Global Consumer Technographics®

Engage the digital consumer.

Technographics is more than data — it’s survey-based insight into consumer adoption of digital devices, channels, and services worldwide. Use our research to build a solid business case for your initiatives:

  • Redefine customer acquisition strategy
  • Develop the right mobile, social, and multichannel strategies
  • Understand the impact of technology disruption
  • Optmize marketing spend
  • Create a differentiated customer experience

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Global Reach & Consistency
  • Since 1997, Forrester has surveyed over 3 million households worldwide
  • More than 400,000 completed surveys annually in 21 countries representing more than 60% of the world's population and more than 80% of global GDP
  • Largest number of completed surveys per country of any digital consumer study
  • Over 1,400 leading consumer brands profiled
  • Globally consistent questions for comparability across geographies
The Forrester Difference
  • Personalized data service from our Data Engagement Team
  • Proprietary segmentations on the digital, mobile and social behaviors of your customers
  • Deep consumer profile creation
  • Expert analysts to help you understand what the data means for your business strategy
  • Data self-service tool for quick answers on the go
  • Exclusive Technographics Insights reports
Forrester provides survey-based global consumer insights for the following:
  • North American Consumer Technographics
  • European Consumer Technographics
  • Asia Pacific Technographics
  • Latin American Technographics
  • Canadian Technographics
  • Russian Technographics

Put our data to work

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