Ellen Carney

Principal Analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy PROFESSIONALS

Ellen is a principal analyst serving insurance eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. Her research focuses on the eBusiness strategies, technologies, adoption trends, and best practices of property and casualty, life, group, and health insurers globally. Ellen works with insurance clients to understand how market forces are changing how consumers, groups, and distributors engage with insurance carriers and the role that technology plays in maximizing new opportunities.

Ellen most recently served the technology sales enablement role, writing research and providing advisory on how technology vendors sell and market their solution value to industry buyers, with a particular focus on the insurance, banking, and securities industries.

Previous Work Experience

Ellen brings nearly 20 years of experience in delivering technical and professional services to clients in a variety of industries and markets. She joined Forrester from ThruPoint, a New York-based professional services firm, where she was a principal consultant focusing on IT service business strategy to Global 100 clients in securities, banking, and insurance; telecommunications; and media and entertainment. Before joining ThruPoint, Ellen was a director and principal analyst for Gartner, following the infrastructure services market, including consulting, support, and managed services. Prior to her Gartner experience, Ellen spent seven years in a variety of sales enablement and support roles at the former Cabletron Systems, including strategic bid and proposal management; inclusion on approved vendor lists for corporate and global accounts; and master sales and GSA contract management.

Ellen has presented on vertical industry and role-based marketing in a variety of Forrester and client events. She has been cited in a number of publications, including Forbes, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, Best's Review, Insurance & Technology, and American Banker.


Ellen received a B.S. in economics from Southern New Hampshire University.

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