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Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation

Publication date: February 26, 2013

by James McQuivey

Get The Full Picture Of Digital Disruption

In every industry, digital competitors are taking advantage of new platforms, tools, and relationships to disrupt markets, undercut competitors, get closer to customers, and generally wreak havoc with the usual ways of doing business. The only way to compete with them is to adopt their methods.

James McQuivey James serves Consumer Product Strategy Professionals. He is the foremost analyst tracking and defining the power and impact of digital disruption on traditional businesses. His consumer models identify the ways consumers have embraced digital experiences and platforms, and his strategy models help companies prepare to serve those consumers. Though he applies this knowledge to a wide variety of industries, he spends the majority of his consulting time with consumer media and consumer electronics companies that are at the forefront of dealing with digital disruption.

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