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When customers don't trust their provider to deliver quality products or services, they go elsewhere. This is the new reality as bring-your-own-technology policies and "as-a-service" infrastructure and software proliferate. Service management and automation (SMA) — the next evolution of ITSM — offers a more disciplined, customer-centric and automated way to improve your technology management operations by delivering services faster, cheaper, and at higher quality.

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How We Help

Forrester Consulting brings the Service Management And Automation Playbook — and the analysts who wrote it — directly to your organization. Through custom, analyst-led engagements that increase stakeholder buy-in, we deliver cross-industry insights and best practices, providing you with tools and frameworks for launching your SMA initiative.

  • Educate Your Executives And Team On SMA. These half- and full-day stakeholder workshops expose your key stakeholders to the latest trends, cross-industry best practices, and competitive benchmarks in SMA. Workshops help you build internal support and momentum for investing in the people, process, and technology changes needed to improve your SMA.
  • Develop Your SMA Business Case. Using Forrester's proprietary Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) methodology, we help you build a business case that quantifies the financial costs and benefits of your move to SMA and ensures that funding is secured and sustained.
  • Assess Your SMA Maturity. Our comprehensive framework includes the COBIT maturity level definitions and assesses 27 SMA functions from an oversight, people, process, and technology perspective.
  • Create Your SMA Strategic Plan And Road Map. Build a plan that reflects enterprise goals, industry trends, and customer experience. From there, we use Forrester’s proprietary TechRadar™ methodology to help you determine the specific SMA people, processes, and technologies necessary to support your enterprise's strategic plan.
  • Develop Your SMA Balanced Scorecard. Develop SMA metrics relevant to your enterprise by applying the industry-recognized Balanced Scorecard framework. This engagement ensures that your SMA delivers value and operational excellence while accounting for customers and future trends. Use your SMA Balanced Scorecard to measure and report the success of your SMA strategy.



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