TajimaArmed with connected devices, consumers now have a digital "trusted advisor" with them when shopping in stores, allowing them to access a vast array of product information. Today's sales associate needs to pivot, transforming from a source of information to a facilitator of engagement. At the core of this pivot is a new generation of clienteling: a capability that leverages new commerce technology, enables seamless access to actionable customer and product data, has mobile-enabled associates, and embraces the in-store role of facilitator. This report will profile trends in strategically deployed digital store technologies that create great customer experiences.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsUnderstanding The Cloud Services Provider LandscapeBill MartorelliWith cloud computing services now central to modern technology strategy, the challenge for infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals is to focus on selecting the right partners and planning for long-term value. Most tech firms are jumping into the cloud business, but they may not be delivering on true cloud computing promises. This report gives an overview of the landscape of cloud services providers (CSPs) to help I&O leaders and other BT professionals best select their strategic partners and negotiate with providers for the greatest benefits.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe Forrester Wave™: Application Management And Digital Operations Services, Q4 2017Bill Martorelli, Eveline OehrlichThe demand for application outsourcing is continuing in 2017. Enterprises are looking for service providers that are able to support outcome-based models to enable enterprise toward business growth through innovation.
Oct 2017Customer InsightsHow Analytics Drives Customer Life-Cycle ManagementBrandon PurcellWith the growing importance of customer insights in organizations, the role of analytics to extract insight and embed it back into organizational processes is at the forefront of business transformation. However, marketers predominantly enable measurement and analytics infrastructure to serve the needs of customer acquisition, with a limited view toward the entire customer life cycle. Forrester recommends that CI pros deploy various analytical techniques across the customer life cycle to grow existing customer relationships and provide insight into future behavior. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyRetailer Mobile Payments Services LandscapeBrendan MillerMore retailers are realizing the value of adding payments-related features to their applications and mobile experiences. This report will detail the mobile payment services vendor landscape and mobile features that drive consumer engagement. Vendors include: Paydiant, Cardfree, FIS, OmnyPay, LevelUp, Dwolla, and YoYo.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDefining New Metrics For Omnichannel SuccessBrendan WitcherUnderstanding of performance of the omnichannel fulfillment programs is an important step in understanding how these programs are being used and what benefits they are providing for retailers and customers alike. This report lays out the core categories of omnichannel fulfillment metrics, recommends how to align them with business objectives, and offers a step-by-step process for collecting and using these metrics.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyPaving The Path To Omnichannel FulfillmentBrendan WitcherOmnichannel fulfillment programs have topped eBusiness priority lists for a number of years. And while there is no doubt that retailers understand the omnichannel mandate, many are unsure of where to start. What are the major stages of implementation that companies should move through? Which omnichannel programs should leaders deploy first -- and what can wait? What organizational, operational, and technical challenges must be addressed before launching programs? Forrester's omnichannel fulfillment road map addresses these questions. This report, which comprises the road map chapter for the retail omnichannel playbook, gives eBusiness professionals a guide on how to craft their organizations' omnichannel road maps with a particular focus on fulfillment initiatives. It will help eBusiness leaders chart their strategies for adopting and integrating omnichannel fulfillment into the organization, including selection of the right technology and ways to break down internal and external barriers that could impede progress.
Oct 2017CIOThe Top 10 Technology Trends To WatchBrian Hopkins, Bobby Cameron, Ted Schadler, Rusty WarnerThis report will highlight top technology trends to watch.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsSystem Failure And Outages: How To Avoid These In Your CompanyCharles BetzThe year 2016 has been a tough one for some of the airlines and other business due to failures in technology or human errors. Stranded passengers or mad customers are a damage to these companies brand -- not to even mention the lost revenue. This report will examine the outages with suggestions on how to avoid these.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsIncident And Crisis Management Current TrendsCharles Betz, Stephanie BalaourasAs information technology becomes more and more critical to human well-being, operating it effectively and responding to disruption is increasingly critical. Digital transformation means that computer failures can threaten life and safety -- e.g., the recent WannaCry disruption of the UK's National Health Service, or the ongoing concerns over civil infrastructure. Current published best practices for incident management (e.g. ITIL) are outdated and increasingly criticized as ineffective in terms of modern safety science thinking.
Oct 2017Enterprise ArchitectureVendor Landscape: Predictive Analytics And Machine Learning Solutions In APAC, Q3 2017Charlie DaiBased on the report in Q4 2015 with local trends and vendor landscape in China and global Forrester Wave™ report (Q1 2017), this report will analyze major vendors offering predictive analytics and machine learning solutions in APAC market (China, Australia, Singapore, and India).
Oct 2017Security & RiskFive Steps To A Zero Trust NetworkChase CunninghamA Zero Trust (ZT) network abolishes the idea of a trusted network inside the corporate perimeter. A ZT network creates microperimeters of control around an enterprise's sensitive data assets and provides visibility into how it uses data across its entire digital business ecosystem to win, serve, and retain customers. As security professionals adopt ZT principles, they need a defined methodology to build an innovative network to realize the benefits of a ZT strategy. This report provides S&R leaders best practices and a five-step process to achieve Zero Trust more quickly. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Oct 2017Enterprise ArchitectureA Long-Term Perspective On Preserving Media AssetsCheryl McKinnon
Oct 2017Security & RiskForrester's 2017 Interactive Data Privacy Heat MapChris ShermanTo help security and risk professionals navigate the complex landscape of privacy laws around the world, Forrester created a data privacy heat map that highlights the data protection guidelines and practices for 54 different countries. It also covers other relevant issues like government surveillance, cross-border data transfers, and regulatory enforcement. Due to the dynamic nature of data protection legislation, we update information within the interactive tool annually.
Oct 2017Security & RiskThe 2017 State Of Endpoint Security AdoptionChris ShermanEvery year Forrester surveys thousands of security decision makers and information workers globally from a wide range of industries and organization sizes. This report presents the most relevant endpoint security data from these surveys, with special attention given to trends affecting small and medium-size businesses and enterprises.
Oct 2017Security & RiskIndustry Spotlight: US Healthcare Security Budgets And Priorities 2017Chris Sherman, Salvatore SchianoIT security teams within US healthcare providers historically have had much smaller budgets than in other industries. As a result, they have struggled to implement advanced security capabilities and sophisticated risk management practices. With HIPAA audits and fines on the rise, a rapidly changing threat landscape, and increasing public sensitivity regarding patient privacy, we are seeing an increased focus on security and risk maturity. This report helps healthcare security pros learn from their peers and provides recommendations for addressing critical technology risks.
Oct 2017Security & RiskVendor Landscape: Mobile Security SolutionsChris Sherman, Salvatore SchianoAs employees and customers demand mobility and convenience, mobile security threats continue to accelerate. This report will detail the mobile security vendor landscape and narrow down vendor options based on the particular needs of security and risk professionals.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryHow To Structure Contract Software EngagementsChristopher CondoMost AD&D shops contract for outside resources to speed delivery, find rare skills, or augment internal developers. This report outlines the varieties of engagement models for contracting with software outsourcers.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingThe Forrester Wave™: Search Marketing Agencies, Q4 2017Collin ColburnThis is an update to the Forrester Wave™: Search Marketing Agencies, Q1 2016.
Oct 2017Enterprise ArchitectureCase Studies: RPA And Cognitive Showing Enterprise PotentialCraig Le ClairRPA has often been pigeon holed as a purely tactical solution with little transformative customer experience value. This report reviews positive use cases that show when properly aligned, RPA in collaboration with cognitive platforms can lift customer experiences to new levels.
Oct 2017CIOBuild Your Digital Transformation Business Case Around The Customer And Revenue GrowthDan BielerCIOs' digital transformation investments are ultimately about business survival through disruption. Such investments directly affect customer expectations and go beyond the traditional ROI. The scope for disruption spans the entire customer life cycle, affecting everything from the supply chain to after-sales support. This report focuses on the business case for such disruptive investments.
Oct 2017CIOThe Role Of Telecoms In Your Digital TransformationDan BielerThis report investigates to which extent telcos will move beyond their traditional role of network infrastructure and connectivity provider to position themselves as partners in your digital transformation.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe Rise Of Channel-Less Customer EngagementDaniel HongToday's world of customer engagement is channel-centric, reactive and siloed. However, as enterprises embed digital DNA across all touchpoints the notion of channels will fade away and give rise to data-driven experiences that combine channels simultaneously or invoke channel shifts to render the best treatment for that customer on his device. This era of channel-less customer engagement will be marked by the proliferation of these types of experiences designed to guide customers along an easier and faster path in their journeys to make a purchase, find out information or resolve an issue. This report helps eBusiness professionals how to leverage data and orchestration to shape optimal customer experiences regardless of channel.
Oct 2017CMOEvaluate Your Brand Building CapabilitiesDipanjan ChatterjeeToday's perpetually connected consumers have more opportunities than ever to voice their wants, needs, and expectations, forcing marketers to rethink how they build relevant brands. This report provides chief marketing officers (CMOs) with an assessment tool to evaluate their teams' capabilities, identify expertise gaps, and plan a successful brand building experience. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Oct 2017Sourcing & Vendor ManagementForrester’s Software And SaaS Contract Review Checklist User GuideDuncan JonesCombining my checklist with Liz and Bill's cloud checklist.
Oct 2017Customer ExperienceNailing ROI Model AssumptionsDylan CzarneckiThe hardest part of creating a CX ROI model is establishing reasonable assumptions. How do CX professionals predict the rate of improvement for CX initiatives and how do they leverage other parts of the business to help create model inputs? This report will detail how CX pros should build the assumptions that support CX ROI models.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsVendor Landscape: Q4 Incident ManagementElinor KlavensThis report will cover the current vendors which play in the incident/crisis management space to ensure that teams dealing with priority incidents and crisis are connected, can collaborate and effectively resolve issues impacting the workforce and most importantly the customers.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingPredictions 2018: B2C MarketingEmily CollinsThis document will outline Forrester's predictions for B2C marketers to plan for in 2018.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingThe Psychology Of PointsEmily CollinsConsumers are using loyalty programs and are actively collecting and using points. But are consumers collecting points just for the sake of collecting? Or, do they save and hoard points to spend all at once? This report will explore the psychology behind points and the drivers that make consumers act the way they do.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingSeize Control Of Your Content StrategyErna Alfred Liousas, Ryan SkinnerToday's empowered and digitally connected customers engage less with traditional advertising messages. However, they are interested in useful and valuable content that can improve their lives, help them make decisions, and get more value from their purchases. B2C marketers struggle to produce content that is valuable in their customers' eyes. Develop a strategic approach to content marketing that will deliver valuable content and drive business results for your brand with this report. This is an update of a previously published report "Build Your Content Strategy With The Marketing RaDaR." Forrester reviews and updates reports periodically for continued relevance and accuracy; we revised this edition to factor in new examples and data.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingForrester's Consumer Privacy SegmentationFatemeh KhatiblooAs the privacy landscape evolves, consumers are more aware than ever that companies collect and use their personal data for marketing and advertising purposes. B2C marketers need to understand their customers' expectations and concerns in order to ensure that they're correctly applying contextual privacy practices. This report uses Forrester's Consumer Technographics research to define four consumer segments as well as their attitudes and behaviors relating to marketers' collection and use of personal data
Oct 2017Customer InsightsManage Your Privacy Program With Key FrameworksFatemeh KhatiblooThis report will highlight the different privacy self-regulatory frameworks from IAB, NAI, etc., and outline what it means for marketers.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingPredictions 2018: PrivacyFatemeh KhatiblooIn 2018, B2C marketers must prepare to face ever-growing threats to their carefully constructed systems of insight. This report lays out the top trends in privacy that will affect marketers in 2018.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategySector Spotlight: Fashion/ApparelFiona SwerdlowA deep dive into the fashion/apparel retail market in the US.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe State Of Retailing Online 2017: Marketing And MerchandisingFiona SwerdlowForrester's semi-annual report published in partnership with on marketing and merchandising.
Oct 2017CIOMarket Segments: Understanding The Complex IoT LandscapeFrank E. GillettThis report defines the categories, maturity, and timing of internet of things technology that will power new customer engagement models.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsLaunch Your Own BT Industrial Revolution With AutomationGlenn O'Donnell, Chris GardnerAutomation is changing the technology management landscape. Tedious, repetitive I&O work is best done by software, altering the nature of tech jobs. This report outlines the emerging landscape of automation and how you can gain from the benefits of this expanding set of capabilities.
Oct 2017Enterprise ArchitectureForrester's Business Capability Portfolio Assessment: ToolGordon BarnettThis will be an update to the existing tool, but will delve deeper into the scoring criteria of the underlying people, process and technology.
Oct 2017Security & RiskThe State Of Network Security, 2017 To 2018Heidi SheyThis data-driven report outlines budgeting and spending, security group responsibilities, network security technology, and services adoption in North American and European organizations for 2017 to 2018. Understanding these trends and their implications will help security and risk (S&R) executives examine and adjust their resources for their enterprises' security architecture and operations strategies.
Oct 2017Security & RiskCalculate The Business Impact And Cost Of A BreachHeidi Shey, Josh ZelonisThe business impact and cost of a breach are notoriously difficult to measure. A data breach initiates a tangle of direct and indirect costs, with some costs accruing in the immediate aftermath and other costs occurring years after the actual breach event. This report will help security and risk (S&R) leaders educate business executives about the variety of potential costs of a breach and build the business case for investments in security architecture and operations necessary to defend their sensitive data.
Oct 2017Enterprise ArchitectureVendor Landscape: IoT IntegrationHenry PeyretNew but an important component in the integration landscape, IoT integration deals with streaming, multiple M2M protocols, real-time issues, large volumes, etc. There are two sorts of offerings for now with IoT for commercial and IoT for industrial with different requirements. This report will provide an overview of the space.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe Technology-Augmented WorkforceJ. P. GownderFrom smartphones and tablets to wearable devices to automated assistants and internet of things scenarios, it's possible to augment the workforce with a growing set of technologies. What does it mean to augment the workforce, what technologies are appropriate, and how do you get started?
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyBuild An Effective Digital Education ProgramJacob MorganeBusiness executives see a lack of digital skills and expertise as one of the critical blockers to digital transformation. In today's fast-moving, complex environment, it's no surprise that many employees feel out of their depth or even afraid of the impact that digital business transformation could have on their roles. Yet if digital is to be more than a bolt-on for your organization, it's vital that everyone in your firm understand what digital means to them. Education is the cornerstone of digital transformation. If your employees are to embrace digital, they must first understand it. As an eBusiness leader, it's your responsibility to lead the education of your entire employee base, from your chief executive right down to your frontline operational staff. Each one will be affected by digital disruption in a different way, and this report shares some best practices for identifying and educating each of these key stakeholder groups.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDigitize Your Business Strategy With A Three-Phase Road MapJacob MorganDigitizing your business strategy is a multiyear, multidimensional challenge. Traditionally, firms approach such a wholesale change as a big-bang transformation program, but the reality is that too many of these large-scale change programs fail. Digital business executives must champion a new tactic -- one that delivers an adaptable, iterative approach to transformational change that can flex to accommodate the ever-shifting customer and competitive landscape. This document, part of our digital business transformation playbook, outlines the major phases of digital transformation. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategySustain A Digital CultureJacob MorganTo create a sustainable digital culture, eBusiness leaders must embed digital skills, knowledge, processes, and technologies within their firms and must reinforce and adapt the culture as the world around them continues to evolve. This means embracing agility and learning to be truly cross-functional. This report examines some of the strategies that digital business executives employ to digitize business strategy from within their area of accountability and the ways they are making customer insight and agility core to their continuous improvement. This is an update of a previously published report.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyBuild Next-Generation Digital Banking CapabilitiesJacob Morgan, Peter WannemacherDigital banking strategy demands a new approach to technology management. In the past banks have delivered technology through: monolithic, on-premises applications chosen because a bank signed a five-year enterprise agreement with a vendor; waterfall software development with only two release windows a year; business executives throwing endless lists of "must-have" features over the wall to technology management teams. Digital business strategy executives must collaborate with their firms' technology teams to champion a business technology (BT) agenda and transform the way they design, develop, and deliver innovation by adopting approaches like Agile development and DevOps. This report will be the Tools & Technologies chapter in our Digital Banking Strategy playbook.
Oct 2017B2B MarketingTectonic Changes In IT Distribution Including Consolidation, Business Model Transformation, And Shifting CompetitionJay McBainAs the customer buying journey has shifted with cloud and SaaS technology, so too has IT Distribution. The traditional business model of supply chain excellence combined with credit fulfillment is shifting as demand for hardware is declining and customers are purchasing technology on a monthly recurring basis. Vendors must look at their distribution strategy and understand how consolidation and shifting competition is dramatically redrawing the battle lines.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryBest Practices For IoT Software DevelopmentJeffrey S. HammondThis report will examine the organizational, architectural, and process best practices that application development and delivery teams are using to build, deploy and maintain internet of things products and systems. We will examine both connected and industrial internet use cases, and publish several case studies to accompany this report.
Oct 2017CIOCIOs Guide To Sourcing External DataJennifer Belissent, Ph.D.Business and technology leaders recognize the digital transformation imperative. They know they must better understand their operations to improve them and understand their customers to better serve them. To do this, 64% of decision-makers want to better leverage data and analytics in their decision making -- starting with their internal transaction data, CRM, customer interactions, Net Promoter Scores, and other performance metrics. However, the clear majority are also looking to supplement their own data with external data; 81% want to expand their ability to source new data such as partner data, weather, news, social media listening, and other third-party data sources. This report describes trends in external data sourcing, exploring alternative data sources, and data services offers.
Oct 2017Customer ExperienceMastering Marketing And CX Collaboration To Deliver Great ExperiencesJennifer WiseDuring the "I" of the IDEA framework, marketers are tasked with identifying the mobile moments and context. This report provides best practices in combining marketer and customer experience strengths to identify the core mobile moments for your consumer and your brand.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingThe Financial Payback For Marketing MeasurementJim NailUnified marketing impact analytics (UMIA) promises to apportion credit to all marketing activities. Marketers, under pressure to be more accountable for the financial returns of their efforts, embrace this technique, but they often find it difficult to persuade management to make what can be a significant upfront investment. This report helps B2C marketers build the business case for UMIA by benchmarking the ROI it provides and outlining the costs, benefits, and risks involved in ensuring a successful implementation. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We updated this edition with more recent data.
Oct 2017Customer ExperienceThe France Customer Experience Index, 2017Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Alex CauseyLearn which companies and industries in France create the most loyalty with their CX and which ones have room for improvement.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingUpgrade Your Processes To Support Contextual MarketingJoe StanhopeProcesses are the unsung heroes of managing modern marketing technology and delivering contextual marketing that satisfies demanding customers. Marketers need to evaluate and enhance their processes to maximize quality, efficiency, speed, and resource utilization. This report helps B2C marketers understand how processes are evolving and how to measure and optimize processes.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingVendor Landscape: Enterprise Marketing Software SuitesJoe StanhopeThis vendor landscape will describe, segment, and analyze vendors in enterprise marketing technology to help B2C marketing professionals best understand what marketing technologies they need. Forrester will examine all significant vendors in what it defines as the next-generation space.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q4 2017John R. RymerLow-code platforms are proving themselves in a variety of contexts, from accelerating the work of experienced dev teams to allowing business experts to act as "citizen developers." This Forrester Wave™ report will update our evaluation of the important suppliers in this fast-growing market.
Oct 2017Security & RiskTop Cybersecurity Threats To Your Digital Business In 2018Josh ZelonisSecurity and risk (S&R) pros have the challenging task of using finite budgets to protect their business from every possible attack type in the threat landscape. One strategy for approaching this challenge is to use historical attack trends to prioritize protections against attacks that are the most highly probable. This report analyzes common attack patterns responsible for breaches in 2017 to facilitate this approach.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryAssess Your CRM Maturity In 2017Kate LeggettManaging your company's relationships with those who buy your company's products and services has never been more important. But as a CRM leader, where do you start? Where do you focus your efforts? And as your firm matures, how do you know you are on the right track? Forrester's CRM maturity model 4.0 offers application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals a way to plot organizational maturity, and a roadmap to modernize operations and elevate CRM capabilities.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Second Coming Of Digital-First Customer Service SolutionsKate LeggettCustomers demand that their time be valued, and are increasingly interacting over digital channels like chatbots, virtual agents, chat, messaging, and social channels for customer service. They also expect that these interactions be intuitive, conversational, highly personal, and can be stopped and restarted over time. Vendors are responding to this challenge by offering AI-fueled digital-first solutions that support customers over  these channels in a way that meets their expectations. This report will highlight customer demand and the state of the digital-first customer service vendor solutions.
Oct 2017CIOCase Study: Agile Healthcare DevelopmentKate McCarthyThis case study will highlight a healthcare organization's move to embrace Agile practices as they develop applications for patient engagement.
Oct 2017CIOThe mHealth Takeover: How Mobility Brings Healthcare Closer To The PatientKate McCarthyOnline shopping has become commonplace for retail, but healthcare still relies on its bricks and mortar to drive business. Mobility allows organizations to engage with virtual care, a growing app environment, and better capture patient data in support of a 360 view.
Oct 2017CIOEngaging Healthcare's Empowered Patient: How Systems Of Engagement Will Drive Improved Outcomes And Build LoyaltyKate McCarthy, Ted SchadlerHealthcare struggled to engage patients both in insurance loyalty and in healthcare compliance. Systems of engagement will help payers and providers achieve success in both areas.
Oct 2017Customer ExperienceAutomating ResearchKelly PriceThis report will explore the increasing role of automation in customer understanding practices, including its benefits, tradeoffs, and impact on the research process.
Oct 2017Customer ExperienceHigh-Speed Customer UnderstandingKelly PriceWith demands for speed increasing and the proliferation of agile, how can firms continue to integrate high-quality research into their design and development processes? This report will explore strategies for making research more actionable and effective in a fast-paced world.
Oct 2017B2B MarketingPost-Sale Engagement Is The Key To B2B Customer ObsessionLaura Ramos, TJ KeittCompanies must actively engage their current customers to decrease churn and increase revenue and advocacy. B2B marketers win when customers advocate for their companies and brands authentically in the market place.  This report explores the role marketing must play in post-sale customer experience to guide their companies toward a customer-obsessed operating model.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyStreamline The Process To Global eCommerce ExpansionLily VaronThis report will help eCommerce organizations determine which processes can help them build and operate their businesses around the globe.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyUsage-Based Billing: The Monetization Platform For IoTLily VaronFirms are shifting from one-time perpetual sales or fixed monthly subscriptions to consumption models like usage-based billing. Real time, usage-based billing provides the monetization platform for the rapidly-evolving, connected network of "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity.
Oct 2017B2B MarketingB2B Marketing Maturity In The Financial Services IndustriesLori WizdoThe focus of this report is the wholesale financial services marketing. The audience is marketing executives in a banking or investment company. The report will cover the current state of marketing maturity for business-to-business financial services, such as lending and investment banking as well as treasury, trade, and trust services. We will look at marketing practices for these firms multiple audiences: enterprise, middle market firms, and small businesses.
Oct 2017B2B MarketingMarketing Automation In ManufacturingLori WizdoThis report shows how manufacturers are using automation to become digital and build engaging marketing programs that for direct sales reps and channel partners (agents, dealers, franchise operators, etc.) to inform buyer understanding and communications.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryA Quick Guide To Web Content Management PricingMark GrannanVendors pricing models and street prices are all over the map. New cloud offerings reveal the challenges of pricing — activity, visitors, capacity, or practitioners? — while at the same time creating more pricing transparency for on-premises and cloud-hosted solutions. This report captures the major pricing models and conveys pricing bands for different WCM scenarios from vendors including Adobe, IBM, EPiServer, Acquia, SDL, Sitecore, Hippo, Crownpeak, and Oracle.
Oct 2017CIOBlockchain Myths DispelledMartha BennettDescription coming soon.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyEmbrace Next Generation Digital Organization Design To Spark InnovationMartin GillDescription coming soon.
Oct 2017B2B MarketingPicking Up On Social Cues: How Savvy B2B Sellers Engage In Listening And Research Across The CycleMary Shea, John BrunoWe are well into the era of B2B social selling. As metrics around the efficacy of social selling continue to roll in, marketing and sales leaders must ensure their sellers optimize the full potential of these channels. To date, much of the conversation has focused on social as a vibrant channel to increase lead volume and velocity as well as a means to enhance relationship density within the B2B sellers' network. Savvy B2B sellers are mining social networks to uncover rich insights about their buyers and their buyer's customers positioning themselves to have more personalized and consultative interactions across the life cycle.
Oct 2017Customer ExperienceHow AI Will Change The Future Of FeedbackMaxie Schmidt-SubramanianThis report will describe how AI based tools will change how we collect feedback, create CX insights, and disseminate those insights.
Oct 2017Security & RiskVendor Landscape: Enterprise Password Managers (EPM) 2017Merritt MaximEnterprise password managers (EPM) solutions are a secure vault for storing and managing passwords to enterprise systems. This evaluation is focused on systems designed to be used within large organizations.
Oct 2017Security & RiskThe State Of Identity And Access Management: 2017 To 2018Merritt Maxim, Andras CserThis report provides a spending and technology adoption benchmark for security and risk (S&R) leaders responsible for developing their organization's identity and access management (IAM) strategy. This data-driven report outlines budgeting and spending, policies and tools in use, technology adoption plans, and other key IAM trends in global enterprise organizations for 2017 to 2018. Understanding these trends and their implications will help S&R executives examine and adjust as necessary their own IAM resource allocation to drive a positive experience with their employees and customers. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryMobile Feast Or Beggar's Banquet?Michael FacemireThe variety of mobile operating systems, devices, form factors, and middleware technologies make an implementation that simply extends existing websites impossible, as do the time-to-market and user experience demands. This report clarifies the mobile development landscape and highlights the options available to application development and delivery (AD&D) pros and where the market is heading over the next 12 to 18 months. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Chat Bot Tech StackMichael FacemireBuilding a chat bot involves more than simply writing responses to incoming chat requests. What do the technology parts look like, are there vendors that package all those parts today, and do we need to invest in machine learning and AI to win today?
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDigital Store Benchmark 2017Michelle BeesonForrester used its Digital Store Functionality Benchmark methodology to assess 20 leading retailers across the UK and US to help retail digital business executives better understand how their digital store experiences measure up against peers and best practice. This is an update of a previously published report.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsAAI Achieves Continuous Operations Despite Natural CalamityNaveen ChhabraAAI operations continued despite a deluge.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryFive Must-Dos For OVP SuccessNick BarberIn order to break down silos that separate departments, videoconferencing and collaboration tools need to be deployed to every employee. Videoconferencing can speed time to market, increase collaboration, and move organizations from siloed to connected. This report will outline how application development and delivery professionals can support and deploy the technologies needed to drive a customer-obsessed culture.
Oct 2017B2B MarketingVideo Technologies B2B Marketers Should UseNick Barber, Jacob MilenderThis report looks at why B2B marketers should leverage short-form video to build an audience, differentiate from competitors, educate customers, and generate sales and what are the technologies that can help them to do this in a more insight-driven, fast and customer-led manner.
Oct 2017Security & RiskHarden Your Human FirewallNick HayesThe human element is a critical aspect of any security program, yet awareness initiatives are sporadic, with minimal, uninspired investment. Thus, easily avoided human mistakes too often render technical controls useless. To avoid this scenario, reevaluate the way you address and influence your workforce, and turn this vulnerability into a security asset. This report takes lessons from CISOs, training firms, and communications experts to describe an approach to what has too long been a stale practice -- a new way security pros can engage the human firewall.
Oct 2017CIOThe Top Emerging Technologies For Digital PredatorsNigel FenwickCIOs must constantly evaluate an array of emerging technologies and determine where to incubate and where to increase investment. While the choices are as individual as the companies, the technologies span industries. This report sets out the key technology groups driving digital transformation and their expected business impact. CIOs must continuously invest in a blended portfolio of mature technologies to support today's customers while simultaneously nurturing emerging technologies to attract future customers.
Oct 2017CIOCreating Trusted Business MachinesNigel Fenwick, Mike GualtieriThis report details how firms are gathering sensor data to create a digital representation of the physical world and manipulating the digital reality to add customer value using examples from firms like Nest, Uber, Withings, and GE.
Oct 2017CIOThe CIO As The Service OrchestratorPascal Matzke, Matthew GuariniIntellectually CIOs realize they need to be more agile, but there is so much existing complexity and they can't reduce it overnight. Orchestration allows CIOs to see what they need to rationalize or streamline, kill or reinvest, and replace or replatform, by continually balancing and rebalancing their portfolio. This report will examine how to take a holistic perspective to look at the business outcomes your portfolio generates, not just the ROI of individual investments.
Oct 2017CIOLearning To Trust The Internet Of ThingsPaul MillerAs organizations come to depend upon increasingly pervasive networks of sensors and connected devices, questions are quite rightly being asked about the implications for security and data privacy. Forrester has argued that IoT creates real opportunities to build stronger and more sustainable business relationships with suppliers, partners, and customers. It is therefore critical to ensure that all concerned feel confident in their ability to trust the network, the devices, and the uses to which data will be put.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyEmbed Innovation To Drive Continuous Improvement In Digital BankingPeter Wannemacher, Aurelie L'HostisThis is Continuous Improvement chapter of the Digital Banking Strategy playbook.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsDesign Your Services For DependabilityRichard Fichera, Sophia I. Vargas, Naveen ChhabraUnderlying the majority of modern customer-facing systems are multiple distributed services ranging in complexity from simple services that return a single data item to a complete business process implemented as complex geographically and logically distributed services. As the BT agenda increasingly demands 24x7 availability, all of these services share an underlying requirement for reliability. This report examines the principles of reliable service design, examining design patterns and practices across the underlying supporting technology from physical infrastructure to DevOps. The report will attempt to present a set of best practices in architecture and operations to assist enterprise architecture, development, and operations teams in delivering the level of service availability demanded by the BT agenda in the AoC.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingMake The Case For Ad Technology InvestmentsRichard JoyceThis report gives marketing leaders practical guidance on when and how to build a business case for programmatic. You'll learn how to successfully articulate the desired outcomes of programmatic initiatives to key stakeholders by showing how programmatic technology complements marketing.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingThe Convergence Of Creative And Media For Better Ad ExperiencesRichard JoyceThis report is a brief on the convergence of creative and media.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryVendor Landscape: Conversational Computing PlatformsRob KoplowitzConversational computing (often referred to as chatbots) represents a new type of computer/human interaction. Platforms are emerging to support these types of interactions. This report will survey the emerging landscape of platforms supporting development of conversational computing.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsModern Service Delivery OrganizationRobert StroudDigital businesses are creating disruption in the marketplace, which is forcing other enterprises to follow in their path. These digital businesses are favoring integrated product teams that are focused on developing particular business technology solutions. For integrated product teams to be successful, they must consist of infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals who exhibit seven key characteristics; look for these individuals in your existing organization to fuel the success of DevOps and modern service delivery. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy; we substantially revised this edition to factor in new ideas, tools, and data.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsModern Service Delivery VisionRobert StroudProviding a great customer experience requires more than just a great product -- it also takes speed and flexibility. The age of the customer demands this speed and flexibility at every layer of the organization, from customer experience teams to infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals. Development and operations (DevOps) gives I&O leaders and their development peers a way to achieve the speed and quality that customers demand. This report offers I&O leaders the six-step checklist they need to achieve the speed of DevOps as well as the operating model for sustaining that speed.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsTechRadar™: Continuous Deployment, Q3 2017Robert StroudDigital businesses are the new norm, and to compete in this new digital market, software applications and products must contain new sources of customer value while at the same time adopting new operational agility. I&O pros need to change from the previous methods of releasing large software products and services at sporadic intervals to continuous deployment. I&O pros must adopt key automation technologies to make continuous deployment a reality. Use this TechRadar™ to learn the use cases, business value, and outlook of the 12 top technologies.
Oct 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe BizDevOps EvolutionRobert StroudThe next iteration beyond DevOps is a complete involvement from business to development to operations with leveraging analytics for immediate and complete adjustment of software designed for the perfect customer experience.
Oct 2017Customer ExperienceFrom Brand To CX Vision To CX StrategyRyan HartSuccessful CX visions are rooted in an organization's brand promise to the market. This vision then informs the resource allocation and tactical CX actions laid out in the CX strategy.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingContent Marketing Platforms (CMPs) Aim To Align TeamsRyan SkinnerContent marketing platforms (CMPs) have emerged to help enterprises keep all of the teams producing and publishing content on the same page. This report describes the use case they serve, what they can do and prospects for their future. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.  
Oct 2017B2C MarketingOrganizing Content To Span Customer TouchpointsRyan SkinnerDescription coming soon.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingMarketers Clear The Path To Omnichannel BuyingSamantha MerlivatThis will be an update of the Continuous Improvement chapter of the digital media buying playbook. Through various surveys of marketers Forrester collects insights on what type of progress marketers have made in their adoption of programmatic since 2014, as well as benchmarks on the challenges and objectives they will face in the coming year.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingThe State Of Programmatic Digital Media Buying, 2017Samantha MerlivatRead this report to understand how your peers are embracing programmatic digital media buying and seeking value beyond media activation.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingDriving Acquisition In The Post-Digital AgeSarah SikowitzThis report will provide best practices and strategies to drive results in the acquisition stage of the customer life cycle.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryForrester Wave™: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services, Q4 2017Somak RoyMicrosoft is increasingly expanding scope to the large enterprise, and the ubiquity of its technologies necessitates that any BT strategy have a strong Microsoft component. The report will delineate the how well top vendors in the Microsoft Dynamics services market serve the BT agenda and help CIOs select the right partner.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryGICs Make A Comeback As A Vehicle Of InnovationSomak RoyWe are seeing a GIC resurgence, and this time it's different. GICs increasingly serve as hubs of innovation, incubating new product ideas for the domestic and APAC markets, and spearheading the global scaling of experiments that are locally successful. In addition, many GICs have become CoEs for emerging ideas such as automation, housing talent, and IP that serves the parent worldwide. Also, the most enlightened GICs have a clear division of labor for core business and IT processes. They take on ideation, design, product management, and architecture -- outsourcing much of the rest to local providers.
Oct 2017Application Development & DeliveryMicrosoft Dynamics Services Market OverviewSomak RoyThe Microsoft Dynamics (AX and CRM) portfolio is expanding beyond its midsize, and subsidiary-only roots, and into the large enterprise. What are the key segments in the Microsoft Dynamics buyer market in circa 2016?
Oct 2017Security & RiskDefend Your Digital Business From Cyberattacks Using Forrester's Zero Trust ModelStephanie BalaourasIn today's threat landscape, skilled, well-funded, organized cybercriminals are working to steal your data -- the lifeblood of your digital business -- in pursuit of economic, political, or military gain. To combat this, security and risk (S&R) leaders need Forrester's Zero Trust Model of information security. With Zero Trust, S&R leaders develop robust detection and incident response capabilities and deploy security throughout the digital business ecosystem. In our security architecture and operations playbook, we show you how to defend your customers with the Zero Trust Model. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Oct 2017B2B MarketingThe Consumerization Of The B2B Buyer And Customer Life CycleSteven CaseyThe digital-first behaviors and preferences of today's B2B buyers have not only severed the early-stage connection between prospects and sales reps, they are also changing the entire practice of B2B marketing -- which is rapidly evolving to more closely resemble traditional B2C models and incorporate B2C processes and technologies. This report explores the implications of this trend for B2B marketers and examines the experiences of early adopters.
Oct 2017B2B MarketingLeverage The Data You Have For Better Account-Based SellingSteven WrightMany of the analytics needed to better map where there are hot opportunities in a territory are already in place. The question is, can you integrate and synthesize the data in a form useful to sellers?
Oct 2017B2B MarketingThe State Of B2B Social SellingSteven WrightEnabling, managing, and measuring social selling is an area of great interest for B2B marketers, and solutions have emerged that can help leverage second and third-party data related to social selling, but sellers also need help to a better job and can help sellers do a better job at social listening to establish a better dialogue with buyers.
Oct 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyAccelerate Digital Innovation Through A Business Technology PartnershipTed SchadlerThe days of monolithic applications running in data centers, waterfall software development with two releases a year, and business executives throwing endless lists of "must-have" features over the wall to technology management teams are gone. Instead, digital business professionals must help their CIOs drive a modern, agile, and customer-focused approach to the technologies that drive engagement and insights. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We revised this edition to factor in new data, examples, and ideas.
Oct 2017CMOThe Top Technologies For Your Business Technology Agenda, 2016Ted SchadlerCustomer-obsessed firms are customer-led and insights-driven. They move fast rather than perfectly, and they are connected to serve increasingly powerful customers. CMOs must engage with CIOs to wield a critical asset: the business technology to win, serve, and retain customers. This report identifies the top technologies for your business technology agenda, including systems of insight to understand customers and systems of engagement to win, serve, and retain them along every step of their journeys.
Oct 2017B2C MarketingAdd Emotion To Your Branded ConversationsThomas HussonMessaging apps are driving a new form of communication between people and will also change the way they interact with brands.
Oct 2017B2B MarketingAugmented Reality: What's Next After Pokemon Go?Thomas HussonThis report will focus on how marketers should approach AR.
Oct 2017B2C Marketing2018 Mobile Marketing TrendsThomas Husson, Julie A. AskThis report will look at what mobile trends marketers can expect in 2018.
Oct 2017CIOCreate A Road Map Toward Digital Operational ExcellenceTim SheedyYour business needs your help with digitizing the operations of the company -- CIOs can help provide the speed that businesses need to become -- and remain customer obsessed. This report will help you to prioritize your DOX initiatives in support of your business and customer demands.
Oct 2017Customer ExperienceThe Failures And Milestones Of Organizations Who Achieved Customer-CentricityTom ChampionThis report cites the lessons learned from organizations that have been through the transition from laggards to leaders in customer-centricity and what their tumultuous Phase 1's looked like.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureDesign Your EA Organization For Your Value PropositionAlex CullenWhen firms initiate enterprise architecture (EA) programs or, more commonly, when they relaunch unsuccessful ones, EA leaders must decide what resources they need and how to organize them. But the most important factor driving these staffing and organization decisions is how EA professionals will provide value to their customers. As tech management organizations focus on delivering their BT strategies, organizing around value delivery becomes key to influence and impact. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We have updated this edition to reflect our latest thinking on designing a successful EA operating model that considers how the larger context and needs of your stakeholders translate into an organization chart and staffing plan.
Nov 2017B2B MarketingGarner Executive Support For Predictive Marketing AnalyticsAllison SnowPredictive marketing analytics (PMA) deserves should be present in a balanced B2B marketing technology portfolio since the category powers three distinct but core responsibilities: ongoing nurture for known accounts, cultivation of anonymous contacts at unknown accounts and, and finally, identification of new accounts showing signals of interest in a firm’s portfolio of services and offerings. But B2B marketers often find it difficult to persuade management to make what can be a significant upfront investment. This report helps B2B marketers build the business case for PMA by outlining the costs, benefits, and risks involved in ensuring a successful implementation.
Nov 2017Customer ExperienceCX Index -- India 2017Amit BhatiaAs the focus on customer experience (CX) in India grows, brands are increasing their investments and efforts to provide customers with higher-quality experiences. Despite this, our inaugural Customer Experience Index in 2015 showed that many brands provided poor to mediocre CX. Our 2017 survey of Indian consumers provides the latest in-depth view of the CX quality that brands in India deliver. CX pros at firms in India can use this to discover which industries and companies are providing the best CX in India and how to improve the CX their firms deliver.
Nov 2017Security & RiskThe Forrester Wave™: Static Application Security Testing, Q4 2017Amy DeMartineWe identified the most significant firms in the category and analyzed their offerings. This report details our findings about how well these consultancies fulfill our criteria, and where they stand in relation to each other, to help security leaders select the right partner for their initiatives.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyRank Yourself With The Digital Maturity ModelAnanda ChakravartyAs eBusiness and channel strategy professionals at retail companies evaluate their eCommerce opportunities, establishing a level set of current strengths and weaknesses is essential. In 2017, Forrester will update its digital maturity model, a framework to evaluate your preparedness in driving digital transactions by plotting your organizational maturity. This framework evaluates companies on more than two dozen criteria, ranks them against other eBusinesses, and provides a prescriptive approach on what different companies -- from the laggards to the leaders -- should do next. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyRetail Returns Are Integral To Customer EngagementAnanda ChakravartyIn 2015, returns drove over $260B worth of GMV in US retail. This report explores how retailers should manage reverse logistics and looks at the problem through the customer lens -- including a primer on how to cultivate the best customer relationship through return policy, returns management, and accurate customer communication.
Nov 2017Security & RiskVendor Landscape: eCommerce Retail Fraud Management (ERFM) 2017Andras CserOnline retailers have to fight fraud in real time to prevent fraud losses and chargebacks. In addition to using rules-based solutions, many find machine-learning-based solutions of higher accuracy. This vendor landscape looks at the current capabilities of solutions and business models of vendors (take over chargeback losses for a fixed cut of revenues) in ERFM.10/27/2017
Nov 2017Security & RiskThe Forrester Wave™: Identity-As-A-Service, Q4 2017Andras Cser, Merritt MaximDescription coming soon.
Nov 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe Forrester Wave™: Hardware Platforms For Software Defined Networking, Q4 2017Andre KindnessThis report will evaluate the offerings of the top vendors of hardware designed to support next-generation software-defined networking (SDN). As the SDN market evolves, these platforms enable the flexibility and investment protection necessary for the digital business.
Nov 2017Infrastructure & OperationsFollow A Systems Approach To Modular Service DesignAndre Kindness, Richard FicheraModular architectures promise a simpler way to purchase and deploy infrastructure and applications. Whether you are considering modular software systems, converged infrastructure, or modular data center expansions, each will disrupt traditional roles and processes and demand a systems approach to optimize service delivery.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyReport: Monetize B2B IoTAndy HoarSoon there will be billions of connected devices operating in and around B2B business ecosystems. Today's leading B2B companies are building the infrastructure to deploy and network those devices, but tomorrow's leading B2B companies must plan for how to monetize the network. This will lead to new business models, new customer relationships, and new market opportunities. This report will lay out the possibilities and guide B2B companies on how to get several steps ahead.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyCreating A Retail AI StrategyAnjali YakkundiNearly every organization we speak with today is talking about AI and the potential operational and customer experience benefits of using AI technology. This report will help retailers specifically understand what AI means for them and how they can compete and differentiate in a very competitive market using AI technology.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe Evolution Of Destination RetailingAnjali YakkundiEvery day we hear about more retailers shuttering storefronts in hopes of advancing their online business, but brick and mortar is far from dead. It's evolving. Despite falling foot traffic, we see that customers who enter the store are more qualified and have a greater intent to buy. Leading retailers are beginning to roll out services in store to transform the store into a destination and experience for more than just shopping. This report will highlight the successes of retailers who have strategically deployed in-store services to create great customer experiences and grow the business via new revenue streams.
Nov 2017Infrastructure & OperationsRefine Your Cloud Maturity Through Continual AssessmentBill MartorelliAs infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders plan to refresh their strategies to determine the next stage in their cloud evolution, Forrester recommends three key measurement and comparison practices: 1) benchmarking cloud adoption relative to peers; 2) developing a Balanced Scorecard to track individual project success; and 3) completing a maturity assessment to understand an optimized future for your cloud strategy. This report targets the fourth comparison tool. A relentless program of reassessment identifies targets for specific improvement to continuously improve your cloud value to customers.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyBuild A Profitable Omnichannel Fulfillment ProgramBrendan Witcher  It's increasingly common for retailers with stores and digital businesses to either already have in place or plan to implement omnichannel fulfillment programs. However, many are unaware of the incremental expense of operating these programs, and, by extension, unaware of overall contribution. eBusiness leaders who are leading omnichannel fulfillment initiatives are now realizing that they need to move from implementing to optimizing their omnichannel fulfillment programs. This report looks forward and provides eBusiness leaders with best practices on how to operate a profitable omnichannel fulfillment program today and in the future.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyPersonalization: Retail/In-Store EnvironmentBrendan WitcherPersonalization 2.0 represents a new way of engaging customers seamlessly across channels and screens. At the same time, the digital store is emerging as a common element in every leading retailer's strategic road map. This report will look at best practices and case studies, as well as opportunities and challenges of enabling personalization within the digital store environment.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureInternet Of Things Analytics Platform LandscapeBrian HopkinsThis report will highlight the vendor landscape for IoT analytics and insights providers.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureChoosing A Service ProviderCheryl McKinnonDescription coming soon.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureECM Requires Investment: The Five Key Elements To Include In Your Business CaseCheryl McKinnonA solid enterprise content management (ECM) business case articulates the current state, the viable options, and the investments that enterprises must make to proceed. Enterprise architects play a central role during business case development by establishing clear goals, desired benefits, risks, and capacity gaps when requesting the financial investments needed to proceed. This report will lay out five elements of an ECM business case to checklist before asking senior management for a "go" or "no go" decision. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We are now updating it to reflect our most recent research on ECM.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureMeasure What Matters: Focus On Business Metrics To Sustain Success With ECMCheryl McKinnonTechnology managers can fall into the trap of measuring the performance of an enterprise content management (ECM) initiative by merely counting user- or system-generated activities. Enterprise architecture (EA) professionals must take a broader line of sight in such programs and tie performance measurements to the organization's core business missions. This report outlines an approach to set stronger success metrics for an ECM initiative. It will help EA pros envision -- and achieve -- successful ECM outcomes. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We are now updating it to include our most recent research on ECM solutions.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureSolve Your Top Content Challenges With Modern, Agile ECM ArchitecturesCheryl McKinnonEmployees and customers use content daily to conduct business. Enterprise content management (ECM) is not a single technology; ECM tools help create and share content in line with business goals and corporate policies. This report outlines the key capabilities that define the ECM market and helps enterprise architects align their business requirements with the available technology options. The market has evolved to include a range of vendor approaches, including software-as-a-service offerings, open source platforms, and traditional ECM suites. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. This update reflects current trends in the ECM market.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureThe 10 Key Attributes That Reveal Your ECM Maturity LevelCheryl McKinnonOrganizations roll out content management (CM) applications to tackle a myriad of objectives. Chief among these are content sharing, improved search, compliance, and process automation. Yet many content management initiatives fail. Sometimes, the underlying technology isn't up to the task, but more often than not, enterprises with ineffective approaches either drift into unplanned implementations or make the leap to deploy a CM application without looking closely at requirements, processes, and supporting program elements. This report provides a framework for enterprise architecture (EA) professionals to assess their organization's CM maturity, facilitating program improvements and better implementation planning.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureThe Forrester Wave™: Enterprise File Sync And Share Platforms, Hybrid Solutions, Q4 2017Cheryl McKinnonIn our 37-criteria evaluation of enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) providers with hybrid or on-premises deployment options, we identified the 10 most significant -- Accellion, Acronis, BlackBerry, Citrix, Egnyte, IBM, Microsoft, Syncplicity, Varonis, and VMware -- and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each solution provider measures up and helps enterprise architecture (EA) professionals make an informed choice when a hybrid or on-premises service for file sharing and storage is the preferred approach.
Nov 2017Application Development & DeliveryApplication Delivery In the Modern AgeChristopher CondoThis is an update to the executive overview of the Modern App Delivery playbook.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingDetermine Your Customer's Discovery ChannelsCollin ColburnUsing Forrester's customer life-cycle data, this report will help marketers determine where they should allocate resources and budget to enable consumer discovery of their brands and products.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureE-Signature Case Studies North America & EMEACraig Le ClairDescription coming soon.
Nov 2017CIOTranslating Business Requirements Into Network-Performance IndicatorsDan BielerMany CIOs are not that familiar with the traditional enterprise network-related key performance indicators. However, these KPIs have a direct impact on the technology solutions that CIOs and business leaders are implementing. This report will help them better understand the network-related KPIs and translate them into business-specific benefits. The report will also investigate the evolution of business-outcome-oriented KPIs and how network KPIs will need to be adjusted.
Nov 2017Infrastructure & OperationsPredictions 2018: Cloud ComputingDave BartolettiForrester makes its cloud predictions for 2018.
Nov 2017Infrastructure & OperationsElevate Human Performance With Workforce EnablementDavid K. JohnsonWhat's missing from most workforce technology strategies is an understanding of what makes people truly engaged and productive employees and how this relates to customer experience and financial performance for the company. To gain that understanding and put it into practice, infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals should use an approach Forrester calls "customer-obsessed workforce enablement" to rethink how to deliver technology to the people who drive the business. This executive overview explains the factors forcing this reassessment and how Forrester's workforce enablement playbook helps you ensure that your company's employees have the technology they need to do their best work with Forrester's "discover, plan, act, and optimize" approach. Forrester reviews and revises this report periodically for continued relevance and accuracy; we are updating this edition to factor in new ideas on workforce enablement.
Nov 2017Infrastructure & OperationsThe Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Mobile Management, Q4 2017David K. JohnsonEnterprise mobile management (EMM) is a key technology for managing and securing employee mobile devices and applications. But it's not just mobile anymore: providers today are expanding to provide management for PCs, Chromebooks and even IoT devices. In Forrester's data-driven evaluation of the enterprise mobile management (EMM) market, we identify today's leading providers and analyze their offerings according to current offering, strategy and market presence. This report reveals our findings and helps infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals select the right partner to provide the best employee experience for their workforce.
Nov 2017Infrastructure & OperationsIntroducing Forrester's Employee Experience IndexDavid K. Johnson, Samuel SternThis research will be a data-driven report based on the employee experience index benchmark and diagnostics questions currently slated for inclusion in the new 2017 Forrester Recontact survey. It will be co-authored with Sam Stern.
Nov 2017CMOWhat Is Neuromarketing?Dipanjan ChatterjeeIn the traditional brand model, brand attributes feed into a black box -- the brain --  and emerge as outcomes or measures of success. Brand marketers usually measure brand attributes and outcomes, but we never really explore the mysterious black box where all of the action takes place. Neuromarketing cracks that door open just a bit and lets in some light. As more light gets in, this will fundamentally change how brands develop. In this report, we explore the possible applications for neuromarketing for today's CMOs.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyBuild Next-Generation Digital Insurance CapabilitiesEllen CarneyDigital insurance demands a new approach to technology management. Think about how insurance companies have delivered technology in the past: monolithic, on-premises applications chosen because a firm signed a five-year enterprise agreement with a vendor; waterfall software development with only two release windows a year; business executives throwing endless lists of "must-have" features over the wall to technology management teams. Digital business strategy executives must collaborate with their firms' technology teams to champion a business technology (BT) agenda and transform the way they design, develop, and deliver innovation by adopting approaches like Agile development and DevOps. This report will be the Tools & Technologies chapter in Forrester's Digital Insurance Strategy playbook.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingPave A Clear Path To Advanced LoyaltyEmily CollinsB2C marketing professionals striving to increase customer loyalty face many challenges, including myopic me-too strategies, disparate data, siloed customer insights, and inadequate measurement practices. If you want to elevate your loyalty approach, you need a road map that clearly articulates the steps to get there. Starting with your loyalty maturity level, this report helps you turn your strategic plan into actionable steps. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingAdvance Your Social Marketing MaturityErna Alfred LiousasAdvancing social marketing maturity doesn't happen overnight, but there are key steps that marketing leaders can take now to accelerate to the next stage. In this report, we provide you with a road map to each social marketing maturity stage by identifying the key capabilities you must prioritize and the specific actions you can take to accelerate your advancement. This is the Road Map chapter of the Social Marketing Playbook.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingDrive Social Marketing Success With The POST ProcessErna Alfred LiousasMarketers continue to approach social marketing as a destination without clearly articulating intent. Instead of asking what can be accomplished, we're often distracted by the buzz of new social site. This report focuses on a strategic approach to ground social programs within tangible elements such as business objectives.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyDigital Touchpoint Investments Significantly Influence US Retail SalesFiona SwerdlowThis document updates our annual forecast of the influence of web research on physical stores.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyPredictions 2018Fiona SwerdlowRetail eBusiness pros in 2018 will face numerous challenges, from wooing cautious consumers and creating rich personalized customer experiences to offering free and fast delivery (without breaking the bank) in the battle for customer loyalty. They must also pivot (even if painfully) to true mobile-first thinking and managing through the still-acute shortage of "digitally fluent" talent from operations to the C-suite. This brief outlines how retailers will tackle these issues, and it uncovers some areas that they will not have to deal with in the next year.
Nov 2017Application Development & DeliveryEmpowered Versus Assisted Decision Analysis In Retail And Consumer GoodsGeorge LawrieRetail category managers and CPG product managers make extensive use of "analytics." This research looks at the impact of embedded quantitative techniques compared with self-service, self-guided decisions.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureEA/BA GovernanceGordon BarnettThis report will highlight the different types of governance models and best practices used by EA professionals within Forrester clients.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureThe Forrester Wave™: B2B Integration, Q4 2017Henry PeyretSince EDI began, B2B integration has been evolving to bring marketplace, digital business network, and managed shared storage to the API. This Forrester Wave will analyze and compare propositions from vendors to help drive dynamic ecosystems that digital disruption is introducing.
Nov 2017Application Development & DeliveryMachine Learning: Agents Training Their Own ReplacementsIan JacobsWhen it comes to customer engagement machine learning is not a "set it and forget it" approach to continuous improvement. It requires substantial human resources to help train the machine over time to ensure the system accurately identifies customer needs and acts on it with the next best action. This report delves into the issues, technologies and practices AD&D pros need to consider when leveraging their army of human agents for machine learning to optimize customer experiences.
Nov 2017Application Development & DeliveryStop Using Voice As A Model For Digital Contact Center Workforce OptimizationIan JacobsOver the past 20 years, customer service application pros have built out mature service optimization processes around voice calls.  But as customers increasingly prefer to get customer service through digital channels, contact center pros find these workforce optimization tools and processes have digital blind spots.  For example, well understood forecasting models, such as Erlang, simply do not work well for digital channels in which agents can handle multiple interactions at the same time. Similarly, formerly gold-standard metrics such as average handle time do not accurately measure performance in a multi-session interaction. And, quality monitoring tools and processes designed for reviewing call recordings leave companies in the dark about the quality of their chat, email, social, and messaging interactions. This report will detail approaches to bring your workforce optimization technologies and processes to the omnichannel world.
Nov 2017Infrastructure & OperationsHow To Choose The Best Innovation ApproachJ. P. GownderI&O leaders are often tasked with innovation efforts, either leading them or working in tandem with business leadership. Yet there are numerous approaches a company can take to innovate: Innovation labs, intrapreneurs, co-creation with customers, open innovation, innovation accelerators . . . and many other approaches. This report will outline major approaches to technology-infused business innovation, and offer guidance about which one is most appropriate under particular circumstances.
Nov 2017Customer InsightsThe Forrester Wave™: Web Analytics, Q4 2017James McCormickThis report features and compares the top vendors and their solutions for web analytics in the market.
Nov 2017Customer ExperienceThe UX Team's Shape, Size, And SalariesJennifer WiseAs experience design's role in the organization grows, companies scramble to staff up. But they lack clarity about the number of people required, their skill-sets, salaries, and who they should report to. This report will provide guidelines to help experience design practices scale.
Nov 2017Customer ExperienceVendor Landscape: Experience Design Technology ProvidersJennifer WiseExperience designers rely on a suite of technologies to support their efforts from user research through to high-fidelity prototypes, and optimize collaboration processes within and across teams and functions. This report will provide an overview of these technologies and a segmentation of the vendors across this landscape.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingThe State Of Marketing Measurement, 2017Jim NailIn this report, we'll take a dive deep into a survey of marketing measurement and optimization vendor customers to understand what steps B2C marketers are taking today for optimal measurement results.
Nov 2017Customer ExperienceThe Germany Customer Experience Index, 2017Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Alex CauseyLearn which companies and industries in the Germany create the most loyalty with their CX and which ones have room for improvement.
Nov 2017Customer ExperienceThe UK Customer Experience Index, 2017Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Alex CauseyLearn which companies and industries in the UK create the most loyalty with their CX and which ones have room for improvement.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingElevate Your Approach To Cross-Channel Campaign MeasurementJoe StanhopeThe processes of measuring and reporting on campaign performance are trickier because B2C marketing pros often struggle to relate channel-specific metrics to high-level business outcomes. This report provides a framework for B2C marketers to define their key performance indicators (KPIs), build a measurement plan, and embed reporting within a performance management strategy.
Nov 2017Application Development & DeliveryNavigate The Future Of CPQ In 2018John BrunoB2B buying expectations continue to rapidly evolve, and B2B sales organizations struggle to keep up with the pace of change. Configure Price Quote (CPQ) continues to play more of a role in helping companies formalize their approaches to delivering against these needs. CPQ has the potential to play a bigger role in not just solve configuration challenges but solve the consultative, solution selling challenges. This report summarizes the top trends application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals need to take into account when planning for CPQ success in 2018.
Nov 2017Security & RiskThe Forrester Wave™: DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Q4 2017Joseph BlankenshipThe demand for DDoS protection is growing in importance because distributed denial of service attacks now represent a considerable percentage of the total number of threats against organizations of all sizes. DDoS has historically focused on disruption, but today it is more frequently an opening salvo for more complex attacks that result in theft of sensitive data or valuable intellectual property. Also, with the explosion of IoT devices, cybercriminals are compromising and marshaling these devices into botnet armies in order to launch unprecedented DDoS attacks. In this report, we research, analyze, and score the top vendor solutions.
Nov 2017Security & RiskVendor Landscape: Security Automation And Orchestration SolutionsJoseph BlankenshipThe only way to prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data according to predetermined risk tolerance levels set by the business is to automate the response. When S&R pros define security policy according to declared business needs, automation, and orchestration solutions help coordinate a swift response. They do this by leveraging a security analytics engine that generates a response index based on factors such as importance and likelihood of a breach, thus allowing security teams to automate the right type of response based on the event. In this report, we identify and analyze the most important vendors in this space.
Nov 2017Security & RiskTechRadar™: Zero Trust Network Threat Mitigation Technologies, Q4 2017Joseph Blankenship, Chase CunninghamThis TechRadar™, the road map document of the security architecture and operations playbook, defines the use cases, business value, and outlook for the technologies that comprise the most important network threat mitigation technologies. This includes core technologies such as next-generation firewalls and automated malware analysis solutions, but it also includes emerging and growth technologies such as breach simulation and security analytics.
Nov 2017CIOCase Study: Gamification In HealthcareKate McCarthyThis case study will highlight an example of a gamification application for healthcare and will identify best practices for patient engagement through gamification.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyUnderstand The Metrics That Drive Global eCommerce SuccessLily VaronThis report will outline which metrics eBusiness professionals with an existing global business should use to measure themselves and optimize their efforts in new markets.
Nov 2017B2B MarketingIs Outsourcing Demand Generation A Viable Strategy For L2RM?Lori Wizdo, Laura RamosThis report reviews the options B2B CMOs have for working with digital agencies, traditional professional services firms building marketing practices organically or through acquisition, or an emerging set of firms focused primarily on demand generation to determine if these service providers can better help marketing make the pivot from campaign-centric to customer-engaged.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureImprove Benefits Realization With Strategic Portfolio ManagementMargo VisitacionDespite increasing Agile adoption, less than half of all companies consistently measure the actual benefits received from strategic initiatives. Delivering on the customer oriented operating model (COOM) requires firms to establish clear, measurable objectives to provide focus and direction for delivery, but when priorities change quickly, companies can quickly be thrown into chaos. Strategic portfolio management (SPM) practices and tools enable organizations to quickly identify which initiatives will help them achieve objectives, manage dependencies, and analyze the data to validate delivery outcomes.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureVendor Landscape: Professional Services AutomationMargo VisitacionThe professional services industry continues to experience significant growth, with close to 900,000 firms in the US alone. Delivering outstanding customer experiences through the services delivered is central to robust revenue growth. Doing that consistently requires managing opportunity pipelines, effectively scoping and putting the right resources to deliver project-based or process-based services within profitable margins. Historically, this has been a largely manual exercise for all but top tier services firms. The market for professional services automation solutions has seen consolidation at the top end of the market, however, there are a number of flexible options that can address the needs at the midmarket level. This vendor landscape examines the solutions that make up the professional services automation (PSA) market.
Nov 2017Application Development & DeliveryHow Banks Get Value Out Of Blockchain Technologies During The Next YearMartha Bennett, Jost HoppermannDescription coming soon.
Nov 2017B2B MarketingVendor Landscape: B2B Social Selling PlatformsMary Shea, Steven CaseyIn the next 12 months as savvy sales leaders look to enable their sales force to benefit from more vibrant distribution channels, deliver buyer-centric content and engage in an authentic manner, comprehensive social selling programs will become more mainstream. This vendor landscape will provide an overview of top B2B social selling platforms looking at their capabilities in enabling sellers to increase the density and impact of their digital networks and their ability to support sales social engagement activities across the buyer life cycle.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingHow to Fail Fast And CheaplyMelissa ParrishIn today's uncertain business environment, executives are even more confused about go/no-go investment decisions across marketing and product development -- which is why they need a better framework to assess risk and return. The most sophisticated businesses are already using analytics to figure out what their next best move should be. But knowing what's coming next is only helpful if you also have the ability to act on it. This research will show business leaders how to apply advanced analytics to understand when in-market initiatives will fail and make the bold move to stop them before feeling the effects of failure.
Nov 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Future Of Enterprise MobilityMichael FacemireEnterprise mobility (or B2E mobile experiences) have still not caught up to the excitement that drove them in the early days of mobile. Why is that? Why do most employees only use one to two mobile apps to augment their job, while many companies have spent six or seven figures on mobile development platforms? The need for employee mobile experiences still exist, and they'll finally be met thanks to chat platforms and ubiquitous actionable mobile notifications.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyHighlights From European Web-Influenced Retail Sales ForecastMichelle BeesonConsumers expect to interact with one connected retail organization rather than multiple disparate channels. eBusiness professionals must thus create connected continuous customer experiences across all digital touchpoints. Furthermore, they must measure and use the digital assets' value to drive transactions both in-store and online. This report shares highlights from Forrester's latest web-influenced retail sales forecast for Europe, which quantifies and projects the influence of digital touchpoints on overall retail sales, online and offline, in Europe.
Nov 2017CIOAssessing The Maturity Of Your Product Development Org For IoTNate FlemingConnected products introduce a new set of necessary skill sets, systems, and processes to the product development organization. Use this assessment tool to evaluate the maturity of your current product development organization and understand what actions must be taken to prepare your org for the complex world of IoT product development.
Nov 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Product Lifecycle Management, Q4 2017Nate FlemingThe PLM software market is dominated by a select group of vendors who must continue to meet the stringent demands of their legacy customer base while also attempting to build out innovative capabilities for digital-first businesses. This report will assess vendors on their capabilities in both domains, helping clients across a range of verticals and maturity levels to select a PLM software partner.
Nov 2017Infrastructure & OperationsApply Maslow's Hierarchy And Deming's PDCA Cycle For Continuous Infrastructure ImprovementNaveen ChhabraAs enterprises across each industry increasingly embrace mobile and digital, business demands are quickly growing. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros are inundated with demands to help the business with innovation as well as to support business as usual. I&O pros need to support the next wave of business demands with investments in technologies -- delivering systems of record that ultimately power systems of engagement. This report provides insight into how I&O pros can apply Maslow's hierarchy And Deming's plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle for business growth. This report replaces an earlier report, "Jumpstart Continuous Infrastructure Improvement With Six Best Practices," that was the continuous improvement report of the infrastructure playbook. We have completely rewritten that report based on new research.
Nov 2017CIOMegatrends: Six Trends For CIOs To WatchNigel FenwickThis report will look at evolving socio-economic and market forces that shift business and what they will mean for CIOs.
Nov 2017CIOStrategies To Differentiate With DigitalNigel FenwickDescription coming soon.
Nov 2017Enterprise ArchitectureThe Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Virtualization, Q3 2017Noel YuhannaThe adoption of data virtualization continues to grow rapidly as organizations struggle with data integration from various silos. This Forrester Wave™ is an update to the Forrester Wave done in 2015. It will evaluate data virtualization vendors on their security, scalability, big data, data discovery, data quality, and cloud capabilities, focusing on real-time capabilities.
Nov 2017CIOTransforming Railways With The Connected TrainPaul MillerAround the world, trains are growing in popularity. They're green, they're affordable, and they avoid the misery associated with modern air travel. As passenger numbers continue to rise, train operators must make more efficient use of the physical assets (trains, tracks, platforms, etc.) available to them. IoT creates opportunities for better asset tracking, more predictive maintenance, and a more intelligent approach to the network as a whole. Combined with innovations in digital customer experience, train operators can also begin to transform passengers' engagement with the whole journey.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyBuild The Digital Banking Road Map You NeedPeter Wannemacher, Aurelie L'HostisDigital business transformation is a multiyear, multidimensional challenge. Traditional wisdom encourages banks to approach such a wholesale change as a big-bang transformation program, but the reality is that too many of these large-scale change programs fail. Digital business strategy executives must champion a new approach that delivers an adaptable, iterative approach to transformational change that can flex to accommodate the ever-moving customer and competitive landscape. This report will be the Road Map chapter in our Digital Banking Strategy playbook.
Nov 2017Security & RiskThe Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, And Compliance Platforms, Q4 2017Renee MurphyIn Forrester's evaluation of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platforms, we identified the most significant platforms in the category and analyzed their offerings. This report details how well each vendor meets our criteria and where they stand in relation to each other, helping risk management professionals select the right technology partner for their GRC program.
Nov 2017Infrastructure & OperationsDevelop Infrastructure Metrics Using The Balanced ScorecardRichard Fichera, Sophia I. VargasThis report outlines Forrester's solution for developing effective objectives and metrics to transform your infrastructure practice in the service of your business technology (BT) agenda. A systematic approach to metrics design and collection results in more-productive operations. Kaplan and Norton's Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is an effective framework for guiding infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals toward the right set of metrics. This report outlines the BSC methodology and explains how you can apply it to your infrastructure practice. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We are now updating it to reflect our latest thinking on metrics design and collection.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingUnderstanding MAD Tech Data Flow And Omnichannel Digital Media BuyingRichard JoyceThis report will attempt to map the flow of data to highlight data black holes, one way streets, and easy wins between martech and ad tech which influences omnichannel digital media buying.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingHow To Build A Contextual Marketing EngineRusty WarnerThis report outlines the operational and technological requirements for a CME and provides implementation advice from B2C marketing professionals across multiple vertical segments.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingGet Customer-Obsessed With Your Content Marketing ProcessesRyan SkinnerTraditional marketing processes implode on contact with content marketing for three reasons: First, the rapid and ongoing publishing cycle strains obsolete production and approval machinery; second, signals from the market -- what customers like and dislike -- fall unheard in product-driven campaigning; and third, broad and diverse groups of contributors quickly run astray like a flock of cats. To master content marketing, B2C marketing leaders need to adapt their processes to harness and manage many concurrent activities, absorb clear signals from the media habits of customer groups, and maintain balance. Read this report of the content marketing playbook to understand how to engineer effective content marketing processes to be adoptable, open, and customer-obsessed. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingUse Analytics To Gauge Your Content Marketing SuccessRyan SkinnerCreating content that attracts attention and builds customer relationships requires a fundamental shift from writing about products and features to delivering valuable information that addresses consumer interests or drives business results. This report helps marketers compare their current content marketing practices against those with advanced technology and process maturity. It shows how analytic, collaborative, and real-time publishing technologies are paving a new path to content marketing success.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingAd Spending In Niche Channels Spells The End Of Online Advertising As We Know ItSamantha MerlivatThis is an updated version of a previously published report. Forrester reviews it periodically to ensure the data and examples are relevant.
Nov 2017B2C MarketingBuild A Case To Show Social's Value To Marketing And The Entire EnterpriseSamantha NgoThis report guides B2C marketers in crafting a social marketing business case that will not only satisfy their own marketing leadership but also appeal to potential stakeholders in the broader enterprise. This is an update to a previously published report.
Nov 2017Infrastructure & OperationsDevelop Cloud Metrics Using The Balanced ScorecardSophia I. VargasCrafting and measuring the right metrics for your cloud strategy objectives is essential for success. You must measure cloud computing in business terms, which likely isn't the natural leaning of your technology management team. Leading technology management organizations are using Kaplan and Norton's Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method, which helps I&O pros select metrics that demonstrate business value and implement and measure these metrics. This report tells I&O pros how they can apply the BSC methodology to improve their organization's cloud computing performance and operational maturity. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy; we revised this edition to factor in developments and changes in cloud computing that have an effect on metrics and measurement.
Nov 2017B2B MarketingAutomating B2B Sales CoachingSteven WrightSales enablement automation solutions have an untapped ability to help sales management target coaching efforts and increase the value of collaboration by looking at usage, engagement and communications within your organization.
Nov 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Service Providers, Q4 2017Ted SchadlerDigital experiences requires a continuous blend of customer engagement strategy, journey analysis, experience design, front-end development, experience integration, data and content support, and back-end process integration. Firms look to a portfolio of service providers for help. But which kind is best? This report provides an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of different categories of digital experience service providers: management consultancies, digital agencies, systems integrators, and specialty implementers.
Nov 2017Application Development & DeliveryTop 10 Technologies For PersonalizationTed SchadlerWith the breadth of different personalization technologies and approaches, it's time to do a personalization technology TechRadar™. This builds on the personalization vendor landscape.
Nov 2017Customer ExperienceAssess Your Need For A Professional Services ArmTJ KeittAs customer success becomes an important element of good B2B customer experiences, one of the ways businesses ensure success is by building professional services arms. But is this necessary? This report explores how customers perceive the difference between vendor-delivered services and those delivered by third parties.
Nov 2017Customer ExperienceCustomer Experience Profession Versus Pro-FashionTom MouhsianSkill and method separates fashion-seekers from practitioners in a crowded field of customer experience. Learn from  personal examples and career journeys taken by some of the most respected figures in customer experience.
Nov 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyAirlines Mobile Functionality Benchmark: Asia Pacific And Middle EastXiaofeng WangThis is a report that benchmarks leading airlines' mobile functionalities before, during, and after flight.
Dec 2017Enterprise ArchitectureState Of EA 2018: EA On The Road To Digital BusinessAlex CullenAnnually, Forrester surveys enterprise architecture (EA) leaders to understand "the state of EA."
Dec 2017B2B MarketingBest Practices When Using Analytics To Power Insights-Driven Marketing And SalesAllison SnowA shared revenue goal represents the next step toward a solution to the age-old problem of marketing and sales misalignment. There's a few critical unchartered territories -- shared incentives for one example. Another under-explored area in which the two functions operate separately and therefore sub-optimally is analytics. This report will provide guidance on building shared analytics that support collaboration.
Dec 2017B2B MarketingModel The ROI Of Enterprise Lead-To-Revenue Technology InvestmentsAllison Snow, Lori WizdoB2B marketing leaders are implementing marketing automation to power up their lead-to-revenue processes to achieve goals for new customer acquisition, current customer expansion, and overall revenue growth.  While the technology costs here are modest, the scope of the change is not. This report shows B2B marketers how to use Forrester Total Economic Input methodology to create a comprehensive business case with a strong focus on people and process to expose the full investment required.
Dec 2017Customer ExperienceJourney Maps -- The Key To Deep Integration Of Your Mobile AppsAmit BhatiaDescription coming soon.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyIngredients For A Successful MarketplaceAnanda ChakravartyA marketplace facilitates buyer-seller engagement while market supply and demand drives marketplace adoption. This report will look at what a retailer needs to navigate popular retail marketplaces and the implications in adoption of marketplaces by both customers and suppliers.
Dec 2017Security & RiskTop Trends Shaping IAM In 2018Andras Cser, Merritt MaximAlthough maturing quickly and available in new virtualized and containerized forms, identity and access management (IAM) is undergoing fundamental changes in response to: 1) hybrid cloud access control challenges; 2) IoT security requirements; 3) the erosion of the password; 4) the maturing of identity analytics; and 5) the adoption of cloud directories. For security and risk (S&R) professionals, this report identifies and analyzes the most important IAM trends that will shape 2018.
Dec 2017Customer ExperienceExecutive Q&A: Bridging The CX/UX DivideAndrew HoganCustomer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) have similar names and goals but very different approaches. And as yet, there is no standard operating model on how they should work together. While technology brings fast-moving threats from challengers that see digital and CX as fundamentally intertwined, CX and UX pros remain disconnected in many firms and separated by a digital divide. This holds customer experience professionals back from seeing and delivering customer journeys in increasingly digital terms. This report presents a model on how CX pros and UX pros can work together to leverage the best of both disciplines, while preserving their distinct strengths.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyEvaluate Your Digital Money Management CapabilitiesAurelie L'HostisThe is the assessment chapter of the Digital Money Management Playbook.
Dec 2017Infrastructure & OperationsVendor Landscape: Digital Workplace Of The FutureBill MartorelliDigital workplaces are defined through more consumer-like computing experiences for the workforce. Service providers are offering a range of services to source these digital workplaces. This vendor landscape will define the key areas within a digital workplace and describe the service providers offering these services to enterprises worldwide.
Dec 2017CIOMake Continuous Delivery The Leading Edge Of CX Innovation, End-To-EndBobby CameronManaged properly, scrum-based Agile sprints provide the continuous innovation for complex, constantly changing customer experience. This report shows how create and sustain Agile's focus on innovation.
Dec 2017Customer InsightsVendor Landscape: Customer Analytics Technologies And SolutionsBrandon PurcellThis report will be a vendor landscape of the various customer analytics tools, technologies and solutions including AI-enabled technologies to help CI pros understand customer behavior.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyBreakout Vendors: 5 Companies To Watch In PaymentsBrendan MillerFintech investment in payment startups is at an all time high. This report will provide an overview of five startup companies that are driving new innovations and getting the attention of legacy players and retailers alike.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyOmnichannel Mastery: Optimize In-Store PickupBrendan WitcherOmnichannel fulfillment capabilities -- that is, the ability to offer the customer cross-channel visibility and ordering options -- have become the standard for leading traditional retailers. Most started the journey by offering customers the ability to order online for in-store pickup, but many retailers now offer ship-to-store, endless aisle, and even reserve online/pickup in store -- all of which could utilize in-store pickup. We reached out to both retailers and consumers to understand what is driving customers to use in-store pickup, what retailers are doing to optimize this service, and to identify best practices around this cross-channel experience. This report examines these elements, how retailers are overcoming challenges that still exist in executing in-store pickup, and steps by which to conduct and track continuous improvement for in-store pickup service over time.
Dec 2017Enterprise ArchitecturePrograms, Not Projects: Iterative ECM Deployments Drive Higher Satisfaction LevelsCheryl McKinnonAfter years of tepid satisfaction levels, enterprise architect (EA) professionals are finally seeing improved results for enterprise content management (ECM) deployments. Successful deployments share several common characteristics: deeper engagement with business users, clear governance programs, adoption of more Agile deployment techniques, and use of data and feedback to plan ongoing improvements. This report outlines the approaches EA pros and other technology managers can take to accelerate satisfaction levels for content applications, increase user adoption rates, and position ECM in the broader business technology (BT) agenda. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We are now updating it to include our most recent research on ECM solutions.
Dec 2017Customer InsightsOrganize For Digital Intelligence With These Three ModelsCinny LittleThe age of the customer requires customer insights and in-depth knowledge of customer behavior across digital and nondigital channels. Today digital analytics teams that continue to organize around data silos struggle to help their businesses acquire, serve, and retain empowered customers better than the competition. Customer insights (CI) teams, both digital and nondigital, must collaborate and cooperate to reach a full understanding of their customers if they wish to compete and win. Forrester describes a spectrum of digital intelligence ownership models and provides guidance to help firms build effective digital intelligence organizations geared toward the specific needs of your business. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. This update includes new examples and information from Forrester research and inquiries. This is an update to the Organization module of the Digital Intelligence Playbook, last published in June 2016.
Dec 2017Customer InsightsUse Insights Storytelling To Turbocharge Impact You Drive From Data And AnalyticsCinny LittleThis document shares key success factors for evolving from one customer insights (CI) maturity level to the next.
Dec 2017CIOLeverage Incubators For Your Digital TransformationDan BielerThis report will outline how CIOs can best leverage incubators to drive digital transformation for their firms.
Dec 2017Customer InsightsQ&A: What Global Marketers Need To Know About European Privacy LawsFatemeh KhatiblooIn May of 2018, Europe's General Data Privacy Regulation will go into enforcement mode. Most North American marketers may think they're immune to these laws -- and to their hefty penalties -- but this couldn't be further from the truth. This report will provide a primer on the law and its implications, with specific guidance to any company that has ever sold products or services to a European customer.
Dec 2017Customer InsightsVendor Landscape: Privacy-Support Providers For MarketersFatemeh KhatiblooA multitude of vendors -- from agencies and identity management vendors to certification providers -- provide guidance to firms about customer privacy issues. This report provides an overview of the types of providers best positioned to assist marketing and customer insights (CI) teams as they mature their privacy practices.
Dec 2017Infrastructure & OperationsHow Do You Choose The Right Device For Customer Engagement?J. P. GownderPhablets, tablets, wearables, PCs . . . how do you choose which platforms and customer-owned devices to support? Customers interact with your company on their PCs, tablets, smartphones, and wearable devices. Which ones do you prioritize as an I&O professional with support systems? How do you work with business colleagues to build a strategic plan?
Dec 2017CMOThe CMO's Guide To MillennialsJames L. McQuiveyAs the Millennial population (and their spending power) continues to grow and mature, CMOs must come to truly understand this revolutionary generation of buyers in order to form concrete, data-backed strategies that will meet their needs and expectations in the digital world.
Dec 2017Application Development & DeliveryLeverage Customer Success Management For Steady GrowthJohn BrunoBusiness models are rapidly changing to be customer obsessed. B2C companies like Netflix and Dollar Shave Club are driving a transition to a services-based subscription economy, but their B2B brethren are following fast. This shift requires a change in customer engagement that requires a new set of technology capabilities. Read this report to learn how customer success management tools can drive customer retention, enrichment, and loyalty.
Dec 2017Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Global Public Cloud Platforms For Enterprise Developers, Q4 2017John R. Rymer, Dave BartolettiIn our 34-criteria evaluation of global public cloud platform providers for enterprise developers, we identified the most significant players and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each provider measures up to enterprise software development requirements to balance application platforms with infrastructure control in order to help application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals select the right public cloud platform partner.
Dec 2017CIOHow Banks Get Value Out Of Blockchain Technologies During The Next YearsJost Hoppermann, Martha BennettBlockchain-based technology is yet to reach a state of technological and organizational maturity needed to be successful. Executives in the financial services industry however, continue to display an extreme interest in blockchain-based technology. This report will temper inflated expectations and show CIOs in the financial services industry which indicators to leverage in order to better define a long-term blockchain strategy.
Dec 2017Application Development & Delivery2018 Customer Service Trends: Operations Become Smarter And More StrategicKate LeggettIn the age of the customer, your customers decide how customer-centric your company is. Customers expect easy, effective, deeply personal service, and this is shaping customer service technology priorities. This report summarizes the top 10 customer service trends for 2017 that application development and delivery (AD&D) pros supporting customer service operations must pay attention to in order to deliver customer service excellence.
Dec 2017Application Development & DeliveryNavigate The Future Of CRM In 2018Kate LeggettIn the age of the customer, good customer experiences are the only sources of competitive differentiation. Organizations use customer relationship management (CRM) as a foundational building block in their customer experience strategy. CRM has the potential to transform customer relationships, but companies have only started to tap into the true power of these solutions. This report summarizes the top trends that application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals need to take into account when planning for CRM success in 2017.
Dec 2017CIOHealthcare's ZT Approach To Security And RiskKate McCarthyAn update on Forrester's Zero-Trust approach to healthcare security
Dec 2017Analyst RelationsAssess The Core Of Your Industry Analyst Relations ProgramKevin LucasAR managers get very little time to assess their AR programs because they're so busy executing on the next urgent priority. To help, Forrester has distilled AR best practices and developed a methodology for assessing and improving the fundamentals. This report lays out that methodology and provides a self-assessment tool that you can use to assess your current program, analyze weaknesses, and identify what you need to change if your program is to join the best. This report and the associated self-assessment tool are updates of previously published materials. Forrester reviews and updates content periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Dec 2017B2B MarketingMarketing To The Non-Rational B2B Buyer: Why Narrative And Stories MatterLaura RamosPeople hear stories and remember them. Stories and narrative connect with your audience.  This report looks at B2B marketers who have broken the product chatter mold and embraced the story arc as their main format for engaging buyers.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyOptimizing Existing Global eCommerce OperationsLily VaronThis report examines some of the strategies that eBusiness executives employ to optimize and continuously improve their eCommerce globalization efforts.
Dec 2017B2B MarketingMarketing Automation In The Insurance IndustryLori WizdoThis report shows how insurance companies are using automation to become digital and build engaging marketing programs that for direct sales reps and channel partners (agents, dealers, franchise operators, etc.) to inform buyer understanding and communications.
Dec 2017B2B MarketingThe Perfect Hand-Off: Strategies To Improve Marketing/Sales AlignmentLori WizdoAlignment with their sales compatriots remains one of the most challenging aspects for marketing leaders looking to optimize their L2R processes. This document will take an in-depth look at marketing and sales collaboration during the later stages of the L2RM process.
Dec 2017CIOVendor Landscape: Blockchain Technology ProvidersMartha BennettThis report will help CIOs and their business partners understand the emerging but complex vendor landscape for blockchain technologies.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyFive Killer Competencies Every Digital Team Needs To BuildMartin GillA combination of factors is challenging the make-up of your digital team. Digital is no longer tactical; it's a core part of business strategy. And as such, it's a boardroom topic. Digital skills now exist in many line-of-business teams. Your customer and competitive landscape are changing more rapidly than ever before. To position themselves for future success, eBusiness teams must be faster, more customer-focused, and more attuned to the language of business strategy. eBusiness leaders must power up their teams' strategy, governance, and communication skills by developing five critical new competencies: product ownership, customer-centric design, communication, digital governance, and data science. These competencies will provide eBusiness teams with the outside-in perspective and the strategic influence they need to succeed. This report outlines each of these five competencies.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyRecruit And Retain Top Digital TalentMartin GillDigital skills are in massive demand. eBusiness professionals in end user firms like retailers and banks are struggling to recruit and retain the brightest digital talent. The lure of startups, agencies, and vendor firms draws many eBusiness professionals to digital hubs like New York, London, or San Francisco. It's easy to feel that without an office in a digitally trendy location, recruitment efforts are doomed. What's more, recruitment itself is in the throes of digital disruption. Websites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn enable candidates to connect directly with recruiting managers, and a range of data-driven tools are emerging to empower hiring managers. If they hope to fill their teams with the best people, eBusiness leaders must rethink how they find, recruit, and retain talent.
Dec 2017B2B MarketingSales Training Approaches, Principals and Platforms In the Age of the CustomerMary SheaWith a more sophisticated and knowledgeable B2B buyer it is no longer sufficient to simply choose a sales training firm or create a homegrown sales methodology and roll it out to the sales force. More complex buyer and seller dynamics require a layered and blended approach to sales onboarding, training and reinforcement. The report will highlight new principals, innovative sales development platforms and best practices for providing your B2B sales force with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed with today's B2B buyers.
Dec 2017B2B MarketingThe B2B Sales Leader's Digital RebootMary Shea, Jacob MilenderToday's business buyers demand higher quality interactions from their sales people; more personalized engagement with marketing; and a connected and holistic experience from both. As B2B consultant sellers embed themselves into their clients' business and marketers increase their impact deeper into the buyer lifecycle sales leaders must also embrace significant changes. Building on the four sales archetypes framework, this report categorizes typical attributes and characteristics of sales leaders and identifies new skills, talents and processes modern B2B sales leaders must adopt in order to lead successfully in this environment.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyHighlights From European Online Retail Sales ForecastMichelle BeesonThis report will update last year's European online retail sales forecast, helping eBusiness professionals understand the online shopping customer journey. This report provides highlights from Forrester's latest five-year online retail sales forecast for Western Europe.
Dec 2017Application Development & DeliveryUse Artificial Intelligence To Improve Video TargetingNick BarberIf a search engine can't see what's happening in a video, then the search results will only be as good as the metadata that the video producer included. And sometimes that's not much. If you apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to see what's happening inside of videos, it would mean better categorization of millions of hours of video. This report will help application development and delivery professionals understand how to capture video metadata and how to apply it to deliver the right video to the right customer.
Dec 2017Security & RiskThe Social Media Legal And Regulatory EnvironmentNick HayesForrester will update this report to document the number of legal cases and regulatory advancements that have occurred since this report originally published two years ago. The high-level challenges are still mostly the same, but what to track and how to handle new regulatory guidance will need to evolve.
Dec 2017CIODevelop A Digital Business Road Map That Drives InnovationNigel Fenwick, Jacob MorganThis document is part of the digital business transformation playbook for CIOs and outlines the major phases of digital transformation.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyPlan Your Digital Insurance EvolutionOliwia Berdak, Ellen CarneyDigital business transformation is a multiyear, multidimensional challenge. Traditional wisdom encourages insurance companies to approach such a wholesale change as a big-bang transformation program, but the reality is that too many of these large-scale change programs fail. Digital business strategy executives must champion a new tactic -- one that delivers an adaptable, iterative approach to transformational change that can flex to accommodate the ever-moving customer and competitive landscape. This report will be the Road Map chapter in Forrester's Digital Insurance Strategy playbook.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyRefine Your Digital Insurance ObjectivesOliwia Berdak, Ellen CarneyThe digital insurance landscape is in constant flux, and in today's fast-moving business environment, it's vital that your strategic plan be just as dynamic as your customers and your competitors. This report will outline some of the critical aspects of your strategic plan, and highlights some of the key deliverables that will help get your firm into action. This report will be the Strategic Plan chapter in Forrester's Digital Insurance Strategy playbook.
Dec 2017CIODigital Logistics And The Internet Of ThingsPaul MillerThe logistics business is an obvious early adopter for IoT. Suddenly, all those containers and parcels can be tracked, wherever they are in the world. But the opportunity is far bigger than simply knowing how far a parcel has travelled in its journey from factory to customer. This report examines some of the benefits already being realised by stakeholders in the logistics business, and looks forward to potential opportunities.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyJustify Investment In Digital BankingPeter Wannemacher, Aurelie L'HostisBanks are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the wholesale transformation of their customer experience, organization structures, processes, technology platforms, and measurement structures in order to achieve a new level of customer centricity and agility. This report will outline how to justify digital business investment; it will also share examples of the results that banks are seeing. This report will be the Business Case chapter in our Digital Banking Strategy playbook.
Dec 2017Application Development & DeliveryA Developer's Guide To Forrester's Integration ResearchRandy HeffnerForrester has a sprawling body of research, advice, and best practices on software and application integration -- covering tools, processes, and service providers. This report pulls it all together.
Dec 2017Customer ExperienceMarket Overview: Experience Design Companies In China, 2017Riccardo PastoThe experience design provider landscape has changed dramatically in a short time in China. This report examines today's provider landscape and offers guidance to help customer experience (CX) professionals assess the right experience design partner for their goals.
Dec 2017Customer ExperienceThe State Of CX Management Maturity In China, 2017Riccardo PastoFirms in China are increasingly focusing more effort, more resources, and more investments on customer experience (CX). How can you ensure these efforts pay off? What are the best practices for managing CX within organizations? Forrester's CX management (CXM) maturity model lays out a robust framework to answer these questions. Using this framework as both a lens and a guide, this report looks at the state of CXM maturity in India and recommends how CX pros at Indian firms can make their CX efforts more effective.
Dec 2017Infrastructure & OperationsVendor Landscape: High-Performance BT InfrastructureRichard FicheraVarious infrastructure technologies contribute high performance capabilities to the BT agenda. This report outlines the key technologies and the vendors that supply them.
Dec 2017B2C MarketingCreate An Omnichannel Digital Media Buying Practice For Entitled CustomersRichard JoyceThis is a planned update for the Executive Overview of the Digital Media Buying Playbook.
Dec 2017B2C MarketingPutting Device Recognition Methods To Work In Omnichannel Digital Media BuyingRichard JoyceThis report will highlight best practices in leveraging single-device recognition methods and cross-device recognition methods for targeting and measurement in omnichannel digital media buying.
Dec 2017Infrastructure & OperationsModern Service Delivery Business CaseRobert StroudInterest in DevOps practices for modern service delivery (MSD) is accelerating as companies aim to respond to nimble competitors and boost the quality of their production environment to support velocity and agility. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros should use this report to build a specific business case for DevOps and avoid the common pitfalls of building one using old methodologies. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Dec 2017B2C MarketingHow To Re-Energize Your Branded ContentRyan SkinnerThe bar for content quality -- whether it's from a brand or a publisher -- is continually rising. Marketers' best and only real route to nailing customers' expectations is to embrace an iterative process of test and learn. Marketers should not ask themselves if they need to improve their content marketing strategies, but rather how to improve them. This report introduces B2C marketers to a number of key dimensions of improvement for content marketing and the specific triggers that inform them. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Dec 2017B2C MarketingMeasurement Powers Content Marketing SuccessRyan Skinner, Erna Alfred LiousasHow is content influencing audiences? Is your brand forging the basis of better long-term and more efficient relationships with existing and future customers? And how is all of this activity contributing to the business' success? These hard questions demand both analytical acumen and sound strategic judgment from marketers. Read this report to determine the value of your content, including how to measure if it changes customers' attitudes toward your brand and ultimately drives positive business outcomes. This is an update of a previously published report "Measure Content Marketing For Success." Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy; we revised this edition to factor in new strategies, examples, and data.
Dec 2017Customer ExperienceBuild A Culture Of Customer UnderstandingSamuel Stern, Kelly PriceThe most advanced version of a customer-centric culture is an organization with a deep affinity for customer understanding methods and data that is socialized and consumed across roles and responsibilities. These firms train employees to go beyond interpreting data at face value by fostering a deep understanding about aspects of customers' behavior, and decision-making processes that at face value might seem counter-intuitive. The combination of a robust research practice and research-driven mindset empowers employees to better understand customers? behaviors and context, allowing employees to make decisions that proactively deliver a superior customer experience.
Dec 2017B2B MarketingBreakout Vendors: Virtual Assistants And ChatbotsSteven CaseyVirtual assistants and chatbots are beginning to transform B2B buyers' engagement by providing a conversational interface for nurturing prospects and enabling self-directed buyers to find the content that they seek -- without an overt sales pitch. Within three to five years, the adoption of VAs and chatbots will reach mainstream status as the underlying AI and voice recognition technologies improve, the creepiness factor decreases with users' familiarity, and prices drop.
Dec 2017eBusiness & Channel StrategyAccelerate Your Business With A Digital PlatformTed SchadlerDescription coming soon.
Dec 2017CIOIoT Is Coming Of Age In Asia Pacific And CIOs Need To Get On BoardTim SheedyWhat will IoT bring to businesses that are making the digital journey, why should CIOs care about IoT and why should they embrace it?
Dec 2017Customer ExperienceHow To Create A High-Quality Experience While Transitioning From Products To ServicesTJ KeittMany B2B companies are in the process of building new services either to supplement their existing products (e.g., providing access to specific types of data) or as a replacement for those products (e.g., transitioning to SaaS). Doing so requires deep changes to how the business operates and interacts with its CX ecosystem. So, how do CX professionals help their businesses make this transition in a way that doesn't degrade the customer experience? This report examines how B2B firms are making this change to provide B2B CX pros tips and tricks to make their company's transition as smooth as possible.
Dec 2017Customer ExperienceWhat It Takes To Go From Cult To CultureTom MouhsianAs cultural values, customer-obsession and CX-orientation cannot take root in organizations that operate like a cult, propped up by a vertical chain-of-command hierarchy. Learn what it takes to go from a cult to a culture from organizations who have made that leap.
Dec 2017B2C MarketingBenchmark Social Marketing Efforts In APAC: 2017Xiaofeng WangThis is a report that benchmarks marketers' social marketing efforts in Asia Pacific in 2017.
Dec 2017B2C MarketingThe State Of Digital Marketing Measurement In Asia PacificXiaofeng WangThis report introduces one-to-moment marketing and how marketers are doing it in the region.
Jan 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyDriving Customer Engagement With B2B Ratings And ReviewsAndy HoarFew B2B companies doubt the value of having ratings and reviews on their websites. But developing and offering any feature comes with a price. This report shows how B2B eBusiness professionals can use best practices and proven methodologies to determine under what conditions ratings and reviews are right for their companies and how to implement them successfully. This is an update to the report published in December 2014 and includes new data and customer examples.
Jan 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyVendor Landscape: Commerce Service ProvidersAnjali YakkundiCommerce services providers are vital to help design, implement, and run commerce practices. This report will investigate the major trends in the commerce service providers, such as vendor consolidation, the rise of agencies and consultancies, and vertical-specific capabilities for retail and B2B commerce. This report will help firms understand the major trends impacting the commerce services space today and identify the major players in the space.
Jan 2018Enterprise ArchitectureStretch Your Data Management CapabilitiesBrian HopkinsFirms face an enormous data management challenge: how to act on data and insights to service increasingly powerful customers and out-maneuver disruptive competitors. Architects once had time to plan methodically, but those days are quickly fading as the pace of business change accelerates. The only answer is continuous improvement that stretches data capabilities in an "insights-first" strategy. This report provides advice for enterprise and data architects to help them systematically improve their data management capabilities in order to turn data into insights. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. We have updated it to reflect our current focus on insights to action.
Jan 2018CIOChina Tech Market Outlook, 2018 To 2019Charlie DaiThis is the tech market outlook for China, including BT investment and major trends.
Jan 2018Judging the Value of an Application PortfolioChristopher Mines
Jan 2018Enterprise ArchitectureThe Forrester Wave™: Cloud-Based Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2018Craig Le ClairDescription coming soon.
Jan 2018CIOExploiting Telematics For Boosting Mobile Customer ExperienceDan BielerTelematics, i.e., the use of wireless technologies to transmit data in real time back to a business, offers new opportunities in the context of moving devices such as cars, trains, planes, or ships. Telematics help collect and transmit data regarding usage, maintenance requirements, or customer engagement. The report will investigate the potential of telematics in driving better mobile moments and customer experiences in the business context.
Jan 2018CIOThe Smart Home Grows GraduallyFrank E. GillettDescription coming soon.
Jan 2018Application Development & DeliveryIntegrate Social Data Into Core Processed Driving Forecasting Allocation Assortment PlanningGeorge LawrieRetailers have talked for years about social data highlighting trends and CPGs have used technologies like Facebook to substitute for in person panels. But what opportunities do AD&D professionals have to bind such approaches into the fabric of their firms' applications portfolios?
Jan 2018Enterprise ArchitectureBusiness Capabilities For InsuranceGordon BarnettThis report will highlight the key business capabilities identified by business architects in Forrester clients in the insurance sector.
Jan 2018B2B MarketingInfluencing the Influencers -- How To Expand Your Routes To Market To Include Alternative ChannelsJay McBain, Mary SheaLine of business (LOB) executives are leveraging new hyper-specialized channels to help them make technology decisions and integrate with back-end systems. Understanding XaaS ecosystem partners, industry-based professional services firms, ISVs, startups, and Born in the Cloud partners is critical for vendors to influence customer decisions.
Jan 2018Application Development & DeliveryImproving Application CapabilitiesJeffrey S. Hammond, Diego Lo GiudiceThe continuous improvement report in the ADSSS playbook will outline methods for testing and improving software "in production."
Jan 2018B2C MarketingThe Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites, Q1 2018Joe StanhopeUpdated EMSS Wave based on next generation tenets and martech/adtech convergence requirements.
Jan 2018Application Development & DeliveryManage The Performance Of Your Apps PortfolioJohn R. RymerMonitoring and tuning performance of an entire portfolio of applications is a new challenge for AD&D leaders. This report will examine the best practices of AD&D leaders.
Jan 2018Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Public Cloud PaaS For Enterprise Developers, Q1 2018John R. RymerThis report will update our evaluation of the leading public cloud-based platforms for enterprise software developers.
Jan 2018CIOVendor Landscape: Professional Services For Healthcare OrganizationsKate McCarthyThis vendor landscape will examine the services that professional services firms offer healthcare organizations, including analytics, digital, and cloud implementations.
Jan 2018Customer ExperienceSegmentation For CX ProsKelly PriceCustomer understanding is a requisite of delivering great experiences to customers, but how do CX pros know which customers and experiences to prioritize in order to maximize business impact? Though most typically used in a marketing context, customer segmentation can serve as a powerful tool for CX pros, helping them to prioritize their efforts, and to elevate experience for high value customer groups. This report will explore how to build and employ segmentation models in order to improve customer experiences.
Jan 2018Analyst RelationsIndustry Analyst Relations And Sales SupportKevin LucasIndustry analyst relations (AR) teams struggle to create and demonstrate their value to sales. Forrester has distilled AR best practices for support of a vendor's direct sales processes and developed a methodology for reviewing and improving the main success factors. This report of the industry analyst relations playbook lays out that methodology and provides a self-assessment tool that you can use to benchmark your current AR-and-sales program, analyze weaknesses, and identify what you need to change if your program is to enter the top class. This report and the associated tool are updates of previously published materials. Forrester reviews and updates content periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Jan 2018B2B MarketingB2B Agencies That Treat Business Buyers Like HumansLaura Ramos, Sarah SikowitzThe brief will provide an up-to-date look into how specific agencies are helping B2B marketers evolve their marketing strategy with a focus on customer experience and obsession.
Jan 2018B2B MarketingCreating A Performance Dashboard For L2RMLori WizdoWhile management and peer perception of marketing has improved as marketing has stepped up to revenue performance measures, the perception of the performance (and value) of the marketing team is lower than it should be because lead-to-revenue management programs (even brilliant ones) can only "move the revenue needle" so much. This report identifies the key metrics that should be showcased on the B2B marketing dashboard to ensure that marketing is seen as a driver of holistic growth -- not the supplier of leads to the load bearing Salesforce.
Jan 2018Application Development & DeliveryThe Integration Imperative Of Digital ExperiencesMark GrannanCustomers demand consistent and contextual experiences, yet digital experience (DX) strategies, teams, and technologies often reinforce silos across a customer's journey. Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals must integrate these silos, make integration core to their experience platform strategy, and collaborate with marketing and business colleagues to build a shared vision for DX technologies -- all while keeping pace with the demand for net-new experiences including integration points. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Jan 2018CIOBlockchain For Supply Chain And LogisticsMartha BennettDescription coming soon.
Jan 2018Customer ExperienceDrive Revenue With Great Customer Experiences, 2018Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian  Many customer experience (CX) pros find it hard to show the connection between improving CX and growing revenue. That's why Forrester built models that demonstrate how CX improvements drive revenue growth through increased loyalty. This report shows the revenue potential from improving CX for 13 of the industries we cover in Forrester's Customer Experience Index (CX Index). CX pros can use this data to make the case for investing in customer experience.
Jan 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyRelationships Between Brands And Retail Partners Must ChangeMichelle BeesonThis report will consider the ways in which brands/manufacturers and their retail partners need to change their working relationships to compete in the face of changing consumer expectations and new technology.
Jan 2018Infrastructure & OperationsFive Ways The Cloud Is Revolutionizing Disaster RecoveryNaveen ChhabraThe focus is to understand how cloud is revolutionizing disaster recovery.
Jan 2018Infrastructure & OperationsHow Regulations Impact Cloud Service Adoption In APAC?Naveen ChhabraHow to understand and navigate the regulatory environment defined by the authorities, what does it mean for banking CIOs?
Jan 2018Infrastructure & OperationsMastering Public Cloud Vendors' TermsNaveen ChhabraRead the fine print of your public cloud service provider to understand risks and their mitigation. CIOs must know what risks they undertake using public cloud service providers, understanding T&Cs granularly.
Jan 2018Infrastructure & OperationsThe Forrester Wave™: Public Cloud Providers In India, Q1 2018Naveen ChhabraThis is a comprehensive assessment of public cloud service providers in the APAC market.
Jan 2018Application Development & DeliveryEnterprises' Video Requirements Rival Those Of BroadcastersNick BarberSeasoned investors and high net worth clients can save time and money by video chatting with their financial advisors. Novices can benefit from educational and training videos. This report for application development and delivery professionals details in which video technologies the financial services industry should invest and how they should deploy those technologies to enhance the customer experience.
Jan 2018CIOTaking The Pulse Of Europe's CloudPaul MillerThis report looks back over trends and shifts in the European cloud market over the past 12 months, and looks ahead to the things likely to matter for Europe's CIOs in 2018.
Jan 2018Customer ExperienceWays Publicly Traded Companies Can Stay Focused On CXRick ParrishIt's no surprise that there are few publicly traded companies at the top of Forrester's Customer Experience Index (CX Index). Beyond the usual internal barriers to great CX -- like obsolete organizations, cultures, and partnerships -- publicly held companies must also contend with stockholders who don't understand the real business value of a focus on the customer experience. This report offers several specific strategies that senior CX professionals can use to convince investors to support the company's CX transformation.
Jan 2018Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Conversational Computing Platforms, Q1 2018Rob KoplowitzConversational computing (often referred to as chatbots) represents a new type of computer/human interaction. Platforms are emerging to support these types of interactions. Offerings from Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft aim to provide tools to developers to build these type of applications as well as embed them in existing applications. These offerings have capabilities to capture and translate voice to text and back, provide capabilities for natural language processing and understanding, natural language classification, visual recognition, tone analysis, and others. This Forrester Wave will provide objective comparison of the dominant vendors in the space.
Jan 2018B2C MarketingThe Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q1 2018Rusty WarnerThis is an update to the Forrester CCCM Wave published in Q2 2016.
Jan 2018B2C MarketingNarrative As An Element Of Experience DesignRyan SkinnerExperience designers need to take into account the underlying narrative of the experiences they're creating. What stories and narratives are customers thinking about when they come to a store, to the website, in opening a mail, etc. This report gives experience designers the tool to incorporate narrative in their experiences.
Jan 2018Security & RiskLessons Learned From The World's Biggest Data Breaches And Privacy Abuses, 2017Stephanie BalaourasBreaking news of a massive customer breach or blatant privacy abuse dominates the headlines for days. However, months and even years later, affected customers still struggle with the aftermath and firms are still absorbing the costs. By reflecting on these incidents, we glean long-term lessons that help security and risk (S&R) pros improve their firm's overall security posture, its breach response, and its appreciation of privacy law and customer trust. To do this, each year we select and analyze notable incidents from the past 12 months to provide these critical lessons.
Jan 2018B2B MarketingVendor Landscape: B2B Social Media MarketingSteven CaseyThis report examines the current landscape of technology solutions available to help B2B marketers design, execute, and manage their social media marketing programs.
Jan 2018Customer ExperienceWin Your Share Of The Next Billion Customers With Customer Diversity And InclusionTom ChampionThis is a how-to guide on what commercial organizations can do to embrace customer diversity and inclusion to win in new markets and capture their most disengaged customers.
Feb 2018B2C MarketingBreakout Vendors To Consider In The Loyalty MarketEmily CollinsThis report will explore breakout vendors in the loyalty space.
Feb 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe State Of Retailing Online 2018: Key Metrics, Business Objectives, And MobileFiona SwerdlowRetailers must continually evolve and adapt with increasingly empowered customers and the ever-changing technology available to them. The annual "The State Of Retailing Online" study by, the digital division of the National Retail Federation (NRF), conducted by Forrester, examines how retailers are approaching their online and mobile initiatives as part of their overall business. This report benchmarks metrics and reviews key initiatives for 2017 to help eBusiness pros continue to grow their business.
Feb 2018B2B MarketingFrom Inside To Digital: It's Time To Redefine Inside SalesMary SheaInside Sales roles are growing 15X faster than field sales, yet the legacy branding baggage "Inside Sales" carries with it is un-motivating and implies an antiquated and inaccurate version of linear career progressions. As tools and technologies continue to evolve enabling customer intimacy through remote interactions, more Millennial buyers oversee purchasing decisions and chief sales officers look to wring more efficiencies out of their selling organizations, expect to see the role of the remote seller increase in importance.
Feb 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyBuild: How To Launch A Digital Financial Services SubsidiaryOliwia BerdakTo compete with digital disruptors, many financial services firms are launching digital subsidiaries. They are hoping that a separate brand and structure will enable them to serve empowered customers better and innovate faster. But launching a new proposition requires a big commitment and is likely to absorb several hundred people, millions of dollars, and months of work. How can digital executives help their firms in this journey?
Feb 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyBuy: Venture Funds Are A Costly Source Of InnovationOliwia BerdakThis research will explore the advantages and disadvantages for established financial services firms of using venture funds as a source of digital innovation.
Feb 2018CIOImproving Wind Farms With The Internet Of ThingsPaul MillerOften half way up a remote mountain, or out at sea, wind farms encapsulate may of the issues associated with applying IoT to the industrial sectors: environments are harsh, connectivity is erratic at best, and digitally savvy support staff are rarely on site. This report discusses some of the challenges in connecting these remote industrial facilities, and highlights the advantages realized by those who manage to do so.
Feb 2018Security & RiskThe ROI Of Zero Trust SecurityStephanie BalaourasZero Trust is a conceptual and architectural model for how security teams should redesign networks into secure microperimeters, increase data security through obfuscation techniques, limit the risks associated with excessive user privileges, and dramatically improve security detection and response through analytics and automation. In this report, we quantify the ROI of a Zero Trust approach to network security.
Feb 2018B2C MarketingThe State Of Native Advertising UpdatedSusan BidelIn October 2013, Forrester published Native Advertising: Handle With Care. This new report will take a look at developments since that time, including which publishers are doing it well, how it contributes to their overall revenue, how much it costs to execute, and is programmatic native really possible.
Feb 2018B2C Marketing2018 Mobile And Technology Priorities For MarketersThomas HussonHype at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas expanded well beyond mobile. Industry buzz is escalating around new technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, intelligent agents, bots, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the internet of things. The result is a confusing landscape that threatens to distract B2C marketers from foundational mobile investments. Read this report to understand how to prioritize mobile in light of these emerging trends in 2018 and beyond.
Mar 2018Customer ExperienceBest Of Government Site Experiences, 2018Andrew Hogan, Rick Parrish This report will evaluate the landscape of government sites, highlighting the top performers as well as the laggards.  
Mar 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyRank Your Digital Store CapabilitiesAnjali YakkundiThis is the assessment chapter of the Digital Store playbook.
Mar 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyKill The CartBrendan MillerWhy drive consumers into a shopping cart with its high abandonment rates when you can seal the deal at the moment of truth? The new rules of commerce demand retailers forego the cart and ensure the consumer gets what they want whenever, wherever, and however they decide.
Mar 2018B2C MarketingThe Best And Worst Of Paid Search, 2018Collin ColburnForrester applies its search marketing review methodology to paid search ads from a variety of industries in order to create performance benchmarks for marketers.
Mar 2018CIOThe Restructuring Of The Tech SectorDan BielerThe shift to BT is changing the buying and technology dynamic of the whole technology industry. This report will look at how those industry tectonic shifts will play out and impact both the business' and the CIO vendor options.
Mar 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyFive Pitfalls To Avoid When Undergoing Digital Store TransformationFiona SwerdlowThis is the processes chapter of the Digital Store playbook.
Mar 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe Rise Of The On Demand Sales AssociateFiona SwerdlowCustomers today demand a higher level of service from their retailer of choice. This report will explore consumer expectations around store associate capabilities, including the use of digital technologies that empower associates.
Mar 2018Enterprise ArchitectureReference Business Capability Map For BankingGordon BarnettMany enterprise architects are making an assumption that industry business capability models are a quick fix. This report highlights how the banking industry capability model fails to meet the needs of banking enterprise architects.
Mar 2018Enterprise ArchitectureThe Forrester Wave™: Insurance Core Systems, Q1 2018Gordon BarnettThis Forrester Wave™ will comprise the 10 leading core system providers in the insurance sector.
Mar 2018Application Development & DeliveryVideo Drives Customer Experiences For Financial Services FirmsNick BarberFirms must serve video contextually to customers at different stages of the customer journey. Modern online video platforms (OVPs) integrate with other enterprise applications like customer relationship management and marketing automation platforms to deliver the right video to the right person at the right time. This report will outline what AD&D pros need to know about how to technically support serving video at different stages of the customer life cycle.
Mar 2018CIOEmbrace The Cloud For Your Business TransformationPaul MillerCIOs who just turn to cloud as a cheaper way to provision virtual machines are doing it wrong. Considered and employed strategically, cloud technologies, cloud mindsets, and cloud-native applications are unbeatable weapons in the arsenal of a CIO who truly wishes to ensure that their company can win, serve, and retain customers. This report looks beyond poster children of the cloud journey like Google or Netflix, to highlight real success stories from the traditional enterprise sector.
Mar 2018Application Development & DeliveryDesigning Advanced MicroservicesRandy HeffnerThis report will follow up on our series of reports about microservice architecture, addressing the most important questions about their design and governance.
Mar 2018B2C MarketingRedefining Your Advertising Real Estate For Postdigital MarketingRichard JoyceThis report will show marketers how digital ad spaces can be used for much more than they are today. Tomorrow's ad spaces, while still delivered programmatically, will engage customers along the customer life cycle by being human, helpful, and handy.
Mar 2018B2B MarketingThe Intersection Of Organization And Technology For Sales EnablementSteven WrightFinding the right organization and the right tools are inter-related. Using your sales enablement charter as a guide, and with advice from practitioners, understanding how you are organized can help or hinder your sales enablement automation investment.
Apr 2018Infrastructure & OperationsCustomer Engagement Networks In ManufacturingAndre KindnessManufacturers across the globe are investing significant resources and cash to adapt production and meet the realities of digital disruption. The breakneck pace of technological innovation means manufacturers are inundated with promising opportunities to revolutionize just-in-time manufacturing, process acceleration, and supply-chain optimization.
Apr 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe Personalization 2.0 Maturity ModelBrendan WitcherPersonalization 2.0 is not an upgrade of personalization based on segmentation, but rather a new approach of personalization based on individualization. To deliver it, firms must take a different approach to digital strategy, investing in new technologies and embedding digital capabilities across every touchpoint in the customer journey. For many firms, this means fundamentally transforming their technology platforms, their digital strategies for engaging customers, and their approach to measuring success. But as a digital business leader, where do you start? How do you plan your digital business transformation, what are some best practices to apply and pitfalls to avoid, and how do you know where to focus your efforts? This report plots your organizational maturity and helps guide your actions to elevate your capabilities in delivering this next generation of personalization.
Apr 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyThe Retail eCommerce Metrics That MatterFiona SwerdlowTo achieve key business goals -- such as increasing retail sales both online and offline -- retail eCommerce executives need to ensure that they have the right metrics in place. These metrics should track customers' use of various touchpoints and devices, identify opportunities for enhancements or new features, and help quantify the bottom-line performance of the website. This report lays out the core categories of eCommerce metrics, recommends how to align them with business objectives, and offers a step-by-step process for collecting and using these metrics. This is an update of a previously published report. Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Apr 2018Enterprise ArchitectureDesign-Minded EnterprisesGordon BarnettThis report will introduce the tools and techniques that enterprise architects se to influence business design.
Apr 2018Enterprise ArchitectureThe Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management, Q2 2018Henry PeyretThis report details our findings about how well MDM vendors fulfill our criteria, and where they stand in relation to each other, to help enterprise architecture (EA) pros select the right partner for their MDM needs.
Apr 2018B2B MarketingVendor Landscape: Channel Data Management, Predictive Analytics And Artificial IntelligenceJay McBainWith the amount of data available to channel leaders exploding, the ability to harness it, drive insights, and execute has been lagging behind. This vendor landscape will examine the growing Channel Data Management (CDM) space and explore how predictive analytics and artificial intelligence will start to become mainstream in 2018.
Apr 2018B2B MarketingThe World-Class LaunchLori WizdoOne of the fundamental activities of B2B marketers is launching new products for the first time, with brand new positioning, into new markets. This document will provide a checklist for a world-class launch, addressing such topics as market segment positioning, go-to-customer strategy development, tactical marketing plan development, and sales enablement strategy.
Apr 2018Application Development & DeliveryThe Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management For Customer Experience, Q2 2018Nick BarberDigital asset management (DAM) is a key component of the enterprise marketing stack because it supports upstream creative workflows and downstream delivery technologies. As video, images, and other rich media become key to brands' success, DAM will become even more important. This Forrester Wave™ will evaluate the top DAM vendors in the market.
Apr 2018CIOAugmented Reality, The Internet Of Things, And The Factory Of The FuturePaul MillerCommentators get very excited about virtual reality and, more credibly, augmented reality. Combined with the internet of things, these create the ability to support field service engineers as they go about their work, offer opportunities to visualize the very small, the very large, and the very hard to reach. But blocky graphics, unwieldy headsets, and distracting user experiences make for exciting keynote demonstrations but almost unusable real-world implementation. This report explores some of the ways that those proofs of concept are translating into real-world industrial use cases, and highlights the issues that CIOs should watch for.
Apr 2018B2C MarketingCompelling Digital StorefrontsRyan SkinnerDigital businesses need to do more than pop some product listings into a website to attract, interest, and sell to customers. This report explores best practices in conceiving and building compelling digital storefronts.
Apr 2018B2C MarketingIn-App AdvertisingSamantha MerlivatThis report will explore the solutions for in-app advertising. What should marketers be aware when buying in-app advertising? How should they approach it differently? What are the rules that apply in terms of planning and creative strategy?
Apr 2018B2C MarketingThe Hidden Value Of EmailShar VanBoskirkThis report will highlight how to build a business case for email.
May 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyBuilding The Business Case For Mobile PaymentsBrendan MillereBusiness pros need to build a business case that includes a return-on-investment calculus for integrating mobile and digital payments. In this report, we leverage Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) methodology to help retail leaders build their own mobile payments business cases.
May 2018Enterprise ArchitectureExplore Content Analytics For A Smoother M&A ExperienceCheryl McKinnonSuccessful companies undergoing divestitures, mergers, or acquisitions minimize business disruption by thinking about their information assets in advance. This report highlights the business scenarios that demand an accurate information inventory.
May 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyDriving Retail Store Innovations That Disrupt Retail's Status QuoFiona SwerdlowThis is the Continuous Improvement chapter of the Digital Store playbook.
May 2018CIOSizing The Business Value Of IoTFrank E. GillettThis report will size the business value that IoT enabled processes and products can bring to companies and their customers. We will look at various segments of the IoT market and analyze the business growth dynamics you can expect over the next five years.
May 2018B2C MarketingBuilding A MarTech StackJoe StanhopeThis document will analyze martech buying patterns to identify what and how many tools organizations invest in, who uses them, and which tools work well together.
May 2018Enterprise ArchitectureThe Forrester Wave™: NoSQL, Q2 2018Noel YuhannaIn Forrester's evaluation of NoSQL vendors, we identify, research, analyze, and score the vendors who deliver software solutions in this category. This report details our findings about how well each vendor fulfills our criteria and where they stand in relation to each other to help enterprise architectural professionals select the right solution for their NoSQL needs.
May 2018CIOBusiness Transformation In The Age Of The Customer, Powered By The Internet Of ThingsPaul MillerStartups like Nest, Dropcam, or Cognitoys build new businesses that leverage the internet of things. But the bigger transformation is occurring in more established industries. Early successes in using IoT to monitor and control devices are increasingly being superseded by richer and more complex efforts to transform and augment customer relationships and business models.
May 2018B2C MarketingVendor Landscape: Content ServicesRyan SkinnerThis report is an overview of the vendors that provide content strategy, content creation, content production, and content distribution services.
May 2018B2B MarketingThe Forrester Wave™: ABM Platforms, Q2 2018Steven CaseyIn this report, we evaluate the competing claims and definitions offered by the wide range of ABM platform vendors to help B2B marketers make investment decisions that match their specific customer-centric engagement strategies.
May 2018B2C MarketingMarketers And Publishers Collaborate On Second-Party DataSusan BidelMany marketers either don't have first-party data, or the scale of their data is insufficient for their needs. When they partner with publishers and share their data, both parties win. This report will explore who's been doing it and how they've benefited from it, and will offer best practices for executing second-party data deals.
Jun 2018Enterprise ArchitectureService Models In The Age Of The CustomerGordon BarnettThis report focuses on the evolving architecture of business services in customer-obsessed organizations.
Jun 2018B2C MarketingBreakout Vendors: Enterprise Marketing Software SuitesJoe StanhopeThis document will identify non-Wave vendors that provide valid options for delivering EMSS endpoint functionality and Enterprise Marketing Core capabilities.
Jul 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyGlobal Payments Strategies For The Digital BusinessBrendan MillerFor eBusiness professionals, selling global is no longer just an option; it's an imperative. Navigating cross-border payments and the myriad payment types in emerging economies and understanding processing rules and regulations can be daunting. This report covers Dynamic Currency Conversion, ePricing, and global merchant acquiring, and provides a road map and best practices for eBusiness professionals to navigate the international payments landscape.
Jul 2018B2C MarketingEnterprise Marketing Software Suites For RetailJoe StanhopeThis document will outline EMSS case studies and best practices for retail/eCommerce organizations.
Jul 2018Application Development & DeliveryMitigate CRM Risks With Sound Deployment PracticesKate LeggettTo succeed in the age of the customer, application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals who support front-office business processes cannot afford failed technology projects. Customer relationship management (CRM) projects can be costly, affect many employees, and suffer from a lack of vendor support. Based on a survey of 414 business and technology management professionals, this report helps AD&D professionals determine how to organize their solution deployment, recognize the risks they face, and avoid pitfalls. This report replaces an earlier report that was the Processes report for this playbook before this one. It is completely rewritten based on new research.
Jul 2018B2B MarketingOptimizing Your Website For L2RMLori WizdoSeventy-five percent (75%) of B2B buyers tell us that they conduct 50% or more of their research online. And guess what – vendor websites are one of the primary sources of influence for B2B buyers in all stages of the buyer journey. Sadly, too many B2B marketers have grown accustomed to thinking of their websites as a collection of linked pages that present their company's compendium of offerings and value propositions. But, all too often the website experience is more comprehensive than compelling. The experience is downright dangerous when you consider that virtually all multichannel touches aim to drive your potential customers to your website. Is your website designed to drive conversions? Is your website designed to deliver relevant content, messages, experiences, products, and offers? This document will present a 10 point checklist that B2B marketers can use to evaluate their website’s support for thelr L2RM process.
Jul 2018B2C MarketingMachine Learning-As-A-Service And The Rise Of The BrandgorithmRichard JoyceThis report will explore how marketers are working with vendors to help customize machine learning algorithms for their specific advertising needs.
Jul 2018B2C MarketingMaster Your Marketing Measurement And OptimizationTina MoffettCross-channel attribution, marketing mix optimization, and UMIA advance traditional marketing performance measurement approaches by connecting and accurately measuring different interaction points across marketing tactics, channels, and devices. But B2C marketers must innovate; they must evolve their current measurement approaches to reflect the complexity of a fractured customer purchase path in a perpetually connected world. This report, part of the marketing measurement and insights playbook, provides insights on how B2C marketers must advance their attribution measurement capabilities to drive deeper insights into consumers and cross-channel effects.
Aug 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyHow To Transform Your Retail StoreAnanda ChakravartyToday's customers look for and buy experiences, not simply products. Digital technology offers a toolkit for retailers to engage customers with new and enhanced experiences. At the same time, digital technologies are transforming retail store operations, allowing stores and store associates to operate more efficiently and with greater flexibility. This playbook instructs eBusiness professionals on how to transform their stores to enhance the digital customer experience while also driving agility, efficiency, and cost effectiveness through digital operational excellence. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
Aug 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyBig Analytics: Building One View Of The CustomerBrendan Witcher  The identity of the customer is a critical element for enabling Personalization 2.0 capabilities, true contextual marketing, and seamless customer engagement. This report focuses on how eBusiness professionals must use technology to prioritize and capture single view of the customer across screens and channels.
Aug 2018B2C MarketingThe Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018Jessica LiuIn this report, Forrester updates the 2016 Enterprise Social Listening Platform Wave and identifies and evaluates the most significant enterprise social listening platforms in the marketplace in 2018.
Aug 2018B2C MarketingEnterprise Marketing Software Suites For Financial ServicesJoe StanhopeThis document will outline EMSS case studies and best practices for financial services organizations.
Sep 2018eBusiness & Channel StrategyBest Practices In O2O EngagementBrendan WitcherThis report will feature global retailers that are employing best practices in O2O engagement.
Apr 2019Enterprise ArchitectureVendor Landscape: IoT Software Platforms In APAC, Q4 2017Charlie DaiFollowing the global vendor landscape and Forrester Wave™, this report will analyze IoT software platforms in APAC, including IBM, PTC, GE and Microsoft, etc.