Kate Leggett

VP, Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery PROFESSIONALS

Kate serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals. She is a leading expert on customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service strategies, maturity, benchmarking, governance, and ROI. She is an accomplished public speaker and frequently presents at industry events such as CRM Evolution. She has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine, and industry publications such as CRM Magazine, KM World, and Destination CRM.

Previous Work Experience

Kate has extensive industry experience, with more than 10 years of leadership at CRM and customer service software companies, where she held senior product marketing and product management roles. She is also a published author on customer service trends and best practices.


Kate earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and a Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

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  • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

    Blog:How Cloudy Are Your Cloud Service Provider Partners?

    There’s no shortage of companies these days calling themselves cloud service providers (CSPs) but are they really? And if not, what value do they bring to your portfolio and the cloud...

    • For CIO Professionals

      Charts & Figures:Few Firms Are Ready To Operate A Private Cloud

      Change Management: The Cloud Computing Playbook

    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Why Australia Is A Key Cloud Market

      Fast Adoption And Openness Drive Hunger For Innovation

      In our December 4, 2013, "Predictions For 2014: Cloud Computing" report, we stated that Australia would rise to the No. 2 market for cloud services consumption globally. In this report, we explain...

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:Adaptive Intelligence: Assess Your Readiness

      Firms today have the false belief that they can create a 360-degree view of their customers with just the data they own. But this means they miss out on valuable insights from partners and...

      • Downloads: 208
    • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

      Blog:Grading Our 2014 Cloud Predictions

      This time last year, we published our predictions of what would be the major events and changes in enterprise cloud adoption in 2014. In this post, we look back on these prognostications to see which...

      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Charts & Figures:Seismic Shifts Affect The Edges, Not The Center

      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Report:Big Data Options In The Cloud

        You'll Likely Need More Than One Cloud Service For Your Big Data Strategy

        So, you want to do big data in the cloud? Then get ready to navigate a potentially confusing market for big data cloud services. The options span from three categories of foundational services to two...

        • Downloads: 346
      • For CIO Professionals

        Report:Quick Take: Top 10 Cloud Challenges Facing Media And Entertainment

        Media's Video Challenges Witnessed At NAB Will Be Yours In The Near Future

        The media and entertainment vertical was one of the first to embrace public cloud computing services, and for much of this market, it is no longer an "if" or "when" but a "how" and "how-best"...

        • Downloads: 241
      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Charts & Figures:Public Cloud Platform Configuration Options

      • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

        Blog:Not All Cloud Services Are Equally Mature

        SaaS has been around for 20 years, cloud platforms nearly a decade. That must mean they’ve worked all the kinks out, right. You know better. There are wide variances in the maturity, stability...

        • For CIO Professionals

          Charts & Figures:The Business Cares About Speed Above Cost

          Change Management: The Cloud Computing Playbook

        • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

          Blog:What’s Your Cloud Future?

          We know that cloud services and cloud platforms are here to stay and should be considered part of your overall IT portfolio but how much of that portfolio will these services occupy in your future?...

          • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

            Blog:Hyperscale Public Clouds: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

            With Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure now on greater than $2 billion annual run rates and expanding their application services nearly weekly, it’s starting to look tougher than ever for...

            • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

              Report:Quick Take: OpenStack Summit, Q4 2014

              With Its Juno Release, OpenStack Is Getting Boring — Good!

              With cloud computing influencing so much of your BT agenda, you're paying significant attention to the OpenStack infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud platform. As an infrastructure and operations...

              • Downloads: 111
            • For CIO Professionals

              Report:Onboard The Business To Your Cloud Strategy

              Strategic Plan: The Cloud Computing Playbook

              It's all too easy for CIOs and technology management to build a strategy around any new technology area that is focused on delivering lower technology costs and greater operational efficiency....

              • Downloads: 1133
            • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

              Report:Understand The Cloud Service Provider Market Landscape

              Landscape: The Cloud Computing Playbook

              With cloud computing services now formal members of the technology management portfolio, the challenge shifts from understanding cloud to selecting the right partners. Most hosting companies, managed...

              • Downloads: 979
            • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

              Blog:When Too Much Control Is a Bad Thing

              I know, more control is an axiom! But the above statement is more often true. When we're talking about configuration control in the public cloud it can be especially true, as control over the...

              • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                Charts & Figures:Different Rates Of Evolution For SOE And SOR

              • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                Report:Brief: Salesforce Pivots To Modern Applications

                Should You Follow The Lightning? The Answer Isn't Simple

                A new platform choice for customer-facing apps and a business technology (BT) agenda has emerged: Salesforce. Two years of engineering is shifting Salesforce's cloud platforms to modern component...

                • Downloads: 200
              • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                Charts & Figures:Understanding CSP Business Models

              • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                Charts & Figures:The Cloud Service Provider Landscape Breakdown

              • For CIO Professionals

                Report:PRISM's Impact On The US Cloud Industry

                A Business Technographics Document: Forrester Survey Suggests NSA Spying Has Driven More Use Of Encryption Than Migration

                Since Edward Snowden revealed the US National Security Agency's PRISM spying program, there has been widespread speculation that the announcement would ruin the fates of US cloud, hosting, and...

                • Downloads: 58
              • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                Charts & Figures:Public Cloud Code Deployment Options

              • For CIO Professionals

                Report:Predictions 2015: The Days Of Fighting The Cloud Are Over

                Cloud computing is arguably one of the most disruptive fields ever in technology management. CIOs are a primary force driving the enterprise business technology (BT) agenda, so you need to understand...

                • Downloads: 600
              • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                Report:Quick Take: Google Cloud Services Gather Steam

                New Developer Tools, Big Data Services, And Aggressive Pricing Will Tempt Enterprise Developers

                At last week's I/O developer conference, Google announced a slew of new developer tools, application programming interfaces (APIs), and cloud services that will make it easier for developers to put...

                • Downloads: 263