Reineke Reitsma

Vice President, Research Director - Market Insights serving Customer Insights PROFESSIONALS

Reineke serves Customer Insights Professionals and leads a team that helps these professionals understand how technology developments influence the market insight industry, and how to adapt research agendas, research methodologies, and team structure accordingly to stay successful and relevant. In addition, she leads a team responsible for data innovation at Forrester. This team tests and evaluates alternative data sources and research methodologies, and it looks at new ways of visualizing data.

Reineke has spoken at numerous Forrester events, as well as market research and marketing conferences, such as Esomar Insights, Market Research in a Mobile World, The Dutch Marketing Association (NIMA) event, and IAB conferences. Her research has been cited in publications worldwide, including The New York Times, Washington Post, New Media Age, Stratégies, Research World, Research Magazine, and Vue.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to this position, Reineke spent six years at Forrester managing all quantitative research operations for Forrester in Europe and Asia, including the Consumer Technographics® and UK Internet User Monitor studies, and writing quantitative research about the effect of technology on consumer behavior. Before that she was an analyst at Forrester for four years, focusing primarily on retail and media topics.

Prior to Forrester, Reineke worked in a variety of market insights roles, both on vendor and client side. In her role at Intres, a retail organization in the Netherlands, she advised the board of directors on business expansions and supported senior management with strategic decisions. At Market Response, a market research company in the Netherlands, she set up and coordinated research activities in Europe and Asia. Her focus there was on continuous and international research as well as on consulting. Reineke worked during this period for clients like Akzo, British American Tobacco, Mars/Effem, and Sara Lee.


Reineke is a graduate in social geography of the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

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  • Reineke Reitsma
  • Consumer Electronics & Technology
  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:The Increasing Sophistication Of The European Digital Home

    European Consumer Technographics®

    The European digital home is evolving — the average consumer with a home network has three devices connected to it, and we expect that number to increase. The profile of technology early...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:The State Of Consumers And Technology: Benchmark 2013, Europe

    European Consumer Technographics®

    This report is our annual overview of European consumers' behaviors and technology attitudes based on Forrester's European Consumer Technographics surveys and our ForecastView data. We analyzed...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Customer Life-Cycle Industry Overview: Consumer Electronics

    A Consumer Technographics® Report

    A range of different motivations may inspire a consumer's decision to purchase a consumer electronics device: While some technology mavens know of the latest product through community interest groups...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:The European eCommerce Landscape

    A European Consumer Technographics® Report

    The Internet plays an important role in European consumers' retail habits, and its influence will only grow. Our data shows that just over two-thirds of European online consumers shop online,...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Emerging Markets Overview: Brazil

    A Global Consumer Technographics® Report

    By far the largest and most populated country in South America, Brazil has a presence on the world stage that continues to win global attention and inspire awe with as much flair as Adriana Lima...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Understanding The Changing Needs Of Online Consumers In Asia Pacific, 2012

    Asia Pacific Technographics®

    For the past seven years, Forrester has been tracking consumers' online and offline behavior in Asia Pacific. As in recent years, this dedicated report helps companies understand the online and...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:US Online Hispanics: A Demographic Overview

    North American Technographics®

    This demographic overview highlights the unique behaviors and attitudes that characterize US online Hispanics compared with their non-Hispanic peers. US online Hispanics lead the way in mobile device...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:US Young Professionals: A Demographic Overview

    North American Technographics®

    In this demographic overview, we take a look at US young professionals — an ambitious group that seems to embody the "work hard, play hard" lifestyle. Forrester defines young professionals as...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:The Digital Affluent: A Demographic Overview

    North American Consumer Technographics®

    Online affluent consumers in North America, defined as individuals with at least $1 million in investable assets, show unique behaviors with regards to their finances. Although Seniors overall have...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Understanding China: The Opportunities And Challenges

    A Technographics® Document

    For many companies, China offers both an opportunity and a threat. Its size, its history, its political situation, and the attitudes of its consumers present a series of challenges for companies...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Digital Natives: A Demographic Overview

    North American Technographics®

    Digital natives have grown up in the age of technology and cannot imagine a life without computers, cell phones, and social networking. Although digital natives may not have large amounts of...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Digital Moms: A Demographic Overview

    North American Technographics®

    Moms (defined here as US online women ages 18 to 50 who are parents of a child younger than 18 living with them) are much like their non-mom counterparts when it comes to their basic demographics,...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Consumers Sound Off On Personal Computing Form Factors

    Forrester Technographics® Digital Consumer Community Report, June 2011

    To understand more about this changing PC landscape and what it means for consumers’ expectations in the market, we tapped into our qualitative Technographics® community. During a...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:A Market Researcher's Introduction To The Global Online Population Forecast, 2009 To 2014

    In the past five years, the global Internet population has grown from about 1 billion to 1.6 billion, and this growth isn't about to stop any time soon. However, the future growth isn't equally...

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  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report:A Market Researcher's Introduction To The Future Of Online Customer Experience

    The types of devices people use to connect to the Web are proliferating. Portable devices are rapidly getting more powerful, and as a result, the tradeoff between mobility and capability is...

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  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:Technographics® Insight: Hispanic Youth Are Active Online Shoppers

    Hispanic Technographics® Youth Online Survey, Q2 2009 (US)

    This highlight deck summarizes the key findings related to shopping and spending from Forrester's Hispanic Technographics Youth Online Survey, Q2 2009.

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Technographics Insight: Who Buys Mobile Services In Asia Pacific?

    This Technographic Insight takes in depth look at mobile usage and activities in Asia. It takes a look at differences in mobile ownership and uses between Asian countries with a focus on mobile...

    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:The Opportunities And Challenges Of Mobile Research

      Mobile Research Adds "Anytime, Anywhere" To The Research Mix

      Mobile research is still limited in uptake, but it will gain momentum in the years to come as mobile Internet penetration grows. Its mobility and flexibility offer consumer market research...

      • Downloads: 792
    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:A Consumer Market Researcher's Introduction To Mobile POST

      Creating and implementing a sound mobile strategy is challenging, but as consumers adopt higher-end cell phones, companies need to understand how they should connect with consumers on a device that's...

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:A Consumer Market Researcher's Introduction To Mobile Technographics®

      Effective marketing requires sending the right message to the right person, and cell phones' anytime, anywhere character makes them the perfect delivery system for that message. The ubiquity of cell...

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    • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

      Report:Technographics® Insight: Internet Usage And Online Activities Across Asia Pacific Markets

      This Technographics Insight takes a look at Internet uptake in Asia Pacific markets. It examines Internet adoption across countries, the profile on online consumers, and their activities online.

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:A Consumer Market Researcher's Introduction To Product Strategists' Segmentation Best Practices

      In most companies, the development of a customer segmentation is the responsibility of the market research department. A good segmentation is used by the whole organization and especially guides...

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:A Consumer Market Researcher's Introduction To Consumer Spending In An Economic Recession

      In this economic recession, market researchers have to support product strategists to understand shifting consumer priorities. An evaluation of purchase intentions can determine which products...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:How The Net Is Influencing European Offline Sales

      For the past decade or so, an increasing number of European consumers have been relying on the Internet to provide them with information on products and services. Today, more than half of the...

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:The Herd Effect And The Influence Of Technology On Consumer Behavior In A Crisis

      There have been tough economic times before, but those were in a different era. In the 1980s, consumers only received information via television and newspapers, which meant a certain delay in getting...

      • Downloads: 575