Forward-looking market insights.

Leveraging consumer demand-side data and supply-side metrics, our ForecastView service provides detailed industry insights to help:

  • Develop strategic initiatives
  • Benchmark and plan
  • Analyze online and mobile trends and their impact on specific industries
  • Understand global markets

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Identify global market opportunities

Forrester’s global market forecasts provide detailed data and key market metrics into online, mobile, and emerging tech markets, giving you the depth and confidence you need to make critical business decisions.

With access to more than 40 forecasts across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America you’ll gain deep, reliable insight into the current size, composition, and future growth opportunities in your markets, including:

  • Consumer Technology Forecasts
  • Online Population Forecasts
  • Interactive Marketing Forecasts — Search Engine, Display, Social Media, Email, and Mobile Marketing
  • Online Commerce Forecasts
  • Mobile Forecasts
  • Financial Services Forecasts
  • Online Content Forecasts

Put our data to work

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