Security & Risk

November 9 – 10, 2021  |  Live Virtual Experience

Track Overviews

Risk, Privacy, And Compliance Management

There’s no shortage of missteps in today’s uncertain and volatile business environment. To survive and even thrive despite the chaos, entities of all sizes and sectors must have robust risk, privacy, and compliance management processes, access to timely information and analysis, and support from the right technologies to make better, quicker strategic decisions. Learn how to pivot from misstep avoidance to business opportunityseeking program 

Topics include: 

  • The Right Stuff: Better, Faster Decisions With ERM  
  • Risky Business: Managing Third-Party Risk Correctly 
  • Meet Your New Transformational Chief Risk Officer 
  • The Future Of Data Protection 
  • A Practical Guide To Navigate Privacy Management Technology 
  • Navigating Cloud Compliance? You’re On Your Own 


Headline-dominating breaches combined with increased customer demands for transparency placed the spotlight onto the security leader, thus shifting the focus of the security program from enabling digital transformation with technology to enabling customer trust with demonstrable security and risk management. This is not a moment to squander. Understand what it takes to lead the security organization at the board level, gain buy-in and goodwill across functions like marketing and tech, and guide your program through all levels of the business.  

Topics include: 

  • Five Post-Breach Lessons From SolarWinds Abstract 
  • CISOs And CMOs: Partnering With The Frenemy 
  • Utilizing Cyber Risk Quantification For Effective Boardroom Communication 
  • Security Matters  Now What? Aligning CISOs With Tech Execs 
  • To Err Is Human; To Forgive Builds Trust 
  • Succession Planning Is A Business Resilience Imperative 

Zero Trust Security

This track prepares you for day 366 of living with Zero Trust. These sessions will provide refinement and clarity on exactly what Zero Trust means, what Zero Trust is, and how to get to Zero Trust and stay there — from the company that pioneered the concept. Security leaders charged with defending the foundation of the trusted enterprise from cyberattacks and emerging threats should attend these sessions.  

Topics include:  

  • Zero Trust Edge: Networking, Security 
  • Secure The AnywhereWork Experience Across All Generations 
  • There Is No Try: Implement Zero Trust, You Must 
  • A Traveler’s Guide To A Passwordless Enterprise 
  • Everything Everyone Gets Wrong About Threat Intel 
  • The Forever Breach: Avoiding The EverPresent Scourge Of Ransomware 

Products And Applications Security

Firms rely on innovative products to engage their customers, enable their employees, and create revenue, but security and privacy miscues can dampen business results. Learn how effective security teams embed into the application and product lifecycle to power business performance.

Topics include:  

  • Secure What You Sell: Becoming A TopLine CISO 
  • Designing Products With Security In Mind 
  • Customer Identity And Access Management: It’s More Important Than You Think 
  • Securing The Smart Enterprise 
  • API Management Vs. Service Mesh: What’s The Difference? 
  • A Conversation On Securing The Software Supply Chain