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November 4 – 6  |  Live Virtual Experience

Agenda - EMEA

All sessions are globally relevant but these sessions will be run first time live in GMT. See Agenda tab or downloadable agenda for the full program.

Wednesday, November 4 | Power Wednesday

12:00–5:00 p.m. Pre-Event Build-Up
This is the perfect time to build your personal agenda for the following days and familiarize yourself with the features of the platform.  Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your conference experience!
12:30-12:45 p.m. Attendee Platform Orientation
Join Forrester’s Program Manager for a tour of the virtual platform, as well as share planning and engagement tips to help you get the most out of the next two days

Thursday, November 5

10:00–10:15 a.m. Welcome Address
George Colony, Forrester
10:15–10:35 a.m. Opening Remarks
Pascal Matzke, Forrester
10:40–11:10 a.m. The Path To Automation In Europe: Avoiding Automation Disaster
You hear it everywhere: “This crisis will divide companies into those that change automation priorities and those that don’t.” However, not all automation is good, and, as you scale, risks increase. In this session, we’ll explain how to avoid disasters like biased AI, automated systems too complex to fix, and ultimately: What’s left for people? We’ll also explore your target automation degree, impacts on skills, and how automation technologies will evolve.
Dan Bieler and Bernhard Schaffrik, Forrester
11:15–11:35 a.m. TRACK SESSIONS
Connected Products Help You Understand And Win B2B Customers
Connected products underpin B2B themes, from predictive maintenance to “X as-a-service.” But they also play a significant role in helping you better understand your customers and the ways in which they use your products. Connected product discussions usually focus on the internet of things, which powers the connection itself. Making changes to practice, policy, and compensation in product design, manufacturing, sales, and support matters just as much, if not more.
Paul Miller, Forrester
Align Strategy And Technology To Deliver Next-Gen Personalization
Brands strive to differentiate and add value to customer experiences through personalization. They often have a rough idea of how the final experience should materialize, but they frequently fail to establish a strategy that governs personalization investments. Join this discussion to better understand the value — and risks — of customer-focused personalization that aligns technology with defined business outcomes to deliver optimal customer experiences.
Rusty Warner, Forrester
11:40 a.m.–12 p.m. TRACK SESSIONS
The Future Of Open Banking Technology
A new crop of intermediaries is forming, helping firms plug in to innovation ecosystems and rapidly build differentiated experiences for their customers. COVID-19 will place customer well-being in sharp focus, and open finance technologies are about to come into their own in support of this. Join this session to learn how the pandemic is changing use cases and how open finance assists firms in helping their customers.
Jake Morgan, Forrester
What European Data Sovereignty Means For Your Business
Data security sovereignty is on the risk agenda for many European organizations due to changes in regulation and the global geopolitical landscape. France and Germany launched GAIA-X to offer a European alternative to non-European public cloud hyperscalers for sensitive workloads. Join this talk to learn more about GAIA-X, how it tackles security challenges, and how CIOs and European organizations should react to its introduction to the European cloud services market.
Paul McKay, Forrester
12:05–12:25 p.m. TRACK SESSIONS
The Future Of Blockchain: Supporting New Ways Of Doing Business
Blockchain (a.k.a. distributed ledger technology or DLT) not only has a key role to play in improving efficiency and reducing cost, it also provides the foundation for complete process redesign and new business models. In this session, we’ll review key trends (from China via Europe to the Americas), provide guidance on how to get the most out of blockchain-based networks, and share our insights into what the future may hold.
Martha Bennett and Charlie Dai, Forrester
CMOs And CIOs Need To Work As Partners: Lessons From The Field
Great customer experiences and faster innovation depend on a company closing the gaps between their digital front ends and operational systems and processes. Cloud, AI, and internet of things are beneficial only if marketing and tech can use them to drive customer value. In this session, we’ll discuss how CMOs and CIOs must work together around a coherent strategy for execution and measure success along the lines of shared metrics to drive customer success.
Pascal Matzke and Thomas Husson, Forrester
12:30– 1:00 p.m. Guest Performer: Michael McDonald
1:00 p.m. Marketplace
1:00-4:30 p.m. Analyst 1:1s

Friday, November 6

10:00–10:05 a.m. Welcome Back 
10:05–10:35 a.m. How To Build A Sustainable Future-Proof Agile Delivery Organization
For the past 10 to 15 years, we’ve been busy introducing Agile culture, practices, and (more or less) organically driven organizations, giving them eclectic names like tribes, swarms, scrums, and squads. However, we still haven’t reached the tipping point of “Agility.” As we apply at scale what we’ve learned in small teams, how can we make “Agility” stick and be more sustainable, knowing that business change will only occur faster, not slower?
Diego Lo Giudice, Forrester
10:40–11 a.m. TRACK SESSIONS
Panel: 5G’s Future Is Almost Here, But It’s Not Evenly Distributed
Connectivity is creeping deeper into our lives and business operations, while business success increasingly depends on network-enabled product and service differentiation. 5G will play a key role for businesses seeking to address the growing customer demand for low-latency and very high bandwidth product features and service experiences. But 5G requires a new approach to the design and operations of network infrastructures. This session helps enterprise CIOs prepare for 5G’s impact and modernize their network infrastructure.
Laura Koetzle, Dan Bieler, Glenn O’Donnell, and Danny Mu, Forrester
Digital Architectures To Support Emerging Business Models In Banking
COVID-19 has increased the relevance of managing technology budgets, improving automation, and quickly delivering business results. Applied to the needs of digital transformation in banking, the outcome is too often a patchwork architecture that can only cope with immediate technology and business needs. Join this session to learn how digital architectures can help technology teams in banks and other industries support existing and emerging business models in the networked economy.
Jost Hopperman, Forrester
11:05–11:25 a.m. TRACK SESSIONS
Compete For Digital Engagement With Location Intelligence Tech In Europe
Leading digital disruptors are ramping up their use of location for digitally engagement and customer experience delivery. With locational information they excel at the understanding customer within a spatial sense to provide contextually sensitive experiences – at scales never before seen. Join this discussion to learn about the urgency to invest in location intelligence, how leading firms are doing it, and what you must do to adopt and mature your location intelligence technology and practice.
James McCormick, Forrester
Europe in 2021: Expect Consumer Contradictions, Regulatory Ferment, And Remote Work
Peering into the crystal ball has rarely felt as daunting as it does for 2021.  Because even if a COVID-19 vaccine candidate passes muster in early 2021, we’ll see outbreaks, lockdowns, and remote working through 2021.  An EU-UK “No Deal” in December 2020 is the likeliest outcome, which will create supply chain and data protection headaches.  EU-US Privacy Shield won’t rise from the dead, and it will become tougher to use standard contract clauses properly.
Laura Koetzle, Enza Iannopollo, Julian Archer, and Jacob Morgan, Forrester
11:25–11:30 a.m. Closing Remarks and Marketplace