Kate Leggett

VP, Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery PROFESSIONALS

Kate serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals. She is a leading expert on customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service strategies, maturity, benchmarking, governance, and ROI. She is an accomplished public speaker and frequently presents at industry events such as CRM Evolution. She has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine, and industry publications such as CRM Magazine, KM World, and Destination CRM.

Previous Work Experience

Kate has extensive industry experience, with more than 10 years of leadership at CRM and customer service software companies, where she held senior product marketing and product management roles. She is also a published author on customer service trends and best practices.


Kate earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and a Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

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  • For B2C Marketing Professionals

    Report:The Mechanics Of Trust

    Take A Three-Pronged Approach To Build Trust With Empowered Customers

    In today's always-on, post-digital world, consumers are skeptical of even their favorite brands, so marketers' old methods of building trust simply don't work anymore. This report outlines a modern,...

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  • For B2C Marketing Professionals

    Report:Thriving In A Post-Digital World

    Adopt New Marketing Rules To Connect With Entitled Customers

    We've entered a new world order where entitled customers integrate digital fluidly into physical experiences and marketing practices haven't kept up. The fix is a new marketing worldview — not more...

    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Score Your Mobile Marketing Maturity

      Assessment: The Mobile Marketing Playbook

      Marketers are finally adapting to the brave new world of the mobile mind shift — but not at the same pace. While mobile budgets are increasing, the majority of B2C marketers are still in the early...

      • Downloads: 732
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Executive Q&A: How To Staff An Effective Social Marketing Team In Asia Pacific

      As marketing professionals in Asia Pacific scale, mature, and optimize their social marketing efforts, they struggle with organizational challenges, often in the form of rigid processes and resource...

      • Downloads: 78
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Build A Better Digital Media Strategy

      Strategic Plan: The Digital Media Buying Playbook

      Moving up the digital media buying maturity ladder requires a plan that improves digital media buying practices across all six key dimensions of maturity over the long term: culture, organization,...

      • Downloads: 1052
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Build An Empowered Digital Media Buying Team

      Organization: The Digital Media Buying Playbook

      Omnichannel digital media buying requires marketers to embrace new processes, partnerships, and staffing. The organization report of the digital media buying playbook helps B2C marketers plan and...

      • Downloads: 676
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Marketers Need To Acquire Adaptive Skill Sets

      Organization: The Marketing Mix Optimization Playbook

      Most marketers have earned their stripes through corporate work experience and business-school training that takes a top-down linear approach to marketing planning and optimization. Today, winning,...

      • Downloads: 980
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Case Study: Drive Real-Time Marketing As Part Of Your Digital Transformation Journey

      How MasterCard Keeps Up With Fast-Changing Consumer Behavior

      Asia Pacific consumers are digitally empowered, socially savvy, and always mobile. To win, serve, and retain them, MasterCard's marketing organization has embraced digital to provide timely,...

      • Downloads: 100
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Drive The BT Agenda With A Marketing Technology Office

      Organization: The Enterprise Marketing Technology Playbook

      Empowered customers engage with brands at any point in the customer life cycle, anytime and anywhere. Relevant real-time responses require batch-oriented, channel-focused campaign management teams to...

      • Downloads: 933
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Evaluate Your Social Marketing Capabilities

      Assessment: The Social Marketing Playbook

      Despite widespread investment in social media tactics, marketing leaders still struggle to deliver solid business outcomes with their social efforts. And "social exceptionalism" — doing social...

      • Downloads: 2653
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:How To Build A Contextual Marketing Engine

      Road Map: The Enterprise Marketing Technology Playbook

      The age of the customer demands customer obsession for successful competitive differentiation. Firms must build a contextual marketing engine (CME) to orchestrate continuous engagement with customers...

      • Downloads: 137
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Measurement Is A Digital Media Buyer's Best Friend

      Performance Management: The Digital Media Buying Playbook

      Every digital marketing leader knows that measurement is important, but levels of sophistication run the gamut from basic click-based measurement of one or two channels to seamless cross-channel...

      • Downloads: 928
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Brief: How To Organize For Email Marketing

      Organization: The Email Marketing Playbook

      Email organizations have no standard organization model, have unspecific road maps, are using basic measurement, and are superficially applying customer insights to their marketing. This report...

      • Downloads: 70
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:It's Time To Separate "Social" From "Media"

      Why Marketers Must Hand Social Ad Budgets To Media Buyers

      Paid advertising now accounts for 83% of marketers' social spending — and most companies hand their social ad budgets to social marketers. But they'd be wiser to let their media buyers handle...

      • Downloads: 325
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Brief: Use Social Marketing To Advance Customers On Their Financial Services Journey

      Social Is More Than Just A Discovery Tool

      B2C marketing professionals in the financial services industry in Asia Pacific (AP) are active on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But many are novices in using social marketing to win,...

      • Downloads: 163
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Marketers: Conquer The Linguistic Divide That's Sabotaging Your Business Technology Agenda

      How To Create A Marketing And Technology Lingua Franca

      Marketers charged with leading their company's march toward customer obsession must collaborate with their technology colleagues more often — and more deeply — than ever before. But too often these...

      • Downloads: 26
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Don't Confuse Media-Led And Customer-Led Content Marketing

      Two Types Of Content Marketing Are Emerging: One That Supports Brand Advertising Goals And One That Supports Direct Response Ones

      As marketers ramp up their investments in content marketing, it's time to stop talking about a monolithic idea of "content marketing." Forrester identifies two distinct types of content marketing: a...

      • Downloads: 183
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:The Search Marketing Operations Scorecard

      Marketing leaders looking to evolve current search marketing efforts into customer-obsessed discovery marketing programs will find they can't do so without setting up a solid operational foundation...

      • Downloads: 919
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Valuable Content Is Every Marketing Team's Job

      Organization: The Content Marketing Playbook

      Content marketing asks something more of marketers' content; it demands storytelling and a focus on building audiences and maintaining interest. Marketing organizations have long possessed only the...

      • Downloads: 446
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Get All Hands On Deck To Reinforce Customer Loyalty

      Organization: The Customer Loyalty Playbook

      Building customer loyalty requires an orchestrated effort from multiple teams: marketing, business technology (BT), customer service, customer insights (CI), and more. There are many ways a company...

      • Downloads: 750
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Brief: Digital Marketers Are Embracing eCommerce, And China Is Leading The Way

      As Obsolete Organizational Boundaries Fade, Digital Marketers Are Increasingly Taking Responsibility For eCommerce Initiatives

      As B2C digital marketing professionals become more directly responsible for business outcomes, they are gradually taking responsibility for eCommerce. Our research shows a clear trend toward merging...

      • Downloads: 127
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Organize To Boost Social Marketing Potential

      Organization: The Social Marketing Playbook

      Have you finally gotten your company to embrace social marketing, but struggle to scale its impact? Is social marketing trapped in one function or business unit? Organizational challenges are the...

      • Downloads: 701