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November 15 – 16, 2022  |  Sydney & Digital Experience

Executive Leadership Exchange

The Executive Leadership Exchange (ELE) is an executive programme for up to 30 qualified senior technology executives. The programme will expand on the Forrester thought leadership presented at the keynotes of the conference and create a private senior executive network. A facilitated networking session will be offered that targets best practices aligned to executive priorities.

ELE is an invite-only programme. To be approved to attend, applicants must be the senior-most technology leader from their organisation, not reporting into any higher technology executive. Applicants cannot be representatives from high-tech and service provider organisations that sell technology products or services. Attendees who may meet these qualifications will be invited to join the ELE experience.

Please contact with any questions. 

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Detailed Agenda

Wednesday, November 16

8:15 a.m. – 9:15 am | Breakfast Session: Leading Change In A Post-Digital World

Digital transformation initiatives over recent years have simply highlighted how unprepared for the future most organisations still are. Having the right technology platforms is only a fraction of the challenge. So, what does a post-digital, post-COVID world look like? More importantly, how are we likely to get there? What roles do our people play in creating this ideal of the autonomous enterprise?

Join this invitation-only peer session where we explore what it means to be fully prepared for the future with a particular focus on leadership, culture, capabilities, and change.

Leading this insightful discussion will be:

  • Philippa Huxley, Managing Director of NOBL Collective APAC and accomplished business transformation leader. Philippa will bring insights from her professional experience and share perspectives on accelerating transformation, introducing “minimal viable cultures” and advancing continuous change making.
  • Julia Steel, 2021 Delivery Hero of the Year and author of the award-winning book Unite. Julia brings both an inspirational yet practical view of how to build high-performing teams. She will explore how organisations effectively balance demands for meeting aggressive delivery expectations with the space needed for employee and customer-led innovation. What strategies can we implement to unite teams across our organisations and move from a siloed technology engineering focus toward an end-to-end experience focus?

Mandarin Sessions

In addition to offering an agenda packed with thought leadership and guidance on how to help your organisation lead, break boundaries, and build the future, we are happy to offer select digital-only sessions in Mandarin.



  • 了解互联智能的框架
  • 了解如何利用data mesh如何实现分布式的数据和人工智能

How To Join The Connected World With Data And AI
Currently, firms have to step outside their comfort zones to provide new virtual experiences, services, and conveniences through data and AI. Having a clear framework to orient the data and AI operating model with technology is the right way to move forward.
This session will provide the following benefits:

  • Understand the connected intelligence landscape.
  • Learn how data mesh enables distributed data and AI capabilities.

Speaker: Danny Mu, Forrester

自动化已成为很多技术负责人的重要议题。在 Forrester 的自动化架构框架中,机器人流程自动化 (RPA) 承载了您当下企业自动化策略的核心。充分利用新兴的自动化能力,比如流程发现,任务挖掘和智能文档处理,将加速您的自动化之旅。商业负责人也应当意识到,正确的采纳自动化工具仅仅是其中的一部分。成功的赋能公民流程专家才能将您的自动化价值最大化。

  • 了解到自动化和 RPA 工具的最新趋势。
  • 学习如何构建公民流程专家团队来支持企业级数字化转型。

Automation: Digital Transformation’s Rocket Fuel
Automation is among the most important priorities for technology leaders today. Under Forrester’s automation fabric, robotic process automation (RPA) plays a key role to support your automation strategies. Harnessing the capabilities of emerging components like process discovery, task mining and intelligent document processing will accelerate your automation journey. Business leaders should understand that adopting tools is only half of the battle. Successfully empowering citizen process experts will upgrade automation benefits to enterprise level.

In this session you will:

  • Understand the recent trend of automation and RPA solutions
  • Learn how, when to build your citizen process expert team for enterprise-level digital transformation

Speaker: Guannan Lu, Forrester


  • 了解Forrester如何定义“行业云”,以及对中国市场为什么行业云如此关键
  • 了解包括金融服务、制造、政府、零售、医疗、能源和媒体等在内的主要行业的典型用例
  • 深入了解中国市场金融行业云的生态和用例
  • 对中国的行业云生态体系有完整的把握

Embrace Industry Cloud Ecosystem To Become Future Fit In China
The cloud market in China is growing rapidly in the past decade, moving toward a new chapter of industry clouds. To accelerate innovation and become future fit, Chinese organisations are increasingly seeking cloud services that are contextualised for scenarios in their industry.

This session will provide the following benefits:

  • Learn how Forrester defines “industry cloud” and why it’s critical in China.
  • Understand typical use cases in major industries including financial services, manufacturing, government, retail, healthcare, energy, and media.
  • Get a financial services cloud deep dive in China.
  • Have a holistic view of the industry cloud ecosystem in China.

Speaker: Meng Liu, Forrester

India-Focused Sessions

These sessions will be available in the digital agenda only.

Drive Automation In Indian Corporate Banking
Banks are increasingly adopting emerging technologies such as automation to boost revenue, optimise operational costs, and deliver better customer and employee experience. Automation technologies themselves are evolving beyond the vanilla robotic process automation to a much more broad-based automation fabric.
In this session, we will:

  • Share some key emerging technologies applicable to banking.
  • Identify the most common automation use cases in corporate banking.

Speaker: Pushpa Marwal, Forrester

Design For Work: Boost Employee Productivity By Transforming Enterprise UX
From CEOs to entry-level employees, people rely on digital tools at work — tools that are mostly inadequate or even awful in terms of user experience (UX). Enterprise UX problems cause their firms to waste time, undermine vital transformations, underserve customers, and risk dangerous mistakes.

In this session, we will:

  • Identify the root causes why enterprise tools provide poor UX to people at work.
  • Explain how tech leaders can drive change to overcome it.

Speaker: Amit Bhatia, Forrester

Connecting Operations And Experience Tech Stacks For Digital Fluency

In this session, you will hear perspectives from Forrester CIO analysts about how to align your operational platforms with your customer-facing platforms for best results. They will also walk through a composite case study that illustrates leading practices and pitfalls to avoid.

You will leave with a better understanding of:

  • Why you need to align operations with experience when making application and services decisions.
  • How to create an architecture and platform strategy to achieve a connected enterprise.
  • How behaviors, success measures, and processes must change to succeed.

Biswajeet Mahapatra, Forrester
Amit Bhatia, Forrester
Ashutosh Sharma, Forrester

Women's Leadership

We must align with others to gain allies who advocate on our behalf. We must also advocate for ourselves and others. If we do this, we can accelerate our impact and influence.

Panel: Breaking Gender Stereotypes In Leadership

Women in leadership roles is more than a social trend. It is more than an ethical or moral imperative and is becoming a formidable strategy for businesses focused on building an inclusive, sustainable future. Join Forrester’s session on women in leadership to hear from some amazing women leaders across APAC on the challenges, cultural barriers, successes, and advice on how you can work towards gender parity in your organisations.


Vasupradha Srinivasan, Forrester
Reema Jain, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Hero MotoCorp
Voranuch Dejakaisaya, Executive Chairman, Kasikorn Business Technology Group

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion are part of the fabric of Forrester’s culture. We are excited to share that this year’s programme includes sessions dedicated to a number of important areas of focus as it relates to Diversity & Inclusion. The below highlights sessions which are available to attendees either during the programme or on demand in the Digital Programme.

Fireside Chat: How 2020’s Breaking Point Enabled Progressive Inclusion Strategies

The impact of unjust police brutality and the pandemic was a breaking point in 2020 for Humana and the Digital Health & Analytics (DH&A) Organization. With disproportionate health disparities and blatant injustices towards Black Americans, DH&A responded by partnering with Forrester Research to launch an enterprise investigation around systems and practices relative to Black/African American associate and member experience disparities. A conceptual framework was developed to address systemic disparities, new sources of value from an EDI lens, and ongoing training and execution of key practices for EDI to reach full integration into our business norms.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Setting up and finding our “why.”
  • The three-phased project and key elements of real EDI strategy.
  • 2021 results and our path forward.

Stacy Brooks, Associate Director | EDI Digital Strategy, Humana | Digital Health Analytics
Alex Stein, Senior Consultant, Forrester

Fireside Chat: Creating Inclusion Change That Sticks – What Do Leaders Need To Know And Do

Drop in for a fireside chat with the Global Head of D&I of the London Stock Exchange Group on the intricacies, implications, and recommendations for making D&I successful. Why it matters to the business, what do successful organisations get right, why it makes a difference for all leaders, and how to avoid a superficial and ineffective approach will be just a few of the questions to be explored in this session.

Key takeaways:

  • How do you fulfill the role?
  • How do you get your D&I journey right?
  • What does “good” look like in applying D&I?
  • What are the business effects of good D&I?

Ash MukherjeeSolution Partner, Forrester
Audrey Campbell, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, London Stock Exchange

New Worlds Need New Leaders

Tomorrow’s world won’t be anything like today’s. Considering sectoral convergence, climate change and regulation, and tech, energy, and geopolitical disruptions, tomorrow’s leaders are expected to navigate tomorrow’s uncertainties with unchanged expectations of returns to shareholders. How can tomorrow’s leaders achieve organisational success with means at their disposal today? This talk explores today’s resilience strategies for tomorrow’s uncertainties.

Ash MukherjeeSolution Partner, Forrester

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