eCommerce refers to activities in which businesses — or consumers — use the Internet to identify supplies, select products and services, complete financial transactions, and/or obtain services. Delivery may occur online or outside of the Internet. Research coverage includes eCommerce platforms and technologies and mobile eCommerce.

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  • Consumer Mobility
  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:Brief: Digital Winners Know That More Is More

    Uber, Financial Services, And The End Of Zero-Sum Thinking

    Uber is the most prominent proof that a new economic model has changed how businesses succeed. The model, based on positive-sum thinking, rejects the age-old assumption of scarcity. This brief looks...

    • Downloads: 204
  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report:Leading Innovative Mobile Experiences In Asia Pacific, 2016

    Consumers across Asia Pacific (AP) are quickly moving from "transitional" to "shifted" in their desire to be served on mobile. With mobile central to their lives, they seek differentiated experiences...

    • Downloads: 70
  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:Five Payment Trends North American eBusiness Professionals Should Watch: 2016 To 2018

    Consumers are tapping digital touchpoints to shop, and they increasingly rely on mobile devices online and in-store. In turn, retailers are shifting their attention to deliver more value to customers...

    • Downloads: 131
  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:Organize For Mobile Success

    Organization: The Mobile eBusiness Playbook

    As firms mature their mobile strategies in 2016 and beyond, the C-suite must take ownership of mobile initiatives to ensure the dedication, processes, and resources they require. This report helps...

    • Downloads: 106
  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:Make Smart Mobile Technology Choices

    Benchmarks: The Mobile eBusiness Playbook

    "What are my competitors doing?" is one of the most frequent questions that Forrester's clients ask. This report helps eBusiness professionals benchmark both their use of mobile technology and...

    • Downloads: 105
  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:The Future Of Mobile: From App Silos To Open Ecosystems

    Mobile Becomes The Experience Choreographer

    There isn't a single "thing" that will replace or disrupt mobile — not wearables, the Internet of Things, nor M2M. The future of mobile is more granular parts (or micro moments) that are...

    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Blurring Approaches To Mobile Apps Expand Options For Developers

      Developers are often constrained by traditional mobile development approaches, budgets, and time-to-market. Native and web-based approaches simply aren't enough to address all requirements. New...

      • Downloads: 88
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Optimize Performance For Global And Mobile eCommerce

      Performance Management: The eCommerce Globalization Playbook

      eBusiness leaders can't assume that existing investments in data centers, bandwidth, and content delivery networks (CDNs) will be sufficient to ensure blazing-fast speeds in faraway markets or on...

      • Downloads: 997
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Mobile Moments Transform Commerce And Service Experiences

      Strategic Plan: The Mobile eBusiness Playbook

      Mobile provides eBusiness and channel strategy professionals with opportunities to transform commerce and service experiences online and in physical locations. To master these moments, use the IDEA...

      • Downloads: 541
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Choose The Right Mobile Banking Solution

      Tools And Technology: The Mobile Banking Strategy Playbook

      Increasing mobile banking adoption and customer expectations put banks under pressure to develop advanced mobile banking capabilities. They often prioritize implementable single-channel solutions...

      • Downloads: 1790
    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:Brief: Use Mobile Gaming Analytics To Improve Your Digital Marketing

      Chinese Firms Leverage Mobile Games To Increase The Effectiveness Of Their Marketing Performance

      Chinese firms wanting to better engage the online population of hyperconnected consumers are beginning to look to mobile gaming — which has become the most common group of applications that these...

      • Downloads: 86
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Choose The Right Mobile Insurance Solution

      Tools And Technology: The Mobile Insurance Strategy Playbook

      Poor technology decisions will undermine the best mobile insurance strategies. Making the wrong choice could mean trading away a mobile platform that remains viable for the long haul for one that...

      • Downloads: 324
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Adopt An App+ Strategy

      Move Beyond Apps To Win, Serve, And Retain Your Customers

      Your best customers typically prefer your app over your mobile website but depend on both. But even they spend far more time in other firms' apps, and as a result, you own too few of your customers'...

      • Downloads: 153
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Marketing Strategy For The Mobile Mind Shift

      Vision: The Mobile Marketing Playbook

      Customers are in the midst of a mobile mind shift. They're not interested in your messaging and logos. They want utility, and they want it now. They expect any information or services they want in...

      • Downloads: 1637
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:2016 Technology Imperatives For US Healthcare Providers

      The Age Of The Customer Upends The US Healthcare Tech Agenda

      Industries ranging from retail and financial services to airlines and consumer products firms have embraced the age of the customer and pivoted their technology agendas accordingly. This shift has...

      • Downloads: 1284
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:TechRadar™: Mobile Commerce, Q1 2016

      Tools And Technology: The Mobile eBusiness Playbook

      Mobile has moved beyond its designation as a channel to a full-blown catalyst for digital business transformation. Mobile moments are the new battleground to win, serve and retain customers. With 30...

      • Downloads: 169
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:The Fight Between Apps And Websites Is Futile; You Need Both

      A Technographics® 360 Report: Using Behavioral Tracking And Survey Data

      Smartphones aid users in a multitude of ways in their everyday lives, and they use both apps and mobile websites to meet their needs. Each platform serves both distinct and overlapping needs,...

      • Downloads: 39
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Q&A: Why Mobile Imaging Matters For Digital Financial Services

      Technologies Like Optical Character Recognition Enable eBusiness Teams To Better Win, Serve, And Retain Customers

      Better smartphone cameras and increasingly advanced mobile technologies are providing new opportunities for digital teams at financial providers to win and serve customers more effectively using...

      • Downloads: 112
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:The Great Debate: Mobile Websites Or Apps?

      Give Consumers What They Want: Both

      Your best customers typically prefer your app and not your mobile website, but they depend on both. Consumers are more likely to make purchases within apps because the experience is better, but they...

      • Downloads: 273
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Brief: Airlines Must Embrace Mobile Moments To Differentiate

      Smart Airlines Are Building Competitive Advantage By Crafting High-Value Mobile Moments Throughout Their Customers' Journeys

      Mobile is changing travelers' behaviors and expectations worldwide, making mobile moments the next battleground for airlines. While Chinese travelers are rapidly embracing mobile moments, most...

      • Downloads: 75
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Brief: Mobile World Congress 2016 — A Marketer's Lens To See Beyond The Hype

      This year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) tagline was "Mobile Is Everything." The event brought in 100,000 attendees, including 4,500 CEOs and a growing number of CMOs and marketing leaders. Most...

      • Downloads: 127
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Executive Q&A: How US Merchants Should Unlock More Value From NFC Payments In 2016

      In the past year, two market factors started to shape the next phase for mobile payments in-store. First, tech giants like Apple, Google, and Samsung released new NFC-based payment systems. Second,...

      • Downloads: 90
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:The State Of Consumers And Technology: Benchmark 2015, Europe

      European Consumer Technographics®

      This report is our overview of European consumers' behaviors and technology attitudes based on Forrester's European Consumer Technographics surveys and ForecastView data. We analyzed technology usage...

      • Downloads: 11
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Improve The Customer Experience With Engagement Platform Technologies

      Chinese consumers have high expectations when it comes to using mobile devices to interact with businesses; companies that fail to live up to these expectations risk losing them to competitors....

      • Downloads: 89
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Best Practices In Mobile Financial Sales

      Digital Teams Must Use Context To Be Relevant And Earn Sales

      As mobile touchpoints displace PCs, branches, advisors, and agents at the heart of customers' relationships with financial services firms, digital executives need to step up their mobile marketing...

      • Downloads: 489