James Staten

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations PROFESSIONALS

James provides insights into and best-practice use of cloud computing and next-generation, collaborative business intelligence: adaptive intelligence. As the content lead for Forrester's cloud computing playbook, he advises IT leaders on public cloud platforms, CIO-level cloud investment strategies, cloud economics, hybrid cloud and cloud outsourcing (strategic rightsourcing), IT cloud readiness, and business and developer engagement on cloud.

James has been named a top cloud computing analyst each of the last five years by leading industry associations including Web Hosting Industry Review (2009), Apollo Research (2010 to 2011) and Wired (2012). He is also the 2011 recipient of the Forrester Bill Bluestein Award, given to the analyst whose body of work continually inspires our clients and guides their decisions to be great.

Previous Work Experience

James has more than 25 years' experience in the industry, having served as a chief marketing officer, vendor strategist, product marketing manager, reseller, journalist, and analyst for companies including Autodesk, Azul Systems, Gartner, Rockwell International, and Sun Microsystems.

He is a frequent speaker at industry, corporate, educational, and Wall Street events and has guest lectured at leading business schools.


Working out of Silicon Valley, James holds a master's from the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California and a bachelor's degree from the University of North Texas.

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  • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

    Blog:Hyperscale Public Clouds: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

    With Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure now on greater than $2 billion annual run rates and expanding their application services nearly weekly, it’s starting to look tougher than ever for...

    • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

      Blog:Which Public Cloud Platform Is Right For You - Round Two

      Determining which public cloud platforms your company should standardize on is not a matter of marketshare, size or growth rate. What matters most is fit for purpose - yours. And that’s exactly...

      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Blog:Hadoop Isn’t For Everyone, But There Are Cloud-Based Big Data Solutions For Us All

        If you think you can do big data in-house, get ready for a lot of disappointment. If the data you want to analyze is in the terabytes in size, comes from multiple sources -- streams in from...

        • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

          Blog:Not All Cloud Services Are Equally Mature

          SaaS has been around for 20 years, cloud platforms nearly a decade. That must mean they’ve worked all the kinks out, right. You know better. There are wide variances in the maturity, stability...

          • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

            Blog:Cloud Becomes The Motivator In 2015

            We’ve been seeing for years in our surveys, that business users and application developers are the primary consumers of cloud services. SaaS and cloud platforms are not infrastructure or...

            • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

              Blog:As OpenStack Stabilizes Big Questions Remain for the Foundation

              At its Paris summit, the OpenStack community celebrated the 10th release of what has become the leading open source Infrastructure as a Service cloud platform software. What stood out about this...

              • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                Blog:Grading Our 2014 Cloud Predictions

                This time last year, we published our predictions of what would be the major events and changes in enterprise cloud adoption in 2014. In this post, we look back on these prognostications to see which...

                • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

                  Blog:Use The Cloud For Success Down Under

                  Pop Quiz: If your company has conquered North America and Western Europe and is now looking for the next big market, where should you go? The no-thinking, because it’s obvious, answer is of...

                  • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                    Blog:IBM’s Cloud Platform Strategy Is Getting Legitimate

                    After a slow and somewhat disjointed start, it looks like IBM is starting to build some serious momentum in the Public Cloud Platform game.  The company got a leg up with its 2013 acquisition of...

                    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                      Blog:What’s Your Cloud Future?

                      We know that cloud services and cloud platforms are here to stay and should be considered part of your overall IT portfolio but how much of that portfolio will these services occupy in your future?...

                      • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                        Blog:How Cloudy Are Your Cloud Service Provider Partners?

                        There’s no shortage of companies these days calling themselves cloud service providers (CSPs) but are they really? And if not, what value do they bring to your portfolio and the cloud...

                        • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                          Blog:Top 10 Cloud Challenges Facing Media & Entertainment

                            With video rapidly becoming the dominant content type on enterprise networks the issues being faced in the media market foreshadow the coming challenges for the rest of the market. And use of...

                          • For Technology Management Professionals

                            Blog:Cloud Computing Enters Its Second Stage - Hypergrowth Ensues

                            The public cloud services market exited 2013 with $58 billion in revenues according to Forrester estimates. Strong growth and maturity over the past three years since our last forecast has put fuel...

                            • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                              Blog:Get Application Optimization Right in the Cloud Era

                              There’s a new and refreshing trend in my conversations with CIOs and IT leaders — acknowledgement that cloud services are here to stay and a desire to proactively start taking advantage....

                              • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                                Blog:Can Pricing Actions Make Google’s Cloud Platform Worth A Look?

                                Usually when a product or service shouts about its low pricing, that’s a bad thing but in Google’s case there’s unique value in its Sustained-use Discounts program which just...

                                • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                                  Blog:How is an earthquake triggered in Silicon Valley turning your company into a software vendor?

                                  A movement that began in Silicon Valley, is starting to have profound impacts on corporations throughout the world that are far from obvious but critical to your success and maybe even your...

                                  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                    Blog:When Too Much Control Is a Bad Thing

                                    I know, more control is an axiom! But the above statement is more often true. When we're talking about configuration control in the public cloud it can be especially true, as control over the...

                                    • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                                      Blog:Rackspace Starts A Process Microsoft Just Finished

                                      With Satya Nadella now warming the CEO seat at Microsoft, executive recruiters can shift their attention to another cloud leader — Rackspace — who bids adieu to its 14-year...

                                      • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                                        Blog:Cloud Computing Predictions for 2014: Cloud Joins the Formal IT Portfolio

                                        In 2013 enterprises got real about cloud computing. In 2014 we will integrate it into our existing IT portfolios - whether IT likes it or not. The moves by DevOps and line of business aren't...

                                        • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                          Blog:Grading our 2013 Cloud Predictions

                                          At this time 12 months ago, we released our predictions for what changes in the market would be brought about by the maturing of cloud computing. Looking back on the year, we can now see that, while...

                                          • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                                            Blog:CenturyLink May Finally Have Figured Out the Cloud

                                            After a couple less-than-home-runs in the cloud game, it looks like CenturyLink might just have a real contender. The US midwestern telecommunications leader pulled the trigger on yet another...

                                            • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                              Blog:Cloud computing and highly secure data DO mix

                                              Every client (especially every government client) who says I’ll never use cloud services with highly secure data needs to hear this story. In no more sensitive a place than law enforcement is...

                                              • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                                Blog:Are cloud platforms saying goodbye to the hypervisor?

                                                OpenStack, CloudStack, Dell, IBM SoftLayerand othersare pushing a new agenda in cloud computing, one that eschews the hypervisor. Is this the future of cloud platforms or just another feature? So...

                                                • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                                                  Blog:AT&T Turns Its Data Into an Adaptive Intelligence Business

                                                  There’s no doubt that, to consumer marketing professionals, data about the users of mobile network are highly valuable. But AT&T is finding that enterprise application designers, corporate...

                                                  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                                    Blog:Adobe proves that the cloud is good for IT Ops

                                                    Adobe Systems is a pioneer and fast mover in the public cloud and in so doing is showing that there is nothing for infrastructure & operations professionals (IT Ops) to fear about this move. Instead,...