Lori Wizdo

VP, Principal Analyst serving B2B Marketing PROFESSIONALS

Lori serves B2B Marketing Professionals in all industries who must power up their processes, technology, and teams to achieve new customer acquisition and revenue and retention goals. She researches and advises on the core marketing operations of customer attraction, nurturing, conversion, and life-cycle value management. The research manifests in a holistic lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) approach that leverages the right strategy, tools, tactics, and budget to execute customer-insight-based go-to-market strategies and plans that span both digital and traditional channels. Lori also covers the marketing automation software that marketers can deploy to scale operations, manage with metrics, and maximize return on investment.

Previous Work Experience

Lori is an accomplished B2B marketing expert with over 30 years of experience in corporate, industry, and product marketing, demand management, and sales enablement roles. She has held senior sales and marketing positions with a diverse set of technology firms — from venture-backed startups to global corporations, including BMC Software, Xerox, NCR, and Unisys. Lori is a recognized industry thought leader. She is a frequent speaker at industry events, and her articles have been published in various journals including CIO, B2B Marketing, Customer Think, and Ad Age. Lori is also co-inventor of two patented business process methods for the enablement of knowledge communities.


Lori is a summa cum laude graduate of Pennsylvania State University.

Lori Wizdo's Research

  • For B2B Marketing Professionals

    Report: Account-Based Marketing Will Elevate, Not Eclipse, Lead-To-Revenue Management

    The explosion of interest in ABM creates uncertainty for business-to-business (B2B) marketers who have invested in marketing automation to optimize their lead-to-revenue processes. Does ABM repl...

  • For B2B Marketing Professionals

    Report: Evaluate Your B2B Marketing Maturity

    We wrote this report for B2B marketing leaders who have committed to transforming their firms into customer-obsessed, data-driven, digitally agile, and technology-enabled organizations that addr...

  • For B2B Marketing Professionals

    Report: Get Ready For The B2B Marketing Renaissance

    Buyers have higher expectations in the age of the customer after fundamentally changing their buying behavior in this post-digital age. Yet too many B2B marketers aren't keeping pace. They must ...

  • For B2B Marketing Professionals

    Report: Turn B2B Marketing Into A Customer-Obsessed Organization

    The next wave of competitive advantage for business-to-business companies will come from deepening customer knowledge and taking action based on an obsessive desire to deliver what their custome...

  • For B2B Marketing Professionals

    Report: TechRadar™: B2B Marketing Technologies, Q3 2016

    B2B marketing technologies have changed dramatically in the past decade to support digitally enabled changes in buyer behavior and the proliferation of channels that customers use to connect wit...

  • For B2B Marketing Professionals

    Report: Transform Marketing With A Revenue-Relevant Customer Engagement Strategy

    The lead-to-revenue (L2R) playbook is for business and consumer marketers who must power up their L2R processes to achieve new customer acquisition, current customer expansion, and overall reven...

  • For B2B Marketing Professionals

    Report: The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014

    In Forrester's 75-criteria evaluation of lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) platform vendors, we identified the nine most significant solution providers in the category — Act-On, Adobe, Cal...

  • For B2B Marketing Professionals

    Report: Shift Focus To The Customer Life Cycle To Take L2RM To The Next Level

    Savvy marketers are re-engineering their lead-to-revenue (L2R) process to transform marketing — from a top-notch supplier of leads for the load-bearing sales channel to the architect of customer...

  • For B2B Marketing Professionals

    Report: Automate Your End-To-End L2RM Process

    Myriad marketing automation vendors are vying to claim leadership in providing the software platforms to automate the lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) process. These vendors are integrating bro...

  • For B2B Marketing Professionals

    Report: Build An Adaptive, Efficient Process To Elevate Leads To Revenue

    A well-designed and documented lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) process enables scalability, roots out excess cost, improves marketing execution, and provides the basis for continuous increment...

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