Tech Marketing Navigator

Optimize your marketing mix.

Fueled by interviews with more than 20,000 influencers in tech markets worldwide, Tech Marketing Navigator measures the impact of more than 35 unique marketing vehicles across all stages of the purchase process. Select the best mix of vehicles and properties to reach and build influence within the largest global markets, including the Americas, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

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Leverage our data-rich global insight to:

  • Outline who has influence at what stage in the buying process.
  • Learn which vehicles are most influential at each stage.
  • Choose the most impactful content for each vehicle.
  • Understand what drives influencers to various marketing channels.
  • Prioritize messaging for a target's role and the technology being purchased.
  • Determine how long various stages in the purchase process last.
  • Size your target market of technology influencers.
  • Identify trends in changing behavior.

Tech Marketing Navigator continually measures and reports on the current information consumption patterns of key influencers for large tech purchases. With this survey-based insight into your customers and prospects, you'll have the guidance you need to optimize your integrated marketing mix and influence the right targets — at the right stage of their buying process.

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