eCommerce refers to activities in which businesses — or consumers — use the Internet to identify supplies, select products and services, complete financial transactions, and/or obtain services. Delivery may occur online or outside of the Internet. Research coverage includes eCommerce platforms and technologies and mobile eCommerce.


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    Report: Disrupting Finance: P2P Currency Exchange

    Person-to-person (P2P) currency exchange platforms like CurrencyFair, TransferWise, and match customers with one another to facilitate currency exchanges. These startups offer bette...

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    Report: Trends 2015: North American Digital Banking

    Better economic conditions and an easing of the regulatory onslaught faced in the past few years means that US and Canadian banks are once again prioritizing top-line growth in 2015. Less focus ...

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    Report: Four Best Practices From National Health Insurance E-Brokers

    Online aggregators Expedia and Orbitz disrupted the travel industry by offering one-stop shopping convenience, but three national e-brokers, eHealth, GetInsured, and GoHealth, have been quietly ...

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    Report: Death Of A (B2B) Salesman

    Forrester forecasts that 1 million US B2B salespeople will lose their jobs to self-service eCommerce by the year 2020. While B2B buyers overwhelmingly prefer to research, and increasingly buy, p...

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    Report: How To Reach US Investors

    This report, originally written for eBusiness and channel strategy professionals, includes content relevant to your role. Here's why: Forrester's investor segmentation and media consumption data...

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