Data Strategy & Insights

November 18 – 19, 2021  |  Live Virtual Experience

Track Overviews

Connect To The Future Of Data And AI

AI is everywhere, making customer experiences more personalized, transportation safer, healthcare cheaper, and manufacturing more efficient. But AI thrives on data, and data architectures are evolving rapidly to enable intelligence in any device that can be made smarter. In this track, learn how to master the latest developments in data management and then supercharge your business with the latest AI advances, from the edge of customer interaction to the center of your operations. 

Topics include: 

  • Inspire Trust With Robust, Well-Tested AI-Infused Applications 
  • Buying AI Business Applications: Five Key Questions To Ask Vendors 
  • The Future Of Data Management 
  • When Blockchain Meets Data: No Miracles But A Helping Hand 
  • Next-Generation AI Platforms: Accelerate Your AI-Driven Transformation 
  • Get Meshy, Not Messy, With Data 

Create Clear Customer Impact

To become customerobsessed, a company must understand how its customers behave, what motivates them, and how they feel about their experiences. Today, many companies approach these individual jigsaw pieces in silos yet fail to put the whole puzzle together. This track shows how to create clear customer impact by finding the right data, combining appropriate analytical approaches, deriving insights, taking effective actions — and measuring results. 

Topics include: 

  • Amp Up Customer Insights With Remote Qualitative Research 
  • Solve Customer Mysteries With Quantitative And Qualitative Investigation 
  • Tap The Power Of Conversations For Customer Growth 
  • Raise Your Insights Game In Retail, Insurance, And Healthcare 
  • Use Metrics To Balance Value For The Customer And Value For The Business 
  • Data Deprecation Radically Resets Marketing Measurement And Optimization 

Inspire Your Teams With Confidence

The ever-changing technology landscape — data lakehouses, AI, augmented analytics — broadens organizations’ ability to drive insights-driven actions. But that’s not happening as fast as technologies are changing. Why? Because firms underfocus on the human skills and the practices that will drive that change. In these sessions, you’ll learn how to amplify key human skills, talk confidently and convincingly about using insights to drive transformation, and how to empower employees with knowledge. 

Topics include: 

  • Drive Transformation With Data Storytelling 
  • The CDO Role: It’s Not New And Different Anymore — What’s Next? 
  • Data Ethics Meets Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion 
  • Transform Data Analytics Work With These Change Agent Personas 
  • Knowledge Management Revitalized: Empower Employees And Build Resilience 
  • The Future Of BI: Augmented And Personalized