Total Economic Impact (TEI)

Prove value.

Proving the business value of your solutions can literally make — or break — a deal.

Marketing: Stop losing opportunities to competitors who feature economic value in their messaging.

Sales: Stop losing sales to competitors who can better communicate how value is created.

Forrester's Total Economic Impact (TEI) portfolio helps you market and sell your products and services more effectively by credibly proving the business value of your solution.

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Business Cases And ROI Tools Help You Throughout The Sales And Marketing Process

TEI helps you articulate how your product or service will benefit current customers in terms of cost and ROI. Forrester analysts and tech experts create a business case framework and validate it through interviews with your existing clients. Leverage our objective third-party perspective to differentiate your selling approach and assist prospects who must justify buying your solutions.

TEI Customer Case Studies

  • Quantify the value realized by your customers.
  • Recount your customers' path to that value.

TEI ROI Estimators & Calculators

  • Give your prospects a quick, personalized ROI estimate.
  • Capture prospect information online for effective Sales follow-up.
  • Deliver presentation-ready graphics and charts.

TEI Promotional Speeches And Webinars

  • Compel prospects to participate in your event.
  • Engage Forrester experts with your audience.

Sales Training

  • Helps Sales articulate the value of your capabilities in financial and business terms.
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of your investment in TEI case studies and tools.



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