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November 4 – 6  |  Live Virtual Experience

Agenda - North America

All sessions are globally relevant but these sessions will be run first time live in EST. See Agenda tab or downloadable agenda for the full program.

Wednesday, November 4 | Power Wednesday

12:00-5:00 p.m. Pre-Event Build-Up
This is the perfect time to build your personal agenda for the following days and familiarize yourself with the features of the platform.   Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your conference experience!
12:30-12:45 p.m. Attendee Platform Orientation
Join Forrester’s Program Manager for a tour of the virtual platform, as well as share planning and engagement tips to help you get the most out of the next two days
1:30-1:50 p.m.  How Innovation Before Replication Drives Transformation
The most important behavior of people in a 21st century organization is asking great questions. Curiosity is the critical competitive differentiator for leaders and the people they lead. Your people drive organizational change—you can’t outsource transformation. Behaviors change beliefs, not the other way around. Based on his forthcoming book, The Heart of Transformation; Build the Human Capabilities that Change Organizations for Good, Michael will focus on the capability of Innovating Before Replicating and give you one of the key questions that can activate this capability in your company.
Michael Leckie, Digital and Business Transformation Executive HR Leader, Culture Changer, Leadership Developer, and Executive Coach
2:30-2:50 p.m. Fireside Chat: Mind The (Gender) Gap
It has been five years since tech bell weathers such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft, began releasing annual diversity statistics. Unsurprisingly, men represent more than three-quarters of the tech workforce. This gap represents risks not only from a career opportunity perspective but also in terms of the ability to design for women and nonbinary people. Recent research by Forrester principal analysts Mary Shea and Katy Tynan reveals surprising and expected insights relative to women in the tech workforce. Join us as we discuss how to innovate, design and commercialize products within an inclusive culture.
Mary Shea and Katy Tynan, Forrester

Thursday, November 5

10:00–10:15 a.m. Welcome Address
George Colony, Forrester
10:15–10:35 a.m. Opening Remarks
Stephen Powers, Forrester
10:40–11:10 a.m. Future-Fit Technology — Accelerate How You Adapt
Your customer-obsessed business strategy hasn’t changed — but your technology will, with new pandemic-driven urgency. A Future Fit Technology approach helps you adapt more quickly to unexpected events, while getting more creative in customer engagement. Future Fit Technology creates shared accountability for business results, drives increased engagement with ecosystem providers, and focuses on the delivery and optimization of technology platforms. Join our session to learn about the power of Future Fit Technology in a lively, interactive fireside chat.
Allen Bonde and Bobby Cameron, Forrester
11:10–11:30 a.m. Marketplace Energizer
11:30–11:50 a.m. TRACK SESSIONS
New Cloud-Native Tech Accelerates Modernization Everywhere
Powerful cloud-native technology — including containers, Kubernetes, and serverless computing — is helping companies build new differentiating experiences, transform infrastructure, and modernize their most important core business applications. Join this lively session to learn how cloud-native tech drives business agility and how both developers and IT leaders are putting cloud-native to work. Your new tech stack is here, and cloud-native is driving major business transformations from the data center to the cloud to the edge.
Dave Bartoletti and Jeffrey Hammond, Forrester
The Future Of ERP: Digital Operations Platforms

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) gets a bad reputation for being costly and inflexible, but ERP is at the core of running a digital, customer-obsessed business. With a new generation of ERP systems now on the market, customers must decide whether to try to get more out of their old systems or replace them. This session will discuss the state of ERP, current customer patterns, and key decision points and recommendations for your ERP strategy.
Liz Herbert, Forrester
The Power Of Intelligent Creativity For Future-Fit Business
All companies today have access to the same platforms and solve the same customer problems with the same tech-driven absolutism. To differentiate their products, services and experiences firms must inject the human power of creativity. The combination of human ingenuity with machine prowess and accuracy results in a modern creative problem-solving team, wielding a new set of tools, technologies, and possibilities. The result is Intelligent Creativity, a new working process where knowledge workers and software work side-by-side create experiences, products, services, and communication that delight customers, differentiate brands, empower employees and reward shareholders. Join this track to learn how to harness the power of intelligent creativity as an organizing principle for your company.
Jay Pattisall, Forrester
Future of Work
Augment Your Employees To Win At The Future Of Work
In 2020 and 2021, many organizations will have to do more with less. We must drive ever-higher levels of customer value with fewer employees. Yet AI, automation, augmented reality, and other technologies can turbocharge your employees’ effectiveness. Join this discussion to learn how to drive improvements in employee experience and customer value by augmenting employees.
J. P. Gownder, Forrester
Build A Future-Fit Relationship With Your Service Provider
Companies with a commitment to agility need co-innovation partners that operate at the intersection of strategy and implementation, not just traditional integrators or consultancies. Fortunately, the best service providers are assembling new operating models to support transformation at scale, with new commercial models that better align your needs with their contributions. Join this session to understand the new service models and learn how to choose and manage a provider to be a co-innovation partner.
Ted Schadler, Forrester
11:55 a.m.–12:15 p.m. CASE STUDIES
Featuring BigPanda, Decisions, HCL, Nividous, and OutSystems
BigPanda: Adpot AIOps Successfully with BigPanda
AIOps is a buzzword used by many IT Ops vendors today, creating confusion for teams. So how can you separate value or hype? By hearing from real customers. Join Mohan Kompella, VP of Product Marketing from BigPanda, as he shares proof-points from several Fortune 500 organizations that have successfully adopted AIOps. You’ll also hear Bungie’s IT Ops and NOC team share how they deliver an awesome experience for players of Halo, Destiny, and other games. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Mohan Kompela, BigPanda
Decisions: Enabling the Hyperadaptive Enterprise: Driving Growth in a World Where Disruption is the Rule
Today’s business environment forces organizations to rethink how they can quickly adapt to market changes and customer demands. Aria Systems provides a cloud-native, SaaS billing and monetization platform that is both robust and scalable enough to help organizations seize new market opportunities as they emerge. Join this session to find out how Aria has enhanced its core billing platform by leveraging Decisions’ no-code business process automation platform to power customer-specific applications at scale, ultimately providing more value to Aria’s clients and their end-customers. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Michael Carrell and Erin Madsen, Aria Systems
HCL: Leading Transformation and Fueling Gig Economy Through Digital Disruption
With the rise of the gig economy, Amway was faced with the challenge to evolve and digitally transform their business in order to attract and retain their business owners and stay ahead of the competition. This session explores the implementation of an innovative mobile strategy that revitalized a 60-year-old approach to sales and the platform that helped deploy localized solutions for a global network of sellers in more than 30 countries. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Mike Gamaggio, Amway Europe and Somesh Nayana, HCL Volt MXDP
Nividous: Customer Success Stories – Humanizing Work with Nividous’ Intelligent Automation Platform
With today’s pandemic and economic uncertainties, automation has become critical for organizations across the globe to sustain their businesses. However, organizations have started to realize that siloed automation cannot deliver long-term value. We will talk about how Nividous’ intelligent automation platform that natively combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities have helped our customers in solving their business challenges with sustained long-term value. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Alan Hester, Nividous
OutSystems: Innovation through Headwinds: The Power of a Modular Architecture
When the pandemic struck, Humana was already close to deploying a new Pharmacy Finder app, built with OutSystems. The speed of the platform, coupled with an organizational focus on a shared, reusable component architecture, enabled the team to deploy a new COVID-19 Test Locator app in record time. Join this session and learn how Humana was able to adapt so quickly to address two distinct human needs. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Bruce Battles, Humana
12:20–12:50 p.m. Panel: Applying Emerging Technology To Become Future Fit
While it appears that the top emerging technologies have stabilized over the last few years, do not be fooled. Underneath there is a constant evolution, connection, and business change. In this session, Matt Guarini will host a panel of analysts who developed research for Forrester’s emerging digital experience. You will not just hear about emerging technologies such as virtual network infrastructure, cloud-native, edge, quantum computing, and AI. In the session, our panelists will show the audience how to use Forrester’s digital tools to explore all of our trends and emerging technologies content and engage with analysts to learn more.
Matt Guarini, Julie Ask, Renee Murphy, Brandon Purcell, and Dave Bartoletti, Forrester
12:55–1:15 p.m. CASE STUDIES
Featuring Appian, ASG Technologies, IBM, ins-pi, and Opsani
Appian: Revolutionize Customer Lifecycle Management with Low-code
Are fragmented processes, manual interventions, and lack of operational insight delaying your time to revenue and your ability to respond to market and regulatory change? Streamlining the customer lifecycle by empowering business users to make informed changes can reduce expenditures in audit and related costs, improve client experience, and increase the time to revenue. Learn how Appian’s Solution for Institutional Onboarding provides business users with visibility and control over the entire process, improving operational efficiency, reducing processing time, and increasing customer satisfaction. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Josh Seeman, Appian
ASG Technologies: Refresh & Simplify: Privacy-Aware Governance Tackles Your Darkest Data
All organizations agree that de-risking collaborative systems and dark data across their enterprise is critical, but it can be a varied and treacherous path to success when taking on vast deployments of SharePoint, Box, and Microsoft365. During this session, industry experts from ASG Technologies and Zia Consulting will share their insights on how best to reduce privacy risk and automate compliance requirements for content and files, including 1) How best to bring outlying documents and ‘dark data’ into your governance practice, 2) Methods to extend information governance and data privacy to collaborative systems…and much more. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Ryan McVeigh, Zia Consulting and Greg Wilson, ASG Technologies
IBM: Eliminate Manual Document Processing with AI-lead Automation
Today’s digital world relies on quick and accurate tools to drive operations, but manual tasks still hinder many digital processes. Millions of times a day, document processing slows projects to a crawl, creating opportunities for errors and omissions that can lead to suboptimal business decisions. With the amount of data and documents continuing to grow exponentially, it’s more important than ever to automate your document processing. Join IBM executives, Eileen Lowry and Jim Casey, in a “fireside chat” to learn about industry uses cases that can benefit from AI-led document processing and help to your organization save time and resources. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Eileen Lowry and David Jenness, IBM
ins-pi: Transformation as a Service – An Award-winning Journey
Lexmark has recently won the InfoWorld/Forrester EA Award 2020 for their 25% improvement in time-to-market for IT initiatives and a 30% reduction in defects due to change in the first full year of adoption of their new transformation practice. Join this interview with Andy Kopp, Transformation Practice Lead at Lexmark, to learn about the best-practices and the secret ingredients to make your enterprise transformation a success. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Andy Kopp, Lexmark
Opsani: Optimizing at Scale: Using ML to Optimize All Applications Across the Service Delivery Platform
While DevOps has created software release velocity, traditional performance optimization has not been able to keep up. The result is the need to overprovision systems with CPU, memory, among other resources, all of which drive up costs unnecessarily. This problem is exacerbated as enterprises shift their software production on a services delivery platform, like Kubernetes. Come and learn how some of the largest enterprises have autonomously optimized thousands of their workloads across their service delivery platform with Opsani, saving countless human hours and budget dollars, while delivering a better customer experience. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Amir Sharif, Opsani
1:15–1:35 p.m. Marketplace Energizer
1:35–1:55 p.m. TRACK SESSIONS
Democratize Development
COVID-19 changed everything. An urgent need to digitize (and adapt) the processes, policies, data, and know-how of a business became painfully clear. However, this work is beyond the capacity of the average IT organization. The only credible strategy for most businesses is “citizen developers” using low-code development platforms. Attend this session to learn how COVID-19 accelerated the citizen developer trend, why it’s necessary, and how to pursue and govern citizen developers for your IT strategy.
John Bratincevic, Forrester
Run Your Enterprise on Autopilot
Organizations invest heavily in digital experience. But back office systems lack the intelligent automation to fulfil the promise of, for example, ubiquitous availability of staples like milk or toilet paper. Learn how Intelligent Automation lays the foundation for self-aware, self-directed, compelling customer experiences. You will learn how to i) Read developments in the RPA market ii) Deploy IA to align the whole enterprise with its front office customer promises iii) Thrive in the new normal.
Craig Le Clair and George Lawrie, Forrester
Data-Informed, Data-Fueled, And Data-Paralyzed Creativity
We face a design, data science and analytics collision in which contrasting world views and methods reduce the value of the groups. Confusion reigns about how to work together, preventing many from creating as much change as is needed. This session will present the state of current collaboration and ways to move forward.
Andrew Hogan, Forrester, Ovetta Sampson, Sampson & Associates, and Bob Baxley, Thoughtspot
Future of Work
The Future Of Employee Technology Experience Management
The rise of remote work amplifies the role that technology experience plays in employee engagement. Ensuring an excellent tech experience requires a strategic approach to end user experience management (EUEM) — one that leverages both quantitative and qualitative data to improve the technology experience. Join this session to learn how leading organizations are approaching technology experience management in the age of distributed work.
Andrew Hewitt, Forrester
Panel: Adapt Your Technology Sourcing Strategy To The Economic Downturn
CIOs are wondering how to update their technology sourcing strategies to reflect a less certain, more competitive economic context. Should they consolidate on fewer large, financially robust vendors, or will that create dangerous vendor lock-in? Attend this session to learn how to balance standardization with flexibility in your technology sourcing strategy, and how to use vendors’ 2020 behavior to identify good strategic partners.
Duncan Jones, Pascal Matzke, Mark Bartrick, Paul Miller, David Mooter, Forrester
2:00–2:20 p.m. CASE STUDIES
Featuring LeanIX, LivePerson, PagerDuty, Quick Base, and TaskTop
LeanIX: Enterprise Architects: Driving Corporate Resiliency Through Transformation
The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic caught the world unawares. Not only did the pandemic tax our healthcare systems in ways we couldn’t imagine, it forced businesses to adjust to a largely remote workforce, cut costs, and make very difficult decisions to stay afloat. This unprecedented time elevated the role of enterprise architects into the champions of IT as they quickly assessed their companies’ business capabilities, determined how to provide more self-service abilities to employees, cut IT costs, and ensure business continuity throughout an organization. Driven by the IT needs during the pandemic, Hylton Southey, Managing Director of LeanIX, Inc. will discuss what EAs need to consider as they transform their IT to support a remote workforce. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Hylton Southey, LeanIX
LivePerson: GoDaddy Provides Guidance at Scale with Conversational AI and Messaging
With a focus on providing guidance to the small business owners who use their platform, GoDaddy turned to messaging and Conversational AI via LivePerson to serve their customers on their time and in their channels of choice. In this session, learn about GoDaddy’s decision to go Conversational, their progress with messaging and AI, what COVID-19 taught them about their business as their monthly messaging volumes have increased 200%, and where their roadmap will take them next. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Jared Eisenlohr, LivePerson and Chad Neujahr, GoDaddy
PagerDuty: Observability, Metrics and DevOps Transformation
Observability, Metrics, and DevOps Transformation DevOps is about more than just pipeline. It’s also about culture. Hear from Robbie Eichberger, a DevOps Champion at Morgan Stanley, talk about how they leverage PagerDuty to optimize feedback loops and reinforce ownership, improve team visibility into incident management processes, and better understand metrics and observability to make real-time operations a reality. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Robbie Eichberger, Morgan Stanley
Quick Base: Enabling Business Agility and Culture with Dual Track Transformation
Recent studies show that Business Agility is key to thriving through disruptions. Although widely accepted, organizations small and large face significant challenges achieving it. Dual track transformation is a key differentiator between success and failure. What is it? How can you implement it? What are leading organizations achieving with it? This session will provide clear insights, strategy, and first-hand success stories from business and enterprise IT, industry veterans. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Deb Gildersleeve, Quick Base, Adam Ligas, CVS Aetna, Eric Olsen, Quick Base
Tasktop: Leveraging the Flow Framework® for Vehicle Simulation at BMW China.NEXT
With another 900M Chinese citizens projected to make up the middle class within the next few years, BMW faced a unique problem. Either support innovation across company boundaries, or risk market share. I n this talk, Rene Te-Strote and Dr. Mik Kersten will review how the concepts of Project to Product and the Flow Framework™ were applied at scale to produce a result that we see as the future of software supply chains: end-to-end simulation. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Dr. Mik Kersten, Tasktop and René Te-Strote, BMW Group
2:25–2:55 p.m. Guest Performer: Michael McDonald
2:55–3 p.m. Marketplace
1:00-4:30 p.m. Analyst 1:1s

Friday, November 6

10:00–10:05 a.m. Welcome Back
10:05–10:35 a.m. The Future-Fit Technology Leader
The pandemic has thrust IT and its leaders into the spotlight, however, the traditional recipes for success won’t work in the Roaring ’20s part 2. Your skills and those of your team will be as, or even more important than your technology as you strive to help your business become future fit. This session will present data, analysis and examples from two years of research regarding how CIOs and other senior most technology leaders lead. We will tell you what we see the best leaders doing and becoming, culminating in what we refer to as the Future-fit Tech Leader. Here is a clue, they may not be called CIO anymore. In fact, we will present evidence that the CIO role will likely fragment shifting to future fit chief operating, digital, and technology officers. Attend this session to understand these important trends and how to prepare yourself and your organization to lead.
Brian Hopkins, Forrester
10:35–10:40 a.m. Session Change
10:40–11 a.m. TRACK SESSIONS
Survive And Thrive In Times Of Change Through AI And AutoML
More than ever, enterprises must rapidly evolve to meet the changing business landscape and AI is the key to detecting those changes, understanding them, and editing your organizational DNA to adapt to them. While leveraging AI has been a challenge, advances in automated machine learning (autoML) now enable you to democratize the ability to develop predictive models, build AI applications, and rapidly extract business insights. In this session we will cover these autoML use cases, the technologies that make this possible, and why they are more important for enterprises than ever before.
Kjell Carlsson, Forrester
Managing The Biggest Global Risks Of The Next Decade
Trade  wars, pandemics, and record unemployment have forced corporations to rethink their delivery models, employees to adapt to new working challenges, and kids to realize that their parents aren’t smarter than a fifth grader. The decade is off to a rocky start, and we’re only nine months in. How do you navigate an uncertain future and prepare for more challenges ahead? This session prepares you for the biggest global risks of the next decade.
Renee Murphy, Forrester
How To Build Sustainable Innovation Programs
Innovation is only sustainable when it follows a repeatable, transparent, and continuous process that overcomes obstacles such as silos. It’s independent of a set of individuals and embraces every employee in the company. In this session, we discuss the best practices from firms that succeed in sustainable innovation and shake up markets by applying disruptive, not incremental, innovation methods. They’re customer-obsessed — meaning that they adapt and execute business strategies immediately as customer needs change.
Pascal Matzke and David Wheable, Forrester
Future of Work
Data Downpour: Transform Your Workforce From Data-Aware To Insights-Driven
Insights-driven business transformation is the ability to transform enterprise data into insights, which in turn trigger actions that affect tangible business outcomes (while continuously learning and improving the insights-action-outcome process). Deploying these capabilities in an agile, adaptive manner is a challenge. In this session you will learn about the tangible benefits of becoming an insights-driven organization, and receive practical advice on the strategy, people, process, data, and technology best practices to overcome the challenges and succeed.
Boris Evelson, Forrester
Kick-Start Your Insights Business With Data Literacy
Many organizations struggle to apply insights to decision-making and to deliver true impact. Improving companywide data literacy can help, if approached correctly. This session presents Forrester’s A-C-E-S framework for data literacy and explores how data literacy can improve data quality, increase insights-informed decision-making, and deliver business value.
Jennifer Belissent, Forrester
Special Session
It’s Time For Female Sales Leaders To Break Glass
Women make up half of the global population, yet only 7.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. Female entrepreneurs are more likely than their male counterparts to make their companies’ cashflows positive, but 85% of venture investment goes to all-male-led companies. B2B sales is no different. While 74% of B2B sales leaders say they hire with diversity in mind, only a third of B2B sellers are women. In this fireside chat, Forrester Principal Analyst Mary Shea and Nokia VP of North American Sales, Andrea Austin will discuss key themes emerging from Mary’s research and what it takes to succeed in the highest echelons of sales leadership at a global technology
Mary Shea, Forrester and Andrea Austin, Nokia Software
11:05–11:25 a.m. CASE STUDIES
Featuring HCL, IBM, Google Cloud, OutSystems, and TOPdesk
HCL: Applying Technology to Solve Complex Digital Engagement Challenges
The last few months have been challenging in many ways. Now more than ever businesses are leaning on their digital experiences to solve the complex problems their customers, partners, and employees are facing. To meet this challenge, we must continue to identify new ways of working and connecting to impart the knowledge within our organizations to those that need it most. Join this session to learn how leading organizations are solving critical business challenges through Digital Experiences. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Will Mondschein, Sirius-FiveOut and Gary Schoch, HCL Digital Experience
IBM: Client Impacts from Extreme Automation – What Happens When We Think Big
Leading businesses seek to deploy integrated, advanced, intelligent automation across the enterprise. IBM will explore the implications for workflows and data, and most importantly – for people. This session will highlight case studies from around the globe and across industries, including financial services, energy, and utilities. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Elli Hurst and Tom Ivory, IBM Automation
Google Cloud: Citizen Development – Building Resilience into the Corporate DNA with Globe Telecom
Remaining agile and fast in a constantly changing new normal requires rethinking your workforce. Learn how Globe Telecom embarked on a company-wide citizen development initiative, empowering its entire workforce to engage in digital transformation efforts with the help of Google Cloud’s AppSheet no-code development platform. Foundational to their success and a best practice for any company embarking on a similar journey, a creative onboarding program that sparked successful employee engagement across the enterprise. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Vikas Anand, Google Cloud and Carlo Malana, Globe Telecom
OutSystems: The Modern Business Process: Driving Business Value through Digital Enablement
New York Life has enabled its best and brightest to reimagine business processes with creativity and limitless flexibility. See how OutSystems can turn your weaknesses into strengths by breathing new life into old processes. Attendees will learn how NYL simplified a cumbersome and complex business process with a radical digital transformation that will result in big savings. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Philip Sabo, New York Life and Dane Sauceda, Sense Corp
TOPdesk: ITSM Software Success: Sikich’s Story
Discover why Ryan Rimkus, Service Desk Manager at Sikich, believed that TOPdesk was the right fit for his organization. In this session, you will learn about Ryan’s customer journey with TOPdesk. Ryan will tell you about the evaluation process, why he picked TOPdesk, and how his service delivery has improved since taking that step. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Ryan Rimkus, Sikich
11:25–11:45 a.m. Marketplace Energizer
11:45 a.m.–12:15 p.m. The Equity Equation: Drive Innovation With Inclusive Culture
Every organization has a culture, and if you don’t create it intentionally, you can be sure that it will evolve organically. We know that diverse teams create more innovation and drive better customer experience, but without inclusive culture, companies fail to unlock that opportunity. Great culture powers performance, enables engagement and inspires innovation. Join us in this session to learn how to unleash the potential of your talent through an inclusive culture.
Katy Tynan, Forrester
12:20–12:40 p.m. CASE STUDIES
Featuring ConnectALL, Mendix, OneSpan, Softtek, and SoftwareAG
ConnectALL: Airlines Fly High with VSM to Align Business Outcomes to Software Delivery
Value streams exist whether you are aware of them or not! Managing value streams is difficult if you can’t see them, can’t comprehend them, or aren’t aware of them. And the fact is, you can’t measure a turbulent flow in a value stream. In this talk, Lance Knight will focus on how ConnectALL’s Value Stream Management Solution helped three major airlines see, measure, and automate the flow of work in their software delivery value streams. What helped? Value stream mapping, making work visible, integration of tools, workflow orchestration, enforcing governance, and a value stream manager who understands value streams, thinks about it, and reasons about improvements and the future state — all to help achieve business outcomes! Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Lance Knight, ConnectALL
Mendix: Navigating Market Disruption: Helping Canada Post Modernize with Low-code
IT Shared Services provider Innovapost powers Canada Post, servicing ~16 million homes and delivering ~8 billion parcels and letters annually. With mail volumes declining, and parcel deliveries growing by over 20%/year, Canada Post’s systems struggled to cope with the pace of change. Join Franco Chirichella, VP Business Solution Delivery, to learn how Innovapost is driving cultural change and using low-code to accelerate Canada Post’s transformation, from core systems modernization to apps built in weeks. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Franco Chirichella, Innovapost and Jon Scolamiero, Mendix
OneSpan: Adapt to Win: The Future of Insurance Today
During the pandemic, many businesses started to take advantage of the benefits of a fully digital customer experience, while others have been building upon those benefits for years. In this case study from Parachute Digital Solutions, a Munich Re company, learn how insurers can reinvent themselves by providing fully digital experiences. By simplifying and digitizing workflows (and incorporating intelligent automation technologies like OneSpan eSignatures) Parachute reduced their onboarding process of 30 days, down to minutes. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Darwin Forbes, Munich Re New Ventures and Alexandra Laszlo, Parachute Digital Solutions
Softtek: Above and Below the Clouds: Implementing Next-Gen Solutions at Scale
As companies around the globe work towards closing gaps across their enterprise, technology and business leaders are fast-tracking the optimization of their employee and customer experience as two key areas of growth and sustainability. How have the air travel and hospitality industries reimagined their operations, and what are the top considerations for implementing frictionless solutions on the long-term journey to building an intelligent enterprise? Join Softtek, JetBlue Airways, and HMSHost for this special fireside chat. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Graham Lampen, JetBlue Airways, Sarah Naqvi, HMSHost, and Stephanie Moore, Softtek
Software AG: Taking Enterprise Agile to Scale with Strategic Portfolio Management
Organizations are pursuing Agile development to get a continuous stream of digital innovation out the door. Yet not without challenges. Agile demands big changes to the way we plan, make decisions, and deliver results. It demands that we embrace the spirit of independence and entrepreneurialism for the benefit of working software, customer collaboration, and speed-to-market. But the proliferation of autonomous development across the enterprise can bring with it serious consequences such as autonomous and non-aligned Agile development teams, an exploding inventory of IT assets, and no coherence with overall business and IT strategy. This session covers how to use strategic portfolio management to ensure Agile teams remain connected to the whole. Find out how to align Agile activities to business strategy, avoid wasteful investment by consolidating and maximizing the potential of existing assets, and how to accelerate digital product delivery by eliminating deployment hurdles. Please note, by viewing this sponsor’s session you will be included in the sponsor’s session lead report.
Dr. Ulrich Kalex, Software AG
12:45–1:05 p.m. TRACK SESSIONS
OKRs Optimize Performance In Adaptive Organizations
Uncertainty abounds in 2020, but corporate priorities remain consistent – grow revenue, improve customer experience and improve products and services. Firms don’t lack for metrics, but how do they know what will tell the whole story? Adaptive organizations need a set of measures that get everyone focused on common objectives. Creating a framework that leverages Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) helps teams build focused metrics. This presentation will provide you with the basics of OKRs, presented with a dose of pragmatism.
Margo Visitacion, Forrester
A Resilient Operating Model For An Increasingly VUCA World
VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. This acronym summarizes today’s world. 5-year strategic plans are irrelevant; continuous learning, innovation, and resilience are key. The new operating model is founded on Agile/DevOps innovation supported by reliable shared services. However, the growing autonomy of integrated build/run product teams drives increasing complexity and risk, requiring a new approach to organizational resilience, based on automation and site reliability engineering.
Charles Betz, Forrester
Practice What You Preach With Responsible AI
The proliferation of AI represents a significant business opportunity, but it also introduces new risks. Unlike other technologies, AI can learn biases inherent in data and perpetuate those biases with a veneer of objectivity. Now more than ever, companies need clearly articulated corporate values and a means of enforcing them in AI-based applications. This session will focus on best practices for responsible AI adoption.
Brandon Purcell, Forrester
Future of Work
Operationalize A Return-To-Work Plan Focused On Employee Health
As businesses move forward with plans to reopen, many remain unsure what processes and technologies are best suited to keep the workforce safe and protect overall business continuity. In this session, we will explore the anatomy of an adaptable return to work strategy. Attendees will leave this session with a clear understanding of how to plan and execute a return to work strategy that aligns with their corporate values and employee expectations.
Jeff Becker and Enza Iannopollo, Forrester
The Future: 2021 And Beyond
Every fall, Forrester puts together Predictions for the upcoming year to help companies prepare for the future. These predictions span every major topic (e.g., automation, AI, edge, marketing, CX, EX, cybersecurity, etc.). This session filters through 150 predictions to zero-in on the most critical for C-level audiences in 2021 and beyond. As we go through customer, employee, digital business, technology, and risk mitigation we’ll hear from key Forrester experts in these areas.
Lauren Nelson, Heidi Shey, Amanda LeClair, David Johnson, Andre Kindness, Anjali Lai, Forrester
Special Session
Fireside Chat: Tech-Driven Innovation In Practice At Nestlé
What does tech-driven innovation really look like? This fireside chat with Nestlé Chief Innovation Technology Officer, Goran Kukic, will give you an insider’s view of the always exciting and often challenging intersection of innovation, technology and business. Join this session if you’re looking for inspiration and practical advice on how to influence the tech-driven innovation agenda at your organization.
Doug Washburn, Forrester and Goran Kukic, Nestlé
1:05–1:25 p.m. Marketplace Energizer
1:25–1:55 p.m. Business Resilience As A Competitive Advantage
In an effort to prepare for the future, people have relied on oracles, soothsayers, fortune-tellers, Magic 8 Balls, and futurists — just to name a few. But what if implementing proper business resiliency meant that not only could you meet your brand’s promise but also be able to pivot during crippling events to exceed your brand’s promise? Come learn the pillars of business resiliency that keep the lights on and help your firm prosper no matter what the future brings.
Amy DeMartine, Forrester
2:00–2:30 p.m. Workforce Adaptivity: The Executive’s Guide To The Future Of Work
All the technology and strategy in the world won’t help you win if you don’t have an engaged workforce. Your employees require your support to deliver the value customers expect today. They also must draw on their individual attributes to adaptively create the value customers don’t yet know they want. Learn what shocks will shape the future of work and what tools you can use to build an adaptive workforce.
James McQuivey, Forrester
2:35–2:45 p.m. Closing Remarks