Direct consumer feedback.

For detailed insights and opinions delivered in consumers' own words, clients rely on our ConsumerVoices services.

Forrester’s ConsumerVoices team helps you identify and understand how consumer trends affect your business by providing independent perspective and action-oriented advice.

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Our unique methodology:

To meet our clients' needs, Forrester's online community insights are delivered in two ways.

  1. Custom Short-Term Community Projects. From start to finish, Forrester will manage your short-term online community engagement of 8 weeks or less. All our clients have to do is tell us who they want to talk to and what they want to ask. Industry experts provide the "what it means" for your business.
  2. Syndicated Insights From Forrester's MROC. With our 2,000 member general population community, Forrester delivers insights from Consumer Technographics data trends that you can leverage. Additional perspective from Forrester analysts, to help you understand how the featured consumer trends will impact your business.

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