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iPad Challengers Have Flawed Product Strategies

Android Tablets Are Poised To Fail; Could Topple The Apple Cart

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    With Android smartphone sales surging, it's easy to think that Android-based devices will be the foil to the Apple iPad in the tablet market. But that's not what we see: Miscalculations in pricing and distribution spell trouble for Android tablets, especially the Motorola Xoom. HP and RIM show promise but have their own challenges, leaving the tablet market ripe for disruption. In this report, we evaluate the product strategies of tablets coming in 2011 and place our bets on which companies will succeed and which will fail.
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    • Tablet Product Strategies Are Poised For Failure
    • The Tablet Market Is Ripe For Disruption . . . By Amazon
    • What "Should" Happen: Sony, Microsoft, And Vizio Should Launch Killer Tablets

      Content Product Strategists Must Rethink Their Platform Prioritization
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