Ellen Carney

Principal Analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy PROFESSIONALS

Ellen is a principal analyst serving insurance eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. Her research focuses on the eBusiness strategies, technologies, adoption trends, and best practices of property and casualty, life, group, and health insurers globally. Ellen works with insurance clients to understand how market forces are changing how consumers, groups, and distributors engage with insurance carriers and the role that technology plays in maximizing new opportunities.

Ellen most recently served the technology sales enablement role, writing research and providing advisory on how technology vendors sell and market their solution value to industry buyers, with a particular focus on the insurance, banking, and securities industries.

Previous Work Experience

Ellen brings nearly 20 years of experience in delivering technical and professional services to clients in a variety of industries and markets. She joined Forrester from ThruPoint, a New York-based professional services firm, where she was a principal consultant focusing on IT service business strategy to Global 100 clients in securities, banking, and insurance; telecommunications; and media and entertainment. Before joining ThruPoint, Ellen was a director and principal analyst for Gartner, following the infrastructure services market, including consulting, support, and managed services. Prior to her Gartner experience, Ellen spent seven years in a variety of sales enablement and support roles at the former Cabletron Systems, including strategic bid and proposal management; inclusion on approved vendor lists for corporate and global accounts; and master sales and GSA contract management.

Ellen has presented on vertical industry and role-based marketing in a variety of Forrester and client events. She has been cited in a number of publications, including Forbes, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, Best's Review, Insurance & Technology, and American Banker.


Ellen received a B.S. in economics from Southern New Hampshire University.

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    Report:Banking And Insurance Key Security Technology Shopping Influencers

    This data chart summarizes findings from Forrester's Enterprise And SMB Security Survey, North America And Europe, Q3 2009, regarding online and traditional media that influence the purchase of IT...

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    Report:Banking And Insurance Managed Security Services Buying Intentions

    This data chart summarizes findings from Forrester's Enterprise And SMB Security Survey, North America And Europe, Q3 2009, regarding managed security purchasing intentions in the banking and...

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    Report:Pick The Right Sales Strategy To Sell To Insurers

    ACORD/LOMA Tech Exhibitors Exemplify Three Go-To-Market Approaches

    When sales teams can tie their offerings to customers' business outcomes, deals move forward. Go-to-market planners target vertical industries like financial services to articulate that value...

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    Report:Target The Right Role In IT For Different Software Conversations

    CIOs, executives in IT, and managers of IT are responsible for different types of initiatives and have different priorities. To have the most effective sales conversation, tailor your conversation to...

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      Report:Hot Insurance Tech Companies To Watch In 2009: Q2 Update

      The past year has tested the mettle of the insurance industry. Insurers like The Hartford Financial Services Group and Lincoln National Group converted to bank holding companies to take advantage of...

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      Report:Hot Banking Tech Companies To Watch In 2009: Q2 Update

      The banking industry continues to suffer from the global recession and backlash from last fall's financial crisis. While it's tempting to believe that bank-related technology investment is dead,...

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      Report:Demand Insights: Predictive Analytics In The Financial Services Sector

      How IBM Helps Banks And Insurers Get The Business They Really Want

      Banks and insurers do a great job acquiring customers, but they fall down when it comes to cross- and upselling other services. Few financial services institutions even know if the customers they...

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      Report:B2B Digital Marketing: A Deep Dive Into Insurance IT Decision-Makers

      Insurance professionals seem unlikely candidates for social media use. They trust familiar information sources, value personal relationships, and are generally risk-averse. However, this group's...

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      Report:Hardware Tech Marketers Bank On The Small Financial Services Market

      Not too long ago, IT hardware vendors banked on the business they got from financial services industry giants like Morgan Stanley, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and AIG. When the Wall Street bubble...

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      Report:Discovering Tech Opportunity In Islamic Finance

      Big Segment Captures Banker And Tech Vendor Attention

      The move to Islamic banking will challenge conventional bank IT, which means strong opportunities for tech vendors with expertise and experience in rolling out Islamic finance systems. In the face of...

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      Report:Hot Insurance Tech Companies To Watch In 2009

      Profiles Of Technology Companies That Are Reinventing Insurance IT

      Ready or not, the insurance industry is gearing up for some big changes. In 2008, insurers are being tested by a Wall Street collapse that tanked investment portfolios, driving business structural...

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      Report:Financial Services Security Has A People Problem

      Technology Vendors Have To Prove How To Bridge The Gap To Different Roles

      There aren't too many industries that know more about their customers than banks and insurance companies. But that information also puts them at a big disadvantage when it comes to keeping customer...

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      Report:Marketing To The Government As Banker

      The Federal Reserve's Big Bailout Needs Technology

      With the US government taking a huge stake in the business of financial markets, what are the implications for technology marketers? This report looks at how the US Treasury Department will address...

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      Report:How Banks And Insurers Shop For Technology

      Pick The Right Marketing Channels To Influence The Sale

      There are big differences between banking and insurance, even regarding what will persuade insurance or banking technology executives to buy. Earlier this year, Forrester invited a number of North...

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      Report:North American Bank IT Spending In 2008

      Tech Marketers Must Address Five Key Needs To Help Banks Get Back To Basics

      The outlook for the North American banking industry is gloomy, requiring banks to be more judicious with their funds. Even in this morose environment, banks are planning on increasing their spending...

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      Report:North American Insurance IT Spending In 2008

      The insurance industry is contending with a tough market in 2008. Declining premium growth, a bear market, and larger Q1 incurred losses are making insurers more pessimistic this year than last, and...

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      Report:Industry Essential: The US Retail Banking Market

      At the end of 2007, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)-insured banks in the US held nearly $6.9 trillion in deposits, supported more than 73,000 branches, and employed 1.8 million people....

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      Report:Building Effective Vertical Industry Thought Leadership Programs

      How Capgemini Capitalizes On Research-Driven Marketing

      Industry thought leadership demands deep insight into specific vertical industries. Many technology providers conduct primary research to validate their thought leadership. But primary research can...

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      Report:Putting The Right Price On Industry Solutions

      Make Industry-Specific Pricing Part Of Your Industry Marketing Plan

      In a weakening economy, a lot of tech marketers succumb to pressures to reduce prices to sustain demand. Yet tech marketers whose firms deliver strong industry experience matched with a portfolio of...

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      Report:Optimize Consulting Delivery By Applying Industry And Domain Skills Strategically

      Winning and successfully delivering valuable technology solutions demands three dimensions of expertise: technical, domain, and industry. Finding a consultant with one of these skills is hard enough,...

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      Report:What Industry Marketers Need To Know Before Going Global

      Lessons From PwC: Applying Global Thinking To Local Action

      Global industry marketing strategies promise seamless service regardless of where it's delivered, but local market conditions matter, too, posing a challenge for tech marketers and consulting...

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      Report:Introducing Forrester's Industry Decision Tool For Technology Marketing

      A Systematic Approach To Drive Your Industry Strategy

      Targeting and marketing products to meet the needs of industry buyers is one path to greater revenue for many tech marketers, but picking the right industries is complicated. Forrester's Industry...

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      Report:The Partnership Tool Kit

      This toolkit provides both tech marketers new to partnering as well as maturing alliance managers with a variety of tools to help manage their partner ecosystems throughout the partnership lifecycle....

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      Report:Forrester's Industry Marketing Decision Tool

      This workbook is designed to help industry marketers rank their industry opportunity based on their understanding of the industry, the competitive landscape, and their internal capabilities. Users...

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      Report:More Focus, Not More Money, Will Improve Industry Partner Performance

      Technology companies spent big in 2006 on their industry partnering strategies. Marketing execs expect to invest even more in 2007, but few are offering more than tepid responses when asked how...

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