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eBook Buying Is About To Spiral Upward

US eBook Forecast, 2010 To 2015

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    Since introduced the Kindle eReader in 2007, all of the industry's attention has focused on the rapid adoption and proliferation of eReaders. However, the success of the devices has been fueled by the convenient availability of the most popular books in digital form, often priced significantly below their physical counterparts. This fact has drawn consumers in more rapidly than we have seen in any other media. Here, we profile the 7% of US online adults who read eBooks today — many of them without eReaders — and show that this small, energetic group will grow so rapidly that it will easily spend nearly $3 billion on eBooks in 2015. We recommend that product strategists responsible for the eBooks we read and the devices we read them on plan now to grow their businesses in step with their eager consumers.
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    • eReading Has Had An Explosive Year
    • eBooks Are About To Become Half Of All Books That eBook Readers Buy
    • eBook Sales Are Set To Nearly Triple By 2015 To $2.8 Billion

      eReader Makers Should Prepare To Satisfy The Next Wave Of eBook Readers

      A Very Altered Publishing World Is About To Emerge
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      People Get Books From A Wide Variety Of Sources — Free And Paid

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      Laptops And Amazon Kindles Are The Top Two eBook Devices

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      Forecast: US eBook Spending, 2010 To 2015