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The IT Transformation Playbook

CIOs and CTOs have a mandate to improve the technology foundations and innovations required to win, serve, and retain customers — what Forrester calls business technology (BT). For most, it will require IT transformation and embarking on a journey to transform the underlying governance, people, and processes required to deliver that transformation. The IT transformation playbook is Forrester's framework for how to complete this journey successfully in an unforgiving market.



Act: Beginner Level

Put in place all the activities, staffing, processes, and assets to ensure that your organization has established solid and rigorous practices.

Act: Intermediate Level

Apply best practices with rigor, coordination, accountability, and scale to be on equal footing with the companies that do it best.

Act: Advanced Level

Discover cutting-edge tactics, so you can emulate and experiment to ensure that your organization maintains its standing among those few who do it best.