Technology & Innovation APAC

October 19 – 20, 2021  |  Live Virtual Experience

Technology & Innovation APAC 2021 features 2 distinct tracks covering 5 key themes:

Track Overviews

Track A

Unleashing The Power Of The Creative Organization

Enabling creativity across all aspect of your enterprise, including technology, is critical to driving innovation and differentiation. But elevating creativity requires a shift in mindset when it comes to innovation, automation, security, and performance. If you want to learn how to harness intelligent creativity to make smarter decisions, adapt to changing circumstances, improved customer, employee, and delivery tangible business results the sessions in this stream are for you.

Track B

Deploy Future Fit Technology To Facilitate Creativity & Accelerate Innovation

Irrespective of which industry you belong to, your enterprise is now a technology business, and technology is your business. But accelerating continuous innovation and time-to-value requires a transition from traditional project-based to a future fit product-oriented operating models, implementing new experience architectures, exploiting cloud-native technologies, and addressing the demand for hybrid work. If you are looking to maintain competitive advantage and turn platforms, co-innovation with partners, and ecosystems into creative fuel, the sessions in this stream are for you.

Session Overviews


Unleashing The Creative Organization

Creativity is often reserved for the exceptional few: a creative department, team, or leader. Firms that embrace creativity as an enterprise-wide way of thinking supercharge their individual and collective problem-solving to develop potent products, services, processes, and experiences. But elevating creativity requires a shift in mindset, practices, and conditions. And it also requires a new look at design. While many companies dabble in design, leaders realize that great design leads to great customer experiences.  Technology leaders who enable and promote creativity will unleash competitive advantage and differentiation, resulting in tangible results including greater effectiveness, increased efficiency, and accelerated growth.


Increase Experimentation To Drive Innovation

Innovation doesn’t come from doggedly pursuing a single idea or design. It comes when diverse teams collaborate in pursuit of clear outcomes and metrics by which different concepts, options, solutions, and technologies can be tested and refined in rapid succession. Firms pull away from their competitors when they institutionalize a creative problem-solving process based on experimentation in which teams and individuals explore, internalize, conceptualize, and verify new solutions using a fail-fast philosophy. When advances in technology meet the human capacity for creativity and ingenuity, the potential for technology leaders to support radical business pivots is unlimited, opening up a future where anything is possible.


Deploy Tech Platforms To Facilitate Creativity And Accelerate Time-To-Value

Individual technologies for improving creativity have already hit the market, such as low-code citizen development tools. But firms that successfully operationalize innovation from all corners of the organization adopt platforms — bundles of curated emerging technologies and services preassembled to deliver specific experiences or business capabilities. These platforms enable customization through thin layers of technology built on the managed API or microservices abstraction layers via low-code tooling and marketplace extensions, letting businesses focus on their differentiation through customer, employee, or partner experiences. Technology leaders who master platform strategies boost efficiency and innovation by exploiting solutions that leverage cloud-native services to offer reduced complexity, accelerated time-to-value, and automation of mundane or repetitive tasks.


Collaborate With Partners To Co-Innovate

The creative acceleration your company needs can’t be built on an old-style partnership strategy, with its RFP-driven provider selection and SLA project management. Organizations seeking to unleash creativity as a force for differentiation and growth need a different kind of partner. The new model we call co-innovation partnership explicitly aligns your goals to partners’ contributions to unlock and orchestrate the value available through partner ecosystems. But to be successful Technology leaders need to learn a new partner management protocol and understand the role it plays in innovation success. When mastered, this new approach will allow you to find and manage partners and spotlight leading providers that bring assets, alliances, and creative approaches to unlocking your creative potential for differentiation, agility, and growth.


The Future Of Work

The great unwind begins as firms return to work — changed forever, but how? To what degree does the what, how and where gets done reshape businesses in every industry. Anywhere work will be a foundational principle to sustain successful hybrid work strategies. Technology leaders up to the task of delivering great experiences for employees and customers alike, regardless of location will drive greater value to the business inside and out.