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eBusiness Teams Reorganize . . . Again

Traditional Models Are Stepping Stones To Long-Run Agile Strategies

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    The evolution from multichannel to agile commerce strategies has eBusiness teams scrambling. Finding the right organizational structure to accommodate the complexities of the multichannel/multitouchpoint world is a tall order. The last time we fielded a study on organizational structures, our respondents utilized and preferred a shared services model — in which a core eBusiness team acts as an internal center of excellence for all eBusiness efforts. Now we find that eBusiness teams are moving back toward centralization. What does this fluctuation mean? We believe that eBusiness teams are in experimentation mode, searching for the right structure for today and at the same time testing models for accelerated growth and touchpoint optimization.
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    • The Era Of Agile Commerce Brings Uncertainty For Organizational Structures
    • Surprise! eBusiness Leaders Feel They're Not Getting Enough Support Or Money

      Treat Current eBusiness Models As Stepping Stones To Agile Structures
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