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For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

The Workforce Enablement Playbook For 2017

Executive Overview: CIO Executive Overview Workforce Computing

What's missing from most workforce technology strategies is an understanding of what makes people truly engaged and productive employees and how this relates to customer experience and financial performance for the company. To gain that understanding and put it into practice, infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals should use an approach Forrester calls "customer-obsessed workforce enablement" to rethink how to deliver technology to the people who drive the business. This executive overview explains the factors forcing this reassessment and how Forrester's workforce enablement playbook helps you ensure that your company's employees have the technology they need to do their best work with Forrester's "discover, plan, act, and optimize" approach. Forrester reviews and revises this report periodically for continued relevance and accuracy; we are updating this edition to factor in new ideas on workforce enablement.
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