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Consulting draws on our deep research-based understanding of your business, your technology, your markets, and your challenges. Work closely with our analysts and learn to apply their proven expertise to your ever-shifting priorities. Social. Mobile. Cloud. Whatever's next. We'll help you plan strategically for change.

We provide consulting support across these client segments.

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Shifting to a true business technology partnership can create serious disruption for the traditional IT organization. Leverage our analysts’ relevant, timely insight for your immediate challenges or long-term strategies. Whether you’re assessing infrastructure, justifying tech investments, collaborating with Marketing on innovation, or measuring the outcome of key initiatives, our analysts ensure that you have the right guidance to move forward with confidence.

Featured Solutions

  • Infrastructure Assessment helps you understand business and stakeholder goals; identify weaknesses and gaps in people, processes, and technologies; and prioritize changes to improve infrastructure and operational effectiveness.
  • Vendor Selection provides you with the comprehensive information, tools, and process required to dramatically increase the success of your project by selecting the vendor that most closely aligns with your organization's needs.
  • Contract Review & Negotiation guides you through a successful negotiation process and increases your return on investment by cutting costs through competitive pricing and rate negotiation while eliminating hidden fees and penalties.
  • Workforce Technology Assessment enables you to plan strategically for meeting your company's technology needs today — and in the future — by understanding your employees' requirements and more effectively provisioning your tech assets.

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