Randy Heffner

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery PROFESSIONALS

Randy serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals. He leads clients to infuse technology deeply into their business strategies (and vice versa). Application architecture and integration strategy are major focal points of his research, including how application programming interfaces (APIs) and other types of service-oriented architectures foster innovation and sustainable business flexibility. Randy's vision for integration strategy, digital business design, establishes business-first design principles for leveraging multiple integration technologies and guiding the evolution of an agile business platform. A leading expert on designing business applications and software architectures that are secure and resilient in the face of continuous business and technology change, Randy has for the past 30-plus years, and across multiple industry sectors, led solution architects in using technology to delight customers and to continuously improve business outcomes.

Particular drill-down areas within Randy's research include general application architecture and design issues; overall IT architecture strategy; architectures for customer digital experience; API/SOA strategy; API management, governance, and infrastructure; application security architecture; best practices for API design; and integrating enterprise architecture and governance with agile solution delivery. For more than 13 years, Randy has helped Forrester clients achieve sustainable business agility in their pursuit of continuous improvement to business outcomes.

Previous Work Experience

Randy has extensive experience with enterprise architecture management and application architecture and design. Randy was a chief architect at Sprint, where he led enterprise architecture and standardization efforts, along with the analysis and introduction of application servers, component architectures, object-oriented development, application security architectures, CORBA, distributed transaction management, and other new technologies. His IT experience also includes technology leadership, management, and application development with a big five consultancy and in the retail and litigation support industries.


Randy received a bachelor's of business administration from Baylor University's business school, where he was named the outstanding student in computer information systems.

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  • Randy Heffner
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    SOA Satisfaction Is High; Usage Patterns Vary By Industry

    Across Forrester's seven vertical industry groups, service-oriented architecture (SOA) penetration ranges from 75% among utilities and telecom enterprises to 49% for public sector enterprises....

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    Begin Building PaaS Into Your Application Platform Strategy

    As part of their application platform strategies, enterprise architects should become familiar with platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings. PaaS is one of the multiple categories of offerings that...

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    The Market Landscape For SOA Policy Management Infrastructure And Services

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    Report:Web Services Security Specifications: WS-Security Achieves Critical Mass Of User Adoption

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    Report:Establishing A Solid Architecture Foundation For SOA Policy Infrastructure

    Plan To Extend Your SOA Platform With SOA Policy Management

    Service-oriented architecture (SOA) policy adds important business and technical flexibility to an SOA-based solution, and it requires coordinated use of features and functions from multiple types of...

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    Adjusting Best Practices For SOA When Resources Are Tight

    Big bang approaches to service-oriented architecture (SOA) are hard to justify at any time but near impossible to justify in hard times. Instead, you must tie SOA progress directly to current-day...

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    Report:Building A Strong SOA Policy Life Cycle

    Integrate Policy Into Your SOA Governance And Service Life-Cycle Processes

    Policy management builds added flexibility and business value to your strategy for service-oriented architecture (SOA). Achieving these benefits requires you to enhance your SOA processes and add new...

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    Report:How To Get Started On SOA Policy Management

    Increase Your SOA Strategy's Business And Technical Flexibility

    Policy-based processing increases flexibility by allowing key business and technical decisions to be easily visible and changeable rather than being hard-coded into applications. With...

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    Report:A Practical Definition Of "SOA Policy"

    Reconciling Divergent Industry Perspectives On "Policy"

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    Report:Topic Overview: Service-Oriented Architecture For Enterprise Architects

    Most architects now recognize that service-oriented architecture (SOA) is much more than Web services (WS) standards and better application integration. SOA continues to gain industry recognition as...

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    Report:SOA Adoption: Technology Diversity Accelerators

    The Technology Diversity Factors That Drive Earlier SOA Adoption

    Although it is no surprise to say that technology diversity drives adoption of service-oriented architecture (SOA), Forrester's survey data shows patterns in the use of development platforms,...

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    Report:SOA Adoption: Strong Similarities Across Verticals

    SOA Penetration Rates Are Similar; The Differences Are In The Focus Of SOA Use

    Across industry verticals, the rates of service-oriented architecture (SOA) adoption among enterprises are more similar than they are different. Broad-based use of and plans for SOA indicate that...

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    Report:How To Build Your SOA Platform

    To Evolve An SOA Platform, Build From Tactical Needs Toward A Strategic Vision

    Building an effective service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform requires cohesive integration of both new product categories, such as SOA repositories and enterprise service buses (ESBs), and...

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    Report:Defining Your SOA Platform Strategy

    Sorting Through The Confusion Of Overlapping SOA Functions And Features

    Defining an SOA platform is not as simple as some in the industry make it out to be. Serious pursuit of service-oriented architecture (SOA) requires new and different characteristics in your...

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    Report:SOA Adoption: Budgets Don't Matter Much

    Although Adoption Patterns Differ, Firms With Budgets Of Varying Sizes Adopt SOA

    IT organizations with small, medium, and large budgets are adopting service-oriented architecture (SOA) in large numbers; this is true whether looking at overall IT budget, overall software budget,...

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    Report:SOA Adoption: Many Firms Got Started In 2007

    SOA Satisfaction Still Runs High; Strategic Business Use Of SOA Is Still Increasing

    The IT industry is continuing its strong adoption of service-oriented architecture (SOA), according to Forrester's latest survey data. A year ago, our data highlighted a general slowness in moving...

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    Report:Process-Views-Services: A Better Design Paradigm For Applications

    Step Aside, Model-View-Controller — PVS Must Take Center Stage

    It is time for a major shift in the top-level design model for applications. Model-view-controller (MVC) has been the dominant framework for tying together the user interface and business logic of an...

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    Report:Five Trends That Will Shape The EA Profession In 2008

    In 2008, enterprise architects will find themselves at the center of a struggle to change their organizations into significantly more agile enterprises. As solution delivery morphs from traditional...

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    Report:Progress Software's Depth And Extensibility Lead In Standalone SOA Management Solutions

    The Forrester Wave™ Vendor Summary, Q4 2007

    In our Forrester Wave™ analysis of standalone service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services management solutions, Progress Software's solution rated within our Leader category, with...

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