eCommerce refers to activities in which businesses — or consumers — use the Internet to identify supplies, select products and services, complete financial transactions, and/or obtain services. Delivery may occur online or outside of the Internet. Research coverage includes eCommerce platforms and technologies and mobile eCommerce.

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    Report:Digital Leadership In Retail, 2014

    Digital Business Insights For Retail CIOs

    Retailers are at the sharp edge of change in the age of the customer; those that fail to embrace digital transformations of customer experience will fail to win, serve, and retain customers —...

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    Report:Brief: The Home Depot's Age Of The Customer Transformation

    Senior Management's Digital Transformation Business Plan

    On Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at the International Strategy & Investment (ISI) Fourth Annual Retail Summit in Atlanta, Frank Blake, chairman and CEO of The Home Depot, talked about the firm's age of...

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    Report:Services For The Digital Self

    The Battle To Serve You . . . And Profit From Your Data

    People must manage an exploding array of digital content that they create or are responsible for, both at work and at home. We call this collection the digital self, and it includes everything from...

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    Report:Mobile Engagement Demands Process Transformation

    To take advantage of an app in an employee's or customer's pocket, you have to help them accomplish a task quickly and easily whenever they want to and wherever they are. That means CIOs and business...

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      Report:The Business Impact Of Mobile Engagement

      Smartphones and tablets are game changers for engagement because people carry them everywhere they go. Your customers and partners and employees have perpetual access to the vast resources of the...

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        Report:Build Your Mobile Engagement Strategy

        Mobile technology is rapidly evolving as a means for organizations to deliver new customer experiences, enhance customer value, and improve employee productivity. When combined with social, cloud,...

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          Report:Industry Innovation: Retail

          Technology Trends That Retail CIOs Must Tap To Drive Growth

          Today's retail CIOs can radically influence the future of their business, with more new opportunities to use technology to transform the competitive landscape since the emergence of EPOS in the early...

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          Report:Olympic Opportunities In Emerging Markets

          Smart Host Cities Think Outside The Stadium

          The 2008 Olympic Games were a major milestone not only for China but also for other emerging market countries hosting the Olympic Games. In just a decade, the Olympic venues will include three of the...

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          Report:Market Overview: The Advent Of Enterprise Carbon And Energy Management Systems

          Sketching The New Opportunities For IT Vendor Strategists

          A new liability is coming onto the collective balance sheet of companies around the world: carbon. In the context of increasing awareness of the business and societal risks of climate change,...

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          Report:Retail CIOs: Prepare For Retail 2020

          Well-Conceived Options For Game-Changing Technologies Will Catapult Your Perceived Value

          Retail in Europe and North America is in the eye of a storm. Battered first by the fragmentation of traditional mass markets, then by the challenge of cross-channel interaction, and finally by a...

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          Report:Best Practices: Implementing Online Chat

          As companies move to improve their online customer experience, many more are using text-based chat to better engage visitors to their site. But the customer service organization, in conjunction with...

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        • For CIO Professionals

          Report:2007 SOA Industry Adoption Trends In Asia Pacific

          The Finance And Public Sectors Consolidate, While Other Sectors Play Catch-Up

          Service-oriented architecture (SOA) continues to show growth in Asia Pacific; many businesses are fulfilling their previous plans to move toward an SOA as they look to enhance their IT agility,...

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          Report:In Search Of Green Technology Consumers

          Why Tech Marketers Should Target This Emerging Segment

          A distinct segment of green technology consumers ready to put their dollars behind eco-friendly product choices is becoming visible. Forrester's Technographics® surveys reveal that consumers who...

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          Report:Australia's Retail Industry: IT Market Trends And Opportunities, 2006-2010

          This report assesses the Australian retail industry and market opportunities for vendor strategists, and examines eight key segments in the dynamic and extremely competitive retail sector: food,...

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          Report:Green Electronics: Coming To A Wal-Mart Near You

          Wal-Mart's Focus On Sustainable Electronics Will Encourage Green Technology

          Retailers, like companies in most industries, are adopting more environmentally responsible business practices. Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, recently announced plans to evaluate consumer...

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          Report:Retail Boom Fueled By IT In India And China

          This document provides vendor strategists with an overview of IT in China's and India's retail sector. It also forecasts the IT market opportunity through 2010 for both countries' retail segments....

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          Report:China's Retail Industry: IT Market Trends And Opportunities, 2006-2010

          This report provides vendor strategists with an assessment of the IT opportunities available in China's retail industry. The report examines the eight key segments in the country's retail sector,...

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        • For CIO Professionals

          Report:India's Retail Industry: IT Market Trends And Opportunities, 2006-2010

          This report provides vendor strategists with an assessment of the IT opportunities available in the Indian retail industry. The report examines the eight key segments in India's retail sector, which...

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