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mHealth Illustrates New Business Opportunities

How To Combine New Data Sources, Cloud Resources, And Engagement Tactics To Maximize Impact In Mobile Moments

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    A phenomenal amount of innovation is happening in the healthcare and wellness industries that places them at the forefront of mobile engagement. From wrist bands to smart pills, firms are using mobile technologies to collect new kinds of data about consumers, crunch it in the cloud, and then employ a mix of engagement tactics on mobile devices to spur consumers into action — and create mobile moments. Forrester interviewed more than 40 innovative companies and thought leaders driving this revolution in healthcare and wellness to understand the cutting edge of mobile engagement. This report captures three lessons from the mobile health (mHealth) avant-garde and turns them into action for eBusiness pros.
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    • Healthcare Innovators Are Tapping Into Mobile Technologies
    • Lesson 1: Sensor Innovation In mHealth Spurs A New Data Tsunami
    • Lesson 2: Real-Time Insights Drive Better Health Decisions
    • Lesson 3: Engagement Tactics Build Final Steps To Healthier Behavior

      Build Your Ability To Harness The Power Of Ubiquitous Data
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