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As a data client, you gain access to the same detailed, quantitative survey data that is the foundation of Forrester's research analysis. With more than 55,000 B2B and 400,000 consumer surveys completed annually worldwide, we'll connect you with the right data point (or points) to:

  • Support your business case
  • Justify investments
  • Set strategy
  • Benchmark results

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How are disruptive technologies like mobile and social impacting your business? In the Age of the Customer, is your marketing strategy evolving fast enough? To capitalize on technology-driven shifts in customer behavior and market opportunities, rely on Forrester’s global survey-based consumer data services:

Global Consumer Technographics® Data & Services
The world’s leading brands leverage Global Consumer Technographics for a deeper understanding of technology’s impact on consumer behavior. Forrester can help you:

  • Redefine customer acquisition strategy
  • Develop the right mobile, social, and multichannel strategies
  • Understand the impact of technology disruption
  • Optimize marketing spend
  • Create a differentiated customer experience


Detailed market forecasts provide rich data and key market metrics for your business initiatives. Use ForecastView to gain objective insight and direct access to consumer demand-side data and supply-side metrics for:

  • Strategic planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Analyzing market drivers and the impact of online and mobile on specific industries
  • Understanding global markets


For authentic opinions delivered in consumers' own words, rely on ConsumerVoices services. A specialized team will provide independent insight on key consumer trends that impact your business.

  • Grounded in data. ConsumerVoices' research topics are selected from our Consumer Technographics data.
  • Exploratory discussions. The contacted community is made up of respondents to our Consumer Technographics consumer panel for the true "why" behind the trends.
  • Independent perspective. Forrester analysts add insight to help you identify business opportunities resulting from shifts in consumer motivations and behaviors.


Omnibus Surveys
Leverage Forrester's Omnibus Surveys for answers to your proprietary questions and for deep insight into important consumer trends and topics.

Custom Data Services
Based on deep global data from our Consumer Technographics and ForecastView services and select primary research, Forrester's custom data services connect you with our research analysts, data consultants, and marketing specialists. Together, we will develop a research program tailored to your business requirements.

Featured Solutions

  • Custom surveys
  • Online community
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Market forecasts



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