Peter O'Neill

VP, Research Director serving Sales Enablement PROFESSIONALS

Peter leads Forrester's research and advisory for B2B sales leadership professionals. He manages a group of analysts focused on sales people development in the age of the customer; understanding and navigating the complex sphere of buyer stakeholders; ensuring contextual and relevant content to accelerate the sales process; and describing the technology infrastructure to build and support sales relationships.

His personal background is in international marketing, with a specific emphasis on field marketing strategy/execution coupled with the interaction dynamics between HQ and field marketing. Peter is renowned for his industry thought leadership and expertise in content marketing, partner marketing, as well as social media and online community strategies.

He has written more than 50 research documents that cover various topics on B2B marketing, including contributions to Forrester's L2RM playbook, the B2B online community playbook, and the channel partner loyalty playbook. In Q2 2012, he received a Forrester Research award for "Content Marketing Is A Key Differentiator For Tech Marketers." He provides advisory and consulting to various Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies on their B2B marketing strategy, organization, and processes and is part of Forrester's B2B Groundswell Awards judging team, awarding innovative social marketing practices from companies of various sizes (SMBs and enterprises). He is also a member of the judging panel for annual UK-based B2B Marketing Awards ( He has been cited in numerous media publications, including The Economist, Financial Times, and industry publications, and he maintains a regular blog on B2B channel issues on The Channel Register.

He has a broad knowledge of the general European IT market and profound industry-specific knowledge of the relevant issues and is therefore an experienced advisor about many different areas of the IT industry. Peter is based in Forrester's Frankfurt office but advises vendors and users around the world. He continues to participate in research on IT management software and has a deep knowledge of IT management software technologies and all of the vendors in this area.

Previous Work Experience

Peter came to Forrester from Meta Group, where he advised Meta clients around EMEA on various IT operations and data center topics. A 26-year veteran of the IT industry, he has extensive experience in IT hardware, software, and services. Prior to joining Meta, Peter was the marketing director in the E-Services Solutions Business Unit at Hewlett-Packard in the US and responsible for marketing HP's new business ventures with Internet companies. Before being posted to the US in 1998, he worked for HP in Germany for 17 years, holding a number of national and international sales and marketing positions. In 1988, Peter wrote the original business plan for HP's newly formed Open View Division in Boeblingen, Germany, and led the company's launch into the systems management business.

He has been a favored speaker at many seminars and trade shows and represented HP on German TV. Prior to joining HP in 1981, he worked in the finance department of Ford Motor in London.


Peter holds a B.S. degree in physics and geophysics from the University of Liverpool and is an associate member of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants in the UK. He has lived in Germany since 1981 and speaks fluent German and English.

Peter O'Neill's Research

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